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warnings: Lemon, yaoi right now it's more 2x1 than 1x2 it might change later on ok ^_^

What do you really want

"Yes Duo, I am in love with you." Heero confessed.

Duo gave Heero a friendly hug, Heero didn't sat anything and returned the hug.

"I had a feeling that you did." Duo said looking into Heero's soft eyes.

"Your ok with it?" Heero asked trying to resist the urge to kiss him.

"Yeah, it doesn't bother me at all because I feel the same way about you." Duo confessed to Heero.

"You?....You love me?" Heero asked surprised.

"Yeah, I do." Duo smiled.

Heero smiled back and held Duo's hand.

"I've known for a long time that you've loved me, I don't know why you didn't tell me." Duo said moving his head closer to Heero's.

Heero blushed and tried to shy away from Duo. Duo moved closer till their lips were almost touching. Heero moved his head closer and gave Duo a soft warm kiss, Duo moving his hand up Heero's shirt. Duo brushing his tongue against Heero's lower lips, demanding entrance. Heero was unsure, but put his tongue in his mouth. Heero found Duo's and began to battle, Duo moving his hand down more stopping at Heero's jeans. He broke the kiss, both gasping for air.

"I love you Heero." Duo whispered into Heero's ear.

"I love you too Duo." Heero said.

Duo stood up and pulled Heero into another embrace. Duo moved closer to Heero rubbing against his aroused member, making Heero moan at the slight sensation that Duo was giving him. Duo moved his hand back up Heero's shirt rubbing Heero's nipples, making Heero let out small moan and whimpers. Duo only smiled, Heero gave Duo a bruising kiss, more demanding than before as Duo began to kiss back just as hard. Heero parting his lips allowing Duo to enter, Duo declined and moving his hand over Heero's other nipple, breaking the kiss moving down Heero's neck, Duo giving small kisses and nipping at Heero's soft skin, feeling his pulse beat very erratically. Duo moved away from Heero's and then smiled as Heero looked into his eyes.

"We should be getting back to the club, my friends might start to worry about me."

"That's ok, I would be too." Heero said smiling.

"We'll stay for a little longer then leave ok?" Duo said placing a small kiss on Heero's lips.


Duo and Heero went back into the club and found Dan, Jason and June standing at the pool table. June noticed the two boys walking towards them.

"Hey Duo, where did you go?" she asked.

"Oh, Heero and myself went outside to get some air."

"Oh, wanna play some pool you two?" She asked.

"I'll play." Heero said as he got a stick.

"Nah, it ok, I'm gonna dance to a few more songs, you guys have fun." Duo ran into the crowd.

"Ok Duo miss all the fun." Dan yelled as Duo ran off.

"Hey lay off Dan, you know that Duo can't play very well. Last time he did, he hit the ball too hard and knocked out a young girl." June said giggling.

"Yeah, you've got a point there!" Jason said laughing.

"Anyway, Heero are you any good?" June asked.

"Why don't you find out for yourself." Heero smiled.

"Your on, all three of us against you." Dan said.

"Fine with me. I'll beat all of you with no trouble at all."

"Don't be so sure, you don't know how good we are." Jason said smiling.

There now lets get down to business." Heero said as he got the triangle.

Heero and Duo's friends started to play pool. After about an hour of playing Heero won.

"I guess you are good." June said smiling.

"Yeah, it's not too often I get to play." Heero smiled back at her.

Heero went into the crowd to find Duo. He found him dancing with a girl, he just stood there watching him. Once the song stopped Duo took notice to Heero watching him. He walked over to him.

"Heero do you wanna dance one more time before we leave?" Duo asked

"Sure." he said smiling.

"Great, I'll be right back." Duo said running up to the DJ.

Duo came back down and smiled at Heero.

"What?' Heero asked.

"Oh, nothing." Duo giggled.

(The song begins, Alice Dj's better off alone comes on)

Duo pulled Heero up onto the stage, and began to dance. Heero started to dance with him. Duo didn't want everyone to know that he liked the guy. When the lyrics started Heero stopped dancing and listened to the song. Duo stopped and looked at Heero, he saw a sadness in them as Heero listen to the words.

"Heero are you ok?" Duo asked.

"Yeah, but I really want to get back, is that ok?" Heero asked.

Duo jumped off the stage and Heero followed, they ran over to June and explained that they wanted to go home.

"Sure, the other guys want to stay, I'll leave them here and take you two home."

"Ok." Duo said.

June walked over to Heero.

"you know your really lucky to have Duo, he's a really special guy. I'm glad that he has the same feelings for you." June smiled.

"How...?" Heero was stopped by June.

"Don't worry I won't tell the others." she said.

Heero and Duo stepped outside, June got the car and drove the two back to his house.

"Hope to see you soon. Duo I'll call you when your gundam has reached the area near your place." June smiled and gave him a wink.

"Thanks June, I'll be waiting for that call." Duo said as he walked into the house.

Heero went to the family room to watch a bit of TV. He flick through the channels as Duo sat beside him. Duo just smiled at him, Duo put his hand on Heero's leg. Heero flinched but didn't move the hand away. Heero continued to find a channel to watch as Duo hand started to move up his leg. Hero stopped at the cartoon channel as Duo's hand moved up to Heero's thigh, Heero tried to concentrate on the show but Duo was distracting him. He let out a small moan as Duo rubbed Heero's still aroused member.

"Moan for me again Heero." Duo said as he began to kiss Heero's neck.

Duo moved over to Heero's earlobe and began to suck on it, being gentle as his other hand slipped up Heero's chest caressing the soft skin underneath. Duo moved his hand over to Heero's already erect nipples, rubbing them making Heero let out small moans.

"Heero, I want you." Duo whispered into Heero's ear.

Heero moved away from Duo and stared at him. Then catching the braided boy in a bruising kiss, Duo opened his mouth giving Heero the chance to put his tongue in Duo's waiting mouth. Heero took the chance, tasting the sweetness in his mouth, Heero found Duo's tongue and began to duel with it. Duo accepted the challenge. The battle began, two tongues in a never-ending war. Heero rubbed against Duo, making him moan into his mouth. Heero realized that he need to breath and broke the kiss, both gasping for air, sweat started to appear on both their faces. Duo moving towards Heero and rubbing himself against him. Heero moaning as Duo pulled his shirt over his head, looking over the beautiful boy before him. Duo smiling a she ran his tongue along Heero's body, tasting him, the salty taste, running his tongue along the rippling muscles of Heero, moving his mouth over to his nipple, sucking it and giving it a nip now and then. Heero moaning wanting more of this pleasure that Duo was giving him.

"Duo.....please...Duo...I need...." Heero moaned out.

Duo smiled as he moved up to Heero's neck sucking it leaving a mark on his neck. Moving his body up till there groins were pushing against each others, both letting out small moans of pleasure. Duo taking his shirt off then moving his hand down to Heero's jeans, unzipping them pulling them off just leaving Hero in his black boxers. Duo now lookin' over the boy, looking at the area that was crying for some attention. Duo put his hand under the elastic of Heero's boxers, pulling them off as well, Duo placed his hand on Heero's erected member rubbing his hand up and down the length. Heero was now moaning loudly. Duo removed his hand moving his head towards his arousal, blowing on the tip. Duo moved his tongue up Heero's thigh then licking the length, taking the whole arousal in his mouth. Heero was at loss of words, the heightened pleasure was taking control of him, Hero was approaching his climax as Duo moved faster, Duo felt a warm substance in his mouth, the bitterness as he swallowed it. Them moving to kiss Heero, letting him taste himself. Heero now drenched in sweat as Duo brushed a few wet bangs away from his face.

"Was that good enough for you?" Duo asked smiling.

"Yeah." Heero gave a small smile back.

Heero let out a small gasp as he felt Duo rubbing his finger against Heero's ring.

"I want to be inside you Heero, will you let me?" Duo asked as he pushed into Heero's tightness.

Heero moaned and nodded his head, no words could come out.

Duo moved his finger deeper trying to find that spot that would send any guy into heaven. Heero almost fell off the couch as he let out a loud moan.

"Oh, Duo."

Duo smiling having found Heero's sweet spot. Duo now inserting another then a third widening Heero's entrance. Duo went into his pocket of his leather pants and pulled out a tube. He took off his pants. Heero was surprised that he wasn't wearing anything underneath. Duo only grinned as he lubricated his aching cock. Duo removed his fingers and replaced it with his cock. Heero moaning became more frequent as Duo began to trust inside Heero, hitting his sweet spot, Heero tightened around Duo, making Duo him only move faster and harder. Duo started to pump Heero's member with his thrusts, Duo nearing his climax. Sweat coming down their bodies, a couple more thrust and Duo spilled his seed into Heero, Heero climaxing seconds after, spilling all over the two exhausted boys. Duo collapsing onto Heero, looking into his eyes, Heero only smiled at him.

"I love you Heero Yuy." Duo said as he fell into a deep sleep.

Heero placed a small kiss onto the braided boys forehead before he too fell asleep.


ok so how did i do? Did it suck or was it good? i really want feedback on this part please everyone, also i might do something different for everyone enjoyment. (Ahhh, may as well tell you i might and i mean might do a Heero Duo fic on the movie Liar Liar. I hope some of you have seen the movie if not it's really funny. oh you can download that song on napster. ok i'm going to bed now. *oh since i wasn't at home for new years happy near years to Minna.^_^