Warnings: None as of yet


Heero was getting ready to leave when the phone rang. He went over and picked it up.


"Hey Heero, it me Relena. I was wondering..."

"Sorry Relena but something important has come up and I won't be around for a few days."

"Heero, your not going on another mission are you?"


"Well, I won't trouble you just promise me that you'll come back alive."

"I promise you."

Heero went back to his computer and found another e-mail for doctor J. Heero read it over and then deleted it right after.

"So, he use to be a gundam pilot."

Heero took his bags and left his house, then he got in his car and drove to where he kept his gundam. He then picked up his car phone.

"Yes this is Heero Yuy, I'd like tp speak with doctor J."

"Hello Heero, so did you get the e-mail I sent you?

"Yes. So he was a gundam pilot once?"

"Yes his gundam was destroyed by an OZ base."

"So what is he doing here."

"We don't really know that's why we want you to find out."

"I see. Do you know anything else about him?"

"Yes we do. His name is Duo Maxwell, he's from America. He use to live in coloney L2. We don't know much more because he has deleted most information about himself."

"He sounds a lot like me."

"Well remember, he was a gundam pilot. Heero we're counting on you. We don't know what he wants here so just be on your guard."


"Keep in touch. Do you understand Heero?"

"Understood bye."

^So he's a gundam pilot. This makes the mission just more intresting for me.^

Duo is sitting in the restaurant waiting for someone. He was wearing his usual outfit. He looked at his watch.

"Man, where is she?"

"Hey Duo, sorry I'm late."

"Hey June, so how are you today?"

"Fine. So did you meeting go well yesterday?"

"Yes it did. They're planning to make me a new gundam."

"I heard that you had trouble on your way back."

"Yes I did. This cold-hearted boy walked into me and when I asked him to apologize he pointed a gun at me."

"At least he didn't kill you."


"Well I've got to get going Duo. I hope to chat with you again."

"Ok bye June."

Duo sat back in his chair.

^That guy I meet had such cold-eyes. I can tell he's had a hard past.^

Duo got up and paid the bill and started to walk home. All of a sudden it started to rain.

"Awww man. I'm gonna bet totally soaked. This is just great."

Duo started to run but he had a funny feeling that someone was following him. He stopped to catch his breath. He looked around to see if anyone was following him but all he could see was darkness and the rain.

"I guess I should get back now."

Then Duo felt a hand going over his shoulder but before he had a chance to turn around the figure put a cloth over Duo's nose and mouth.

"Damn it."

Duo then passed out on the sidewalk. The figure slowly came out from the shadows. It was Heero.


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