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When Love Comes Knocking


"Oh Heero, Trowa and I would love to come!" the voice of Quatre flowed from his apartment in New York City to Heero's home in Tokyo Japan. "I'm so happy that you two are finally getting married! You two will be so happy together! All those death threats really didn't mean anything did they?"

"I guess not." Heero's voice was it's regular monotone.

"You and Relena (AN: ~gasp~ How could I do such a thing?) definitely deserve each other."

"Will Duo be coming?" Heero's voice suddenly taking on a friendly tone he himself didn't understand.

"Oh...well you see, Duo has well...come out of the closet. And well he's become very popular in the gay community here...so he doesn't want to leave."

"I see..." Heero's voice returned to normal. "Well then I'll see you and Trowa in a month. By the way, I'm glad the two of you admitted how you feel." Quatre chuckled nervously on his end. "Bye Quatre. My best to everyone."

'Piece-crap!' Duo thought, wiping his mouth with one hand and tossing his leather jacket over his shoulder with the other. 'Blowing someone used to get me to stop thinking of Heero, but tonight it just made it worse. God damn him! Why the fuck is he marrying that nit-twit!? He should have killed her when he had the chance. Hell I should have killed her when I had the chance. God damn it! I love Heero! She isn't allowed to!...Ah, who am I kidding? I never told him how I feel, I have to right to be angry.' By now Duo had walked all the way to the two bedroom apartment he shared with Quatre and Trowa. He silently, yet again, thanked the two lovers for their hospitality. He couldn't have survived repressing these feelings if he lived in Tokyo and he couldn't think of anywhere else to go.

"HELLLLOOOOOOO! I'm home!" Duo shouted standing in the small entry hall.

"Oh welcome home Duo." Quatre said popping his head out from the kitchen. "Dinner is just ready. Why don't you come help set up and we can eat?"

Duo nodded and they set up the table in the dinning room.

"I called Heero to R. S. V. P. today. He wants you to come too Duo."

"Sorry Q-man. I've got plans. Besides with you two out of town I can throw the party of the year."

"You better not Duo." Trowa said. His voice chilling Duo's bones.

"I was only joking T-man. You guys have a good time. I just want to chill kay?"

Quatre nodded putting his hand on Trowa's, stopping comments from him.

"Oh Heero I'm just so happy!" Relena said from across the table.

"Hm." Heero said continuing to poke at his dinner.

"Are you all right Heero? Do you dislike the stake?"

"No, everything is fine." "Is this about Duo not coming to the wedding?"

Heero looked up suddenly, the dull ice of war returning to his eyes. "how did you know what?!" he snapped.

"I saw his name crossed off on the list. Is all of this exhausting you Hee-chan?" "Don't...call...me...that..." "Heero?"

"I'm...I'm sorry Relena. I think you're right. It's just too much work. why don't I call Quatre, Trowa and Wufei and ask them to come tomorrow so they can help out."

"That's a very good idea Heero, and you get some rest after that all right?"

"Hai." Heero said with a nod. He left his half eaten plate and went to his room.


'UGH! What's wrong with me? I can't stand this! Why am I so angry! I'm getting married and moving on like everyone said I should. How can I be upset by that?' Suddenly another voice, unfamiliar to Heero, yet it was clearly his own. 'Duo.' it answered him simply. Heero shook his head to cleat it of the thought. He quickly called Wufei who agreed. Then he dialed the number to the small apartment in New York City.


Heero froze. It was Duo who picked up the phone and suddenly all words had left Heero.

"Hey is anyone there? Cause if this is a prank call I'm gonna find ya and kick you..."

"Hi Duo."


"Yes, could I speak with Quatre or Trowa please?"

"Hey you're not mad at me because of the wedding deal are ya?"

"No it's, eh, fine that you don't want to come. It's understandable.

"Alright, as long as we're still friends. Hang on let me get Q-man."

Heero heard the phone being put down. The conversation with Quatre didn't last long after he had pick up the discarded phone. He of course agreed saying he'd do anything to help. Heero hung up the phone and went to bed.

~*^*~Dream sequence~*^*~

Two Heero's stood on a never ending glassy surface. "Who are you?" The one who felt he was himself, knowing his future asked.

The mystic and unfamiliar Heero smirked at him. "The question is Heero Yuy, who are you"

"What do you mean?"

"You can't admit what you really are yet then?"

"I don't understand what you are saying!"

"Leave Heero...go where...you know...don't follow through with it....Heero...Heero...Heero wake up." The voice started to sound more and more like Relena every time his name was said. Slowly his eyes opened to a bright light and Relena's smiling face.

"Morning, did you sleep well dear?"

"Hair." Heero said rubbing his eyes slightly. 'How did I sleep so late?' he asked himself.

"Quatre called this morning. Their plane will be here in an hour and Wufei's will come in about two."

"All right, I'll go pick them up."

"Well shouldn't I..."

"No...they are my friends and I'll take care of it." Heero snapped at her. She jumped back slightly, but left him to be alone in his room.

Heero arrived at the airport. Five minuets till Quatre and Trowa's flight was supposed to arrive, Heero saw something. Suddenly all of his dream made sense. He knew exactly what needed to be done.

Duo was stretched out on his bed watching TV. The sun was setting, casting a bloody red light into the room. A knock on the door caused the braided boy to jump. "AHH! PIZZA AT LAST!" he said going to open the door."So how much do I...Heero?"

"Hi Duo..."

"Didn't Quatre and Trowa just leave to help you out? Aren't you like getting married?"

"Yeah, well I was waiting for them and saw the flight for JFK (AN: for you who don't know, this is an airport in NYC) and something told me to go."

"Well, umm come in I guess." Duo said holding the door open for him.

The both sat down next to each other on the couch in the living room.

"Quatre mentioned that you're um...well that you're..."

"Gay?" Duo asked. Heero nodded. "Yeah. It sucks right now though. See I'm in love with this straight guy, so I don't want to settle down with anyone." Duo blushed and turned away from Heero, embarrassed by what he said.

"Well couldn't this person be wrong about being straight and maybe have an interest in you?"

Duo glanced at Heero, who seamed to not know he was the person. "I um don't think so...he's getting married to this really annoying chick that I can not stand!"

"Neither can I." Heero said, a small smirk on his face. before Duo could question his words (or his smirk) he was silenced by Heero's surprisingly soft mouth pressing against his.


"You mean he never told you where he was going? INJUSTICE (AN: I couldn't help myself!) I didn't come out here a month early to help him if he isn't around!" Wufei said. He stood in front of Relena's house with her in front of him and Quatre and Trowa too his right. "Stupid baka onna, doesn't even know where her own fiancee is." he mumbled.

"Now calm down, we'll find him. How far would he have gone?" Quatre tried to calm everyone down.

"Heero isn't a person likely to get cold feet so I doubt he ran with fear. I think, that he might have found someone else."

"TROWA! You can't say or believe that!" Relena shouted. "Heero loves me! If he didn't he would have killed me during the war!"

"Not necessarily Relena. He knew you were an ambassador of peace and if he killed you, there would be no chance to win the way and find this peace." Trowa spoke more then anyone really expected him too.

"He told me he loved me! He was the one that proposed to me!!!!! He will marry me and live happily ever after!!!! NOTHING WILL STOP THAT!"

"Relena, Relena please calm down." Quatre tried to reassure the crazy blond.

Relena took a few deep breaths. "You're right. I shouldn't over react like that should I? I just...I just want to be the only one for him."


"Wow..." Duo said gasping for air.


"Shhh..." Duo placed a finger over Heero's lips. His other arm pulled the sheep up around their naked bodies and then he circled the arm around Heero's mid-drift.

"It's so...perfect." Heero mumbled.

"Heero, this is what I've always wanted...are you sure?"

Heero didn't answer with words, but instead pulled Duo's face down to meet his, their lips melting together. When Heero broke the kiss, he whispered romantically into Duo's ear, "I love you Duo Maxwell."

"Mmm Heero. I love you too. I've always loved you." They collapsed into each others arms. "I'm hungry." Duo suddenly blurted. "that pizza never did show up last night."

"How about...I make you something?"

"But that would mean you'd have to leave the beddd."Duo wined.

"I'll be back. I will just make some okenomiaki and come back alright?"

Duo giggled. "I haven't had okenomiaki in years!" Heero crawled out of the bed, putting on Duo's black silk robe. Duo let himself fall back into the soft pillows and into a blissful dream.

Heero flipped the contents of the pan with ease. For the first time in his life, he felt happy and complete. As he stacked the last of the pancake pizza concoction onto a plate the phone rang. He knew that Duo wouldn't wake up so he picked up the phone. Before he could even say hello an all to familiar voice hit his ears.




"Relena...I can't...I don't love you and I doubt I ever did. I'm sorry. I wish I could have told you differently."

"H...Heero? No, no this can't be no!" Heero could hear her sobs on the other end and the thump as she fell to the floor.

"Please Relena, don't make this harder or me or you. It just can't be. I love someone else."

"Who...who is it Heero?"

"Relena...it's...it's Duo Relena."

"Oh my god...Heero no, this isn't happening, you aren't gay Heero! YOU CAN'T BE!"

"Goodbye Relena." Heero hung up the phone.

"I'm so sorry Heero..."

Heero's head snaped up. Duo stood in the doorway with only the bedsheet draped aorund his waist. his eyes looked very sad, as if small tears were welling up in them. Heero could only imagine what he looked like in only the robe, in such an angry state.

"Duo...Duo it's not your fault. I never loved her and I was a fool to believe that I did. I was just doing as people expected. I should apologize to you for not being truthful to both of us."

"Heero..." Duo was stopped as Heero walked up to him putting his arms around him. Duo suddenly seamed like a week little boy in Heero's arms. It was then that Heero knew how week they both really were.

"Relena? Relena are you all right?" Quatre rushed into the library where the phone hung over the edge of the desk, dangling by it's cord, and Relena was curled into the fetal position on the floor by the desk. "Oh Relena, what happened?" Quatre tried to put an assuring arm around her shoulders, but she pushed him back. "Relena please tell me."

"Heero...he...loves Duo not me..."

"Duo? How did you find this out?"

"He was there...at your apartment...he answered the phone and...and said...that he'd never loved me."

"Oh Relena...It'll be alright."

Relena's sobs suddenly stopped. "You're right Quatre, because I'm going to New York." Relena got up off the floor and went to the desk. There she pulled out a small silver pistol and a box of bullets.

"Relena...what are you doing?" Quatre's voice and movements were slow.

"Why Quatre, I'm doing what anyone would do when the person they love makes a mistake like that. I'm going to take care of them, and if I have to I will kill Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy." By this time Relena was at the door. She left the room and a very stunned Quatre behind her and went to make her way to New York.


"Why did we work so hard to hide this from each other Hee-chan?" Duo asked nibbling a bit on Heero's ear lobe. The two were cuddled together on the sofa. They were ignoring the TV that they'd left on and concentrating on each other. They were both fully clothed, for now.

"I don't know Duo. Pride maybe? Expectations?" Heero responded to the question.

Duo sighed into his lovers shoulder, resting his chin on it. "It's been three days of truth now. Three glorious amazing days!" Duo was able to quickly shit his position to pin Heero down. "Regrets?"


"Good." Duo flashed a quick smirk down at Heero before lowering his face to meet with Heero's. They both savored their lips meeting together and the warmth of the others body.

"So it's true then?" The voice forced the two boys apart. They both cursed their lack of attention, knowing they would have heard the slightest footstep had they been focused. They both stared at the blond gone crazy.

"Relena...what are you doing?" Heero slowly let go of Duo and started to get up.

"Stay put Heero..why does everyone ask my that? What am I not supposed to hold a gun let alone know how to kill with it? I can't believe this Heero. I LOVED YOU GOD DAMN IT!"

"Relena, please calm down!"

"Oh I am calm Heero. I am very calm. And now Omae o korosu Heero."

"Relena ple..."

The bang echoed through the apartment. Heero's body fell to the sofa, blood seeping from his upper arm. Duo quickly grabbed him. "Oh Hee-chan...Heero can you here me?"

"Duo get out of here. Get away from..."

"Shh Hee-chan. Never thought I'd have to say this to you, but shut up."


"What did I just say Hee-chan?"

Heero slowly raised his head, Duo allowing it, knowing that Heero had to see it sometime or another. When Heero did see it, he collapsed back into Duo's arms. There on the floor was the dead body of Relena, a large bloody hole in her head. The blood formed rivers over her face.

"I'm sorry Heero, she...she would have killed you if I hadn't."

"It's all right..." Heero strained for the words.

"We better get you to a hospital. And don't give me that 'I can mend my own broken bones and fix me own wounds' crap." Duo took a deep breath and then picked up the phone to dial 911. "Hello? Oh my god you have to help me! Me and my friend were here at my apartment and his fiance showed up and she shot him, but I...I keep a gun here ya know ever since the war and all, well she still got a shot into his arm...but I...but I..." Duo faked a sob that fooled the operator, judging by the huge stupid grin on his face. "I can't believe I did that...self defense? If you say so ma'am...all right thank you very much." Duo turned to Heero. "An ambulance will be here soon Heero."

"I love you." Heero said griping at his arm trying to stop the blood flow that seamed to be worse then it ever had been.

"Heero Yuy don't you dare start that now all right? You've gotten through worse then this all right?" Duo turned, hearing the ambulance, "I love you too."


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