Title: "Apostles"
Author: JessChan
Pairing: 1x2/2x1
Notes: shounen-ai, yaoi, Double lives, name switching and different settings. Violence and a little bit of angst.
Story Guide:
Heero Yuy aka Akito Ayabashi- Japanese Secret Service Agency
Duo Maxwell aka Trent Hoskins - United States Secret Informative Service.
Disclaimer: Sadly, GW doesn't belong to me, neither do the yaoi twins Duo and Heero. Please don't sue me I write purely for my entertainment and the entertainment of others. Besides I'm a poor wittle southern girl. ^-^

Thick night air, dismal day, followed by a rainy night. Dusky clouds filled the dark night sky, a tall figure of about twenty walked down the wet sidewalk. His black boots splashing in the puddles collecting in the sewer drains. His hands shoved deep inside of his long black trench coat, his black hat covered his eyes and his warm breath escaped his lips in the form of a small cloud. He peered up into the light of the street lamps, smiling to himself as he searched for the numbers listed on the houses.

"Ah, so this is where he decided to seclude himself." He climbed up the small collection of stairs at the door and knocked gently three times, waiting paitiently for the response. Heavy footsteps walked across the wood floor, making a tapping noise with each step, the clicking of locks and keys was heard before the door was pulled to. A heart shaped face, accented by a pair of large beautifully colored purple eyes and a cute point little nose, poked it's self from the crack.

"Yes? May I help you?" his voice asked, not pulling the last chain lock loose to keep him safe. A pair of cobalt eyes peered themselves out from underneath the black fabric of the hat, a small smile spread across his thin, wind chapped lips and a light blush appearing in his pale cheeks.

"Duo. And to think you could hide from me." He said with a small smug grin on his face. The other boy's face lit up and he struggled with the chain on the door, anxious to pull the door all the way open. As soon as he heard the chain drop the large wooden door was slung open and he was met with a very estatic braided boy in his arms, kissing him all over and hugging tightly.

"Heero..Heero..Heero...oh my god it's you, after two years..I've been waiting so long."

Heero's arms instintively wrapped themselves around the smaller frame, inhaling the wonderful smell of berries and creme, the shampoo that his wonderful lover used. Holding Duo up with one arm and struggling with the door with the other, Heero managed to carry the hyper, overly estatic boy back into the house and set him down on the banister of the stairs. Duo kept a strong grasp around the strong neck of Heero as he removed his coat and hat, revealing himself to be dressed in a black business suit and tie.

"Hee-chan! What in the world is this?!" Duo asked curiously, fingering at the black tie and staring in utter disbelief.


"I know Heero, but why?"

"It's part of my job Duo."

Duo's eyes shot down to the shiny boots covering Heero's feet and traveled all the way up his body, examining every part of this new Heero that he had not even imagined.

"What kind of job?" Duo questioned, still staring at his koi oddly, but none the less keeping a strong grasp around the youth's neck.

"I'm part of a Secret Service to serve under the Japanese government."

Duo's eyes once again lit up in amazement and he glomped onto his love. Letting his nose rest in the nave of Heero's neck and breathing in his aroma.

"In fact Duo...I came to retrieve you, not only because I made a promise..but because there's is something that has been brought to our attention."

Duo looked up at Heero with great concern written all over his face, Heero leaned over and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"The United States and Japan are forming a secret committee to figure out what's going on behind the leader's backs. I have been assigned to the position, and they asked me if I knew where any of the other former Gundam pilots were...so I told them I could find you. They learned of your American background and right away were interested in..hiring you to work with me on this project."

Duo stared back blankly at the very mention of him working for the United States government. His hands dropped from Heero's neck and he lifted himself down off the banister. Wrapping his arms around himself and turning his back on Heero he walked quietly into the kitchen.


"Heero, I don't know what your asking me to do. I thought you came back to stay with me, not return to your precious government job. Your asking me to go with you on these secret missions to discover the plots and plans of other countries?"

Heero nodded slightly, playing nervously with the end of his tie, his eyes never leaving contact with Duo's.

"I didn't abandon you Duo."

"*snort* Yeah sure you didn't, you only came back because you needed me for something."

His hand shot out and grabbed a hold of Duo's nervous fingers and pulled him into his arms, wrapping one arm around the small waist and one around his strong neck. Staring at him sweetly and kissing him, telling Duo how badly he had really missed him.

"I'm sorry for not coming back sooner, I tried. But I've returned, even if it is late. I need you for this, desperately."

"Hee-chan, I don't know. I did the whole secretive thing before and it was a really hard life. It's in my past..I..don't know."

Heero's hands slid up and down the strong back of his koibito, leaning his head on one of Duo's shoulders, sighing in deeply.

"You know I have to leave again. Come with me."

"If it's what I have to do..to be with you, then I have no choice."

Heero's eyes widened and he peered up at Duo and smiled softly. Picking up the smaller boy and carrying him up the staircase up into the room Duo claimed as his own.

"You've changed Heero Yuy. In the past you never would have smiled at me."

"A little angel made me finally open up to the world."

"As long as your angel still has you all to himself.."

"Of course Duo-chan."

The pair made their way into the bed, messing up the blankets and pillows trying to get it just right. As they lay in each other's arms both staringup at the ceiling, Duo smiled to himself.

"A secret agent huh? This could get interesting."

"Duo, trust me this thing is right up your ally."

"So when do I start?"

"As of...midnight tonight you are no longer Duo Maxwell, your assumed name will become Trent Hoskins. And lucky me..I get to become Akito Ayabashi."

The sound of the new names threw Duo into a giggling fit, bearly being able to control himself he curled up and laughed continously.

"It's not that bad Duo."

"Hai, I await your command."

"Tommorow. But for right now.." Heero replied with an evil grin on his face as he dissapeared under the covers, beginning an all out attack on Duo's skin with his gentle lips. Duo sighed softly and ran his fingers through the tussled brown hair.

"Tommorow eh?"