Lie To Me part 2

Warnings- lemon, rape, au, sad, death, 1x2, 3x4, 1x4, 2x?


"Two more days, it seems not too much, but to me it was a lot. My time in the city was only going to be two days. The only reason I stayed longer was because of Quatre. When I saw Heero again it was when I was with Quatre."


"Quatre, so how long do you plan on staying here for?" Duo asked.

"Not too long. I leave a few days after the fair is over, then I go back to my house in Meadowvale. I usually help out my father there." Quatre explained as Duo listened with interest.

"I don't think it's right for someone like you to be taking on this responsiblty. It not good for you at all. People at our age should be enjoying life, not working on adult problems." Duo told his friend.

"Thanks for showing your concern Duo, but I have no choice. My father will be angry with me if I don't." Quatre said.

Duo sighed as he eyes roamed around the park, looking at all the happy family's playing together. Duo noticed a figure over by the swings, he was dressed in the outfit that he wore two days ago."

"Hey that's Heero." Duo said surprised


"One thing that bothered me about Heero was his clothes. He always wore the same outfit over, and over again. It was kinda weird seeing him at the park, he didn't seem to be the type to go." Duo giggled.


"Who's Heero. Duo?" Quatre asked hearing the other boy saying the name.

"Oh, it's nothing, let's keep on walking Quatre." Duo then grabbed Quatre's hand dragging him out of the park.

Heero looked up and saw the pair leaving the park. Heero smiled, then turning his attention back on the little girl who was calling him.

"Heero who wa that boy you were looking at?" the girl asked.

"It's nothing go back and play with your friends Julie." Heero said as he sat back down on the swing.

"Ok Cousin Heero." Julie giggled as she went back to her friends.

"Duo." Heero said as he looked up at his cousin playing.


"Duo where are you taking me?" Quatre asked as he followed behind the braided boy.

"The music shop, there's someone I would like you to meet." Duo said smiling back at him.

"Oh." Quatre said as Duo released the grip he had on him.


"Now, I wanted Quatre to meet Trowa, cause I knew that if Trowa didn't do anything about it that I would. Yep, Duo Maxwell has to do everything. Now the first meeting went pretty well. It seemed to me that Trowa was hiding something from everyone..I just couldn't put my finger on it."


Duo opened the door to the shop to find Trowa fixing a few trumpets.

"Hey Trowa, how have you been?" Duo said as he walked over to the boy.

"Hi Duo. I've been good." Trowa smiled.

Trowa looked behind Duo to find Quatre. Trowa almost dropped the trumpet as he saw the young boy approch him.

"Hi, I don't believe we've meet before. I'm Quatre Raberba Winner." Quatre smiled as he looked over the boy.

"Trowa...Trowa Barton." that's all he could say as he got up.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Trowa Barton. I hope that you and I can become good friends." Quatre then looked at me.

"Quatre, Trowa tell me that he loves music as much as you do." Duo smiled at Trowa who was now blushing a little.

"Oh, what do you play?" Quatre asked.

"I play the flute, I've been doing it for about 8 years now, but I don't get time to anymore because I help my grandfather at his shop." Trowa said as he put the trumpets away.

"Oh, I've been playing my vilion since I was little, I play whenever I get the chance to." Quatre said as he smiled.

"That's good that you have sometime to play, my grandfather sick today so I'm taking over till he gets better." Trowa then headed towards the backroom.

Duo pushed Quatre towards the room. Quatre followed Trowa into the room. The room was pretty dark only a few dim lights kept it from become pitch black.

"How can you see in here when it's this dark." Quatre said as he walked up to Trowa.

Trowa turned around and found Quatre really close to him. Not looking at him he walked out of the room with a case. Quatre just shrugged and walked out close behind him. Trowa looked at Duo and gave him the case.

"Give this to Quatre two days from now, don't tell him where you got it." Trowa whispered into Duo's ear.

"Sure thing Trowa." Duo took the case.

"Duo it's about time that we get back." Quatre said.

"Sure Quatre, lets get going." Duo smiled at him as he walked out of the shop.

"I hope that we see eachother again Trowa." Quatre smiled as he walked out after Duo.

"Thanks Duo I owe you one." Trowa said as he went back to the stroage room.


"It was pretty interesting to find out that they both started to play at a very young age. I was surprised that they got along so well, but Quatre so gentle hearted, I just can't see him judging people. People like Quatre are hard to find. Heero I just didn't understand him, I still don't think i understand him, but hey it's Heero, not many people understand him." Duo giggled softly.


Heero made his was across the sidewalk when he bumped into Quatre.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Quatre said as he looked up at the boy.

Heero looked over the young boy, he was too innocent for his own good. Heero smiled at him.

"Your Quatre Raberba Winner right?" Heero asked.

"Yes, are you Heero?" Quatre asked.

"Yes, I guess Duo told you all about me right?" Heero asked as he smiled again.

"Actually no, he hasn't said a thing about you. I saw you in the park yesterday but never got the chance to meet you." Quatre smiled and reached out for Heero's hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Heero...."

"Yuy, Heero Yuy." Heero told him as he shook his hand.

"Would you like to some and visit Duo, I'm sure that he would like it." Quatre asked.

"Sure, but only for a short time, I've got a busy day tomorrow." Heero said as he followed the boy.

"That's ok, I can understand that, you can't stay long anyway, I've to a big party tomorrow. Duo thought it would do me some good and meet some people, Duo has invited you to come if you want. I've got a friend coming as well." Quatre told Heero and they approched the house.

"I'll see. I might just show up when I drop off my cousin. How long is the party?" Heero asked.

"Ummm...Duo hasn't told me yet, he said it would start around 7:00pm so you can show up anytime ok Heero." Quatre walked into the house and Heero shut the door.

"Ok, it's a nice place you've got here." Heero said as he looked around.

"You just wait here while I get Duo, he's probably sleeping. Hang on a sec."

Quatre ran towards Duo's room. As he had thought. Duo was sleeping peacefully on his bed. Quatre smiled as he took a glass of water and threw it at Duo.

"Ahhh that's cold." Duo said as he woke up.

Quatre had learned that the only way to wake up Duo was throwing water at him.

"Duo there is someone here to see you." Quatre said as he put the glass down.

"Thanks Quatre but next time don't throw water at me, I'm gonna end up sick if you throw water that cold on me." Duo giggled as he walked out of his room.

"He's waitng in the living room." Quatre yelled to Duo.

"Thanks Q." Duo yelled back heading toward the room.


"Now I didn't expect Quatre to do something like this, maybe he's returning the favour, that time I inrtoduced him to Trowa, whatever the reason was he had gotten Heero all the way over to his house. I was a little angry with Qautre for bring Heero here but I didn't want Quatre to know that I was angry with him." Duo sighed.


Duo walked into the room and found Heero sitting down on the couch.

"Oh, Heero I didn't expect it to be you." Duo said as he sat down on the chair.

"You don't expect much do you?" Heero asked.

"No it just doesn't seem like you to visit people that's all, espeically people you've only known for about 15mins." Duo giggled.

"I guess you do have a point. So I hear that you talked Quatre into having a party." Heero said.

"Yeah, it took a lot of convincing that's for sure. I'm still not too sure
what kind of people Quatre invited, but it's his house. I've made all of the
arangements so all I need now is time for the party to end." Duo explained.

"Oh, Quatre told me that you were having trouble with that." Heero said as he walked over to the window looking at the reflection of Duo.

"Yeah, I'm think midnight would be the best time, I just don't know if Quatre would like people staying over that long." Duo said getting up.

"Well Duo I've got to be going. Tomorrow is a busy day for me and I can't be late. I'll see you around Duo." Heero said as he walked passed Duo.

"I hope to see ya soon Heero. Bye." Duo waved at his friend before walking back to his room where Quatre was waiting for him.

"It's ok with me Duo, I don't mind that you want to have people here around midnight." Quatre said as he walked up to Duo.

"Oh, that's great Q, I'm glad that you feel that way. You better tell all your friends that the part begins at 7:00pm and goes till midnight. I do know that you have invited Trowa." Duo smiled as he winked at Quatre.

"Yeah, I really didn't think he would say yes." Quatre said as he walked out of the room.

"Just get some sleep Quatre, you're gonna need it for tomorrow." Duo said as he fell back onto his bed and went to sleep.


"Now the party was very interesting, I didn't think that Quatre had that many friends back home, but all of them were upperclass and didn't like me a lot. Quatre tired to make them understand that I was the only person that ever talked to him and became friends no questions asked. I didn't know till later on that the party was where all the trouble began......