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title: serendipity
this is a sequel to 'you've got male!'
author: jana
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
pairing: 1X2
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), lemon, sap!!
spoilers: maybe minor ones
notes: this fic is 100% free from angst because i promised kelly it would be. im venturing to guess there will be more fics written in this timeline cause i am really enjoying writing it. it isn't necessary that you read 'you've got male!' in order to understand this fic, but if you haven't and you want to; you can find it at: http://www.1X2X1.org/fiction/jana/youve_got_male.htm



by jana


Heero's bedroom behavior was not at all what Duo had expected it would be.

Friday night he had admitted to Heero that he had a desire to do kinky things with him. He hadn't figured that Heero would remind him of it on Saturday night; or yet again on Sunday morning. It was by no means a complaint. Duo was pleased that Heero had agreed to some of his suggestions and surprised to find that his new lover had an fairly impressive wish list of his own.

Duo had known Heero for five years and for at least three of those, the cobalt eyed pilot had been making regular appearances in his fantasies. Duo had pretty much allowed his imagination free reign when it came to those thoughts of Heero. He never believed that Heero would actually indulge in any of the scenarios he conjured up. And certainly never believed that he would get to find out first hand just kind of a lover Heero Yuy was.


Duo could feel himself blushing as he sat alone in his office.

It was late Monday afternoon and he had yet to get over what had happened between him and Heero. He had been forced to wear a dress shirt to work this morning to hide where Heero had marked his neck and collarbone. The scratches on his back weren't as deep as those he'd given Heero and had been nearly been forgotten; the soreness in his bottom however....

"It's 6:00, Mr. Maxwell. I'll see you in the morning."

Duo jumped slightly at hearing his secretary's voice over the intercom. He leaned forward and held down the talk button. "Goodnight, Gina."

Duo sat back in his chair and frowned. It was already time to go home and he still had a mountain of paperwork on his desk. It seemed that this was becoming the norm of late. He wasn't the only one feeling the recent crunch. Everyone in his department had been complaining about the workload for the last month and a half. The steady influx of new clients made it obvious that they needed more help. That didn't necessarily mean they were going to get it.

It was several hours later when Duo arrived home and as had become standard, he booted his computer while he changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He connected to AOL, opened AIM and headed into the kitchen to find something to eat.

Heero's message awaited him when he returned to his bedroom with a plate full of leftover baked ziti.

GroundedonL1: hey
DMaxwell02: hey
GroundedonL1: work again
DMaxwell02: its endless
GroundedonL1: time to find a new job?
DMaxwell02: yeah. maybe

Duo checked his mail while he ate; deleting most of it based on the subject alone. There was quite a bit more than usual tonight as he'd not logged on over the weekend.

DMaxwell02: i think im gonna head out
GroundedonL1: tired?
DMaxwell02: totally beat
GroundedonL1: rough weekend, huh?

Duo smiled. It had involved a good deal of physical activity; more than he was used to perhaps.

DMaxwell02: great weekend. rough sex ;)
GroundedonL1: still having trouble sitting down?

Duo laughed out loud at Heero's question.

DMaxwell02: im fine. you can wipe that smirk off your face, yuy
GroundedonL1: you asked for it hard

Duo shivered. It was more like he'd begged for it.

DMaxwell02: mmm... and you delivered ;)
GroundedonL1: i aim to please

"That you do!"

DMaxwell02: umm... speaking of aim, we gotta work on that. my bangs were crispy this morning, yanno
GroundedonL1: next time we'll make sure to leave enough time for you to wash your hair

They had agreed on Sunday afternoon that Heero would stay the extra night and catch the Monday morning shuttle instead. Duo had set his alarm for 5:30; more than enough time to shower and do his hair. Heero had other ideas though.

DMaxwell02: sounds like a plan. ganite, heero
GroundedonL1: goodnight, duo

Duo was tempted to tell Heero that tonight wouldn't be as good the last three, but opted not to.


Sleep atypically came within minutes of when Duo's head hit the pillow.

He woke the next morning to the incessant beeping of his alarm clock. He rolled over onto the other side of his bed and lingered for a little while longer; surrounded by what remained of Heero's scent on the bed sheets. He would have put new linens on last night if he hadn't been so tired. He pressed his face into the pillow that Heero had slept on and inhaled deeply.

He could wait a few days before changing them.


The rest of the week had come and gone with barely a moment to himself. What little life Duo had needed to be squeezed into two days. The laundry, the food shopping, keeping his apartment clean, paying the bills. He finally sat down at his computer a tad frustrated at 10 PM.

DMaxwell02: tell me again why i do this?
GroundedonL1: im not entirely sure
DMaxwell02: me neither

Duo checked his mail and deleted all but three. He opened the one from Quatre first.

GroundedonL1: did you get quatre's mail?
DMaxwell02: yeah. reading it now
GroundedonL1: hn

Duo read the e-mail and frowned.

DMaxwell02: on earth? why there?
GroundedonL1: something to do with business

Duo was tempted to 'hn' in response. He'd read the mail as well and knew why Quatre had changed his plans.

DMaxwell02: he could have cancelled it
GroundedonL1: you still going?
DMaxwell02: maybe. depends on work

If things kept up the way they were, an entire weekend off would most definitely be out of the question.

GroundedonL1: you should try to make it
DMaxwell02: yeah. i know how quatre gets
GroundedonL1: not just because of quatre

Duo grinned.

DMaxwell02: miss me?

There was no response.

DMaxwell02: "do i make you randy, baby?" [1]

He knew that Heero would get the reference; they'd watched the movie together.

GroundedonL1: yes. you do

Duo wondered how one conveyed that they were purring in chat.

DMaxwell02: you got me purring like a kitten
GroundedonL1: do i?
DMaxwell02: mmm... you bet ;)

Duo's reply left Heero no doubt that he was being honest. He didn't want to imagine it; not while Duo was an entire colony away.

GroundedonL1: don't go there

Duo hadn't planned on taking the conversation where Heero indicated he thought it might be headed; but now that he'd mentioned it.

DMaxwell02: aww... yer no fun
GroundedonL1: i can be
DMaxwell02: i remember
GroundedonL1: good
DMaxwell02: my room still smells of sex

Heero honestly didn't know how to reply. He could feel his lower body tingle at the memories Duo's comment brought back. He didn't want to think about it right now. He opened TextPad and started coding.

Duo waited a few minutes for Heero's reply before he messaged him again.

DMaxwell02: u still here?
GroundedonL1: yes
DMaxwell02: working?
GroundedonL1: trying to

As much as Heero didn't want to discuss sex with Duo online, he didn't want Duo to think that he was bothering him. His last message seemed to convey that sentiment.

GroundedonL1: you're not bothering me. i enjoy talking with you
DMaxwell02: good. just not about sex, right?
GroundedonL1: right

Duo could understand that... almost.


By the time Wednesday of the following week rolled around, it appeared that Duo would be able to attend Quatre's gathering. The fact that he'd moved the party from his home colony of L4 to Earth required a great deal more traveling time and pretty much necessitated an overnight stay. It came at a good time for Duo, actually. He was very much in need of a little rest and relaxation and there wasn't a better place to do that than at Quatre's.

He messaged Heero about it on Thursday night when he got online.

DMaxwell02: the weekend is on
GroundedonL1: good. did you let quatre know?
DMaxwell02: e-mailing him now

Duo opened Netscape and checked the Saturday schedule for Earth Shuttle departure times. There were two flights available; the first was at 7AM, the second at 3PM.

DMaxwell02: im going to be fashionably late
GroundedonL1: later than usual?
DMaxwell02: yeah. by several hours

This gathering unlike most of Quatre's was slated to include his business associates as well as his friends. Were it not for the fact that he would get to see Heero, he might have passed on this one. That train of thought led him to something he'd thought about earlier in the week. He didn't quite know how to bring the subject up to Heero, so he decided to go with blunt.

DMaxwell02: i dont want anyone finding out whats going on with us

Duo knew that was easier said than done. Not only because of Quatre's intuition, but because of how difficult he knew it would be to keep his hands off of Heero. It wouldn't present a problem during the party itself, but afterward and on Sunday morning when it would just be the five of them.

Heero's silence held out for longer than usual.

GroundedonL1: i think we can manage that

Duo was glad that Heero did not ask why. To be honest, he wasn't quite sure himself. The relationship was new and where it was headed was uncertain. It didn't bother Duo in the least. Being questioned about it though had the potential to put both him and Heero in an uncomfortable position.


Duo got up on Saturday morning at 8:00. While he would have preferred to sleep later, he had to shower, do a load or two of laundry and pack his overnight bag. He planned on sleeping during the flight to Earth; assuring that he would be well rested and up for an evening of fun.

He arrived at the address that Quatre had e-mailed to him at 8:30. This particular area of New York was one he'd not been to before. Westchester was located directly north of the city and was apparently quite affluent. Duo watched estate after enormous estate go by from the rear window of the taxicab. The driver pulled off onto a smaller road and turned into the driveway of yet another of the Winner homes.

Duo exited the vehicle at the front entrance and took his bag from the trunk before he paid the cab's driver. The door was left slightly ajar and Duo stepped into the foyer. He set his bag down inside the room off to the right and followed the sound of voices into what he assessed must be the living room.

This house was more opulent than any of Quatre's houses he'd been in before. All of the floors were of marble and the tiles varied from room to room in both size and in hue. The ceilings were mostly double height with an overly ornate chandelier hanging neatly from each of their centers. He found it odd, yet comforting that someone who'd grown up surrounded by such things could turn out to be as grounded as Quatre was.


"Hey Cat!"

Duo smiled as Quatre approached and his both arms moved to surround the blonde as Quatre pulled him into a hug. It had been several months since they'd seen one other in person barring the vidphone. Duo imagined that his smile was as wide as his Arabian friend's as they embraced.

"Sorry I'm late. Work has been a nightmare."

The two continued to walk forward through the house as they talked. Duo was pleased to note that Quatre was also dressed rather casually; very similar, in fact, to the khaki pants and white silk button down dress shirt he wore.

"I'm sure you're starved. The food is over there. Help yourself."

With that, he was off and Duo found his eyes searching the room for faces that he recognized. He settled his sights on Trowa and Wufei first and moved across the room toward where the two were standing. He smiled as he neared his target, wrapping his arms around Trowa's waist from behind to startle him and winking at Wufei as he did.

"Since you managed to sneak up on me without my knowing it, I have to assume you are Duo."

Duo grinned and go of Trowa, stepping out from behind him to alternately shake his and Wufei's hand. "How's it going, guys?"

That question found the three engaged in idle chatter for a while. Duo glanced around the room on occasion in search of Heero and politely excused himself from the conversation once he'd found him.

"Hey, Heero" Duo called out from just behind the former Wing pilot.

Heero turned from his admiration of one of the many original oil paintings that graced the rooms walls.


It was safe to hug one another and so they did. Duo tried to relay his elation at seeing Heero without anyone being the wiser. His one arm moved slowly down the center of Heero's back as they parted. "Been a long time."

It could have been taken two ways. Heero took it the way Duo meant it; anyone listening would have thought nothing of it. It hadn't even been two weeks, but seeing Heero tonight, Duo realized that it seemed like a whole lot longer.

"Did you eat yet?"

Duo shook his head and smiled as he walked behind Heero to the buffet table. "The food is very good and there's a lot of it."

Duo knew that Heero was just making conversation and he appreciated it. He continued it as they crossed the room and they talked until he'd filled his plate with food.

Heero then ushered him into the dining room which was just off to the right of the living room. There were many small round tables set up around the circumference of the room. Heero walked toward one and waited for Duo to sit before joining him.

The two sat opposite one another and talked about Duo's flight and his job as Duo ate. It didn't take Heero or Duo very long to realize that it was going to be next to impossible to behave normally in each others company after what had happened between them.


They had parted company shortly after Duo had finished eating. Duo went in search of the few familiar faces he'd seen upon his entrance into the room and passed an hour or so catching up with several acquaintances.

It was around 10:00 when Duo felt the need for a break from the noise and the crowd. He slipped unnoticed from the huge room and found his way to the rear entrance of Quatre's estate via the kitchen. He took a deep breath as he stepped out into the frisp night air and let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

He followed the slope of the yard down about 300 yards and turned back to look at the house. Each huge divided window on first floor was ablaze with light and thin shadows could be seen constantly moving past them. They didn't have houses like this in the colonies; and certainly nothing remotely resembling it on L2.

He continued walking until he could see the fence that he assumed marked the boundary line of Quatre's property. He sat down at the base of a huge tree and leaned back against its trunk to look up at the darkened night sky. This too was something that Duo had seen so little of; not at all since the war had ended in fact.

He had given some thought to settling on Earth back when the war had ended. It had a lot more to offer in so many ways and was very much unlike his home colony. Had he not felt the need for something constant in his life, he might like to have lived here.


Duo turned as Heero's voice came from behind him. He shifted as if to rise.

"Don't get up."

He nodded and watched as Heero sat down in the grass to his left and leaned back against the tree trunk.

Duo looked up at the sky again. "I think maybe I'd like to live here on Earth one day."

Heero made a small sound that told Duo he understood and Duo thought that perhaps he too felt the same way.

"Why did you go back to L1?"

Heero shifted closer to where Duo sat until their shoulders touched and he joined Duo in his upward gaze.

You could see nothing but stars and a tiny sliver of the moon from where they sat. It was almost as if the colonies didn't even exist. The same could not be said of Earth's presence from outer space.

"It was the only home I'd ever known."

Duo nodded. "Same here. I think I'm ready to move on though, yanno?"

Duo turned to look at Heero then and found him smiling back at him.

"What?" Duo asked with a glint of humor.

Heero shook his head and the smile disappeared from his face. "A lot has changed since then. Most of it for the better."

"Yeah. Pretty much all of it for the better."

There was a long period of silence then.

Duo shifted his weight to stand several minutes later. "We should get back inside before someone notices we're missing."

He felt Heero's fingers wrap themselves around his wrist. "Stay a little longer?"

Duo looked down at Heero and seated himself again; crossing his legs at the ankles as they stretched out in front of him. "Partied out or something you want to talk about?"

Heero reached out and took Duo's hand in his. "Something I want to do."

Duo recognized the deep voice that Heero spoke in; he'd heard it often enough during the weekend they'd spent together. "Here?"

"No one can see us."

Duo knew that Heero was probably correct and responded to the kiss as Heero moved to seat himself on the very tops of Duo's thighs. Heero pulled back a minute later. "That was for teasing me earlier while you ate."

Duo had not intentionally done anything. He had been thinking about things though; just like he was thinking them now. Duo uncrossed his legs and bent them at the knees to force Heero's body closer to his. "You have no idea what teasing is." Duo strained upward to bring his lips to Heero's; drawing Heero's tongue into his mouth and sucking fiercely on it.

Heero did have some idea, but imagined that Duo had even more skill in that department than he'd let Heero see up until now. It wasn't really an issue though as neither one of them had any plans of denying the others need.

Duo's hand reached down between their bodies and traced one finger up and down Heero's length. He leaned forward and brought his mouth to Heero's ear. "Let me suck you off." His tongue flicked out to lick at the outer edge of Heero's ear and Heero felt himself shiver.

Duo removed his hand and watched as Heero unfastened his jeans then lowered them slightly. He heard Duo moan as he exposed himself. Duo was exceptionally talented at this in Heero's estimation. He didn't have very much experience with which to compare it, but he could not imagine that anything could possibly make it any more intense.

Using both hands to pull Duo's head toward him, Heero thrust his hips forward to bury himself in Duo's mouth. He groaned Duo's name out loud as the moist heat fully engulfed him. Duo's tongue sprang immediately into action; swirling around the tip and sucking hard on it.

Duo seemed very focused on bringing him off as soon as possible and Heero made no attempt to prolong his climax. He felt the low vibration of Duo's hum throughout his entire body and he cried out. "Unn.. Duo.. Christ!"

Heero leaned forward and braced himself against the trunk of the tree with the palms of his hands and sped up his thrusts. He looked down to watch as his full length slid in and out of Duo's mouth and felt Duo's both hands on his ass; gripping the two cheeks tightly as he took him all the way inside. Heero closed his eyes and thought about other places on Duo's body he'd rather be thrusting into.

His orgasm hit with a mixed cry of moans, obscenities and his lover's name. Heero could feel Duo swallow each time he shot a stream of his bitter thickness into his mouth. He continued sucking hard and fast on the softening shaft until Heero eased himself back down onto Duo's upper thighs.

Heero would have known that he was grinning even if the statement on Duo's face hadn't told him he was.

He felt an overwhelming urge to kiss his smiling lover and brought his open mouth down to meet Duo's. He'd gotten used to tasting himself like this after their weekend together. Although he'd not been repulsed by it initially, the fact that Duo admitted to him that he found it a incredible turn on made Heero desire it.

Heero pulled back from the kiss. "You have a real talent there."

Duo smiled.

"I'm not going to ask how you got so good at it."

Duo shifted beneath him and winked. "Good." He leaned forward to kiss Heero. "Cause I'm not telling."

Heero climbed off of Duo's lap and reached for the buckle of Duo's belt with one hand; using the other to stroke Duo's cock. "I'm not nearly as good as you at this..." Heero admitted as he unfastened the button and lowered the zipper of Duo's pants. He pushed Duo's white briefs down and lowered his head. "But I've been told that I'm a fast learner...."

Duo stifled a groan as Heero took him into his mouth. How could anything possibly feel so wonderful? Heero was indeed a fast learner. He seemed to be very much keyed into Duo's responses. He'd not forgotten any of what their one weekend together had taught him. There had been a lot of sex those two and a half days. Duo felt like he had been on some kind of sex induced high and was glad he remembered what he did of it and with some clarity.

Duo watched in awe as Heero's head bobbed up and down in his lap. The fact it was Heero who was sucking him off added tenfold to his pleasure. He buried both of his hands in Heero's dark hair. "Oh God... that feels so fucking good."

Duo closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the tree trunk. He felt Heero tug at the fabric of his pants and he raised his hips up off the ground in response. Heero slid them down past his knees and Duo spread his legs slightly; opening them wider as he felt Heero's hand between them and teasing his entrance.

"Jeezus! Don't, Heero. Don't fucking torture me."

Duo intended to sound serious as he spoke. He would have done almost anything to have Heero inside of him right now.

Heero sat up and looked into Duo's eyes. His hand came up to Duo's mouth and several fingers slid past his lips. "I would love to be fucking you right now." Heero told him. He could tell that Duo knew he was being sincere.

He lowered his head and took Duo's cock back inside his mouth, but left his fingers where they were. Duo's tongue moved around his fingers in much the same way his own moved over Duo's cock. He removed the wet digits and brought them to Duo's entrance; immediately slipping one inside of him.

Duo moaned and pushed back against his hand. Heero took the motion to mean that Duo wanted more and added another finger; thrusting the two deep inside of Duo while he sucked on the thick shaft in this mouth. "Oh yeah.. that's good, Heero... nnn..."

Heero could still not get over the sounds that Duo made when he pleasured him. His naturally deep voice dropped several octaves and even the smallest of his whimpers was heavily laced with ecstasy. The sounds alone drove Heero on, he was anxious to hear Duo cry out as he brought him to climax. Heero had thought about it a lot during the past two weeks. He thought about how he felt when he was with Duo; how Duo made him feel. It was good. This was good.

Heero concentrated on doing to Duo what felt best when Duo had done it to him. He sucked hard on the head of Duo's cock and wrapped his left hand around the shaft at its very base. He tried to duplicate with his fingers the movements he made when he fucked Duo; pulling his fingers almost all the way out and driving them back into him with considerable force. It seemed to have the desired effect and Duo began to plead with Heero for his release. Duo's body began to tremble as Heero increased the pace of his touches and he was aware of Duo's muscles constricting around his fingers even before the first jet of come hit the back of his throat. He swallowed the salty release and continued the movement of his hands and mouth until he felt Duo's body go limp.

And he was reminded yet again how much he loved the way Duo said his name when he came.


The two returned to find the party still in full swing. It was nearly midnight, but Quatre's parties always had the tendency of running late. It was most likely attributable to an abundance of good food, a wide diversity of guests and good music. It seemed a simple recipe for a evening of total enjoyment but not everyone was capable of pulling it off in quite the same way Quatre did.

Heero and Duo had gone their separate ways once they had reentered the house and no one had mentioned anything to either of them about their absence.

It was an hour after they'd come back inside when Duo somehow found himself amidst several of Quatre's sisters. He recognized them from time he'd spent with Quatre during the war and had even recalled each their names. The four were currently causing a deep blush on his cheeks as they touted a list of his desirable traits and discussed their interest in finding him a nice girl to settle down with. He was rather relieved to be rescued by Trowa a short time later; whether it was by accident or on purpose, Duo could not say.

Trowa and Duo made their way to the dessert table and Trowa informed Duo of the sleeping arrangements that Quatre had made. The large house had only four bedrooms and Trowa was a bit apologetic as he informed Duo that he would be sharing a room with Heero and Wufei. Duo assured him there was no reason to feel the arrangements were not suitable and admitted Trowa that he was so exhausted that it made little difference where he would be crashing for the night.

Duo secretly wished that he wasn't as tired as he was and that Wufei was a sound sleeper.


Sexual desire is a strange thing.

The bodies urge to penetrate that of another cannot be quelled by the release found through other sexual acts; not even by incredible oral sex. Or at least that is how it was for Heero.

He was currently watching Duo from across the room. He wasn't sure if his admiration of Duo's body was obvious to anyone around him nor did he care. Heero had noticed that Duo too had been eyeing him earlier and with what he guessed was a similar amount of lust. Judging by the look on Duo's face, Heero was certain that the same general thoughts were going through Duo's head. He didn't think that they were all that much the same though.

Since the two had become lovers, Heero found himself in the habit of constantly undressing Duo with his eyes. He could imagine Duo stripping for him; slowly removing one article of clothing at a time and touching himself in an erotically tantalizing way as Heero did nothing but watch. In his mind, Duo purposefully teased him and he was good at it. He didn't know if it was because he wished for him to do such a thing or if it was because he thought it was just something that Duo would do. The effect was nonetheless the same. Heero's fingers twitched with a growing need to run themselves over every inch of Duo's soft pale skin; to give Duo every pleasure he knew the other man wanted him to and more.

He wanted to hear Duo moan as he touched him.

He wanted to bend Duo over the dessert table, cover his cock with a large dollop of buttercream and take him hard from behind.

"You have dessert yet?"

Heero jumped slightly as Duo spoke. He was so lost in his fantasy that he'd not seen nor heard the star attraction of it approach.

He shook his head. "Not yet."

"You know that we're gonna be sharing a room tonight."

"Yes. With Wufei." Heero amended. He didn't look directly at Duo as he spoke. He hoped there was a hint of disappointment in his eyes.


It was nearly 2AM by the time all the guests who were not spending the night had departed. With no need to assist Quatre in cleaning any of the mess up, everyone said their goodnights and headed for their assigned rooms.

Duo made his way back to the room where he'd left his bag upon his arrival and slung the strap over his shoulder as he started up the stairs. He made a left when he reached the top and continued down the hallway until he reached the last doorway on the right as Trowa had instructed. He knocked and waited for a reply before entering.

Wufei and Heero were already dressed in their sleepwear, which coincidentally consisted of a pair of sweatpants and nothing more for either of them. Duo entered the bathroom with his bag and proceeded to change into a pair of black running shorts and a dark baggy t-shirt.

The rooms two other occupants had already chosen their beds and Duo climbed into the last available one after turning off the light.


Wufei and Heero both responded and Duo slid himself beneath the sheets to lie down. He looked off to his left to where Heero was. He could see that Heero was lying on his left side and was facing him but could just barely make out his features. He wished that the beds were positioned in such a way that he could bend over to kiss Heero goodnight or at least reach out to touch him.

He hardened in reaction to the torture of their proximity and the desire the closeness caused yet his body gave into sleep just minutes later.


The sound was loud and at first Duo was unable to identify it. He thought perhaps that he was having a particularly vivid dream. He sat up in bed and looked across the room to where the sound seemed to be coming from. Duo was certain that the Chinese ex-pilot would have deemed it an injustice had it not been his own snoring that broke the otherwise delicate silence.

Duo rolled over onto his stomach and buried his head beneath the feathered pillow. The sound was muffled but still loud and rhythmic enough to prevent him from falling back to sleep. He rose quietly from the bed with his pillow and blanket in hand and exited the room on his tiptoes in search of a quieter place to sleep. He followed the hallway back to the staircase and descended; heading for the room he'd seen last night while trying to locate the back entrance of the house.

It was set up like a media room; equipped with two huge screens, a variety of video game systems and several overstuffed chairs as well as two long black leather sofas. Duo headed for the one that hugged the wall near the northeast corner of the room. He put the pillow down at one end and laid down while bringing the blanket up over him. It wasn't nearly as comfortable nor as soft as the bed he'd just abandoned, but the room was considerably quieter.

He'd just barely lapsed into the last conscious state that was identifiable before sleep when he thought he heard movement inside the room. The soldier in him continued to feign sleep and focused on precisely where in the room the sound was coming from.

"You awake?"

Duo's eyes opened at hearing Heero's voice and rolled over onto his back to look up at the shirtless figure standing over him. "Yeah. Fei wake you up too?"

Heero reached down to push the cover back from the edge of the sofa and Duo shifted so that he could sit. "I seriously don't think that anyone could sleep through that."

Duo nodded in agreement.

The situation they were in was not overlooked by either one of them. They reached for each other at nearly the same moment; Duo's head lifting up off of his pillow just as Heero bent forward to kiss him. There was nothing gentle in the way their mouths met nor did their tongues attempt to disguise the hunger they were both feeling.

Heero's right arm reached beneath the blankets. His hand sought out and his five fingers wrapped themselves around Duo's stiffness through the fabric of his thin silky shorts. He heard and felt Duo's breath hitch as he touched him and he pulled back from the kiss. "Maybe we shouldn't...."

Duo ran his right hand up the inside of Heero's thigh; rubbing the palm over Heero's balls as he spread his legs further apart. "You really don't mean that." Heero did and he didn't but finally shook his head no.

He bent down to kiss Duo and stood. "I'll be right back."

Duo rolled over onto his back and took a deep breath. He hadn't thought that there was any possibility that he would be having sex with Heero this weekend. The mutual blow jobs in the backyard were even more than he'd expected, but this... The anticipation of it succeeded in arousing him even further.

Heero returned several minutes later and closed the door quietly behind him. Duo heard the soft click of the lock and grinned in the dark. There was no chance that anyone could disturb them; now all they had to do was make sure they kept the noise level down. It sounded a far easier task than Duo knew it actually was.

Heero crossed the room and seated himself again on the edge of the couch while Duo remained laying on his back. Duo tossed the blanket aside and lowered his shorts just enough so that Heero could see his arousal. The room was fairly dark, but Heero's eyes had already adjusted to it and he could see Duo's erection and the liquid that glistened at its tip.

"Tell me that you want me to fuck you." Heero whispered. He lowered his head and licked the precum from the head of Duo's cock.

Duo's entire body went taut as Heero's tongue met with his erection. "Mmmm.. I'll let you do just about any damn thing you want, Heero." Duo moaned.

He was pleased by Duo's admission, but it wasn't exactly what Heero had wanted to hear. Duo often used very vulgar language and while Heero generally didn't like it; the effect it had on him when it came to sex was a welcome one.

Heero lifted up Duo's shirt with both hands and lowered his head to Duo's chest. He took one of his nipples into his mouth while his right hand wandered down and began stroking Duo's length.

"I thought you wanted to fuck me?

Heero's hand continued its movement as he brought himself to an upright position and looked down at Duo. "I do."

He hissed as Heero's thumb slid over the head of his cock. "Then what are you waiting for?"

"For you to tell me specifically what it is that you want."

Duo smirked. He was beginning to better understand how Heero operated. "I want you to fuck me." Duo told him.

His upper body rose from the couch and he reached for the waistband of Heero's sweatpants and untied the string. "I want that hard cock of yours up my ass." Duo reached inside Heero's pants and began stroking him roughly. "Wanna know position I want to be in when you fuck me with this dick?"

Heero's hips automatically rose and fell with the pace of Duo's touch. He could hear his own breathing become louder as it quickened. He had not given any thought to how he would take Duo this time. They had experimented with several different positions two weeks ago, but Heero knew that there were more. He figured Duo was probably familiar with quite a few of them they'd not tried yet. It did interest him to know if Duo had any particular preferences.

Duo saw Heero's hesitation and decided to let Heero know what he'd been thinking while Heero had gone back upstairs. Duo stood and continued stroking Heero while he maneuvered him to lie against the back of the sofa. He slid Heero's pants all the way down to his ankles and removed his own shorts off before climbing up onto the couch to straddle Heero's thighs.

There was no need for Duo to say anything. Heero understood from Duo's position above him how his lover wanted to be taken and naturally he had no objections. He reached over to grab the small bottle of hand cream that he'd gotten from the bathroom upstairs and opened it. Duo's hand worked to coat his length with the white cream while he squeezed still more of it from the bottle. He sensed the immediacy on both their parts and Heero figured that the more lube he used when he was going to take Duo unprepared, the better.

Duo rose up onto his knees and positioned himself over Heero's upright length. He reached down with his right hand to hold onto the base of Heero's cock while he lowered himself down onto it. The feeling of fullness soon replaced the initial stretch and burn of Heero's entry. It was an altogether delightful series of sensations. A perfect combination of pain and ecstasy that Duo found did not exist outside of anal penetration.

Heero was acutely aware of entering Duo. Both of his hands were curled into fists on the leather surface at his sides as Duo impaled himself. He could feel the tightness and heat of Duo's channel as it came to caress the entirety of his throbbing length. Heero's eyes were fixated on his lovers face. There was very little, if any, indication of pain registering in Duo's statement. Duo's eyes were closed and his head was thrown back slightly; his jaw gone slack.

Heero remained motionless until Duo opened his eyes.

"Mmmm.... that feel as good to you as it does to me?"

Unsure of how his voice might sound at the moment, Heero merely nodded. He reached out to take one of the cheeks of Duo's ass into each of his hands and thrust his hips up off the couch.

"Oh yeah...." Duo hissed. "Do that again."

Heero did; stretching upward to kiss Duo at the same time. Their tongues wrestled inside Duo's mouth as their lower bodies lifted and pushed to grind against one another. Heero found that he quite liked this position and was glad that Duo hadn't started moving above him just yet. Duo felt extremely tight tonight and Heero was sure that once Duo started riding him, he would be unable to hold off his climax.

Duo did begin moving though, rising up off of Heero's thighs just a little and slowly lowering himself back down. Heero groaned and reclined back against the couch as far as he could. Duo seemed to realize that Heero was pretty close to experiencing total pleasure overload.

"I'll take it slow, baby." he whispered. "Just lay back and let me do all the work this time."

Duo had never taken a completely passive role during sex even though he had always been bottom. For some reason, the idea of giving all the control to Duo was appealing to Heero at the moment. They were fairly in tune with each other sexually and he was sure that Duo too wanted to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible.

Duo could feel Heero's hands on him. They moved quickly from one place to the next; leaving a warm sensation in their wake and it felt to Duo like he was touching him everywhere at once. Although he couldn't see them, Duo vividly recalled what Heero's hands looked like and pictured them against his pale skin. With each downward thrust he made, Heero's hands tightened their grip on where ever he happened to be touching Duo at the moment.

"Faster." Heero growled.

Duo took hold of the back of the sofa with both hands and sped up the pace. The increased friction affected them similarly. Both Heero and Duo recalled their whereabouts and successfully fought the urge to cry out. Duo had taken his lower lip in between his clenched teeth while Heero's fingers dug into the tender flesh of his lover thighs. Heero knew all was lost when Duo reached down and began stroking himself.

"Come on, baby." Duo hissed. His eyes were open and focused on Heero's. "Come hard with me."

The combination of the onset of Duo's orgasm and the speed at which he was still riding Heero made it impossible for Heero to come anything other than hard. He could feel Duo's body trembling above him as he released; his own body shuddering as he filled his violet lover. He missed the sounds of passion that normally accompanied the act. He missed being able to clearly see the effects of their coupling on Duo's face.


There was no urgency for Heero to leave the den and his lovers company, save the need for sleep. Tomorrow was Sunday, but they all had early afternoon shuttles to catch. It was also a well known fact that Quatre was an early riser and that breakfast would most likely be served at around 9:00.

Duo climbed off of Heero's lap and used his discarded t-shirt to clean up the mess he'd made.

Heero leaned over to kiss Duo on the lips. He didn't linger there long before pulling back. "That was a pleasant surprise."

"Mmmm... it was."

Heero stood and put his sweatpants back on before seating himself on the couch beside Duo again and putting his right arm around Duo's shoulder. "Think you can come to L1 the weekend of the 20th?"

Duo thought for only a second. He didn't have a hectic social schedule and even if he had, there was little that he wasn't willing to postpone in order to accept Heero's invite. "The 20th it is."

Heero kissed Duo again and stood. "Sleep fast."

Duo let out a small laugh. "You too, Heero. Night."


The commotion that came from the kitchen next door to the den where he had spent the night woke Duo at around 9:00. His keen sense of smell told him there would be bacon as well as pancakes for breakfast. Duo sat up and stretched; tossing his covers off to the side. He retrieved his t-shirt, grabbed his pillow and blanket and made his way back upstairs to get dressed.


Breakfast was only slightly less grand an affair than dinner had been the night before. There were 14 guests present for the morning meal and there was everything that Duo could imagine one might desire to eat for breakfast.

At somewhere around noon; Quatre excused himself and said his goodbyes to all but the 4 former pilots. He returned to the living room where his 4 friends sat. Their posture was more relaxed now; feeling more like the casual atmosphere that usually surrounded their gatherings. There was a general agreement that they wouldn't wait too long before seeing each other again.

Heero looked down at his watch. There was still a half hour before he had to leave for the spaceport.

"Heero. Duo. Can I speak with you privately for a few minutes, please?"

Heero and Duo looked at one another and rose simultaneously to follow Quatre out of the room. Duo shrugged his shoulders at Heero's questioning look as the two walked down the hall behind their friend.

Quatre entered what Heero thought looked like it might have been his office. "Close the door and have a seat."

Duo closed the door and both himself and Heero seated themselves in the two chairs across the desk from Quatre.

The blonde looked rather serious to Duo and he called him on it. "What's up, Quatre?"

Quatre reached into the upper right hand drawer of his desk and removed a video tape. He placed it in the center of his desk and looked directly at Heero and Duo as he tapped the gray cassette with his index finger. "This is a surveillance tape made last night during the party."

Neither Heero nor Duo understood why he was telling them this.

"Did someone try to break in?"

Quatre shook his head. "More specifically, it's footage taken by the security camera at the perimeter of the rear yard."

Duo swallowed nervously. "So, what's on it?"

Heero looked over at Duo, then back at Quatre. "Did you watch it?"

Quatre nodded, blushed and sat back down. He looked across the desk at Heero and Duo. "Something either of you want to tell me?"

The situation was very awkward to say the least. Heero wondered how both him and Duo had missed seeing the camera. He recalled Duo's request to keep their relationship hidden and imagined that his lover was fairly upset having been found out; and at having been caught on film to boot.

Duo shifted uncomfortably in his chair and let out a nervous laugh. "Not really."

"But there is something going on."

"Obviously." Heero replied flatly.

Quatre grinned and noted that Duo looked severely embarrassed, while Heero's facial statement failed to give away any of his emotions.

Duo buried his face in his hands for a few seconds before looking back up at Quatre. Quatre was aware of the feelings he had for Heero; he'd known about them since the war. As much as would have preferred not to; Duo needed to somehow elaborate on their current situation. The last thing he wanted was to have Quatre jumping to any conclusions. He needed to be as vague as possible, yet give enough of an explanation to satisfy Quatre's curiosity. "Let's say we not blow this whole thing out of proportion." Duo began. "Yes, there is something going on with me and Heero. Yes, we're sleeping together. Yes, we fooled around a bit outside during the party."

Quatre's raised his eyebrows expectantly as he looked over at Duo.

"That's all, Q. There's nothing more to it than that."

Both of Heero hands curled to form fists in his lap as he listened to Duo explain what was going on between them to Quatre. He looked up at Quatre once Duo had finished talking. "Actually, its a little more complicated than that."

Heero glanced at Duo for just a second before turning to face Quatre again. Duo clearly looked confused by his statement and perhaps, Heero thought, a little angry as well.

For better or for worse, neither of the eomtions that Heero read on his lovers face would stop Heero from saying what he hadn't been able summon the courage to tell Duo all last week.

"I think I'm in love with him."




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