Jeanne: I'm baaaaaacckkkkkkkkkkkk
Nuriko: Please Suzaku above help us all!
Duo: I here ya sista!
Nuriko: What are you calling me a girl? Don't even go there braid boy!
Duo: HELLO! You had a braid for most of your show too!
Nuriko: Well at least I don't have our leader writing Yaoi fics about me!
Duo: YET!
Jeanne: Actually there is the Nuriko Tamahome thing in my head...
Jeanne: I can do whatever I want.
Fuu: She's right, it's in her contract.
Minako: really let me see that!
Jeanne: GERR...on with the fic. This part (A.K.A. the song) is from Duo's POV as he is traumatized now...Poor Duo-chan ~Glomps to her Duo, who doesn't notice since he's fighting with Nuriko~ Don't own Gundam, don't own Josie, don't own much of anything. However with a little help from a 6 hour bus ride this fic is mine. Please enjoy!


This is the place where I sit
This is the part where I love you too much
Is this as hard as it gets?
'Cause I'm getting tired of pretending I'm tough

Duo had run from the apartment as soon as the door clicked behind him. It couldn't be, it just couldn't. Heero couldn't love that...that...<b>thing</b> that called herself his friend...could he? No. Of corse Duo knew that Heero would never love Duo the way Duo loved Heero, he had still never dreamed of actually seeing that happen between Relena and him. He had ran for a wile when he finally looked at where he was. 'Figures' he thought. 'Right back where I started.' Duo admired the beach (~^*^~AN: Manga here folks cause it works! ~^*^~) where he had first seen Heero...and Relena. 'She did find him first didn't she? And I assumed they were lovers or dating or something when I first met them.' Duo climbed over the rocks on the jettie. He found one a few yards out that was large and flat. He stretched out on it and stared at the twilight sky. Unknown to him, tears were falling down his cheeks.

I'm speechless and faded, it's too complicated
is this where the book ends? nothing but good friends?

When Duo looked up again it was because of voices. Familiar voices. Quickly shifting his position so that he could see all and they could see none his suspicions were confirmed. Relena and Heero were walking along this very beach. Relena was attached so close and tightly to Heero one might think they were born that way. Heero however looked rather distant. For a fleeting moment Duo hoped that his angel was thinking of him and trying to ignore the virus on his arm, but he knew he was again fooling himself.

"Heero, why are we out here looking for Duo? He is a big boy and everything I'm sure he can take care of himself."

'Looking for Duo? They are out here looking for me when they could be having sex or something? Why?'

I'm here if you want me I'm yours you can hold me
I'm empty and taken and tumbling and braking

Duo slid down his rock, very confused. He let his eyes slip closed a little and pictured Heero coming over and finding him. Heero would take him in his arms and whisper a dedication of love in Duo's ear. Duo wrapped his own arms around himself wishing they were Heero's. 'There is no way. I'll never be that way with him.' Duo thought.

Cause you don't see me
and you don't need me
and you don't love me, the way I wish you would
the way I know you could.

'What made be believe I had a chance?' Duo asked himself. 'I'm just his friend. That crazy reckless guy that he can tell his children about. I'll be Uncle Duo who shows up dead drunk at Christmas to give them each few hundred yen and be off. (~^*^~AN I don't know how the Yen system really works so I'm guessing~^*^~) He doesn't need me. He doesn't need anyone and he's got her. UHH Then why do I keep thinking that he would love me if he only knew!?' Duo's mind fought with it's self.

I dream a world where you'd understand
When I dream a million sleepless nights
Well I dream of fire when you're touching my hand
but it twists into smoke when I turn on the lights.

The calm darkness was able to sweep Duo away. The tide made it's slow progression upwards and when the water reached Duo it startled him from his thoughts. He hit his head on the rock he'd been leaning against and slumped down into dark.

"Hey." Heero's voice said.

"Hi sweety!" Duo said. Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist leaning his head into the notch between Duo's neck and shoulders.

"I love you Duo."

"Hee-chan! I knew that." Duo said with a giggle.

"But I really do. I want nothing more in the world then to have you here like this in my arms."

"Aww Hee-chan."

"I wish we could stay like this forever."

"Why couldn't we?" Duo said in alarm looking at Heero.

"Because, you're going to Die Duo, and we'll be far far away from each other for a very long time." Heero's voice remained the same seductive voice as it was before. His head never moving and never stopping the playful kisses and bites he had started at an unknown time.

"Die? What do you mean die?" Duo said almost laughing at the idea. "I'm death Hee-chan, I can't very well die can I?"

"Oh yes you can die Duo. You're almost dead now. There isn't really a point fighting it. I've got Relena you know. You have nothing to live for." Heero then spun Duo in his arms and captured his lips.

This is the place in my heart
This is the place where I'm falling apart.
Isn't this just where we met
and is this the last chance that I'll ever get?

"Duo please wake up! Wake up Duo!" Heero had managed to get Duo's body out of the cool water. Duo felt himself getting colder because the water rapidly evaporated from his skin.

"I hope he's alright." Relena said. Although Duo couldn't see her, he was sure that she didn't mean it.

"Will you shut up Relena...he doesn't have much of a pulse."

"Well I'll call a doctor and have him looked at."

"WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!" Heero said. He began doing the Heimlich. Duo felt the water in his lungs. It hurt really. Like getting shot from the inside.

"Come on Duo, you're going to make it. You have to make it! Our lives would be dull without you, pointless even. My life, Duo, would be nothing without you. You have to make it."

It was so painful. Duo wanted the water to stay where it was. Sure it hurt, but it hurt even more to move it. Duo felt it though and he didn't know how to stop it. The painful water moved up slowly with Heero's pounding on Duo's chest. It came up, up, and it spilled out over Duo's face.

The air still wasn't coming. His lungs were empty, but would not fill with air. Finally Heero's warm lips came to rest on Duos and Duo felt the air in him. Fresh beautiful air. 'Heero.' His mind screamed. 'Heero!' "HEERO!" Duo screamed snapping upwards he started gasping for air on his own.

"Duo, you're alive..." Heero suddenly hugged a very startled and shaken Duo.

"Heero?" Duo said struggling to pull away. "Heero...I have to tell you...something..."

I wish I was wrong in, instead of just only
Crystal and see through and not enough too you

"What is it Duo?" Heero looked seriously into Duo's eye. Duo almost shuttered from the cobalt blue gaze.

"Hee-koi! It's getting cold I think we should all head inside!" Relena's voice broke through to Duo and Heero.

"I see...well it was fun Hee-chan. See ya around..." Duo quickly got up and ran away as fast as his weakened legs would take him. Faintly he heard Heero calling his name, but he couldn't be sure so he refused to turn around. He vowed not to think of Heero again.


Minako: Not to mention injured!
Nruiko: it's what a gay guy like you gets.
Jeanne: AWWW yea ya are Duo-chan! ~glomp~
Nruiko: See! The fan fictionist has spoken!
Duo: Her word doesn't mean anything. She's just saying what she can to write these stupid fics.
Jeanne: NOT TRUE! I say what...OK so you are right. Anyhow this would be it, for now. If I can find a 3rd song So Duo-chan and Hee-chan can admit their feelings I will write it. Hee-chan has to tell Re-b*tch off right guys!?
Duo:...I agree with you...not good.
Jeanne: Right so I'm thinking of using SR-71's "Politically Correct" because it's an amazing song and I think it works (must get lyrics) and SR-71 kicked A$$ AT THE BONJOVI CONCERT LAST NIGHT WOOOOOOO ~looses voice since she doesn't have a screaming one anymore~
Others: ~laugh at Jeanne~



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