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title: over the river and through the woods
author: jana
rating: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, AU, OOC, POV, PWP, lemon, sap
spoliers: you're kidding....right?
pairings: 1X2X1... do i ever write anything else?!?!
notes: this one is for d_huron, who is unrelenting in his pleas to get a lemon out of me! i made him wait so long... just to watch him squirm.
additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: vouyerism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!


Over the River and Through the Woods
Part 15


It had taken us about an hour to reach the designated area, stopping several times along the way to check our bearings. It would have been far easier to fish in the Adirondack River, but this small out-of-the-way lake offered us more of a chance of actually catching something. We were planning on it for our lunch.

We had set all our gear down underneath a huge white pine several hundred feet off shore and spread out the sheet we'd brought, leaving it folded in half. "And now to go and find some bait.."

Heero looked at me with his eyes wide. "Isn't there something in the tackle box we can use?"

I shook my head. "Nope. Live worms are best for this kind of fishing... night crawlers if we can find em." I informed him. "Gonna help me?" I asked, taking my empty coffee cup in hand.

He wasn't exactly thrilled, but followed me to the edge of the lake and crouched down beside me about 5 feet from the shore.

"Take a stick and start digging." I told him. "They like moist soil.. not wet. Best bet is to start digging in shaded areas where the ground is loose."

We had succeeded in finding only several night crawlers, regular earthworms making up the rest of our paper cup 'o bait. "That should do it." I announced, standing and walking with Heero back to our stuff and sitting cross-legged on the sheet.

"Wanna eat first?" I asked.

Even though we had used sticks to dig, the act of picking up the actual worm was done by hand. Heero looked down at his hands and cringed a bit.

I smiled and reached into my backpack, pulling out a container of Wet Ones. I opened the lid and offered it toward him. "I thought of everything." I winked. He took several, as did I, the two of us carefully cleaning our hands and setting the used cloths aside.


By the time we'd finished eating, it had begun to rain. It was really more of a drizzle, but the dark clouds were without question headed in our direction and we opted to put on our rain gear before heading back to the edge of the lake.

Now barefoot and donned in bright orange plastic that reached only mid thigh, we found and seated ourselves on a relatively flat boulder at lakes edge and Heero sat the tackle box down between us. The rain was coming down a bit harder now, the sound of the large drops hitting the surface of the water with enough volume to call attention to it and force us both to pay the event its due respect.

I sighed as I watched and listened, turning toward Heero who seemed equally rapt by the scene. "Isn't it wonderful?" I asked him, smiling toward him.

We had both grown up without this, never having had the chance to appreciate the awe that accompanied experiencing nature first hand. Neither of us had taken the things that life on Earth offered for granted, despite that we had settled here shortly after the Eve Wars had ended. Engaging in it so fully was something I was sure I'd never grow tired of and I was fairly certain I could speak for Heero as well on this; we jumped at every chance that was presented to us.

"It is." he responded, breathing deeply through his nose. "Smells wonderful as well."

I inhaled in much the same fashion. He was right. It did.

I couldn't help but wonder if everyone took the time to enjoy things like this or even if they took notice of them at all. The two of us were by no means a standard to judge normalcy by; I never bought into that whole label [1] thing anyway. We often found ourselves engaged in activities that one might consider odd, never once noting others indulging in them. I shrugged off the thoughts.

"Ready to fish?" I asked, opening the tackle box.

Heero tied the hooks onto both lines and I baited them, piercing each of the worms in several strategic places.

"That's gross." he commented as he watched me.

"Yeah...." I agreed, looking down at the mess on my hands and the poor worm speared, dangling and squirming on the hook and then back up at him. "...but the fish seem to like it." I winked, handing him his pole.


No more than 10 minutes had passed after we'd cast out than Heero got his first bite, reeling in a decent sized small mouth bass.

The next 40 minutes or so were equally as productive and by 10:00, we found ourselves with more than enough food for lunch. I secured the last fish onto the one of the hooks that traversed the thick metal chain laying at the edge of the lake and Heero packed up the tackle box.

It was pretty much pouring by now and the sound of thunder that was previously heard in the distance approached. The heavy clouds were poised directly above us now, blocking out what little light there was there earlier.

"We should wait a while before heading back." Heero advised as he stood.

I nodded in agreement and we took the tackle box and poles and made our way back to seek shelter under the huge pine. We took off our raincoats before seating ourselves on the edge of the sheet as we were both fairly wet; our feet and lower legs pretty much covered with mud. "Did you bring the towels?" he asked.

"Yup." I reached for my pack and unzipped it, pulling out two small towels and handing one to Heero. Luckily, the hood of the raincoat had a wide enough brim that little of my hair got wet and I concentrated my effort on the lower half of my body; wiping away the water and a decent amount of the mud.

The old pine we had chosen to sit beneath provided total shelter from the weather while furnishing us with a perfect view of nature's fury. The latest crack of thunder brought with it a flash of lightening and a series of strong wind gusts. I crawled back onto the sheet, seating myself next to Heero; who was leaning against the tree's trunk with his legs stretched out and his eyes closed.

"Tired?" I asked, smiling as he opened his eyes.

"Mmhmm..." he replied, crossing his legs at his ankles.

It had been an unusually early morning and I was up to taking a rest as well. "Mind if I join you?" I asked.

Heero spread his legs and I settled myself in between them, reclining back against his chest as his arms moved to hold my mid-section. I focused my attention straight ahead and from my vantage point, watched the storm as it raged over the lake.

I was safe and warm and without question had the best seat in the house.


It was impossible to sleep with weather conditions such as they were, though I was able to lapse into a fairly numbed state in between the claps of thunder. Heero didn't flinch as the booming sound roared and shook the ground beneath us; tightening his grip on me as my reflexes kicked in and I jumped with a start in his arms.

I broke our silence several minutes later to let Heero know what had been occupying my thoughts. "How do you think the tent is holding up through all of this?"

Tarps were one of those things that we had mutually decided we needed to leave behind due to lack of space. The tent was supposed to be waterproof; I could only hope the manufacturers claim was valid and that any tests conducted on it were done so in torrential rain.

"It's pretty well protected. I'm more concerned about the ground water."

I nodded. We had placed the tent under a thick canopy, similar to the one we sought protection under now. "We should have dug a trench around it before we left."

"It's too late to worry about that."

"Yeah." I replied, placing my arms on his at my waist and squeezing them. I closed my eyes again and relaxed, focusing on the sound of the rain splashing on the surface of the lake. Heero's voice brought me out of concentration a minute or two later. "We should stop at the showers on the way back."

I inwardly smiled at how much we thought alike; I had the foresight to pack everything we'd need. "I figured we would.... even brought a change of clothes for us both."

He bent down and kissed the top of my head. "You think of everything." he mused, pulling me closer. It was then that I felt the clear beginnings of his erection pressing into the base of my spine. I shifted to acknowledge its presence and opened my eyes; craning my neck to look up at him. "Ummm.... not everything... I didn't bring the lube." I winked.

He smirked and kissed me. "I did."

The sudden tingle in my groin replaced all else and I let out a low moan, letting Heero know that I approved of whatever thoughts he was having. He worked his right arm free and slid it between my legs, finding out for himself just how I was being affected by our little discussion.

He traced the outline of my growing arousal through the worn fabric of my denim shorts; that one finger that trailed lightly over my sensitive flesh fully hardening me in a matter of seconds. "What do you want?" I asked in a near whisper.

He pushed his hips forward and it didn't take more than an instant for me to note that he was now equally as hard as I was. I shivered and inquired again. "Hmm? What is it that you want, Heero?"

"You." he whispered seductively in my ear.

I laughed.

"That much is obvious. Care to be a bit more specific?"

"How specific?" he moaned, shifting his touch to something that seemed to reflect his desires more accurately

I reached down with both hands and unfastened my shorts and took his hand in mine, guiding it inside. My lack of underwear facilitated his quest and he wrapped his fist tightly around my shaft, running the padded tip of his index finger through the moist slit.

"Actually..." I moaned as I relaxed back onto his chest. "I really don't care. Do with me what you will."

He reached forward to delve further into my open shorts and I let out a small yelp; causing Heero sit back up "Ummm.... as long as I don't end up on my back. It's still a bit sore."

"Knees?' he asked hopefully.

I chuckled and rose to my knees, turning to face him. "Knees work. As does you.... flat on your back..." I told him, kissing him and slipping my tongue inside his mouth for only a split second. "....with me.... riding you... bareback."

He moaned and I climbed up onto his lap. "So, whats it gonna be?" I asked, rubbing my arousal against his."Or... if you prefer I can just keep doing this..." I moaned, grinding my hips into his. "Mmm..... that could definitely do the trick."

He looked up at me with obvious surprise.

"I'm joking!"


"Love it when you 'Hn' " I purred.

His hand reached behind me, traveling up the underside of my thigh and sliding up into the leg of my shorts. "Mmm... love it when you do that too."

"And this?" he asked, teasing my entrance with one finger.

"Ohh.. Definitely like that."

"Is there anything you don't like?" he asked, quizzically.

The lake was more easily accessed from the main road that winded its way through he park than from our campsite. It was very possible that we could find ourselves with visitors; though the inclement weather decreased the likelihood of that happening. Fortunately, we had situated ourselves in a rather secluded area and even if we did have company, we would be aware of them long before they even knew we were here.

I nodded and removed his hand from inside my shorts and stood, looking down at him. "I don't like my clothes..." I told him, taking my time to rid myself of my shirt and then my shorts and tossing them on the ground. "..... I don't like yours even more." I finished, taking my place back between his legs and on my knees

With both hands I reached for the hem of his shirt and he lifted his arms high, looking up at me as the fabric passed over his head. I added to the collection of my clothes that sat beside him. "You gonna take those off?" I asked, eyeing his shorts. "Or do I have to do it for you?"

He continued to stare at me, raising his hips up off of the sheet just enough to allow me to divest him of those as well. I grinned as I held them out at an arms length, dropping them onto the pile. "I think that just about takes care of everything I don't like."


"Again with the 'Hn' " I chuckled, straddling his thighs and climbing up on his lap. "I think you're going to have to translate that one for me." [2]

"There's no translation available for that one." he replied, pulling me flush up against his chest and stretching his body upward to capture my mouth in a fierce kiss. The kiss needed no interpretation; I was about to get pounded into the ground.... actually he was going to be the one literally on the ground, but the basic premise remained the same.

His grip on me loosened as he reached toward the pile of our clothes, searching briefly and retrieving the small bottle of astroglide from the pocket of his shorts. He clicked the cap open and handed it to me, taking in my reaction as he assisted me in squirting some out to cover the fingers of my right hand. Closing the cap, he sat it down on the sheet and took my hand in his, using them to spread my thighs and guide our hands to my entrance. I moaned as he teased the puckered flesh surrounding my opening and pushed one of my own fingers inside of me.

I leaned forward and rested my forehead against his, giving Heero total control as he expertly manipulated my hand. I felt him add a second finger, increasing the stretching sensation; it wasn't enough, I wanted more. I moved further down his legs and looked down, spreading my legs wider so that I could watch as well as feel the touches. "More..." I commanded, tensing slightly as he added two more slick digits and drove the four deep inside me. I closed my eyes started thrusting down onto them, nearly oblivious to the storm that continued outside.

Before I could protest, the fingers were gone and Heero had lowered my bottom down onto the ground between his legs and was in the process of shifting out from underneath me. He reached for the lube again and coated his shaft liberally, stroking himself for longer than required. Wiping the excess gel from his hand on the sheet, he refocused his attention back to me. Taking both my hands, he lie back down on the sheet with his legs bent at the knees and pulled me toward him. "Climb on board."

Being an invitation I would never refuse, I did just that, straddling him on folded knees and taking the base of his cock in my hand. I looked straight into his eyes as I lowered myself down onto him with a steady groan; loving the feel of his thick heated flesh pushing its way inside and penetrating me.

Once seated, his hands reached for my hips and gripped the soft flesh tightly, lifting his hips up off the sheet. I pushed down and ground down into his bodies upward movement. "Too damn good." he moaned, lowering himself back to the ground and releasing my hips.

Both of his hands reached up for my face, pulling me down into a savage kiss. Our tongues moved quickly against one anothers inside his mouth; the two of us groaning as he jerked his hips up off the ground again. I broke the kiss and laid a hand on either side of his head and began riding him in earnest; watching his reactions as I did.

He had that 'fuck me' look written all over his face; eyes gone dark with lust and an almost blank euphoric stare as he looked up at me. He looked so incredibly fucking gorgeous; I couldn't wait to drive him over the edge. I concentrated my efforts on doing just that, letting his cock nearly slip from within me and rapidly taking its full length back inside.

"I'm gonna make you come hard." I warned him, gritting my teeth as dropped down to impale myself again. With one hand I sought out the lube and squirted some out to coat my fingers. Arching my back, I pushed his legs further apart and slipped my hand in between them. "Hard and fast." I corrected myself with a deep growl, pushing one slick finger up into his entrance.

He reacted by arching his back and thrusting his hips up. "Ohhh fuuuck..." he moaned, rolling his eyes up into his head and closing them tightly as his face twisted in ecstasy.

It wasn't the easiest position to maintain, but I sensed that there wouldn't be much need to remain in it for any extended period of time. I was only a few good strokes away from climax; thankful that Heero had yet to take my erection in hand; I wasn't it that much of a rush.

"Definitely a fuck." I concurred through clenched teeth as I ground my hips down into him, simultaneously shoving my one finger inside him as deep as I could. He spread his legs wider and fisted the sheet beneath us with both hands for leverage and began thrusting upward. I rose up off of my knees to give him room to move, moaning as he impaled me with as much momentum as possible.

"Do it, Heero!" I cried out, gasping as his hand surrounded my cock. "Oh Christ!" I screamed, watching as he stroked me and I started my release, covering my chest and his hand with my seed. "Harder, baby. Don't stop!" I pleaded.

I could feel the muscles in his thighs tense and shifted my attention to watch him as he prepared to climax; frantically ramming himself into me as my finger sought out and hit his prostate.

"Unnh....yesss.....DUO!!!!" he screamed. I felt every twitch of his cock as my channel constricted around his length and each shot of thick warmth as it left him to fill me; totally taken by how he looked in this his moment of rapture.

His body continued to shudder beneath me until he had fully emptied himself, his hand finally relaxing and letting go of my now flaccid member. I slid my finger out from inside of him and bent over his chest, moaning softly as I brushed his bangs away from his face. "Mmmm... that was yummy." I told him with a smile. He opened his eyes to look up at me and nodded, immediately closing them again and letting out a contented sigh.

I climbed off of him, seating myself along side of him and looked out over the lake. "Looks like the storm is over." I mused.

He didn't respond and I reached over to my left and grabbed the container of Wet Ones, cleaning myself off. I turned back toward Heero to offer him one.

He was fast asleep.



[1] "labels are for cans." one of my all time favorite quotes by michael stipe. its from an interview he did for out magazine regarding his sexuality and his resentment of the fact that he was being pressed to declare himself either homosexual or heterosexual. it's a great quote and is applicable to so many things....... too many things.

[2] *giggles and pokes dan*

[3] an idea used in this fic was directly taken without prior consent from the first and only person i've ever seen write this into a fic. *blows lightly into your left ear* that cool ya down? *g*




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