did someone say 'hammock'?

disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment.
title: over the river and through the woods
author: jana
rating: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, AU, OOC, POV, PWP, lemon, sap
spoilers: you're kidding....right?
pairings: 1X2X1... do i ever write anything else?!?!
notes: this one is for d_huron, who is unrelenting in his pleas to get a lemon out of me! i made him wait so long... just to watch him squirm.
additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: voyeurism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!


Over the River and Through the Woods
Part 17


I don't know whether it was all the fresh air, the unhurried and carefree nature of this vacation or the fact that we were so isolated that caused it; but both our normally more than healthy libido's were in high gear. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing; but at the moment, without the tent in front of it, the hammock was more exposed than before and I cursed my body and its reaction to seeing Heero laid out like that in it.

I approached in silence, waiting until I was standing just above him to speak. "About the hammock..."

He looked up at me. "What about it?.... Afraid I'm gonna tip it?"


Actually, I hadn't given Heero's impending revenge much thought of late. There had been too many distractions since that morning, I'd pretty much forgotten about it. I couldn't help but smile as the memory returned. "I'd forgotten all about that." I told him.

"I haven't." he winked up at me, taking my hand and pulling me closer. "But I've decided to let you off the hook." One hand reached up under my shirt and his fingertips lightly grazed over the lower half of my injuries. "How is your back?"

I nodded and closed my eyes, enjoying his gentle touches.

"Come here." he whispered, pulling me down so that we were face to face.

I opened my eyes just in time to see him close his and stretch his neck up to kiss me. I allowed it, granting his tongue access and free reign for only a minute before pulling back and standing upright. I shook my head in answer to the question in his eyes. "It's too open here... especially without the tent."

He looked around and then up at me. "And if we set the tent back up?"

The rational part of me had an immediate response for that. Unfortunately.... or fortunately; depending on how you look at it, that spark of rationality had no chance of surviving the lusty look in Heero's deep blue eyes or the mounting ache in my groin.

I'm assuming that Heero had a vague idea of what was going on in my head and stood, taking me by the hand and guiding us toward the river. I tagged behind him in silence until we reached the shore.

"Maybe we can use the fly [1] to give us a little more privacy."


We did just that; positioning and tying the 6X12 piece of green nylon to several trees so that it served as an effective screen. It made me feel a bit more relaxed about what we were about to do and I turned my attention back to Heero once we had finished the task.

"Better?" he asked.

"Much." I told him with a smile.

"Now where were we?"

He laid back down, once again tucking his crumpled up shirt under his head and reaching out for my hand. I climbed on top of his mid section, leaving each of my feet firmly planted on the ground beneath us. I had lost my erection while setting the tent back up and surely hadn't noticed Heero sporting one as we did so, but it was there now; and mine had fast returned feeling it beneath me.

"So, I'm about to find out exactly what you had in mind when you bought this, huh?"

"For the most part.. " he started, reaching up and resting his hands on my hips. ".. though I need to make some minor adjustments on account of your back."

His hands moved inward, both thumbs moving lightly over the prominent bulge in my shorts. "I've been wanting to do this since this morning."

"Then why didn't you?"

"Cause you wanted... what you wanted." he replied, looking up at me. "That's not a complaint." he finished with a smile.

I knew just what he was referring to: control. I totally intended to let him have it this time, shivering slightly as I thought about it. I probably didn't have much of a choice in the matter, not that I wanted one....

"Tell me what you want me to do." I whispered.

Heero reached up and held my back with both hands while he shifted out from under me; seating himself as I was with both feet on the ground and so that we were facing one another with our legs wide open as we straddled the hammock. He pulled me closer and I moved toward him until my thighs were resting on top of his and our bodies were as close as this position would allow.

"This is a good start." he informed me, leaning forward to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he attacked my mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside. I pushed my hips forward as we kissed, wanting to feel his hardness against mine. I moaned into his mouth when contact was made, as minimal as it was. The same thought must have been going though Heero's head because seconds later he pulled back from the kiss and reached for my shirt.

"Take it off." he ordered, watching me as I did so. His eyes traveled over my chest and downward and his hands moved to unzip my shorts and free my erection. He immediately did the same to his and brought our bodies flush against each other again; this time with more rewarding results and a well deserved gasp from both of us.

Just the tips of our cocks were touching, but it was enough; both were equally excited and slippery with need. I moved my hips so that they slid over one another and broke the kiss to look down in between us. "Still too much fabric." I informed him. I didn't wait for him to verbally agree and stood to remove my shorts; immediately resuming my position on Heero's lap. Both hands gripped my rear and he pulled me toward himself again with a greater urgency.

He knew exactly what he was doing when he'd invited me to join him in the hammock earlier, so it was no surprise that he had brought the lube with him. How he managed to conceal it and now be coating his fingers without my noticing was another story and not one I gave much thought to as two of his fingers entered me.

They had a definite purpose and within seconds he'd found my prostate; my screams alerting him as if didn't already know. He covered my mouth with his, spreading his fingers apart to stretch me further before adding a third.

I pushed away from his mouth with both hands flat against his chest and breathed out his name, followed by what he was surely expecting. "Would you just fuck me already..."

Apparently the answer was yes, because his fingers slid from within me and he began to rise, taking me with him. He maneuvered us both to a stand and lowered his shorts, careful not to let them fall into the mud below. They joined his shirt and my clothes at one end of the hammock and one hand gripped my shoulder pushing me down to sit.

Standing before me, his cock was at eye level and I immediately moved forward and took just the head of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue lightly over it to taste the sweetness at its tip. Having no patience for my tease, Heero buried his hands in my hair and pushed his entire length into my mouth; thrusting in and out several times before removing it. "On your stomach."

I looked up at him and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, positioning myself just as he'd asked. I felt his hand on me, working its way up the inside of my thigh, pressing outward to spread my legs wider. I opened them as far as I could, each one at the very edge of the hammock. "More.." he demanded; the pressure of his hand contuining until it finally registered what he wanted me to do.

I reached up and gripped one end of the 3 foot wooden bar at the top of the hammock with each hand and spread my legs to straddle the hammock letting the taut end support my upper body. "Like that?" I asked, looking over at Heero.

He was busy eyeing my position and nonchalantly coating his cock with Astroglide. If it wasn't so damn erotic it would have been almost comical.

"Earth to Heero?"

He remained quiet, but moved to sit on the hammock at my hips and then brought one leg to rest on either side of it. My body shifted down toward his as the hammock sunk slightly under his weight and I praised gravity as I felt the shaft of his cock push up against my entrance. "Mmm.... nice." I moaned, wriggling my hips.

I felt his fingers enter me again. "I'm ready, Heero.... just do it." I grunted, pushing back against the intrusion. I felt him move forward and bend at the waist, lifting me up a bit to slip beneath me. "Oh yeah......." I cried out as his cock came in contact with mine. He started rocking his hips slowly, adding another finger and driving the three deep inside.

I could hear his groans as well my own and hoped to hell he was ready to cut the foreplay and get down to business; it didn't know how much more of his teasing I could stand. I whimpered as he brushed my prostate again and sighed in relief as he finally withdrew his fingers.

"Didn't like that?" he whispered into my ear, running his tongue along the outer shell.

"Nnn... I liked it.. too much."

"But you want something else...."

I nodded and I felt him shift my hips to free his arousal and return to a seated position behind me. I heard a familiar click and braced myself, knowing what was going to happen next. I felt Heero's weight leave the hammock and he was once again hovering over me.

One hand reached forward and held onto mine, the other one guiding his cock to nudge my entrance. I arched my back and raised my hips high; giving him as much access as I could. He pushed his hips steadily forward; burying every inch of his thick hardness inside of me. "Is that better?" he asked. I felt his other hand reach forward and grasp at mine; tightly holding onto the wooden bar at my head.

"You already know the answer to that."

"Yes..." he whispered, backing himself partially out and pushing slowly forward to bury himself again. "...but I like hearing you say it."

I knew this to be fact.

"You want me to talk dirty to you, baby?" I asked, grinning as he moaned and thrust into me again.

"Mmmm.. that was nice... but I like it when you fuck me hard." His hands tightened their grip on mine and he pulled all the way out, ramming himself back into me. "Yeah...... that's more like it... " I groaned, pushing back against each of his determined thrusts. "...the harder the better."

I knew he was capable of more. It was clear that he was still holding back; I wanted to unleash it all and I knew just what to say to get it. I braced myself with both arms and legs and pushed my ass high in the air."Fuck me like you mean it, dammit!" I growled.

There is no such thing as getting fucked too hard and if someone has told there you was, I'm here to dispel that myth.

He clutched at my hips and grunted as he began slamming into me full throttle. I screamed out at the varying degrees of agony and pleasure he wrought; urging him to do it again and again. "Oh Christ.... Heero... don't stop!!"

Little could compare to the raw power of Heero's thrusts and he pounded into me without mercy at my insistence. I knew that'd I'd be sore as hell when we were done.... it didn't phase me in the least. I continued to plead for more until I was just on verge of orgasm. "Now finish me!!" I cried out, surrendering immediately as he wrapped his hand around my cock.

I knew he was incapable of holding out for much longer and reveled in the way my muscles clenched around him with those few last meaningful thrusts. I could hear my name amidst his strangled cries as he held himself tight against me and shuddered his searing release.

I lay still for a few minutes with Heero's dead weight on top of me and then I groaned.

The next sound I heard was his laughter and then my own. "Want me to get up?"

"Umm...yeah.. up and out... out first preferably."

I could hear him struggling to oblige me. I knew he didn't want to move and he did so a little as possible. I could feel the hammock shift beneath us and his weight moving to the other end of it. "You can get up now."

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" I returned, almost chuckling.

I pried my hands off the wooden bar at my head and managed to turn myself around to face him before attempting to sit back down. My ass had barely hit the hammock, when I decided against sitting; instead grabbing the edges and straddling it to settle myself into more of a recline.

Heero looked rather amused and I made the assumption that he'd been watching me. "This too shall pass..." I informed him with a grin.

"And soon, I hope. The storm is nearly here."

I looked up to find the sun now totally obscured by heavy dark clouds. "10 minutes?"

He nodded and lowered his foot to the ground, using it to rock the hammock back and forth.

I could easily have been lulled to sleep by the soft swaying motion and I kept my eyes open to prevent just that from happening.

Had it not been for the steady rhythm that he kept, I would have assumed that Heero had lapsed into sleep."We should go." I informed him a minute or two later. "This feels way too good."

"Mmm... it does." he returned, opening his eyes.

I brought my legs over the edge; just letting the tips of my toes touch the ground and watching as they brushed back and forth over the damp grass.

"I take it the hammock is a keeper."

I looked over at Heero and smiled. "Yeah... both you and the hammock."

I put my shirt back on and stood and to finish dressing, fastening my shorts and throwing Heero's shirt at him. "C'mon, koi... it's gonna rain soon."

Neither one of us was particularly thrilled that we had to get up, but there was some solace in the fact that we'd already taken care of most of what needed to be done. All that remained was hanging the sleeping bags somewhere that would stay fairly dry and taking our few belongings and whatever clothes were dry and putting them in the tent.

Once he was standing, I made my way over and started gathering everything from the table and putting it into Heero's backpack. He had made his way over to where we'd hung our clothes and grabbed the dry ones; which was surprisingly most of them.

"Put all the clothes in my pack for now."

He did so and we returned everything to the tent in such a way that nothing vital was in danger of getting wet again. The sleeping bag was retrieved and laid over a line that was recently vacated by our dry clothes.

"Well.. that takes care of everything and we managed to beat the rain."

Heero looked around the site. "We forgot about the fly." he noted, making his way toward it. I grabbed him by the wrist. "I'll take care of the fly. You go get a towel and something to drink."

He cocked his head and I winked. "Just go do it."

He climbed inside the tent and I made my way behind it, easily removing the fly from where we had tied it up to use as a partition.

"What did you want to drink? All thats in here is Southern Comfort."

"Perfect." I replied, reaching to complete my task before Heero made his way back out of the tent. "Any cups left?"

I attached the third corner and quickly moved onto the fourth.

"I don't see any."

"Fine, we'll drink it out of the bottle." I called back.

I stretched forward and tied the last knot, moving back to admire my handiwork.

I turned as I heard Heero zipping the tent closed. "Well? Whadda ya think?"

He made his way to stand beside me and carefully took in what I had done.

He had yet to answer me and I offered him some additional information. "The top of the tent stayed dry before... so I figured the fly might be more useful elsewhere."

He smiled at me."You figured right"

He put the folded towel down at one end of the hammock and handed me the bottle. He seated himself in the center and fully reclined, spreading his legs and beckoning me to join him. I situated myself between his open limbs and laid my head back against his chest; resting my arms on top of his at my waist.

We lay quiet for a few moments before I opened the bottle to take a sip and then passed it over my head to Heero. I heard him take a sip and replace the cap.

The rain had just started to fall and I could hear the sound of it pattering on the make-shift nylon roof above us.

"This is nearly perfect."

I tilted my head back to look at him. "Nearly?" I asked in surprise.

His one leg dropped off the side and eased itself down onto the ground and I felt the hammock begin to sway.

He bent down to kiss my forehead. "Now its perfect." he whispered.

It was.


[1] that's the piece of fabric that sits suspended over the tent to keep the tent dry in case of rain. it doesn't always do its job though ^_~