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title: over the river and through the woods
author: jana
rating: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, AU, OOC, POV, PWP, lemon, sap
spoilers: you're kidding....right?
pairings: 1X2X1... do i ever write anything else?!?!
notes: this one is for d_huron, who is unrelenting in his pleas to get a lemon out of me! i made him wait so long... just to watch him squirm.
additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: voyeurism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!


Over the River and Through the Woods
Part 18


I think it was safe to say that we were both planning on staying put for a fairly extended period of time. Aside from the fact that this was an extremely relaxing position; it was pouring rain and there really wasn't much else we could do. It hadn't taken long for the hammock to still, letting me know that Heero had fallen asleep. I reached over and brought his leg up, tucking it back in between myself and the hammock.

It had grown rather dark and the steady flash of lightning seemed more pronounced than it was earlier by the lake. Logic told me that being nestled as we were in this small protected area caused it to appear that way, but it was odd nonetheless; though not unpleasant. There was little more than the soft roll of distant thunder to accompany the bright bolts and I found that if I closed my eyes, the sounds took on a soothing melodic tone. I let them carry me into sleep.


I woke sometime later, having no idea what time it was. It was nearly dark, but it had been that way when we'd fallen asleep at around 3:00. I listened carefully for a moment finding nothing but silence. The rain had stopped which meant that it was indeed evening. I stretched my arms up over my head to help me wake and noticed that Heero was no longer in the hammock. It was rare that his leaving didn't disturb my sleep; even if for a few moments. I sat up and yawned. "Man, I must have been tired."

"I'd say. You didn't move a muscle when I got up."

I turned to see Heero in the thick of the woods off to my right; he was collecting twigs to start a fire.


He smiled and made his way toward me.

"Gonna start a fire?" I'm not sure why I asked, it was quite apparent that he was going to do just that.. perhaps I was still half asleep.

"All the wood we have is wet." He looked up. "If we don't get one started soon, we'll be eating in the dark."

I stood and stretched again. "I'll give you a hand."


I had managed to scrounge up enough small dry branches to get Heero started and suggested that he do just that while I headed off to see if I could find some larger logs that weren't too wet. I returned about 10 minutes later with 3 decent sized ones and set them down beside the fire ring. "What's for dinner anyway?"

"Only the things in the cooler survived and whatever canned stuff we had left."

"Hot dogs?" I asked, wrinkling up my nose.

"Hot dogs." came his amused reply."There's a can of corn in there too."

It was better than starving, which was the only other option.


Dinner and its chores had taken about an hour and we were surrounded by total darkness by the time we had finished. Heero put several of the wet logs nearby the fire to dry them out and we seated ourselves at the table. The storm had predictably brought with it cooler air and it was cold sitting this far from the fire. "I'm gonna go put my sweatshirt on. Want yours?"

"Yeah... I'll bring the table closer to the fire."

While I was in there, I changed into the only pair of long jeans I'd brought with me. They were dirty, but dry. I looked quickly through the rest of the clothes in my pack. "Hey, Heero.. you bring any pants with you?"


I stopped my search and grabbed his sweatshirt as well as a towel, figuring he could cover his legs with it. I was a bit relieved to find that the air outside the tent was significantly cooler than that inside. We hadn't checked the sleeping bags, but I was pretty sure they were no where near dry enough to sleep in.


Heero was seated on top of the picnic table with his feet resting on the bench, poking the fire with a long stick. I threw his sweatshirt at him as I approached.

"What now? You want to play some cards or something?"

"Actually, if it wasn't so late, I could go for a nice warm shower." I hated idea of sleeping like this. The rain had brought a lot of mud with it and we'd been sloshing around it for hours. "But I'll settle for you brushing my hair." I looked hopefully over at Heero.

He nodded and I smiled before turning back to get my brush out of the tent. Heero was still seated on the table and spread his legs as I approached. I seated myself on the bench in between them. "It's gotta be a mess."

"It is. You should have braided it this morning."

I closed my eyes and leaned my back against the picnic table and let Heero do his thing. The entire process must have taken him nearly 45 minutes. Once the major tangles had been removed, it was nothing but pure pleasure and I spent the last 15 minutes moaning.

He gathered it and ran the brush through it one last time, tying the thin red ribbon back around it. I tilted my head back up to look at him. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready for bed."

"That always relaxes you." he smiled. "Let's go."

I stood and used my foot to spread the logs out, so that the fire would die down gracefully and turned toward Heero. "You ready?"

He nodded and stood, taking my brush and the towel from the table. "You feel up to sleeping in the hammock?"

It sounded great actually. Without our sleeping bags, the ground would be exceptionally hard. "Sure. Don't think you'll be too cold?" I asked, motioning with my eyes toward his legs.

"I'll be fine. I have you to keep me warm." he winked.

We settled ourselves into the hammock as we had earlier and I laid the towel over my chest and tucked it down between Heero's legs and the hammock. "Okay?" I asked.

"MmmHmm." came the reply. "Night, Duo."

"Night." I closed my eyes and within minutes had drifted off to sleep.


Morning came with none of the standard fare. I wasn't naturally an early riser, but ever since we'd gotten here, I'd found myself waking several hours earlier than normal and feeling infinitely more rested. I'm wasn't sure what to attribute it to; but I liked it. I stretched slightly and was pleased to note that Heero was still behind me. "You awake, koi?"

No answer.

I reached my arms up and back and ran my fingers through his hair; letting them move lightly over his face until he stirred. "Morning."

It was rare that I got to wake him up, I wished I could see his face. I used the few experiences I had to picture it; smiling as I did. I could feel his body stretching and then his arms settled down onto my shoulders, his hands clasping together to rest on my upper chest. I covered them with mine and squeezed them. "Sleep good?"

"Very good. You?" His voice was still raspy; I smiled.

"Yeah. Real good."


"You think we could take a shower before breakfast this morning?" I inquired timidly. I hated to ask. The process was not like that at home; it involved more time and I knew how Heero felt about his a.m. coffee.

"One condition." he replied.

"Sure, name it."

"We take it together and you let me do your hair."

My smile must have been a mile wide. "You got it."


We packed everything we needed and were off in a matter of minutes. The journey seemed shorter somehow this morning, I'm guessing that it had become just that familiar.

"You think we'll do this again?" I asked as we approached the bathrooms. "The camping thing?"

"Why wouldn't we?" His reply echoed my own sentiments; it was nice to hear them. "Cool." I returned, reaching for his hand.

We made a pit stop and the toilets and walked the few hundred yards to the shower in silence. Once we had reached the entrance, Heero put his backpack down and took out a paper and pen. I watched as he remained squatting for a minute or two and looked down at the paper he held in his hands as he stood. "OCCUPIED"

"Good idea!" I chimed. It was... anyone that knew the condition of the shower facilities was aware of how little privacy there was. "How are we going to put it up?"

I watched Heero bend down again and unzip the small outer compartment of his back pack and take out a piece of gum. Unwrapping it, he folded it and put it in his mouth; tucking the foil wrapper back in his pack. I watched as he chewed it for a minute to soften it, then take it out and stick in on the door; slapping the paper onto it.

He turned toward me with an evil grin and took my hand to pull me inside.


I felt comfortable with the sign on the door.

It might have been a false sense of security, but given that we'd seen no one down here since we'd arrived, I put all my faith in Heero's idea. I set my pack down on the bench and started taking off my clothes. "So, I take it you have more in mind than a shower."

Heero had removed his shirt and was in the process of taking off his shorts. "What makes you say that?"

I suppose I could have been wrong; but somehow doubted it. "Wishful thinking?"

He looked up at me shook his head from side to side, letting out a low laugh.

"Tell me you're not having hentai thoughts."

"I'm not having hentai thoughts." he replied.

I let my eyes travel downward, seeing if I could confirm or deny his what he'd just said. "Okay. You're not..." I winked. "....but I am."

He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. "I can see that. I'm sure we can work something out."

I hardened further at his words and took notice that he was now partially erect. I smirked and pretended not to notice.

Taking my shampoo and soap out of my backpack and setting them on the shelf inside the shower I deposited a quarter and stuck my hand under the spray to check the temperature before I entered. "Still nice and warm." I commented as I stepped inside the stall. I moaned as the water hit me, backing up into it and wetting my hair. I moved from under the shower head as I felt Heero enter the small space; soaping myself up while he wet himself. We switched positions again and I rinsed the soap off while Heero covered himself with lather.

The mechanics of this was something we were well accustomed to having done this countless number of times; though the confining area did make our movements a little more restricted than usual. I tried to ignore how close we were and concentrated on washing my hair. I had just finished dabbing shampoo over the length of it, when I felt Heero's hands on mine.

"You agreed to let me do it." he reminded me. I hadn't forgotten and was quick to remove my hands and turn the chore over to him. I stood with my back to Heero, his still under the water. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as he worked the shampoo through my scalp; using his fingernails to thoroughly work it in. I didn't say a word as I'm sure my body posture let him know how much I was enjoying the attention.

The shower abruptly stopped and he leaned out, adding another quarter and immediately reconvening his actions.

I stood motionless as he completed the job; smiling as he put both hands on my shoulders and turned me toward him. We switched places again and I stepped back under the shower, bringing my hands up to remove the shampoo from the top of my head. Heero moved forward and wrapped both of his arms around me to help with rinse the soap from the rest of my hair; leaving his body pressed up against mine.

"Mmm... that feels good." I moaned.

I hadn't made it clear exactly what it was that felt good. It made Heero curious enough to ask. "What part of it feels good?"

"All of it..." I told him, reaching down with both hands and pulling his hips even closer to me. "..and all of you."

I let him finish my hair before opening my eyes. Our close proximity had a similar effect on both of us and I could tell by the look on Heero's face that he was ready to 'work something out' as he so eloquently put it. I backed him up into the corner and leaned in to kiss him, shifting my hips and brushing my arousal against his. The kiss ended abruptly and Heero turned me around, pulling me back to lean on his chest and taking my erection in his hand.

His strokes were firm as his hand snaked down between us to tease my entrance. I felt his one soapy digit penetrate me; its movements as relaxed as that of his other hand. I moaned softly as he touched me. I enjoyed the slow but deep push of his finger inside me; he pace of his seduction rendering it as close to torture as pleasure could get.

I was torn between my growing need to climax and the slow, but steady rise in intensity that Heero's hands provided. I forced my hips to remain still and leaned all of my weight back against him allowing him to bring me to orgasm at his chosen pace; I could feel the fullness of his erection as it stood trapped between us. Unlike my lover, this wasn't something I had developed much patience for. "Please, Heero..." I moaned.

He bent down and brought his mouth to my ear; just breathing softly into it at first. I gasped as his finger shifted to bring me one step closer. "Soon..." he whispered; stroking me with more purpose and striking that spot within me again. I let out a loud moan of pleasure and ground my hips back into his cock, coaxing a deep moan from Heero as well. He rocked his hips up into me, squeezing me with one hand and fingering me roughly with the other; holding onto me tighter as my body began to shiver. "Oh Christ, Heero..." I cried out.

I barely managed to remain standing as orgasm seized me; shuddering and trembling fiercely in Heero's grip as I came. I was midway through my own climax when I felt Heero's body tense behind me and utter a strangled cry. The heat of his release covered my back, dripping down in between my spread cheeks where his finger was still assaulting me. He hunched slightly over as he peeked and I pushed back to maintain the friction he needed to bring himself off. Allowing us only moments to recover, his finger slid from inside me and let go of my now limp member, wrapping his both arms around my waist.

We both let out a contented sigh and stepped back under the shower to clean up the mess we had just made.