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Duo: So we're doing the opening this time?
Jeanne: HAI! waves happy flag~
Nuriko: That is not a good sign-
Jeanne: OH HUSH! We are having fun today, it's my last day of summer brake!
Nuriko: That was sarcastic right?
Duo: I think so.
Jeanne: ~glare~ Boyyyssssssss...
Nuriko: Where's everyone else?
Duo: Who knows.
Jeanne: ~Mega Glare~ Boyyyysssssssssssss........
Duo: Not like it's any big deal, I'd rather they didn't see me as a hobo.
Nuirko: Or as a bad Christian?
Duo: Exactly
Jeanne: ~HYDGT[1]~ DUO! NURIKO! It's time we had a little CHAT! Everyone else, please read the fic. Thank you.


"Duo? Duo where are you? I thought you were making up gym class." That would be Sister Helen. She's the one who really pushed for me to be able to stay at the church, considering I'm more of an adult there then a little kid.

"I did, it's just, well, this new kid is from Japan, and he er needs some help with his homework. See he still has some trouble reading the English letters and stuff, so since it's a Friday and all I offered to stay and help him and then just sleep over."

"Hum, well I guess that's alright considering you're helping a friend. Just be home tomorrow, we have to change the colors in the church." [2]

"Yes Sister Helen, I'll be there."

"Good, we'll see you tomorrow then."

The line clicked and she hung up. I put down the phone and again re-evaluated my surroundings. He had a large apartment considering he was only in high school. It had a small kitchen type area, a living/dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom.

"I assume you want to talk?" Heero asked, coming out from the bedroom. He sat down on the sofa. I sat down in a chair on the other side of the room. Those eyes looked at me. I knew that he could tell how afraid I was. And I'm not even sure why I was afraid.

"You've never even thought about this before have you?"

I can tell he knows my answer, but I speak. "It's a sin, one of the worst ones."

"A sin? I guess people might think that. I don't see how any god would allow something to feel so right and normal, and then call it a sin."

"The bible says that-"

"The bible says lots of things that contradict other things. And if you lived by what the bible said your life would be extremely difficult."

"More difficult then now?"

"Did you hate it?"


"Did you hate it. You didn't pull away, but that might just have been fear."

"I...I didn't hate it." I answer him reluctantly. Somehow under those deep blue eyes I can't even stay silent. Besides, I never lie. "But it doesn't mater what I like or hate. It's wrong."

Heero gave me this look. This look as though I was crazy. I defiantly didn't like the look. "I was attackted to you the moment you started speaking Japanese. Maybe even as soon as I walked into homeroom. If you never think you'll be able to feel that way, fine. If by some chance, some miracle you think you can accept what you are or might be, even if it's just to explore, I want to know."

I thought about this. If no one ever explored anything we wouldn't be here now would we? And it didn't feel wrong at all. I'm standing now, and I'm not sure how. And then I'm sitting on the couch next to him. It's weird. My body is moving on it's own accord. Kinda like before at the pool, except I'm moving and he isn't. And then our lips are together again. I can't explain it. This feeling that was there when we kissed. It was like the last time, it really was, but...at the same time it was still just as exiting and wonderful. Would it always be like this? And why hadn't it been like this before? With the others? Well that really is a simple one to answer, because it hadn't been a him before. It hadn't been this him.

"That was nice." I say, after one of us brakes the kiss. I'm not really sure who, but now I'm practically in his lap. I'm also very content to stay that way. He pulls me closer, also happy with the situation. "I'm not sure what I am, but I like you, and I like this."

"That good to hear. I like you, and this too." He then moved me, so that I had a leg on either side of him. Quite like I was straddling him, except I don't want to go there. His arms were around my waist, and my arms were resting around his neck. We were so close and it felt so perfect. I kiss him again, savoring it this time. Wanting to feel that way forever.

We spent the night awake, talking to each other, and doing other things. Not like that you pervert! We just...were together. I was wonderful. However working that afternoon wasn't so great.

"Duo! You know that doesn't go there! What's wrong with you? How long did the two of you work last night?"

"Oh not long Sister..." I finally figure out what she was saying. "Er that is we ended up just talking. He's an interesting person and I'm just trying to be his friend and all..."

She smiled. That was a start. "Alright Duo, I'm glad you're being so kind to him. But do remember that if you don't keep up with your work here at the church, you'll have to leave."

"I'll remember." I say. I really do feel like I'm lying to her. Sure I'm not actually saying anything that's a lie.

"Oh and maybe we could meet him some time?" She asks, she was just about to walk away too. Damn.

"Er yeah I guess I could ask him for you."

Another honest smile. What am I going to do about that? It's almost like god is taunting me in that smile because he knows what I've done. That's so frustrating ya know? Because here I am, absolutely giddy, and everything I've ever been told, was that this was wrong.

I kinda go into robot mode to finish my work. No one really notices. It's something I've worked really hard to perfect. To the world, I'm still happy go lucky Duo. But inside I'm not even close. It's really helpful when you're trying to finish homework in class too. So, when I'm done helping out, I decide it's time to call in a little favor.

"Duo? What are you doing here? My family is home."

I laugh slightly. "Quatre, Quatre, Quatre. I need a computer, to get online with. Think you can handle that to get rid of me?" Now, don't get me wrong, that little blond boy really was one of the nicest people I've ever done anything for. But his family, oh his family hated us kids from the orphanage. The fact that we share the same plumbing company sickens them. So Quatre ducked back into the house and the shoves something white into my hands. "That's an I-book Duo, put out by Apple. It's one of the newest ones and has a nice connection on it. I'll be at the Russian bakery over by Columbia."

"Got it. Thanks Q-man." I wink at him. He just half smiles half scowls and I trot away from his snooty apartment.

The internet is an amazing thing. I can really only get on when I can get a computer from Quatre, but it's still a wonderful thing. I really love it. Would you believe that in Japan they actually have a market for gay manga? Yaoi it's called. I really had no idea. Doesn't that just make me feel stupid? I've read some of it too. Not bad at all. And, some of the people drawing the manga I love, were drawing this Yaoi Doujinshi before that. Doujinshi being the amateur form of manga, 'case you didn't know. So anyhow, this stuff is usually targeted at girls, or the shoujo audience. But duh, gay men also like the stuff. I guess it goes along the same lines as the straight man's obsession with lesbians.

So, this stuff is really accepted in Japan. I'm rather shocked. Besides the few obviously gay people in anime, I never even thought of the other couples people keep coming up with. And the codes to do so! It's really complicated at first. Usually they take the first letter of a name...oh never mind. It's just weird. 'Though, can't say I'm too upset about it. If one small little island can accept and embrace this, just think what my little island can do. Or this whole country!

Oh wow...so after a few clicks I'm now finding out how accepted this really is in America. Okay not totally accepted, because people like myself are still against it. Am I still against it? That's a decision I'll have to make. But, people all over are admitting to being gay, and the world doesn't hate them for it. Gay couples have been on prime time TV. Movie stars were coming out as being gay. How the hell had I been kept away from all this anyhow? Boy...I do not know anymore. It's just so confusing. But, I'm saying it now. I'm gay. My new task? To tell sister Helen about it.


[1] This is something my friends an I say online when we're irked at each other. Just stands for Heero Yuy Death GlareT because ya know...we thought it was funny. SO WE'RE FREAKS YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT???

[2] Oi I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but in the church they change the colors for certain religious seasons. Like Easter has white and Lent has purple. I think Christmas is errr gold? Red? Umm my dad isn't sure and he's my expert on this stuff so..Yeah they change them. That's all there is too it. Also they change them for weddings and funerals, so because this story is in September (hello school just started) someone died or got married, you're choice. Want angst or joy? Er that is unless of course you find death happy and marriage sad...SURE ALRIGHT THAT'S GOOD TOO!

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