ok i'm posting this up earlier so you don't get bored with part 6 of the fic, i've already gotten started with part 8 and i hope to have it up by christmas. ok here's part 7.

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Warnings- mild stuff, nothing too big.

What do you really want

Duo woke up and got dressed, he then went into his room to see if Heero was up. He looked into his room and found him typing away on his laptop.

"I didn't expect you to be up Heero."

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to e-mail a couple people." he said still not looking at Duo.

"You've been up all night?" he asked.

"No, just for about 3 hours." he replied.

"Anyway Heero, I looked threw your stuff and I found something you could wear." he walked up to him.

"Oh, really. Here let me see." he finished up and then looking at Duo.

Duo held up Heero's dark blue jeans, and his white t-shirt with his black leather jacket.

"This would be perfect." he gave them to Heero.

"This? Ok. Heero placed them down on the unmade bed.

Duo then went to his closet and pulled out what he was going to wear. Duo showed Heero, what he was going waer. Duo held up tight leather pants and a loose black t-shirt with his cross necklace. Heero just smiled, Duo placed his clothes beside Heero's.

"Well, I'm going to phone my friends and tell them that I cam go. Oh, you'll love them, they're just like me." he said as he walked out of the room.

^Oh, Great.^ Heero thought to himself.

Heero could hear Duo talking away ar the phone, after about 2 hours he came back and sat down on his chair.

"Gosh, I never knew you could talk on and on like that."

"Yeah, well I haven't talked to them for a long time except for one, and that's June." he said.

"Who's June?" Heero asked.

"Oh, she's one of my cloest friends I have. We've known each other for about 8 years now."

"Oh, so how many friends are coming?"

"Only 3, some didn't want to come because of OZ." Duo pointed out.

"It must be nice to have friends. I had nobody when I was young, the only people that I had were my teachers, but even I didn't consider them frieds, all they taught me was to be a Perfect Soilder," he explained to Duo.

"That's hard, I know the feeling Heero. After I left for my training with my gundam, I didn't have anyone either. I couldn't call my friends anymore, but I knew that June would always wait for me."

"Still you had people before you started." he pointed out

"True. Well Heero your my friend." he said trying to cheer Heero up.

"Thanks Duo." Heero said smiling.

"You look good when you smile, you should do it more often." Duo then left the room.

The day went by very slowly for both boys, but the night finally came and the both got dressed in their outfits.

"Listen Heero, on gun, no backtalk to my friends ok, I don't want them to hate you." Duo said.

"Ok." Heero said smiling.

"Good, now just sit down and I'll go get the door." Duo walked over to the dorr and opened it.

"Hey guys, glad your here. Come on in." Duo invited his friends in.

"Hey you actually cleaned the place up. That's a surprise from you real house." Dan said with a smile.

"Hey lay off ok, I have company over." Duo said giving his friend a playful hit.

"Oh, I bet it's a girl, and I bet you had non-stop sex with her too." Jason teased Duo.

"You guys are really sick in the head, and no it's not a girl, it's a guy. He's a gundam pilot like myself. He's only here to protect me." Duo explained.

"Duo you know that your gundam is on it's way here as we speak." June said entering the house.

"Hey June, long time no see." Duo said a he walked over to her.

"Duo, I heard about your visitor, he's suppost to kill you." she warned him.

"Not anymore, he's now protecting me. Even though I don't really need it." Duo lead them into the family room.

June looked around and saw Heero sitting on the couch. She's couldn't believe her eyes, he was so cute. She walked up to him.

"Hey Heero, my name is June. It's a pleasure to meet you." she said cheerfully.

"Hello June." he said smiling.

^So this is Duo's lifelong friend.^

Duo came over to Heero and sat beside him on the couch. He them smiled at him.

"Heero's my date tonight." Duo annouced to everyone.

^There he goes again.^ Heero thought to himself.

"Good one Duo, that's really funny." Jason and Dan laughed at him.

"No, seriuosly guys he is." Duo said.

He then placed a kiss on Heero's cheek. Heero was shocked to say the least, he looked at Duo. His friends just looked at him strangely and shrugged.

"Whatever Duo." Dan said,

Duo grabbed Heero's hand and everyone ran out the door. They all hoped into the car, June being the oldest drove them their. They stopped at the club and they all got in, they entered a room with people dancing. Duo ran to the stage and started to dance, Heero just went to the nearest corner and watched him. (Stay was playing in the background)

^He's really good at dancing.^ Heero smiled.

Dan came over to Hero and began to talk to him.

"Hey Heero, can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Heero replied.

"Are you in love with Duo?" Dan asked calmly.

"What gives you the idea that I do." Heero asked.

"Your reaction when he kissed you cheek gave it away, all three of us know but, it looks like Duo's in the dark about it. Look Heero, I don't mind thet you love Duo but, don't get too involved with him right now, he's got a mission to finish." he started to walk away, the nturned arounf to tell Heero on more thing.

"Heero your ver y lucky to fall in love with Duo. Duo's really a nice guy, but your going to have to tell him soon, you do know that." he said.

Heero just nodded his head and looking at Duo dancing with June.

^Duo, I don't know how to tell you how I feel because, I'm afraid of being turned down.^

Heero didn't notice Duo walking up to him. Duo put his arm around Heero and whispered something in his ear.

"Hey Heero, wanna dance with me?" he said in a suducive whisper.

Heero knew he was only joking around, but just hearing Duo say that gave him chills down his spine.

"Well, do you Heero?" he asked again.

"Sure Duo." Heero smiled as Duo pulled him towards the dancing crowd.

(Mysterious Times starts)
Duo let go of Heero's hand and turned to face him. Duo began to move closer to Heero until their bodies were touching. Duo began to move to the beat of the song once in awhile rubbing against Heero. When the song became more intense, Duo's rubbing became more frequent. Heero trying not to loose control over his body as he began to rub back. Duo then put his arm around Heero's waist pulling their bodies even closer together, till their faces were only inches apart. Sweat was coming down both of their faces and their breathing was very erratic. Heero wanted to kiss him but then Duo took his other hand and placing it on Heero's ass, making Heero's jump a bit.

"Am I making you feel uncomfortable?" Duo asked as his other hand moved down as well.

Heero couldn't say anything and just shock his head. He was anything but uncomfortable.

"You know this is the first time I've ever danced with a guy." he said smiling at Heero.

"Really!, from the way you were dancing with me it seemed like you've down this before." Heero said looking into Duo's eyes.

"Oh, I learned those moves from my friends and most of the time I'm dancing with girls, and not guys. I've been asked by guys but I've turned then down." he said as his breathing started to return to normal.

"Then why did you dance with me?" Heero asked trying to slip out of Duo's embrace.

"You were just standing there, and I needed someone to dance with." Duo said holding Heero into place.

As the song stopped Duo let go of Heero, and then both took a step back. Heero's breathing still hadn't slowed down yet, Duo on the other hand was breathing normal again.

"Are you ok Heero, your breathing hard still." Duo looked over Heero's body and stopped at Heero's jeans.

^I guess, I must of gotten carried away, he's aroused, must of been all the rubbing. He could of told me to stop if he knew that was going to happen, but he didn't. Hmmm, I just don't get it..wait a minute could he....^ Duo looked up a Heero.

^God, why did I play along with Duo, now I'm in no shape to protect him. I want him.^ Heero thought as he breathing began to slow down.

Duo walked up to Heero and pulled him outside of the club. Heero felt better when the cool breeze blew against his face.

"Heero, I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to be totally honest with me ok." Duo said sitting down on the stairs.

"Sure Duo." Heero replied sitting down beside him.

"Heero are you in love with me?" Duo looked up at Heero who looked shocked by the question.

Heero didn't know what to say to him. He wanted to tell him but he didn't know how.

^Damn it just tell him how you feel.^ Heero said to himself.

Looking into Duo's eyes, he smiled and answered the boys question.

"Yes I am."


well here's part 7, well i hope the my club scene is good so far, i haven't been to too many so, don't mind if that sucked at bit. now about the two song that played at the club were both done by Sash. the song stay can be found on napster so can mysteriuos times, but the version that i'm thinking of is not on napster, so i decided to recros it myself ^_^ you can download it here ok, it's a wav file because my computer hasn't been working right lately so just download the song, I swear that it's a really good song here.


it's the whole song, i think that you'll like it

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