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title: over the river and through the woods
author: jana
rating: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, AU, OOC, POV, PWP, lemon, sap
spoilers: you're kidding....right?
pairings: 1X2X1... do i ever write anything else?!?!
notes: this one is for d_huron, who is unrelenting in his pleas to get a lemon out of me! i made him wait so long... just to watch him squirm.
additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: voyeurism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!


Over the River and Through the Woods
Part 16


I couldn't help but smile at the sight. He looked so... well, he looked so many things, but I won't go into those. The one that caught and held my attention was naked and I acted on it; covering his exposed mid-section with a towel after I had taken a moment to appreciate it. I put my shorts back on and laid down with my head on his chest and my arm around his waist; destined to join him in sleep.


I'm not sure how long we'd been out, but I woke to the sound of voices.. loud ones. I immediately readjusted the towel that had slipped off of Heero and looked around, finding three young girls about 100 feet off to the left of us; giggling as they made their way to the lake. I nudged his ribs with my elbow and called his name. "Heero.... get up. We have company." It took him all of about 2 seconds to respond, his hand grasping the towel tightly as he sat up with a start.

"I fell asleep." A fairly obvious statement.

"Yeah... so did I."

He looked down into his lap and then up at me. "Thanks for the towel." he blushed. "That could have been a potentially embarrassing situation."

"You're welcome, but don't be so sure it wasn't. It fell off while we were sleeping." I told him with a wide grin.

He blushed further and laid back down, covering his eyes with his forearm.

I pulled his arm away and leaned over him. "Probably the best eyeful they'll ever get." I smirked, giving him a quick peck. "Ready to head back?"


Heero waited until the girls had left our line of vision before getting dressed, now able to see the humor I so readily found in what had happened. I'm not convinced it would have bothered me quite as much had I been in his situation, but he tends to be a bit more modest than I am. I wondered if his thoughts regarding the shower had changed and decided to come right out and ask him.

"We're still gonna take a shower, right?"

He looked confused. "Why wouldn't we?"

"The girls. You think they were just here to fish?"

From the look on his face, I had to assume he hadn't taken into consideration the fact that the three could be camping down here as well and possibly sharing the showers. "Heero?"

He looked toward me. "One of us will stand guard outside while the other showers."

I nodded and finished packing up our things, folding the sheet while Heero went to retrieve our fish from the water. I followed him there once I had completed my task; quite surprised to find him talking with our visitors. I stayed out of view and watched the interaction, though too far away to hear the conversation.

Several minutes later, Heero made his way toward me with bucket full of fish in tow. "They're not staying overnight. Just fishing." he informed me.

I let out a sigh of relief. "Good. Did they see anything?"

"I didn't ask....."


We made a quick pit stop at the showers, putting Heero's plan into action just to be on the safe side. I took a fairly short shower, considering I'd thoroughly washed and conditioned my hair. Heero had a book to occupy himself; I knew he'd understand.

I was perturbed at the thought of someone invading our private paradise. I realized that I'd no right to think of it like that, but that is exactly what it had been the past four days. We had only two days left of our vacation here and I wanted them to continue along the same vein; not having to constantly look over our shoulder. Actually, thinking back over the trip so far, I saw that we had been careless.... and without justification. Someone could have shown up at any time.. I stopped my thoughts and blushed. "Geez....."

I shared my thoughts with Heero after he finished his fairly standard 7.5 minutes shower. He was in agreement that we should keep any outdoor activities confined to the evening, when darkness would provide us adequate cover. He was also quick to point out that the hammock was secluded enough that we needn't fear being caught in the act.

I didn't totally agree with him on that issue, but let it go considering we had done the act twice already that day and was relatively certain I wouldn't need to get into the discussion until tomorrow.

Then again... "This is a pwp... right, Jana?"

*the author whistles and looks away innocently*


We made our way back to camp, careful to avoid any particularly muddy areas. While the storm had passed and the early afternoon sun was blazing hot, most of the journey back home was through areas heavily protected by a dense canopy; not allowing the sun to dry the ground beneath it. This brought my thoughts back to the possible condition we may be about to find our campsite in.

"Doesn't seem like this water is going anywhere anytime soon."

"No it doesn't. Does it." he replied, side-stepping yet another huge puddle that all but blocked our path.

We approached the site with only the smallest hesitation. We had already accepted the inevitable and were prepared to deal with it.. and deal with it we did.


Heero set the bucket down beside the fire ring and I removed my backpack, looking around for a dry place to set it. Taking one of the damp towels from inside of it, I dried off a small corner of the picnic table and sat the pack down.

"You wanna give me a hand with this?"

I turned to find Heero on his knees just outside the tent, which was still standing and more amazingly looked completely dry. I took several paces and bent down beside him to peer into it. The inside of the tent was wet.... very wet... I think flooded would be a more accurate description.

"Oh Shit."

He grinned, handing me one end of the sleeping bag. "We'll wring it out as much as we can." he told me, crawling inside to gather the rest of it. Once he had his end in hand, we carried it from the tent and laid it on the table; each of us on one end, twisting the thick fabric to remove a decent amount of water.

"Down to the river?" I asked. It was the most logical place to get the job done, the warmth of the rocks and the rivers full exposure to the sun giving us the only chance of having it anywhere near close to dry by nightfall.

Heero nodded and the two of us picked it up and walked toward the river; bending to lay it down on the rocky shore. I stood and looked over at Heero who still crouched down and was staring off into space. "We should unzip them." I announced, "They'll dry faster that way.

"Yeah." He smiled as he looked over at me.

I returned the smile and knelt to assist him in completing the task; laying the two out flat and directly in the sun.


Since Heero was without question a far better chef than I was, I offered to start straightening out the tent while he cooked lunch. He had readily agreed. The truth was, I wanted nothing to do with cleaning the fish; I hoped he understood that my idea of 'cooking lunch' included preparing it as well. He didn't.

"Give me a hand with these first." he told me as I was about to enter the tent.

I turned to find him holding the bucket of fish up for me to see. "Fishing was your idea."

I cringed.

I enjoyed the sport of fishing and I enjoyed eating the fish.. it was all that stuff in between that I just couldn't deal with.

"Do I have to?" I whined.

Yes, I whined. It's a mostly effective tool and I use it sparingly, but this was one of those times I felt it would be well worth the humiliation and disparaging comments I knew would be forthcoming from my lover.

"You're whining." he noted. Bright, isn't he?

"Can't you just sprinkle some salt and pepper on them and wrap em in tin foil?" I asked. My voice was slightly less nasal, but still pleading.

He just looked at me.

"I've seen them do it on those cooking shows you're always watching."

"Did you bring any tin foil?"

"Yeah. It's in the tent." I grinned. "Want me to get it?"

"Sure. I'll give it try."

"Cool!" I intoned, reaching inside and pulling out the ziploc bag which held the shiny flattened rectangle sheets. I rose and crossed the site. "Still dry too." I smiled as I handed it to him. "Salt and pepper are in the bag under the table." I peered underneath the picnic table. "And they haven't floated away yet either." I winked heading back toward the tent.


There was very little else that remained unscathed. Any food that we hadn't tucked into zippered plastic bags or stored in the cooler was inedible. Luckily, I'd put the cooler in the tent and the weight of the food and Heero's backpack which was sitting atop it had held it upright. I started my chore by getting rid of the garbage, leaving mostly our soaked clothes to be dealt with. Taking them out and seating them on the bench, I began wringing them out one by one, then took a handful down to the river and laid them out to let them dry.

After nearly an hour, I had just taken the last batch down, when I heard Heero behind me. "Hey. How's it going?"

I turned and looked up at him. "Good. This is the last of it." I told him with a smile. I looked out at all our stuff scattered by the shoreline.

He nodded and offered me a hand. "Let's go eat."


Lunch was delicious; the tin foil idea had been good one, even though it had been borne out of my unwillingness. Neither one of us minded picking the meat off the tiny bones and there were no dishes involved; leaving us more time to finish getting our campsite back in some semblance of order.

Together, we took the few items that were left in the tent out and the two of us began bailing it out; each with a small paper cup in hand. Dismantling it, we carried it down to the river and set it out amongst the rest of our belongings to dry.

"So, what now?" I asked, looking over at Heero, who despite it all was wearing a huge smile. "You're amused."

He looked up at the sky and over at me. "I think we better get to work on digging that trench."

"I'm afraid to ask."

"You should be." he winked, taking my hand. "Let's go."

Within a matter of 30 minutes, we'd dug a three inch wide ditch around where the tent belonged and had strung some rope under a pretty protected area to hang our clothes on. The wind had picked up quite a bit and we hurried to get everything we'd left by the shore.

"What about the sleeping bags?" I asked once everything but the tent had been taken care of.

"They're a lost cause for tonight. Just leave them there. We'll come back for the tent when the storm gets closer."

I followed Heero back up toward the site and paused a the picnic table, watching Heero continue to walk further into the site.

I knew where he was headed. "Ummm.....Heero? About the hammock....."

He didn't respond, but kept walking, stripping off his shirt as he approached the hammock. Rolling it up into a ball, he sat before shifting to stretch himself out. He tucked the discarded shirt under his head as a pillow and turned toward me. "You coming?" he asked.

I paused at the words and the deep tone in his voice. I glanced over at my half-dressed koi and mumbled the answer to his question under my breath. "No, but I have a feeling I'm going to be."