disclaimer: ahh... if only they were mine!
title: targeted
author: jana
pairing: pilots 01 and 02
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, pwp, masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism... all the good stuff ^_~
spoilers: noppers
dedications: to dev, for being so scholarly as to point out that may was merry masturbation month... and because she shares my love of the boys pleasuring themselves and for pond, whose heero appears to have a thing for this and who told me that there was no such thing as 'too' kinky ^_~


by jana


"You coming?"

"That an invitation?"

Heero stopped short and turned to face Duo. "I asked you if you wanted to watch. Participation is optional." Heero ignored whatever it was Duo mumbled under his breath and continued down the hallway and into their bedroom. Once inside, Heero stood in front of his open closet door and loosened his tie. He could hear the loud click and hum of the air conditioner and then Duo's loud exhale as he sat. Heero looked to find him in the chair by the window; bent forward and in the process of unlacing his boots.

"Today was rough."

Heero only nodded: unsure if Duo's comment was made to him or if his lover was merely thinking aloud. He continued to get undressed, toeing out of his boots before slipping off his jacket and carefully placing it on a hanger. His pants came next. He brought the two cuffs together neatly on the creases and folded them in half before hanging them up.

"So what brought this on?" Duo asked.

Duo was definitely talking to him this time. Heero wasn't sure if he would be able to explain the sudden urge that had come over him during the drive home. He had little desire to take care of his own needs now that he and Duo were involved. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and bent to remove his socks. Their day had been spent in the field and it was late; he was tired. Heero noted that Duo looked equally exhausted and probably would have been happy to do little more than scuttle into bed. He was, perhaps, too tired to engage in sex, but was definitely in need of release.

Heero removed his shirt and then lowered his briefs to step out of them. Carrying them into the bathroom along with the rest of his laundry, he deposited everything into the hamper. Duo's eyes were on focused directly on him as he strode back into the bedroom. Heero's body had immediately begun to react as would be expected to the visual attention his lover was giving him. He reached down with his right hand, curling his fingers tightly around his cock as he made his way across the room to where Duo sat.

Straddling Duo's thighs with one leg on either side of the overstuffed chair, Heero began to stroke his length and then bent forward to kiss Duo. Pulling back just seconds later, Heero stood upright, watching his hand as it moved up and down his shaft. His eyes leisurely traveled the length of Duo's body, settling on the swelling that was prominent even through his lover's pants.

"You like to watch me."

"God, Baby, who wouldn't?"

Heero grinned in acknowledgment of the mutual interest they shared. Reaching out with his left hand, Heero unbuckled Duo's belt and eased open the metal catch on the waistband of his khaki dress pants. Duo held the fabric taut while Heero lowered the zipper and pushed Duo's underwear aside to expose his cock. Duo moaned and slid down in the chair, leaning back all the way and refocusing his attention on Heero.

Having no desire to prolong the inevitable, Heero squeezed his fist tight and thrust his hips forward into his hand. He groaned as he smeared the thick drops of precum over the tip of his cock, slowly spreading the slickness over his swollen head with his thumb. Duo reached out with his right hand to fondle Heero's sac, leaning forward a little to massage his entrance with two of his fingertips.

Heero let out a deep moan, prompting Duo's question. "Mmm... interest you in a couple of fingers?"

"No." Heero replied after giving Duo's offer only a negligible amount thought. "Take off your shirt."

Heero closed his eyes; concentrating on the hardened flesh in his grip and the rustle of fabric as Duo fulfilled his request. He opened his eyes and looked down to find Duo's shirt open and the fabric pushed off to either side over his shoulders, leaving a better part of his upper torso uncovered. "Good enough?"


"It's dirty anyway." Duo told him. "Don't worry if your aim is off."

Heero's left hand reached out and took hold of Duo's wrist, guiding his hand to his erection and assisted Duo in forming a warm, snug tunnel around it. He watched for a moment as Duo's hand moved up and down his length using slow, lazy strokes.


Both corners of Duo's mouth quirked slightly as he looked up at Heero; "I think I can manage a quickie for ya."

Heero took a deep breath and then let out a loud groan as he simultaneously tightened his fist and increased the motion of his hand. Watching Duo get himself off was most definitely adding to the effect of his touch. He could not recall many instances where Duo had observed and not eventually joined in: the same, of course, was true in reverse.

"Come on, Heero." Duo softly encouraged.

Heero looked down at Duo; his bared chest smooth and somewhat bronzed from repeated exposure to the August sun. His nipples seemed more pronounced than normal to Heero, clearly darker and very visibly erect: most likely a combination of desire and the chill in the room. Heero's excitement rose as he took in the erotic sight of his lover and he stroked himself still faster, urged on by Duo's willingness to allow him this indulgence.

"Love it when you come all over me." Duo said huskily. "Do it, baby. Finish yourself off."

Aware of the onset of his orgasm, Heero bent forward and gripped the arm of the chair with his left hand. He let out a strangled gasp and watched as streams of his ejaculate showered out to splatter over Duo's chest and stomach. Duo's entire body trembled as he too reached his climax with a shrill cry of delight; adding still more come to the already sticky white mess.

Grinning down at Duo, Heero bent forward to capture his lovers smiling mouth for a brief kiss. "Thank you."

Duo moved to rise once Heero had brought himself to an upright position. "Stay." Heero instructed. "I'll get something to clean you off."

Sinking back down into the thick padded comfort of his favorite chair, Duo closed his eyes. Sleep would certainly be the most welcome of events right now. He sighed in contentment; recalling that it was Friday and that they had the option of sleeping in tomorrow morning. Their day had been long and physically exhausting. This was certainly not a bad way to end it though. Not a bad way at all.

Jerked to awareness suddenly at the sensation of Heero wiping a warm cloth across his chest, Duo focused his gaze on his lover. "Ready for bed now?" Heero nodded and turned down the blankets, crawling into bed and covering them both once Duo had settled in beside him. He pulled Duo a little closer, working one arm beneath him and wrapping the other around his waist and slept; sated for now.