Jeanne: WAHH! ~sobs non-stop~
Duo: What's wrong with her NOW?
Minako: The fic.
Duo: What about it?
Minako: ~in tears~
Nuriko: She...it's a...~sobs~
Duo: it's a what?!?
Fuu: What they are trying to say is that it's a 1x2 song fic where the Gundam guys are not owned by Jeanne and the song is from Heero's POV and the song is "Pretend to Be Nice" By Josie and the Pussycats and that too is not owned by Jeanne.
Duo: Oh...~one tear rolls down cheek kinda like that old Indian in the commercial~


Well he looks at me with those innocent eyes
and says it looks like you're wearing some kind of disguise
because your hair sticks up and your shoes are untied
I hope that you got that shirt at half price

Heero looked over at Duo, who was sitting on Heero's bed, in Heero's apartment. It had been a few years since the war. Duo dropped in to visit him every so often. 'To bad he won't stay.' a voice in Heero's head whispered. He knew it was pointless to listen. He could never tell Duo, let alone make Duo want to stay.
"Heero, Heero are you listening to me?" Duo said looking over at the boy. He sat in front of his lap top, apparently using it as something else to look at.

"Hai." Heero said, his voice as void and emotionless as always.

"Why do you always wear that shirt Heero?" Duo asked referring to the green tank top that Heero always wore. "Did ya like get it at half price or something? I mean it's old and kinda dingy now. If it was a major bargain I can sorta understand, but you may want to think of getting something different you know?"

Heero struggled with the sudden urge to strangle Duo by his braid. He looked at Duo's violet eyes. "Maybe, you're right."

"OH good! Hee-chan! We can go get you all fixed up in post war fashion!" Duo jumped off the bed and pulled Heero from his seat.


And every word I say falls flat on the floor
I try to tell a joke, he's heard it before
And I don't think that I can take it no more
He's driving me right out my front door.

Heero was quickly pushed out of the door to his apartment building and down the street to Duo's car. "Hee-chan you'll thank me when this is over. Besides this has to be the first time you've seen daylight since I was last here. You'll come out looking so grate everyone will love you!"

'Even you?' Heero wanted to ask. Instead he just mumbled some sort of a reply and went along with it.

"So, hear any good jokes lately Heero?"

Heero looked at Duo, who was grinning like an idiot as he drove. "Well," Duo's statement changed to shock as he looked at Heero, then he gave Heero an encouraging smile. "There was this one about the gay guy and the plunger..."

"Oh yeah I've heard that one. It's funny."

Heero gazed out his window. 'My one attempt to be normal like him and I couldn't do it. Why can't I just joke and be normal?' he thought.

"It's good to see that you're trying to get over things Heero. Maybe you'll even go out on a date eventually." Duo laughed at the idea.

"Maybe," Heero said. He spent the rest of the car ride to the mall thinking about Duo and him on a romantic perfect date.

Why do you do what you do to me baby?
You're shaking my confidence, driving me crazy.

"Why are we doing this?" Heero asked.

Duo giggled, "We're doing this because you need something else to wear and a hair cut wouldn't hurt."

"It's you who needs the hair cut."

"Don't talk about my braid like that! In fact, you're being too talkative today Heero. Go back to being cold Hee-chan kay?" Duo laughed again. Heero let out a grunt.

"Oh my god, do my ears deceive me? Did Heero Yuy, the perfect soldier, just...laugh?"

"It was not a laugh, I'm annoyed." Heero said. He knew it was a lie. He loved the way Duo joked with him.

"Oh fine I see." Duo said returning to the rack of shirts he was sifting through. Heero felt torn inside. 'A minuet ago he was joking...we were joking around. Now he doesn't want to say anything. I don't understand any of this.'

You know if I could I'd do anything for you
please don't ignore me cause you know I adore you

Heero stood in the dressing room. He was rather embarrassed by Duo's choice of clothing. He had on a pair of semi-tight black leather pants and a V-neck green shirt. The shirt was made similar to his old tank top except for the long sleeves and the weight of it was much heavy causing it to fit snugly to his muscular form. Heero turned once, wondering why he was doing this. 'Because it was Duo's idea and you would do anything he asked of you.' the wispery voice told Heero.

Can't you just pretend to be nice?
could you at least pretend to be nice?
If you could just pretend to be nice
Then everything in my life would be alright

"It's...interesting Heero. Defiantly could get you that date." Duo said. Heero was displayed in front of him in the outfit Duo had picked out. "I guess it will do. It's a start. I mean, I bet Relena would like it."

"Don't mention her." Heero almost demanded.

"Aww...Hee-chan's got a crush on her. It's so cute." Duo's words almost sounded forced. 'Just wishful thinking.' Heero told himself. Heero decided not to say anything. Better to let Duo think that he liked Relena.

And I try so hard just to figure him out
But he won't tell me what he's been thinking about
And then he falls asleep on the living room couch
with his sunglasses on and his tongue hanging out.

It didn't take long for them to get Heero's hair cut and then they were back at Heero's apartment. Duo quickly plopped himself on the couch, legs stretched out in a very relaxed manner. 'Also very sexy.' It was the voice again. Heero sat in the other chair and picked up the days news paper. He acted as though he was reading it, but looked over at Duo instead. He watched as Duo changed the channels on the TV looking for something that could keep his interest for more then a few moments. Finally Duo turned off the TV.

"Are you alright Duo?" Heero asked.

"I don't really want to talk about it with you Heero." Duo said. The words made Heero almost loose control of himself as they rang in his head. 'Wasn't it Duo who said we were best friends? And now he doesn't want to tell me?'

"Duo, I'll listen." It was too late. Heero heard the soft snores coming from Duo's direction. Duo had somehow put his sunglasses on and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth springing forth a river of drool. {{~^*^~AN: I'm so sorry to totally copy the song, but come on, the line is <I><b><u>VERY</u></b></I> Duo-chan ne?~^*^~}}

Then he disappears for a week at a time
and then he shows up, just like everything's fine
I don't know what goes on in his mind
But I'm tired of hearing the same stupid lines

It had been a week since Duo's last visit and Heero was really beginning to miss him. More then usual faster then usual. 'This can't be good. Heero you're getting too close to him. You're caring too much. Even if the war is over, you have to stay alone. You never know who you'll have to kill.'

It was then that his intercom buzzed signifying he had a guest. 'Maybe that's Duo,' Heero thought. 'But I gave him a key. Knowing that baka he lost it.' "Hello?" He asked pushed the button.

"HHHEEERROOOOOO!" It was Relena. 'God damn it! Not her not now!' "Heero! Can I come up!? I came to visit you! I brought cookies!"
Heero sighed, "Yeah I guess Relena." He punched in the numbers for her to come up and quickly cleaned the place up a little.

"HI HEERO!" She screamed so loud that it hurt Heero's ears.

"Relena, don't shout." Heero said bluntly.

"I'm sorry Hee-chan. Here ya go!" She handed Heero a basked filled with cookies. They were mostly charred and black. Heero went and put them in the kitchen. When he came back Relena had moved herself to the living room. She was sitting on the couch and patting the place next to her for Heero. Reluctantly Heero went over and sat down. "So what have you been up too Hee-chan?" Heero cringed a bit at the name. "I love the new outfit. Who got if for you? Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that like that should I? What I meant was, who would have the fashion sense to pick it for you?"

"Duo." Heero watched Relena's face as the name left his lips and he saw the small flash of jealousy.

"I would love to pick out more for you Heero. We could have fun."

"That's alright Relena."

"Oh come on, you let him help you and everyone knows that you and are just as close as you and him."

"Relena?" Heero questioned her words. From there things were in slow motion. Heero heard the door open and the "I'M HERE!" From Duo...then he felt Relena's lips pressed against his. Heero didn't know how to struggle away. He had done missions in the war that were so much complicated, but he couldn't figure out how to push Relena away.

"Oh I see." Duo said with what sounded like a nervous chuckle. "Guess the outfit worked eh Hee-chan?" And then the door shut.

(~^*^~AN: The song continues but it's just a repartition of the refrain so I'm stopping here.~^*^~)


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