disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment. if they weren't enjoying themselves, im sure they would have complained by now.
title: two by two
author: jana
rating: NC-17
pairings: one sexy little wing pilot and his horny god of death
warnings: yaoi, pwp, masturbation, kink, porno videos, exhibitionism, voyeurism.... ummm..... therefore lemon
spoilers: i wish
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
notes: and no, this fic doesn't have anything to do with noah's ark.......


Two by Two
by jana


It was five days into Heero's week long trip and he was genuinely being missed. It made matters worse that he would be gone for the weekend; two full days of boredom... and loneliness.

Duo had decided on taking a trip to the mall on Saturday afternoon. The forty minute drive and ensuing hours of shopping would take up a better portion of the day, perhaps even tiring him out enough so that he might actually get a good nights sleep that night. He hadn't had once since Heero left. He was fairly sure that Heero hadn't had one either.

It was nearly 9:00 that evening when he arrived back home with his both arms filled with packages. Entering the living room, he sat the bags down on the coffee table and eased his exhausted body down onto the couch and closed his eyes. If it weren't for the fact that he'd stopped at the supermarket on the way home, he would have given in to his body's need for sleep right then and there. He allowed himself only a taste of oblivion before rising to put all the food away he'd bought. He returned to the living room a short while later and eyed the small white plastic bag that still remained on the coffee table.

He'd also stopped at the video store on the way home to pick up a few porn films to add to their collection.

Duo smiled.

It had started out as strictly his collection.

When they first got together, Heero would have nothing to do with them. His held onto that resolve for far longer than Duo predicted he would have. The former Deathscythe pilot made no attempt to hide his enjoyment of the films, hoping that one day Heero would break down and watch one with him. He was certain Heero would find them equally as enjoyable as he did. He wishedd to share the experience with his new lover; far preferring the pleasure of Heero's hand to that of his own. It was almost a year before Duo's interest had managed to convince his lover to join him. Duo selected what he considered one of the tamest of the videos he owned; one he didn't think Heero wouldn't find too objectionable.

Things had gone off without a hitch that night and the rest, as they say, is history.


Duo set a frozen dinner into the microwave and seated himself at the kitchen table. His recall of that night of several years ago had stirred up some fairly heated moments between the two and Duo found himself aroused by the memories. Heero's absence furthered his body's rising need.

The radio played loudly while he ate. The music was a poor substitute for company, but he preferred it to the silence.

It was nearly eleven by the time he finished eating and had returned the kitchen to order. As tired as he was, there was little that could have persuaded him from popping one of the new videos into the VCR and settling himself down onto the couch to watch.

He smiled as the intro song began to play, vocalizing his amusement at the lack of variation the music had from one video to the next. The opening scene in this one was not much different from most either; two attractive young males engaged in idle conversation beside an office water cooler. You could almost feel the sexual tension in the air; Duo could feel the familiar tingle in his groin.

He set the remote control down on the couch beside him and leaned back in comfort to watch.

As with most of the films they'd purchased, he'd checked this one out on the net first. There was nothing worse than the disappointment that came when one realized that they'd wasted their money on a second or third rate porn flick; and yes, there were such things. He'd found that out the hard way.

It wasn't two minutes into the film when the two men on the screen began kissing, the taller of the pair reaching behind his partner to grind their hips together. Duo moaned; his cock pressing against the cotton fabric of his briefs as he reached full arousal in his jeans. His right hand moved from its place on the sofa to tease his trapped length with a light touch. "Oh yeah." He hissed, applying a bit more pressure as he continued the now fluid motion of his hand.

The break room door was locked as the two on the screen separated and as if on cue, started removing each others clothes. Duo found himself wishing the action would slow down a bit. It seemed there would be barely any foreplay in this scene. He enjoyed a good tease; he would have liked to have seen the dark haired young man on the receiving end of a little cock sucking.

He rubbed himself harder; lifting his hips up off the couch as he watched. The now naked lovers embraced and the camera offered an incredible view of their erections pressed flush up against one another. His moans joined theirs as he unfastened his jeans and lowered the zipper. Reaching inside, he withdrew his rock hard length, wrapping his fingers around it tightly to stroke it.

It was only a matter of seconds before he could feel himself on the verge of climax. Fortunately, he had been wrong about how the two lovers were going to proceed. He shivered as the blonde pushed back from the other man, settling down onto to his knees on the floor in front of him. Duo groaned and reached for the remote.

Returning to the living room a minute or two later, Duo set a bottle of Astroglide and a silicone dildo onto the couch. He unfastened his jeans then lowered them together with his underwear to his ankles and seated himself back on the couch before resuming the video. One hand reached down in between his legs while the other took hold of his arousal. He worked the two simultaneously as he watched the blonde take the dark haired man's cock into his mouth.

Duo closed his eyes and stroked himself more roughly; his legs spreading wider as the fingers between them teased at his entrance. He'd missed the touch; missed the feel of Heero's erection inside his mouth and the flavor of it on his tongue. He opened his eyes to find the blonde's lips holding tightly onto the thick erection as slender hips thrust forward and back into the wet heat. The action on the screen so held his rapt attention that Heero's entrance into the room went completely unnoticed.


His eyes opened impossibly wide as a familiar voice called out his name. Both of his hands immediately ceased their movements; his right one reaching for the remote control beside him to turn the video off.

He looked up at Heero, ignoring the heat of his blush. "Umm.... you're home early."

Heero nodded.

"Umm... How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough."

Duo shivered at the tone Heero's voice held.

Setting his briefcase down , Heero rolled his shoulder back, allowing the silky lining of his trench coat to ease the black outerwear further down his arm. Dropping both arms to his sides, the jacket fell to the floor to pool at his feet. His left hand reached for the knot of his tie, loosening it significantly and undoing the top button of his white dress shirt. Duo watched as his lover reached for the remote, pointing it at the television before coming to his knees in between Duo's still spread legs.

"Now. Is there something I can do for you?"

Duo leaned back against the thick cushions of the couch as Heero's fingers moved upward on the inside of his thigh. The back of Heero's hand brushed lightly against his balls and Duo let out low groan. "Mmmm.... yeah... you can keep going."

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

Duo's look of surprise didn't phase his lover, Heero instead taking Duo's own hand and guiding it back to his cock. "Finish what you started."

The pleasure of his hand outweighed the any protests and Duo began stroking himself as his eyes refocused on the TV screen.

"What are they doing, Duo?"

Violet eyes glanced down to meet darkened cobalt.

"Tell me."

Duo looked back up at the television, his hand moving more rapidly at what he saw. "The blonde is sucking the dark haired one off. "

Heero brought his head down to lick at the inside of Duo's thigh. "Mmmm.... his cock reminds me of yours."

Heero smiled. "Uncut?"

"Yeah...." Duo replied in a whisper. "And huge...."

The next sensation Duo felt was Heero's hand closing around his. Heero's thumb moved over the tip of his cock to wet it with his pre cum. "Oh Christ!" Duo's hips rose to the touch, his eyes still glued to the activity on the screen.

"Do you think he's going to fuck him?"

"Yeah. The blonde wants to get fucked."

Heero's brought his left hand up to his mouth to suck on his fingers. "I think that you want to get fucked as well."

Duo hissed as Heero's fingers brushed his entrance.

"Don't you?" Heero demanded.

"It's been five days, Baby..." Duo whispered, as if that alone explained everything.

It did.

Duo's hand sped up and Heero looked up at Duo to find his attention still on the TV screen. He'd seen enough of these videos now and was fairly certain of what was happening in it. He wanted to hear Duo say it. "Is he coming?"

Duo nodded, not taking his eyes from the erotic scene presented before him.

Heero thumb and forefinger were gliding over the slippery tip of Duo's cock. He could clearly hear the loud groans of passion as the dark haired. man in the video attained climax. "Describe it to me, Duo. Is he coming inside his mouth?"

"Nn... you know that's not the way it works."

Heero smiled again. The cum shot.

"He's pumping him now.... fast; licking his shaft, sucking on his balls...."

Heero nudged Duo's legs further apart with his shoulder; burying his head between them and pressed his tongue hard against the base of Duo's cock. "Like that?"

Duo moaned and thrust his hips forward, gasping as Heero took one of his testicles into his mouth. "Fuck!"

Heero could no longer hear the moans that accompanied the dark haired boy on the video's release above Duo's loud cries of pleasure. He turned his gaze upward to watch his lover climax; both his mouth and fingers still engaged in an eager assist. Duo's eyes were closed tight as his body jerked violently; his cock erupting to send thick jets of cum to cover his hand and chest and Heero's hand as well.

Heero eased himself back down onto his bent knees, leaving his right hand still wrapped around Duo's softening member. The flat of his thumb moved slowly over the tip, easily sliding across it through the wetness. Duo flinched and let out a small giggle. "That tickles."

Heero smirked and removed his hand.

"Mm... Now that was nice."

Heero nodded in agreement but noted that Duo was still entranced by what was apparently still happening on the screen. Only a minute or two had passed before Duo's reawakening arousal caught Heero's attention. "More?"

Duo turned his eyes downward to look at Heero and smiled. "I missed you." he looked down at his arousal. "A lot."

Heero reached up to take the dildo from the couch and looked down at the thick flesh tone toy he held before glancing back up at Duo. "I can see that."

He reached over again, this time, taking the bottle of lube in hand.

Duo's violet eyes widened as Heero opened the bottle and filled the palm of his hand with the clear liquid. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Heero looked down at the dildo again.

Duo swallowed and nodded, bringing his hips all the way forward to the edge of the couch. He watched as Heero slowly stroked the 8" toy, carefully coating it from tip to base with lube. "You could just fuck me, you know."

Heero smirked as he pushed the dull tip of the dildo against Duo's exposed entrance. "I don't think so."

Duo groaned and Heero turned to look over his shoulder, watching as the blonde on the screen turned around to grip the table top tightly and lift his hips high; offering himself fully to the taller man poised and at full erection behind him. He turned around and averted his eyes back to Duo's, pushing just the flared head of the dildo into his lover's opening. Duo's eyes were on him now, taking in the lust that Heero was sure his face revealed.

Heero rose up onto his knees, using his one free hand to unfasten his pants, wiggling his hips back and forth as he worked to lower the fabric down to expose himself. Duo glanced down at his lover's need, thick and hard with its tip glistening. He moaned loudly as Heero's slender fingers wrapped themselves around it. He looked back up at Duo and slid an inch or two more of the plastic toy inside of him. "Watch the TV"

Duo reluctantly shifted his position on the couch and let his eyes wander back toward the screen. He had mixed feelings about where he wanted his attention now. The vision of Heero masturbating while he filled Duo with the dildo was a difficult one to pull his gaze from. He watched the action on the screen for just a moment or two before settling back onto his lover and his activities.

It was obvious to Duo that Heero was enjoying himself. Heero's eyes were closed as he stroked himself with his left hand. His right hand worked slowly; easing only the first several inches of the toy inside of him before sliding it back out again. He knew that if Heero really wanted to be fucking him that he would be. The two engaged in these kinky little scenarios so rarely though. Duo thought that after tonight they may be doing it more often.

Duo hissed as the camera changed angles, focusing now on the blonde's cheeks being spread apart as the tip of the dark haired man's cock prodded the tight opening. "More.." he moaned, pushing his hips forward in an attempt to get Heero to comply with his wishes. He watched as Heero's eyes opened, looking not at him, but focusing in between his legs to where he was now pushing the balance of the rubber toy inside of him. "Oh yeah... that's it." Duo cried out. "Fuck me with it."

Heero could hear the loud grunts and moans of the two men in the video. He knew from the one peek he's taken that the blonde was bent over the table in the center of the room and that the dark haired man was taking him from behind. Duo could supply him with more information than that though. He wanted him to. "Is he taking him hard?"

Duo's body thrust against the intrusion as Heero worked it in an out of him. "Like a god damn piston." he moaned. Heero growled and began stroking himself with a rougher touch, watching his lovers reaction as the blonde on the screen cried out to be taken harder still.

Up until that moment, Heero had no intention of abandoning his strategy. He had watched Duo climaxing many times before like this; usually satisfied with jerking himself off as he assisted his lover in attaining orgasm. Perhaps it was different tonight because he'd been away for 5 days or maybe it was that he had already watched Duo climax once. Heero quickly decided that the reason was not important. He needed to take Duo. He knew there would be no objections.

Quickly covering his length with lube, Heero removed the dildo and reached up to grab Duo by the hips to pull him down onto his lap. Surprised, but not at all unpleased by the sudden turn of events, Duo reached down to take Heero's cock in his hand and quickly lowered himself onto it. Heero's hands came up to surround him, taking one of Duo's cheeks in each and spreading them wide as he thrust upward to totally submerge himself inside of Duo.

"Is that what you wanted?" he hissed.

Duo gasped and threw his head back; taking hold of Heero's shoulders as he began to ride him. Heero and Duo's cries of pleasure joined with those of the two on the screen. Heero could barely control his growing urge to climax. Each time he thrust up at Duo's downward movement, a deep moan of passion left his opened mouth.

"Take me!" Duo cried out. "I'm yours!"

Heero reached between them and wrapped his hand around Duo's cock and started stroking it. The touch of Heero's hand served as the intended catalyst and Duo arched back with a piercing scream as his body began trembling in orgasm. Heero lifted his hips high to drive himself fully into the wet heat of Duo's channel and sealed himself tight against his lover as he released his passion into him. His hand continued their rough strokes as he climaxed, easing off only when he felt Duo's body begin to relax.

Duo rose and seated himself on the floor beside Heero, looking over at him and shaking his head slightly in amusement. "Those videos do it for you every time."

"You do it for me every time."

Duo winked as he stood. He returned a minute later with wet washcloth in hand and handed it to Heero.

"No work tomorrow?"

It was Sunday, but that had little to do with anything.

"I wrote my report on the plane ride home."

"I got another video." Duo admitted sheepishly.

Heero looked up at his lover and took Duo's offered hand; rising and pulling him into a hug.

"Bed now. Sex tomorrow."

Duo wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Mmm... is that a promise?"

Heero couldn't help but chuckle as he pulled Duo toward their bedroom. "You're insatiable."

As if there was any way to stop him.

Duo pulled the covers down crawled into bed. "You say that like it's a bad thing."

"Nope. Not a bad thing."

Heero laid down beside him and wrapped his arm around Duo as he laid his head on his chest.

"I'll take that as a yes, then."

Heero smiled and pulled the blankets up to cover them both.

"Isn't it always a yes?"

As if he would even want to.




duo: that was umm....
heero: kinky?
duo: well.... there's that too..
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