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What do you really want (teaser)


Heero has been going out with Relena for about 6 months now. He only went out with her because he didn't want her to be sad. On their way home Relena asked Heero if he would kiss her. Heero had heard this question many times before and each time he said no. This time he nodded his head. Relena smiled and moved her head closer to Heero's and gave him a kiss. Heero felt nothing not one bit of love towards her when she kissed him. She smiled at him and started to walk home.

"Bye, Heero see you tomorrow."

"Bye, Relena."

Heero was on his way home when he bumped into someone. The figure turned around slowly.

"Hey buddy, why don't you watch where your going."

Heero just kept on walking.

"Hey did you hear me?"

Heero then turned around to see a boy about his age. Long brown hair that was tied in a braid. His eyes had a violet glow to them. He didn't seem to be around from here.

"Yeah, I heard you. What do you want?"

"How about sorry for walking into me."

Heero just started to walk away again.

"Hey, you get back here."

The boy took hold of Heero's shoulder and turned him back around.

"Let go of me!!"

Heero gave the boy an evil glare.

"Not until you say that you're sorry."

Heero then pulled his gun out from his pocket and pointed it at him.

"Now just walk away and I won't shoot you."

"Whoa man just chill out, I'm going."

The boy turned around and walked in the other direction.

"Whoa that guy really scared the crap out of me."

"That boy is just lucky, I didn't fire."

Heero put his gun away and walked back to his house. When he got back home he went to his laptop and checked if he had a new mission. There was an e-mail from doctor J. Saying that he had to find someone. He looked at the picture of the person and his eyes widened.

"It's him!!!"

Heero replied to the e-mail saying that he will find him and report back when he does.

"Mission Accepted."



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