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^^ are thoughts

What do you really want

Heero woke up at 10:00pm and went to see if Duo was alseep. He walked into his room and found him sleeping. There was a note on the table, it had his name on it, he opened/

Hey, Heero

I didn't want to wake you so I let you sleep. Your dinner is in the oven if you want it. Oh, your laptop started to beep and you have two e-mails. Don't worry I didn't read them. Well I'm gonna get some sleep now, see you in the morning

Your buddy

Heero went into the kitchen and got his dinner and went to his laptop, he check the two e-mail's. He check the one that said "important" on it. It was from Doctor J. He said that OZ troops were coming to earth. He said that they were sent to kill Duo. Heero quickly repiled, then check the other one, which was from Relena. It read


Why did you leave me here? I thought that you loved me, was that all a lie? Qnyway I've found someone new, and he cares about me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner but you just left and I needed someone. I'll always love you.

Love Relena

"So she found someone else. I' glad for her."

He didn't reply and he then tured it off and put his dishes away, then went to sleep.

Heero was woken up to the sound of gunshots. He got his gun out then looked over at the tv to find a western on. Duo was looking at him and laughing.

"You really need to relax a bit." Duo giggled.

"Well, one of my e-mails said that OZ troops have come to earth and plan on killing you." he said putting his gun away.

"Well, that's fine with me. They'll never find this place." Duo said.

"You don't know that for sure, do you?" he asked.

"Yes, I do." he walked over to Heero. "You just leave it to Duo Maxwell ok." he put his arm around Heero.

Heero just nodded in reply. Duo then went into the kitchem. Heero then heard Duo scream. Heero went into the kitchem and found a dog ontop of Duo licking his face.

"Is that your dog Duo?" Heero asked.

"No, it's my mothers. He sometimes runs away from home to visit me." he said getting the dog off of him.

"Oh, what's he called?" he asked.

"I don't give dogs names." he said.

"How long does he stay for?"

"A week at the most." he said petting the dog.

^Cute dog. It reminds me of my old dog that I use to have^ Heero thought.

He smiled at Duo and went back to the couch.

"Hey Heero are you ok with everything?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, all the things we've done have been what I wanted to do. I was wondering if there's anything you want to do?"

"Well, I really want to leave here because I'm afraid this place being attacked."

"I guess I have to prove this place is safe." Duo say with a smile.

"Can you prove it Duo?" Heero said smiling back.

"Well in the barn there is a secret underground place where I use to go, when I ran away. No one knows about it but me." he explained.

"Oh, and how long can someone live there for." he asked

"About 4 years at the most."

"May I see this place Duo." he asked.

"Sure follow me." he said.

Duo lead the way to the barn and Heero followed closely. They both stopped at where the gundams were kept.

"Over here Heero." he grabbed his hand.

"Ok, ok." he said.

Duo stopped at a small room and then looked at Heero.

"I'm just going to tell you that it's really going to be hard to move in here. Duo warned him.

"That's ok."

"After we crawl through here then we come to a small room, than all you have to do is push a little yellow button and you'll be there." he have Heero a map of what the place looked like.

"Thanks Duo."

"Hey, no problem." he said with a smile.

Heero could only smile back at the boy. duo crawled in first and Heero followed him.

^This guy isn't so bad after all his personality has changed too.^ Duo thought to himself.

^I still don't understand why I wanted to kiss him the other day. Maybe because I care too much about him or it's it because I've never spent this much time around a guy before. Whatever it is I have to sort out my thoughts and focus on my mission: To protect him.^

"Hey Heero." Duo yelled back at him.

"What?" he yelled back.

"Is something wrong, you seemed a little distant a few seconds ago." Duo asked.

"No, just thinking about things."

"Oh, cool."

They both reached the end and Duo once again pulled Heero over. they both stopped right in the middle of the building.

"Why did we stop?" Heero asked.

"We're here just need to push the button." Duo pulled down a chain to relive a computer and three buttons.

Then the floor beneth them started to move and then Duo ran back to the spot where Heero was. It was along way down, it was totally dark. Heero felt nervous being with him in the dark. It stopped, Duo went over and turned on the lights.

"Hey Heero this is it." he flicked the lights on.

Heero was shocked at what he saw.

"An underground base, I haven't seen one in a few years. I thought that they were all taken over by OZ?"

"They were but, this was one they missed. I've lived down here for two years before when I use to have my missions." he walk towards the bedroom.

"Hey Heero want me to show you around?" he asked

"Sure." he said following him.

^Why can't I think straight when I'm looking at him?^

Duo showed him around, then returning to the enterance.

^Still that feeling won't go away^

Heero then walked back to the middle, Duo following him. They got back to the house and the dog wsa gone.

"See I told you that dog doesn't stay for very long. Hr could come by tomorrow too." Duo said smiling.

"I don't mind if the dog comes back, it's your house."

"Oh, Heero tomorrow night I'm going out with a couple of my friends to a club. Do you want to come?" he asked.

"I don't know if you should go Duo, OZ might try to look for you there." he cautioned his friend.

"Aww, come on Heer, just relax from your mission and have some fun." he laughed at him.

"Fine , but I'm going to have to be around you all the time." he finally agreed.

"Ok, I'll just tell everyone that your my date." he winked at Heero.

^What did he just say?^

"Just kidding ya Heero, didn't mean to scare you." he then went to the family room and watched tv.

"Duo, I don't have anything that would be suitable for a club." Heero had to point out.

"That's ok Heero, I'll look through your stuff and find something." he offered.

After they had dinner, Heero got to sleep in the bed again. He couldn't sleep the one line kept playing through his mind.

"I'll just tell everyone that your my date."

^I know he was just kidding but I can't stop thinking about it.^

Heero got out of bed and found Duo sleeping like he did before, when he tried to kiss him.

^Duo, I don't know how to act or feel around you anymore. Maybe after the club, I'll know what to do. I'll know what I really want.^


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