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Whoever told you that earth life was fun and dandy, told you one hell of a lie. Oh wait you haven't even heard why I'm sitting here on the side of the road eh? Ha, don't give me that look. I'm not just some crazy crack head who's going to tell you some sob story to make you give me money. I really don't want your sympathy...the cups over there. So I guess if you're still standing there you should take a seat. Yes here on the stoop, only like two people live here anyhow. Good good. So I'll tell you my story if you like. You're not homophobic or anything are you? Good. Well, my story's a long one. You have the time right? That's good. Okay, well once only a few years ago there was a boy...


"EVAN COME ON LETS GO! IF YOU DON'T MOVE YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE TO YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" My name is Duo. I guess the last name would be Maxwell. I am about to start my junior year in high school. I'm the oldest of the kids left here at good old Maxwell church. Evan being the second oldest, and the reason we were both going to cut it close to getting to homeroom on time.

"Alright I'm ready come on!" Evan said bounding down the stairs two at a time and rushing out the door. We headed full steam to the high school. "God it's the same thing we all wear, why'd it take so long?" I ask, refereeing to the priest clothing we all own. It's mostly hand-me-downs from the actual priests at the church, but still.
"Shut up already." Evan said, his breath becoming more raged as we bolted down block after block of New York City pavement and concrete. What didn't think they had churches there? Think again!

"There isn't anyone left to impress anyhow. All the girls already know you."

"Maybe my true love just moved to the city, ever think about that?"

"Right..." I sigh, my breath not changing much at all. Guess I've always been good at stuff like this, or built up a lot of stamina over the years of being late.
Somehow the two of us made it to our respective homerooms on time. I plopped myself into a desk in the back row as the teacher called attention. It appeared we would have a new student today from Japan. My ears perk up at the news. I haven't been studying Japanese at home for nothing you know! I happen to be a very big Anime fan...okay so I usually just translate manga and movies for friends, but still that counts right?

So anyhow the kid walks into the room and I'm forced to do a double take. As far as guys go, he's absolutely gorgeous...not like I'm interested. No, because that's a sin. Not like I've never sinned, but that kind of thinking is like putting a big stamp on your ass saying "Go directly to Hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200" and I'm really not up for that. Besides, I'm straight right? So I've never found a girl that really interests me, I'm still not gay. No way. Humm but he really is good looking. Oh well, guess we'll just have to be best friends weather he likes it or not.

So now it's last period. They cut our classes for now to let us all sign up for sports and things. I sign up for the basket ball team as I do every year. The kid, Heero, seams to be in almost all of my classes. Except for gym and English. I bet he's either in some really smart English class or a really slow one. Whatever the case, he's now signing up for the swim team. Odd, not many guys go out for swim team. Ah well, if it's his gig it's his gig. Maybe it's a Japanese thing. Oh that was racist wasn't it? What I'm attempting to say is that it's more accepted in Japan then it is here. Yeah that sounds better.

Shit, when did he start walking over here? Damn it why am I really nervous now? Well if I don't talk he's going to walk right past me... "Konnichi wa. O genki desu ka?" [1]

He looked at me for a long moment, stopped in mid step. "You speak Japanese?"

"A little." I admit. Am I blushing? I better not be blushing. I do not blush.

"They told me they didn't offer Japanese here. I was a little disappointed. How much do you know?"

"I've been translating anime and manga for friends, so I know the language alright. You're English is very good."

"In Japan we learn English along with Japanese."

"Hum, cool. So..."

"Hm." Well he certainly was very cold wasn't he?

"Duo Duo Duo Duo! I've signed up for the yearbook and the newspaper and a whole host of other things! Isn't that neat?!" Evan said running up to me. Stupid kid, couldn't he see I was trying to be nice to our new student. Well Evan couldn't very well know that Heero was from Japan now could he?

"G..gomen nasai Heero, my name is Duo, I guess I've got to go see what he's talking about. I'll see you around then?" Heero nodded.

"So what is that kid able to speak Japanese too?"

"Yeah Evan, he's from Japan."

"Cool! That's really neat! Anyhow.." Evan explained about his clubs, but somehow my mind was tuning him out and tuning Heero in.


Go figure that I came home and by that morning had a blazing fever. Is this gods way of punishing me for even thinking about homosexuality. Not like I am one! I just want to go back to school. Yeah believe it or not I do like school, even if it is only for social benefit. So anyhow it looks like I've caught some new 24 hour bug. Great, just great. Just absolutely fucking wonderful. The fist day of swimming in gym too. And since the stake of New York is EVER so wonderful, I'm going to have to make it up. What a pain.

Interesting how I end up after school, in my swim gear, walking to the pool. Our pool is located at the other side of our school from our gym. It's really annoying because you have to get changed at the locker rooms (by the gym.) and then walk across the school to the pool. But no one is here at 5:00pm except my coach himself. And technically he popped out to pick up some dinner at some fast food place.

So I strut into the pool and there in all his glory is Heero, diving from the highest diving platform. For some reason I'm frozen too my spot. I watch that gracefully body curve in just the right way before slipping beneath the water, leaving barely a trace of him. Then he emerged, and got out. Glinting with little water droplets he walked over to me.

"Duo, why do we always seem to be finding each other in the oddest of places?" He asked. I however was too stunned by the fact that he was in a small spedo, instead of the school issued swim trunks. I felt his eyes lingering on my face, and I wasn't sure what was going on. It was so weird. He used his own gaze to draw my eyes up to him, and then a hand was on my cheek. I didn't stop him, although everything in my mind screamed at me to run and hide, it felt too right to want to stop. Instead I leaned into the caress. I was so lost in that moment. His damp fingers gently tracing the lines of my cheeks. And then, his lips were on mine. Now the voice screaming for me to stop was drowned out by another voice yelling itself horse trying to tell me to respond. So I did. I'd never kissed anyone like this before. This kind of a kiss was so new. So...nice. Other kisses just seamed like mouths pressed together, spit moving between the lips. But this felt...normal? Right? Perfect?
Wait what am I thinking? This is another man! I'm not supposed to want to kiss another man! I'm not gay! I'm not I'm not I'm not! Then, why am I kissing him back? Why is it all growing so much deeper? And above all else why on earth am I feeling so perfect in his arms. His arms? Yes, his arms were around me, and mine were around him. Pulling at his body trying to bring him closer. I felt a smile quirk on his lips and then he pulled away. That voice telling me to stop, was cheering. However I felt empty and alone without him there.

"Coach will be back soon, I'd like it if you would come to my apartment after you're done?"

His apartment? For how long? What? But it's late...and a Friday. "I..guess." tumbles away from me before I recognize it.

"Good. I really want to get to know you better, Duo." I smile when he says my name. He says it in a really cute way. I can't really explain why it was cute, it just was.
But then he was gone, and I was alone, and coach was back. He asked me where Heero was, and I told him that he'd gone home. Coach said alright and I started my lesson. The whole time I was swimming half-heated laps, my mind was on Heero, the kiss, and his apartment.


[1] I think that I'm saying "Good Afternoon. How are you?" But I'm not sure. ^.^;;; so if anyone has to correct me please feel free too. I won't be angry.
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