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Warnings in the future: Lemon, rape, au, sad, death, 1x2, 3x4, 1x4 and 2x?

Lie To Me (Teaser)

A single figure in a dark room waits.

"Darkness, it surrounds all of us. Life, it's what god gives us, living everyday of our lives in our own way, by our own laws. Death the other thing god gives us, we all must die sometime, we just don't know when. Humans, "Gods greatest creation" as they say. Well in my opinion human are ruthless animals, violence is in our nature, we are al born to kill, even eachother. This world will never big at peace even if the world decales it. Peace is a dream that people live, and will keep on dreaming. The Truth, that's something humans never do today, lies all what roam around these streets, lies and betrail." the figure walked out of the dark.

"My name is Duo Maxwell. I'm usually very caring and loving, but that's all changed now. I use to think that peace could be possible, but now....I think it's just a dream. All people want to do is satisfy our need for blood, are need to kill. I've been waiting in this room for an answer to why people kill, hate, and love to fight eachother. I wasn't always like this, how about I tell you my story. My story that changed my life and my friends, I just wish they were here to tell you and not me." Duo sighed as he sat down on the chair.

"So where do I begin...I guess with a title to this story..I've given it the name Lie To Me. It fits it perfectly, because my life is full of lies. I guess I'll start with the beginning...."



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