Gomen, this is something of a part-let, but it quite definitely separated itself from what has become the beginning of Part 5, so I decided to let it fly.

Title: There is no Absolution
Part: 4/? (probably 4/5, but we'll see...)
Author: Jenn
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Archive: Dreamscape Studios (www.dreamscapestudios.net)
Rating: R? Definite implications, but not a whole lot of specifics. Also dark at times
Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: Somewhat AU, although it exists within a close parallel to canon timeline. Definite supernatural implications, twisted theological implications. Also, slight homage to Margaret Weis' SotG. Yes, this is meant to be a rather cryptic fic. All will be revealed in time. ::mysterious look::
Feedback: Absolutely.
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There is no Absolution, Part 4
by Jennifer Beacham

"A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves
Like galaxies in my head..."

from A Thousand Years, by Sting

"Duo..." Heero's voice, whispered from far away, by a Heero that wore the raiment of a knight of the Crusades. Soft, desperate... filled with promise and longing.

*Duo...* Formless, eternal, the voice thundered across his soul, breathing a soft kiss across his mind. A reminder of duty and consequence.

"Duo?" The present dragged at him, drawing him along on the velvet-rough strains of Wufei's voice. "Make what real? Duo, you aren't making any sense."

"I had a dream," Duo said quietly, more to himself than to his companion. "No...a vision." He shivered, something lost and haunted stealing into the depths of his eyes. "He won't," he breathed, "but that just means that *I* have to. I can't drag him through another life with me again..." With a little imagination, one could hear the sound of Duo's heart breaking, chiming to the floor one shard at a time. "I know what I have to do," he said, lifting shadowed-amethyst eyes to the Chinese boy's face. He reached out, brushing a strand of raven hair from Wufei's brow, studying his face as though for the last time.

"This isn't like you," the wary tone was justified. They were still at war, it was all too possible that Duo had been compromised... but that wouldn't explain the near-certainty Wufei felt that there was something far greater, far more frightening, at work than Oz.

'If only you knew...'

"Promise me something."


"Help him forgive me... That's all I ask." The beginnings of tears gathered in his eyes. "Help Heero forgive me for what I have to do."


"I know what I have to do." The Voice chose not to answer him, perhaps it had nothing to say. Perhaps it simply wasn't the policy of the omniscient divine to sway mortals from impending doom. "Show me."

*Redemption is a long path... many who attempt to walk it have failed.*

"Better to love him in hell than languish in heaven without him." Defiance lent him a fierce, pure beauty, a shining white light in the sea of gray mist.

*You have humanity's greatest strength and most terrible weakness. A pause. Even God's own Son sacrificed all for Love.*

"You said it was all about choices," Duo said as the mist began to fade into blackness around him. "I just realized that mine was made a long time ago..."

....And he knew little more until he gathered Heero's broken body into his arms....

to be continued...