Something I wrote in 1st period. I guess I should have been paying attention but this required immediate action!
By: JessChan
Disclaimer: Standard, Duo & Heero are not mine.
Info: small ficcy

Duo: *blink blink*

Heero: "Stop staring Duo."

Duo: *blink blink*

Heero: "" He growled again.

Duo: "Buh Hee-chan.." *looks down* "Can I touch it?"

Heero: O_O! "No you can't touch it!"

Duo: *pouts* "But it looks so soft and it's so much bigger then mine." *scoots closer*

Heero: *Holding Duo back* "I don't care! It's mine! Your not allowed to touch it!"

Duo: *whines* "Awwww..Hee-chan! Come on! I'll do anything! I'll let you play with mine!"

Heero: *snorts* "No thank you. Your's doesn't look sanitary and it's all ragged and worn out."

Duo: *shocked* "It is not! It looks as good as the day I got it!"

Heero: *points* "Then why does it look so dingy?"

Duo: "Cause I play with it! Duh!"

Heero: *sweatdrops* "Who else has been playing with it?"

Duo: *starts counting* "Quatre..Trowa..Wufei, Zechs, Treize, Sally, Noin, Catherine, Hilde, and now you Heero-chan!"

Heero: *sigh* "I don't want to."

Duo: "Let me play with yours then!"

Heero: "I told you no!" *clutches it protectively*

Duo: *grumbles* "Come on! I'll be careful!"

Heero: *moves away quickly* "No Duo, you have your own!" *points* "Play with it!"

Duo: *whines* "But I'm bored with mine now!"

Heero: *sighs in defeat* "Fine fine.."

Duo: *squeals in joy* "Sugoi!" *grabs it*

Heero: *gasp* "HEY, be careful! It's fragile."

Duo: *pets* "It's so nice Heero!"

Heero: *nods slightly, watching Duo carefully* "Hai Hai, I know."

Duo: "I wish mine was like this.."

Heero: *squirms uncomfortably* "Don't twist it like that."

Duo: *grins* "GOMEN!"

Heero: *glares and scoots away* "Okay that's enough. *gets up and runs out of the room, clutching it protectively*

Duo: *dissapointed* "Dammit Heero! It's just a Pikachuu doll! Your so damn protective!"

Heero: *sticks head back in* "Yeah well at least it's not ratty like your Clefairy doll!"


Jess: I'm so proud of myself, I had fun writing this! ^__^
Heero: Your frightening.
Duo: *laughs* I thought it was funny!
Jess: *glomps* someone appreciates me!