warnings- going into a rape, sad, language

What do you really want part 10

Heero had now been with Duo for two weeks now, Heero had been watching over his lover for a long time now, in another two weeks Duo would be going back to America. Heero was a little worried now, the gundam still hadn't arrived yet. Duo on the other hand, didn't even care about it. He was just happy being with Heero.

Heero rememberd a phone call that Duo got two days ago. It was his girlfriend Jessica. He had to tell her the truth. Duo told her about Heero, and she said that she didn't mind. She had found someone else while Duo was gone. Duo was a little heart broken, but he got over it.

"Heero, when do you have to go back to space? I know that you have other missions to go to."

"I don't have any new missions right now. I might not go back to space."

Duo smiled. He knew that Heero was very stubborn, and didn't like to admit to things.

"If you want to stay you can, I'll even ask my group if you can come back with me." Duo yawned, then smiled again.

"That's nice of you Duo, but I can't no matter how much I'd love to go. I can't disobey Doc J, and leave him along. It's my job to keep space, and the earth at peace." Heero kissed Duo's cheek.

Hero got up, and went to his laptop.

"Don't you ever get tired of using that thing Heero?"

"No, it's my computer. It tell me all that I need to know about that I must destroy." Heero said typing away.


Not too far away from Duo's house an OZ camp was waiting for the two boys to come out, and revlie themselves.

"Are you sure you saw the boy go into the house?" the young OZ soldier asked.

"Postive, I saw both boys enter the house." the other one repsonded.


Duo was walking to the kitchen, when he saw a light shine into the window.

"Hey Heero come over here!" Duo said grabbing Heero's arm.

"What is it?" Heero asked.

"Look, there's something out there. I just saw a light shine into the window." Duo said.

Heero looked out, but couldn't see what was out there. Heero ran back into his room, and brought his telescope. He saw the five men with 3 tents.

"Duo, they've found you OZ has found you. We've got to get out of here." Heero said.

"Ok, where are we going to go?" Duo asked.

"We could go into the underground base that you have, or we could hide somewhere else." Heero suggested.

"It better that wr stay here. I'll get the tunnel ready while you get supplies ok." Duo asked

"Fine." Heero said.

Duo ran out of the house, he keeped running until ge felt himself get hit in the head by something.


"What about the other boy, who's still in the house?" the youngest soldier asked.

"He's not important, this is the one we want. Let's get going." the older soldier said.

The two OZ soldiers tied Duo's hands together, and carried him away.

Heero came out about 5 mins later to find Duo gone, he only found the braided boys hat, picking it up he hugged it tightly before breaking into tears.

"Duo, you baka. I knew that this would happen." Heero sobbed before going over to the barn.


Duo woke up with a major headache. He tried to move but found that he was strapped down to a table. One OZ soldier looked over at him.

"I've been captured. Fuck, what are they going to do to me?" Duo asked himsel, still trying to break the restraints.

"Don't fight gundam pilot, there is no escape from this base." the OZ soldier moved closer to Duo's face, Duo could feel the breath of the other mans face on his.

"I saw what that boy did to you. I know your secret. You beauitful for a guy, I can see why that guy fucked you." the solider smiled as he brushed a few bangs away from Duo's forehead.

Duo tried to pull his head away, but it hurt too much for him to di it. Duo spat in the soldiers face.

"Don't make me sick, I don't go for people like you." Duo said, his eyes cold, and hard.

The soldier slapped Duo very hard across the face.

"You little shit, don't do that. Show more respect for an OZ soldier." the young man held Duo's face before kissing him.

Duo felt like he was going to be sick. The soldier pinched Duo's leg making him opening his mouth, giving the soldier the chance to slip his tongue in. Tears started to appear in Duo's eyes, he felt so helpless, he knew that this soldier was going to rape him.


Heero was typing an e-mail out, it read,

To the pilot of the Tallgesse

I know that we have never had a great friendship, but this is a favor.
Please meet me with your moble suit near the sanq kingdom. I will be there
with Eypon. This is really important, please hurry.

Heero Yuy

"I hope that he comes, I'm gonna really need his help." Heero said sending the e-mail hoping that the one called Milliardo Peacecraft will help him.


In a small building in the country, the long blond haired man was reading a book, his computer started to beep. The former pilot's eyes widened as he saw who sent it to him.

"Heero Yuy, he's on earth?" the man asked himself

He read over the e-mail quickly, and headed out the door to his mobile suit.

"So Heero Yuy wants a favour from me? This is something totally unepected." Milliardo said getting into his suit.

It wasn't long before he saw the Eypon, he smiled, knowing rhat Heero was always prepared to fire at him if he pulled any crap.

"Heero Yuy this is Milliardo, I have come here at your request. Now what do you want from me?" he asked.

"I need your help." Heero responded.

"The great Heero Yuy needs my help. I find that a little hard to believe." He got out of his suit.

Heero quickly followed him, and jumped down. Heero moved towards him, and stopped. He told Milliardo the whole story about his mission, his job to protect Duo, he didn't tell him about his relationship with Duo. He also told him about the new gundam that was being delivered.

"So, the new gundam rumors were true then?" he asked.

"Yes, since Duo's old gundam got destroyed by OZ, he got a team of people to build him a new, more powerful gundam, but he has to leave in 12 days, and I have no idea where thay could of taken him. That's why I need your help. I need you to once again be the soldier Zechs Marquese."

"You ask so much Heero, do you really trust me that much? I could turn on you, and fight you instead."

"That's something I'm gonna have to risk, now if you want to help me tell me now, or leave. I don't have time to waste."

"Now that's the Heero Yuy I'm use to hearing. Yes I will help you." Milliardo said.

"Okay, now I owe you one Zechs." Heero said as he entered Eypon.

"No now we are even." Milliardo said smiling back.


well i know this part sucked big time right? yeah it did...but part 11 is worse...but i've been having a hard time writing lately...anyway i'm off to bed now..night