disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment.
title: xhilaration
author: jana
cumulative: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, pwp, pov, lemon
spoilers: unlikely...
pairings: 1X2
notes: this is the sequel to 'oi'...... cause lord ishka asked for seconds... and cause heero wanted firsts. oi can be found at: http://www.1X2X1.org/fiction/jana/oi.htm in case you would like to read it first.

// thoughts //


>From Oi....

He stepped in front of the mirror and played with his bangs a bit, then turned around to finish his last minute check. "Hey, Heero?"

I look over to find him sliding the black leather further down on his hips... widening the already substantial band of smooth white flesh that was visible.

I swallowed hard. "What is it, Duo?"

"You think my ass looks good in these pants?"



by jana


// did i really need to answer that question? //

// was it rhetorical? //

He was staring at me from across the room with his eyebrows raised; awaiting my answer. I owed him one... I owed it to myself to give him one.... and to be honest. "It looks fuckable." I told him as I started across the room. "More so than usual." I added as I exited out into the hallway.

I heard Duo's footsteps behind me. "Would you mind repeating that for me?"

I stopped and turned to face him. "I think you heard me."

He gave a slight nod. "It sounded like you said that my umm.... ass looked fuckable."

"I did."

His mouth hung open as he stared wide eyed at me.

"Lets go." I reached out to take his upper arm and lead him down the hallway. The statement of disbelief stayed plastered to his face. He spoke again when we'd reached the landing at the top of the stairs. "Why don't we just stay home and see if you're right."

"Very tempting." I assured him, "But we made a commitment."

I heard him sigh as we continued down the stairs.

"I'll be more than happy to put my theory to the test when we get home."

Tight jeans are incapable of hiding an erection and the same could be said for Duo's leather pants as well. The soft moan that came with his deep exhale from behind me did nothing to dispel my arousal.


The anticipation of what was going to happen later that night heightened even the smallest hints of suggestion that Duo seemed to include in everything he did. The added tease on top of his standard torture had made me so on edge that I could hardly bring myself to watch him on the dance floor; much less accept any of the numerous invitations he'd extended to me to join him.

I was somewhat thankful that there were an odd number of us present tonight and that Duo had managed to coerce Wufei into dancing with him. I'm not sure how I would have reacted to watching him move so seductively in the arms of a total stranger. I had witnessed it before but having made my intentions clear to him tonight; I was certain I'd have a different perception of it now.

On the rare occasions that I allowed myself to look at him, I found his glance meeting mine with an almost sinister gleam. I'd managed not to drool as he put on a show for me; nearly using Wufei's body as a dancing pole for my benefit. As the song ended, I turned to find Duo seating himself next to me. His damp bangs clung to his forehead, the rest of him covered in a fine sheen of sweat as well. "One dance, Heero. Please?"

My dancing abilities were nonexistent and the attention Duo drew on the dance floor had persisted in keeping me from giving in. I was far from the only one in the room captivated by him and the thought of flaunting my inadequacy for all those onlookers was anything but appealing. I was about to decline him yet again, when he spoke. "How about a slow one?"

I found myself agreeing without taking the time to think of the possible consequences of having my body pressed up against his. I tried not to think about it as we sat watching and waiting for an appropriate song; finishing my third drink of the evening in much of a hurry.

The first few beats of the next tune found Duo already on his feet in recognition of it. "You ready?"

I smiled and rose; allowing him to guide me to the dance floor. I've no doubt that he knew how nervous I was. "Relax, Heero and just let your body move to the music."

I did as he instructed, not resisting as he pulled me toward him with both arms wrapped around my neck. I instinctively brought my arms to encircle his waist; enjoying the feel of him in my grasp. "Like that?"

"MmmHmm." I closed my eyes as our bodies began to sway to the rhythm. I took a deep breath and became light headed as Duo's scent assaulted me. I'd never been quite this close to him before; that in combination with the feel of his arousal against mine was threatening to make me lose what little control I managed to maintain. I eased myself from his grip, stepping back just slightly so that the lower half of our bodies were no longer touching. Duo's hand moved slowly down my back and came to rest on my rear end, pulling me hard against him. "That feels so good, Heero." he whispered.

I certainly couldn't argue with that fact; I wasn't even sure at this point if I was able to speak. I moaned in response, shifting my hips so that his cock was flush against mine. He let out a soft gasp as I reinitiated contact, his arms tightening still further around my neck. I was nearly oblivious to everything around me now except Duo; his presence filling nearly all my senses and threatening to send each one affected into some kind of bizarre overdrive.

I moved my hands higher, letting them wander over the smooth planes of his back and burying them in his hair; straining my neck upward to seal my lips against his. We both moaned as my tongue easily slipped past his parted lips and met with his, the two colliding almost violently. The shiver than ran through me turned rather quickly into a tremble and I took one step back as the music ended; and not a moment to soon. Duo was grinning from ear to ear as I took his hand and dragged him back toward our table.


I was fairly certain that our activities on the dance floor had not been overlooked by any of our three friends, though none of them gave me any indication that they'd seen us. I knew that Duo's crush on me was no secret to any of them and I was equally as sure that they had at least a vague idea that I returned the sentiment. If they'd missed the floor show, Duo's seating himself on my lap once we'd reached the table gave them all the facts they needed to determine that something had happened.

During the next few minutes, it was somehow decided upon that we leave early. I had not been paying that close attention to the conversation, but was in full agreement with the notion. We exited the club and Duo seated himself beside me in the back seat; me shifting still closer to him as Wufei climbed in the back seat next to me. It was difficult to ignore our close proximity and I uncharacteristically started a conversation about the club we'd just left to distract myself from it.


Once inside the house, there was no pretense made and Duo and I headed upstairs to my room... barely saying goodnight to our three friends. There was an urgency that seemed to go beyond any formalities and they seemed to understand. If they didn't, we weren't waiting around for them to mention it.

We rushed toward my room; nearly knocking each other over as we tried to both enter the room at the same time. The awkwardness passed as we both laughed and I stepped aside and let Duo enter first. I locked the door after we'd both made our way inside and pulled him against me as I leaned back onto the door. "You look so damn sexy tonight." I told him. He reached for the light switch and turned it on. "Do I?" he asked, grinding his hips forward into mine.

I nodded and closed my eyes as we continued to seek friction against one another. The pleasure was building too fast; more so now that we were alone than it had on the dance floor. "Nnnn.. too close." I moaned. His response was lost; muffled beyond recognition as his lips met mine for just a brief moment before he brought himself to his knees in front of me. I watched as his fingers worked to unfasten my jeans and reached inside for my erection; immediately taking it fully into his mouth.

I nearly lost it right then and there as his lips wrapped around me like a heated vise. Both hands buried themselves in his hair as I began thrusting my hips forward, clearly desperate for release. I found it under a minute later, my entire body quaking as I came inside his mouth with a loud cry.

He stood and kissed me, forcing his tongue past my lips and into my mouth. I shivered as I tasted myself in his kiss and reached in between us for the button on his jeans; undoing it and lowering the zipper as well. I moved to lower myself so that I could return the favor. "Just touch me, Heero." he breathed out. "I'm going to come in about two seconds." I moaned and slid my hand inside his pants, wrapping my fingers tightly around his thickness and stroking it firmly. "Oh yeah...."

His estimate wasn't that far off and I brought my one arm around his waist to steady him as his body trembled and he climaxed under my touch. I held onto him with both hands until he looked up to meet my glance. I cupped the side of his face with my one hand, telling him what I was sure was already obvious. "I want more."

He smiled and walked backwards toward the bed; shimmying out of the skin tight leather pants and seating himself on the edge of the bed to remove his socks and boots. I pulled his pants the rest of the way off, tossing them over my head with a grin. "Leave the shirt on." I told him. The black cropped mesh top shielded little of what was underneath and contrasted beautifully against his paled skin.

I toed off my shoes and he leaned forward to slide my jeans down and off; tugging at my shirt so that I would remove it as well. I was highly aroused once more and not surprised to see Duo's cock standing at full attention again. I could hardly keep from throwing myself on top of him as he moved back to lie in the center of my bed; spreading his legs wide. "Do you have lube?"

I shook my head and reached into my nightstand drawer. "Hand cream?" He nodded and I flipped the cap open and squeezed some out onto my fingers, setting the tube down beside me on the bed. I kneeled between his legs and moved my hand forward to rest between his legs. "Enough with the foreplay.... just fuck me, Heero."

There was no way I was going to argue. I coated my cock with the lotion while staring down at Duo; wondering why I'd waited so damn long before giving in to him. "One more thing." I bent forward over him, taking the end of his braid in my hand and sliding the elastic band off the end. He sat up and ran his fingers through it, fanning it out on the bed beneath him before laying back down.

"Perfect." I whispered as he bent his legs at the knees and pushed them outward. I repositioned myself so that my cock was just outside his entrance; using one hand to push the head of it to his offered opening. His hips moved forward and I pressed against him more firmly until just the tip was buried inside him; pausing to look down at where we were joined and then back up at him. "Ready?"

"Been ready for ages." he moaned, gasping loudly as I thrust forward to fully enter him.

"Me too."

Those admissions fueled our movements and instinct drove us to a pounding rhythm as our bodies collided again and again; each thrust into the tight warmth of Duo's body robbing still more of my waning control. I noted with pleasure that he was in no better shape himself. Violet eyes hazy and dark with need stare up at me as his legs wrapped around my waist to pull me closer. Our deep moans echoed inside the small room as I reached between us and begin stroking him; elevating us both to a height of unparalleled ecstasy.

His name tumbles with a cry from my mouth as I feel his muscles constrict around me with the start of his release and I plunge into his impossibly tight heat; filling him with warm jets of my thick passion. His voice loudly proclaims me a deity of some sort as he trembles with pleasure. We move together until spent and I slide with reluctance from his body; it's made only tolerable by the fact that I know I'd be inside of him again soon.

I draw him toward me with both arms as I lay beside him on the bed; pushing strands of sweat dampened hair from his face before bringing my lips to his. I engage him in a lazy kiss and verbally confirm my long held suspicions with a yawn.

"Definitely fuckable."