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Heero was shocked. Duo was about to tell him something, something that Heero knew he wanted to here, and Relena had gone and...and...Heero's eyes shot daggers at the girl. "Why did you call me that?" he asked in anger.

"Because it's what I want Heero, it's what we both want." Relena answered as if it were common knowledge.

"NO!" Heero's voice could have froze fire at the equator. "I don't want that Relena and I really doubt that you truly do."

"OF CORSE WE DO! Heero we've been in love since the first time we met on this beach!"

Heero couldn't stop himself. All thoughts of how Relena was important for peace and so forth left his mind instantly and his hand made contact with her cheek. "Bitch" he spat. "Don't talk that way. You know nothing about me." Heero then quickly ran off in the direction Duo had gone.

Heero found himself standing in front of a very fancy hotel. He recognized it as one of Quatre's. After a short conversation with the concierge he found out that Duo was staying in the penthouse. Heero made his way up the elevator to the top floor and pounded on the door as soon as he could.

"Who is it?" a voice recognizable as Duo's came from inside somewhere.

"Duo it's me. We should talk, let me in please."

Inside Duo jumped at Heero's voice and ran towards the door, but stopped just before he opened it. The words of Relena came back to him. "Why? What do you want to talk about?"

"I need to tell you something."

"Whatever it is I'm sure that you can just say it."

"Duo, what were you going to say to me back there?"

"It isn't important Heero."

"Yes it is Duo."

"And why would that be? Because we're friends? That doesn't make it important Heero it just makes it there. Besides I did have the plan of living for a few more years of my life, so I'd rather not fill you in."

"Duo! It matters because I love you alright!"

Duo felt his knees almost give out. He leaned heavily on the door for support. "What did you say?"

"I said that I love you. God damn it Duo! You won't even let me see you. Forget it." Duo heard Heero's footsteps walking away.

"WAIT!" Duo said flinging the door open. Heero looked behind him. Duo couldn't help but smirk at how good Heero looked in the outfit. Yet again it made him happy to see it. "Heero, I'm ready to tell you what I was going to say before. I love you Heero." Duo then ran over to Heero and clung to him resting his head on

Heero's chest. "I love you so much...for so long."

"Duo..." Heero let his arms wrap around Duo's waist.

"Heero, can we be happy together?"

"I think so Duo..."

"What about..."

"She can't stop us. Her money and power aren't enough to do that."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HEERO!" Relena's voice bellowed as the Elevator doors opened enough for her to see all. "I spent so much time making you fall in love with me and this is what I see? Heero don't you understand that you love me! You love me and you need me and that's all there is!" Relena suddenly pulled a gun from her hand bag and aimed it at Duo. She noted their surprised looks. "What haven't you ever seen a gun before?"

"Relena..." Heero didn't have time to finish. Relena fell to the floor, a small dart sticking out of her arm.

"I'm so sorry boys." Both of them looked up to see Sally Poe and Wufei standing there. Wufei held a gun in his hands. "She escaped from the mental hospital about a week ago. We tracked her all the way here and finally had a chance to get her." Sally said.

"Relena was in a mental hospital?" Duo asked. Both he and Heero were stunned at the whole situation.

"Yes. She's been there for a wile now. It was kept very hush hush because she was such an important figure at the time." Wufei explained.

"And why did you shoot her?" Heero asked.

Sally laughed. "Heero, it was only a tranquilizer."

"We should leave you two alone..." Wufei said picking up Relena and noticing how close Duo and Heero were. Sally chuckled again. The both quickly left down the elevator and Duo and Heero were alone once again.

"So..." Heero gazed into Duo's eyes.

"Hum...lets...go inside alright?" Duo grasped Heero's hand and with Heero's nod they entered the hotel room.


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