Title: "The Anniversary of a Lifetime"
Author: JessChan
Song: "Can't Stop This Thing We Started" by Bryan Adams
Pairing: 1+2/2+1
Notes: Yaoi Yaoi Yaoi, shounen ai..blah blah blah, one of the two.
Disclaimer: I don't own the GW boys or the song. Trust me, I'm not that talented.

The sounds of the streets flushed through his ears as he walked silently down the long, narrow path. His dark blue eyes read the directions scribbled across the messy paper. Pausing every now and then to check the road signs and numbers, he continued on his way, his body shaking gently, trying like mad to keep warm. He grunted in frustrated anger as he finally found the correct building. Pulling the door open with freezing hands, he quietly entered the building, several pairs of eyes turning to meet his presence. He nodded slightly as a brightly dressed man made his way up to the dark haired youth.

"Ah Welcome welcome! May I take your coat sir?"

With a reluctant sigh, he pulled the jacket off and passed it over into the waiting hands of the waiter.

"And your name sir?" He questioned again, smiling sweetly at the boy.

"Heero Yuy." He muttered, gazing around at all the unfamilar faces.

"Ahh! Mr. Yuy! We've been expecting you! Right this way sir."

"Hn." Heero replied, a bit surprised that they were aware of his presence. He followed the bright, friendly man to the very front of the room, sitting right in front of the stage. Heero took his seat with a small embarrassed frown as every eye on the house was focused on him.

"Che..I hope Duo gets here soon.." He mumbled to himsef as he fingered the crinkled piece of paper, splattered with Duo's messy writing style.

"My dearest Hee-chan,
Tonight's the night and I've got something special in mind. Meet me at
the FourEights Club at midnight. It's a tad cold outside so wear something
warm...yet...easy to remove. Catch you later love.

With all the love in the world,

Heero smiled softly at the words, admiring Duo's small pet names for him and just overall feeling totally head over heels in love. As the lights began to dim, a hush fell over the crowd. Heero's eyes turned towards the stage as the lights started to sway back and forth in an array of colors. He could see several figures moving back and forth, making final adjustments and messing with equipment. Almost as suddenly, the music began to fade in slowly, the beat of the drums and the hum of the bass caught him a little off guard as he leaned back in his seat. Three figures shuffled into the dim lights, each reaching down and picking up their respective instruments. A bright light swept by, the whiteness showing off the shiney outfits clad on the young boys. A familar shade of brown hair caught Heero's eye as the green eyes focused on him, his slim tall body swayed back and forth as his long fingers plucked at the bass. Around his waist was a pair of stone wash jeans topped off with a button up black shirt, his hair sparkled with green glitter pieces. Heero stared in amazement.


The music continued on, the light slowly fading on Trowa and reappearing on a dark haired drummer, the ebony eyes shined brightly as the drumsticks beat across the tops. His shoulder length black hair drapped over his shoulders slightly, dressed in a white t-shirt and black shorts, the boy lost himself in the rhythm.

"Wufei?!" Heero was becoming even more surprised, two very quiet and unsociable pilots were now on stage, playing their hearts out. The light dimmed again and resurfaced on a pair of sea blue bright eyes and an equally shiny stint of blonde hair. A cheery face smiled brightly back at the crowd. Donned in a pair of long red cargo jeans and a tie up blue shirt, he picked at the strings of the guitar with ease and grace.

"Quatre.." Heero stated, hiding a slight chuckle behind his voice. The light faded for the last time as the music began to slow, only to pick up a second later. The bright white light focused on the center part of the stage, highlighting a silver micraphone with roses covering the stand. Heero watched in anticipation as the floor gave way, a small opening lifting a figure from below. A god like angel was presented, dressed in a pair of tight black leather pants and an equally tight dark blue shirt, beautiful streaks of chestnut hair flowed freely behind him, his eyes shut tight. His hands wrapped in black leather gloves, his feet accented with black vinyle, sapphire studded boots. Heero's voice had been stolen as he stared upon the perfect vision, his eyes must have been the size of planets and he knew his mouth was hanging wide open for everyone to see.

"D..." He began, getting cut off by the loud blare of the speakers.

"I have an announcement to make!" The long haired angel spoke, his face lighting up as his violet eyes connected with the cobalt pools of his lover.

"Tonight is a very special night for me, the song I'm about to sing is dedicated to an incredible human being. In fact, the perfect soul is sitting with you this evening, right in the front here..."

Heero was practically ready to fall from his seat, he leaned across the table, trying like mad to reach the incredibly beautiful scene presenting itself in front of him.

"Heero Yuy... thank you for everything. I love you...only you." Duo's arms seemed to stretch out to the blue eyed boy as he blew a loving kiss in the general direction. Ignoring the cat calls, Duo lifted both of his hands in the air, holding tightly onto his microphone in one, he slammed them down, signaling for the music to begin. Trowa, Quatre and Wufei all took their cues with wide smiles, each one strumming at their instruments with every inch of talent that they had. Duo felt the heat of the spotlight surrounding him as he smiled down at his lover. Placing one foot in front of the other, looking as seductive as possible he began to sway along seductively with the beat of the old rock tune, his face getting lost in the moment.

"You might stop a hurricane
Might even stop the drivin' rain"

Heero's breath had been absolutely taken away, the beauty in Duo's eyes was unimaginable. The unbelievable feeling in Heero's heart was making him feel a little light headed as he watched Duo sing an old song to serenade him.

"You might have a dozen other guys
But if you wanna stop me baby - don't even try
I'm goin' one way - your way
It's such a strong way - let's make it our way"

Duo's body was quickly becoming lost in the music, moving along with the beat gracefully. His voice sang out loudly, filling the entire club. He leaned over, reaching out to Heero with open hands, his eyes narrowing with emotion as he did so.

"Can't stop this thing we started
Ya gotta know it's right
Can't stop this course we plotted
This thing called love we got it
No place for the broken hearted
Can't stop this thing we started - no way
I'm goin' your way!"

Duo bounced back as Heero reached up for a kiss, his hands wavering around in a teasing manner as he felt his silky strands of hair wrap around his body as he spun. Heero grumbled to himself as the god like creature escaped his grasp, only to tease him more with more sexy seducing of the song. Duo's violet eyes flickered to and from, all around the room. Everyone seemed to be mesmoriezed, especially the incredibly sexy boy who sat dead front in the middle. With a huge smile to Trowa and Quatre, Duo bounded in front of them, skipping along with the music, singing his little heart out.

"You might stop the world spinnin' 'round
Might even walk on holy ground"

The lights shifted quickly, elluminating the stage in a bright bluish color. The mixture of white and blue lights accented each musicians bodies perfectly as they played. Quatre stepped up to his mic and began singing the background voices, his higher pithed voice melting with Duo's perfectly.

"I ain't Superman and I can't fly
But if you wanna stop me baby - don't even try"

"Perfect.." Heero mumbled, relaxing a bit back in his chair, enjoying the sulty image of his lover prancing across the stage in tight pants which accented his best features perfectly. "It was all planned too perfectly."

"I'm goin' one way - your way
It's such a strong way - let's make it our way"

Duo came close to the end of the stage again, lowering down onto his knees as he sang. Heero was on his feet in an instant, climbing onto the table to reach out for the boy. Duo winked at him and waved a finger, punishing him for his quick movement.

"Can't stop this thing we started
Ya gotta know it's right
Can't stop this course we plotted
This thing called love we got it
No place for the broken hearted
Can't stop this thing we started - no way
I'm goin' your way!"

Duo fell back onto the stage, laying flat on his back as he belted out the tunes. Everyone was on their feet to admire the boys perfect body. Heero reached out for the stage, wanting to cature a hold of the boy so badly.

"Oh - why take it slow
I gotta know
Cuz nothin' can stop - this thing that we got"

The backup voices plunged in again, this time the mixture was everyone singing along loudly with Duo. Duo jumped to his feet, pushing his long silky strands back behind his ear. His violet eyes connected with Heero's as he mouthed the words out carefully, performing each note with ease.

"Can't stop this thing we started
Ya gotta know it's right"

The music began to slow, the tempo becoming slimer and slimer. Duo's body rocked still, catching and hanging onto ever note.

"Can't stop this course we plotted
This thing called love we got it."

The bass dropped out of the beat, the guitar slowly faded out. Both pilots dismissed themselves from the stage, leaving only a slower drumming Wufei and a seductive singing Duo.

"No place for the broken hearted
Can't stop this thing we started - no way"

Wufei dropped the sticks slowly as the last hum of the cymbols was heard. Duo paused as Wufei shuffled off the stage, his violet eyes never moving from Heero's He dropped the micraphone, cringing as it made a loud screeching noise. He smiled softly and launched himself at the waiting Wing pilot.

"I'm goin' your way!"

Heero gasped and moved quickly, easily scooping the boy into his arms, the impact of the fall causing him to stumble a bit.

"Duo!" He cried out, a bit unexpectantly. Duo smiled brightly at his lover, thanking him for his quickl reflexes.

"Happy Anniversary Hee-chan.." Duo's lips quivered slightly as he crushed them against Heero's. The two quickly becoming lost in the embrace, much to the amusement of the crowds, who, instantly errupted into a roar of applause.


~*~Later that night..~*~

Heero traced long patterns across the smooth chest of his lover, his eyes still glazed over with incredible passion from their hours of love making.

"Did you like your surprise Hee-chan?" Duo asked, propping himself up on one elbow, his face centimeters from Heero's.

"Hai. It was quite a surprise. How did you get Wufei involved?"

Duo only snickered and gave his koi a quick peck.

"Let's just say I threatend to send him to Relena's estate for her next bodyguard."

Heero could barely contain a chuckle as he pulled the boy closer.

"The things you do.." He whispered, kissing the rosey cheeks of the braided boy.

"Hai, only for you Hee-chan.."