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warnings - Lemon(NC-17)....yes one leamon after tha other.....^_^

What do you really want

Heero woke up around 6:00am still finding Duo sleeping peacefully on him. He smiled, he got up from the couch, not trying to wake Duo. Walked over to the bedroom where his computer was beeping. It was an e-mail from Doc-J. Heero quickly sat down naked, he looked over the e-mail, it said that Heero had a new mission in two weeks, and that this mission that he was doing right now wouldn't be completed... he was to leave the mission complete or not.. in two weeks.

Heero was shocked, over the past week he had spent with Duo, he had become closer to the boy, and then he fell in love with him. He wrote back saying that he won't give up on this mission, and that he will not fail it.

Heero was startled when he felt two arms fall onto him.

"Hey, what are you doing up?" came a familer voice.

"You scared me Duo, don't do that again. I'm just checking my new e-mail." Heero said turning around to face Duo.

Duo had put some boxers on, but he smiled at Heero who still had nothing on.

"What?" Heero asked.

"Nothing, you should put some boxers on though." Duo said smiling.

"Why, do you want me to?" Heero got up quickly and put on some boxers.

"That's better, now why did you leave me all alone?" Duo pouted.

"I'm sorry Duo. I didn't want to wake you up." Heero smiled.

"I really don't care. It would of been nice to place me in a more comfortable postion." Duo said laughing.

"Sorry, like I said, I didn't want to wake you." Heero said still smiling.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero making Heero fall backwards onto the bed. Duo smirked at Heero before giving him a soft kiss.

"Duo can't you ever give me a break?" Heero laughed.

"No." Duo smiled.

Shaking his head Heero gave Duo another kiss, more demanding this time. Heero thrusted his hips upward, rubbing against Duo erection. Duo moaned into Heero mouth as he did it again. Duo pinned Heero down and smirked.

"Are you trying to tell me something, Heero?"

Heero didn't answer and broke free of Duo's grip, turning him over so Duo was now on the bottom. Heero now smiling looking down at Duo. He could feel Dou's erection against his stomach. Heero began to kiss down Duo's neck, nipping it. Duo began to move underneath Heero, rubbing against him. Heero didn't want to be rushed. Moving down Dou's collarbone, kissing there for a bit before moving down to his chest. Duo again rubbing himself against the other boy. Heero's control was starting to slip. Heero took one of Duo's erect nipples and began to lick it lightly, nipping at it. Duo moaned, wanting Heero to hurry up. Heero lifted his head, giving Duo's a brusing kiss. Tongues danced, Duo hands slipped up Heero's chest feeling Heero's stomach, then moving to Heero's nipples, touching them lightly, teasing Heero. Heero began to moan, then he broke the kiss, smiling.

"Don't play games with me Duo." Heero demanded smirking.

"Ok." Duo said licking his lips.

Heero attacked Duo's neck again, nipping and sucking at it. Duo trying to push his head down more, but again Heero didn't want to be rushed, he loved to tease Duo. Finally Heero moved his head down more to his nipples, bitting them, making them red licking them as well. Heero licked his way down to Duo's stomach, tasting the bitterness, dipping his tongue into Duo's bellybutton. Heero kept going until he was at the elastic of Duo's boxers. He waited to see what Duo would do. He got a response.

"Heero, please stop teasing me. If your going to fuck me hurry. I don't know how much longer I can last."

Heero looked up at the briaded boy, smirking at his response.

Heero decided he had teased his new lover long enough. Pulling Duo's boxers off, he could see that all the teasing had aroused Duo a lot. Heero then placed two hands on Duo hips, he took Duo's erected member into his mouth. Duo let out a very loud moan and shivered, trying to move his hips up, but Heero's strong hands kept him from moving. Duo thrashed his head from side to side moaning loudly still, Heero had only begun and already Duo was reaching his limit. Heero took in a bit more, Duo running his hands into Heero's hair, then holding the bed sheets. Heero finally released Duo's hips and let him do what he wanted, Duo as soon as Heero let go of him thrusted up into his mouth. Heero sucked harder wanting Duo to reach his peak. As Heero removed his mouth just before duo could release. Duo groaned.

"Heero, don't play games with me either, finish me please... damn it... Heero just finish me." Duo moaned out.

"You had your way last night now, I'm doing it my way." Heero said.

Heero started to kiss Duo's inner thigh. Duo went under his pillow and pulled out a tube and placed it beside Heero. Heero took it into his hand. Heero began to kiss Duo's other thigh. Heero got up and took of his boxer's.

"Damn it Heero. I need you. I need you to be inside me, I'm tired of all this fooling around."

Heero took the tube of lube that Duo had given him, squeezing it over his fingers. Heero didn't wait for Duo to relax, he pushed one finger into him.

"Fine, we will play it your way Duo Maxwell, but only this once." Heero said.

Heero took another finger and pushed it into Duo, not letting him adjust for very long, then Duo moaned again as Heero hit Duo's sweet spot, then taking another finger and hitting the spot again, than taking his other hand began to rub Duo's nipples again, leaning down for another kiss. Heero kept hitting that spot, Duo moaning into Heero's mouth. Heero removed his fingers and rubbed the lube onto his cock, then pushed it into Duo's tight passage. Heero took Duo's legs and wrapped them around his waist, Heero began to thrust inside Duo. Each time moving deeper inside the boy.

"Heeo, Fuck me harder, harder." Duo yelled out.

Heero did as he was told, puahing himself harder and harder into Duo. then Heero took Duo's legs and raised them higher, thrusting harder. He was reaching his climax, Duo was meeting each thrust, each time. Heero hitting his sweat spot. They looked into eachother's eyes, Duo violet eyes were filled with lust and passion, Heero colbat were the same.

A wave of passion swept over Heero as he reached his orgasm, spilling his hot seed inside Duo.

Duo was still incomplete, Heero changed that in a few seconds, placing his mouth on Duo's arousal and sucked hard, it only took a few seconds for Duo to reach his orgaism, his hot seed spilling into Heero's mouth. Heero swallowed the liquid.

"Heero, I didn't know you had it in you." Duo smirked.

"You know what..... nither did I.' Heero said smiling down at his lover.


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