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there is an inordinate amount of plot-like stuff in here. i'm not sure exactly how it snuck into my pwp, but it did and i've decided to play along with it. so as not to disappoint my lovely boys, you will also find a fair amount of lemon-ish things.

disclaimer: we all know that the g-boys do not legally belong to me. shame, really...
title: objection overruled
this is a sequel to 'gaining momentum'
author: jana
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
pairing: 1X2X1 *duo cheers*
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), a tad of introspection, sap, a scheming heero, a kawaii (imho) duo and lemony type interludes... which you might find a bit on the kinky side
spoilers: just one mention of a fairly significant event from the series
notes: fourth fic in what i guess is some kind of series i've unconsciously started. i've decided to tentatively call this series 'getting caught, giving chase and giving in'. long and perhaps lame, i know, but appropriate none the less. it is probably to your advantage to read three fics that come before this, though i cannot force you to. the rest of them can be found at: http://www.1X2X1.org/fiction/jana.htm there is no court scene in this fic despite what the title may lead you to believe.



Objection Overruled
by jana


Heero had seen Duo off at the spaceport at one o'clock and had taken up residence in front of his laptop as soon as he arrived back at his apartment. A quick check of his schedule for the next few weeks showed that he had less jockeying around of appointments than he had originally thought. He typed up a list of the time slots he had available in the upcoming two weeks and added to the bottom of it, a list of clients he needed to reschedule meetings with.

The personal contact he had with his established clients was for the most part unnecessary and was done solely for their purpose. He found that a better portion of them required at least a monthly one-on-one meeting with him regarding the status of any discoveries he'd made along with an update of the methods he employed in keeping their systems secure.

Electronic data security was an ever growing concern and the cleverness of those who sought to breach it grew as fast as if not faster than the technology itself. There were very few businesses who employed their own security team and the fact that none were remiss to be without one made Heero's expertise a valued commodity. He turned down potential clients on a regular basis; the remuneration he received from the 20 or so hand picked corporations he freelanced for was more than enough for him to live comfortably on.

Those thoughts brought him back to thoughts of Duo; more precisely, Duo's absence.

His felt the loss of his friend and lover inside the huge apartment even though Duo had only been there for two days. It was the first time that Heero had had an overnight guest since he'd purchased the condo nearly 3 years ago. It was almost too large for just one person; he could see that quite clearly now. It wasn't only Duo's physical presence that he missed; it was the sounds of life he brought to the huge space. He was much more active than Heero was. There was always music playing, or water running or the soft sound of Duo's nearly constant humming that carried throughout each of the hollowed rooms.

He had the desire and means to change things; to remove any and all obstacles from Duo's path should his lover decide he wanted the same. Heero knew that it was somewhat premature. To assume that Duo would give up his job and life on L2 to live with him here so soon into their relationship would be too presumptuous on his part. He had hope and reason to believe that his lover would eventually want to and found nothing wrong with making the preparations in advance. Duo would probably laugh at him if he knew and chalk it up to more of the anal retentive behavior that Duo was always so quick to point out that he exhibited.

But Duo would not learn of any of it. Heero had no intention of telling him; at least not outright. He was not stupid enough to think that his plans would escape his lovers keen eye. He could be subtle if the need arose. He planned to let Duo know of his intentions in small doses; metering out the information when and as he saw fit. Duo would eventually put all of the pieces into place and hopefully let Heero know how he intended to proceed.

It would be frustrating for Heero though, the months of waiting; the anticipation and the growing feelings of loneliness that seemed to rise more steadily with each week that passed. Heero was no longer able to visualize his life without Duo. Without conscious thought, Duo had become part of the equation; a very integral part. And while some of Heero's trepidation remained, it was far more frightening to imagine living without Duo than living with him.

Heero looked back up at his computer screen and smiled. He would start making calls first thing Monday morning. If things went well, there would only need to be a week before he was able to be with Duo again.


The two hour shuttle ride home gave Duo more than enough time to think.

He thought mostly about the weekend and how much he had enjoyed spending it in Heero's company. He could see the minute changes in Heero's posture and in his attitude. While some of it Duo had to admit appeared forced, a better portion of it appeared to be quite natural. The way that Heero spoke for example. There seemed to be little hesitation on Heero's part as they conversed. Heero's face remained relaxed; his brow didn't knit with the strain of a formulating a calculated response. There was also the absence for the most part of Heero's classic tensing up; Duo could not recall seeing his lover hands balled up into fists even once.

He wondered if Heero too had noticed the changes in himself. Surely not on a daily basis, but a snapshot of who Heero was in AC196 would show a marked difference from the Heero of today. It was all for the better of course. Duo recognized that the changes that all five of them had undergone since the wars had ended were fairly remarkable. Each of them seemed to recognize the value of putting what they could their pasts behind them and taking from the experience what little positive influence it had to offer. It made no sense to dwell on what they had been through. Duo thought that it gave each of them verve for living that they would otherwise not have known

He applied those thoughts to what had transpired between him and Heero over the weekend. Not to the physical aspect of their relationship, but to the emotional side of it. How much of their admissions to one another was an attempt at seeking out a normal life? Duo found that solitude suited him for the most part and if anything still remained of the soldier in Heero, he imagined the same was true for him as well. Perhaps his contentment was borne of the fear that he would always be alone; that he was not capable of finding someone who he wanted to spend his life with or that he would find someone, but that his emotions would not be reciprocated.

It did not appear to Duo that that was the case with Heero. Their attraction was mutual. If anything, Duo thought that it slanted more to the side of Heero's feelings being the stronger of the two. He thought that if he allowed himself to relax and stop analyzing things that he would succeed in evening out the scales; perhaps even tipping them. Duo knew that he could very easily find himself getting caught up in the turn his life seemed to be taking. It would be a relief almost to just let himself go and fall into all of it; to not hold anything back and reach out to take a chance on the one thing he never thought he'd have to opportunity to have. The ramifications of doing such a thing would be significant though; the odds of them impacting him in either a positive or negative sense were equal.

He needed a good deal more time and information before he would consciously take that leap.


There was a large package waiting for Duo outside the entrance to his apartment when he arrived home from work late Wednesday night. He bent to pick it up and turned it over to further inspect it. The address label was neatly typed and affixed to the center of the 12" by 12" square, yet it offered no clue to who the sender was.

Duo let himself in and set the parcel down on the coffee table before continuing on into his bedroom to get changed. It was near midnight and he was exhausted and hungry, but his curiosity won out over all else and he seated himself down on the couch to open the mysterious package.

He carefully removed the contents from the box, unwrapping it layer by layer and smiling at the framed photograph he held in his two hands. It was of him and Heero seated against the oak tree in Quatre's yard taken from the now infamous surveillance video. The picture itself was only 5 inches square and the wide band of white matting that surrounded it made up the difference in size. Duo recognized the frame as being the same as the ones that could be found in nearly every room in Heero's apartment.

As tired as he was, he signed on AOL and opened up AIM.

DMaxwell02: why do you do this stuff?
GroundedonL1: you got it
DMaxwell02: yeah. thanks heero... its great.. i love it
GroundedonL1: np. i had one made for myself as well
DMaxwell02: makes me wish i was there so i could hug you
GroundedonL1: you can owe me one

Duo looked over at the photograph again and couldn't help but smile. He had no doubt that he would think about that night every time he looked at it. That and how the somewhat twisted events of that weekend had inadvertently resulted in them admitting their feelings to one another.

DMaxwell02: i think i owe you more than one
GroundedonL1: you aren't expecting a complaint i hope

Duo smiled.

DMaxwell02: no. gonna hang it on the wall behind my couch
GroundedonL1: i hung mine in the bedroom
DMaxwell02: o. thats an idea
GroundedonL1: you're on late tonight
DMaxwell02: yeah. just got home a few minutes ago

Heero looked over at the clock. Apparently time had escaped him this evening. He was surprised by what the digital read out showed.

GroundedonL1: its after midnight
DMaxwell02: yeah...
GroundedonL1: looks like ill be there on the 2nd
DMaxwell02: cool. ill make sure to clear up as much work as i can before then
GroundedonL1: good. i was hoping id get to spend some time in your company while im there
DMaxwell02: heh. yeah
DMaxwell02: i gotta go, heero. im beat
GroundedonL1: goodnight
DMaxwell02: nite


Heero had left a message for Relena on Monday. It was now Thursday and he had yet to hear back from her. He had not implied that it was urgent that she return his call and nothing that Pargan had said indicated that Relena was out of the country or would otherwise be unable to return his call within a reasonable time frame.

A major portion of what he wanted to accomplish before he went to Duo's was dependant on speaking with Relena. He had hoped to be able to mention something to Duo about what he had been up to. If he still planned on doing so, he needed to contact Relena today. His original intention was to take a trip to Sanc and meet with her in person rather than discuss things on the phone. It did not appear that that would be possible now.

Heero took a seat behind his desk and retrieved her number from his digital address book. He reached for and put his headset on while hey keyed her number into the vidphone and activated the blind.

"Peacecraft Residence"

"Pargan. It's Heero Yuy."

"Good Afternoon, Mr. Yuy. What can I do for you?"

Heero cringed slightly. The way Pargan addressed him made him feel, in a word, old. He had requested on several occasions that the older man refer to him only as Heero. He did understand that the reason he still did not was most likely that his training was very deeply ingrained rather than a conscious choice to ignore Heero's wishes.

"Is Relena there? She did not call me back."

"Miss Peacecraft is currently on X18999, Mr. Yuy. She is not expected to return for several days yet."

Heero sighed. That was unacceptable. He needed to speak with her now. "Could you get in touch with her there and tell her that it is important that I speak with her either today or tomorrow? I'll give you my number."

Pargan had agreed without hesitation and took down the information Heero had given him and they both disconnected after polite farewells.

Heero looked over at the manilla folder that sat at the uppermost right hand corner of his desk. He had spent hours scouring the internet and hundreds of library databases for information that he proposed to share with Relena. He would fax to her only the most pertinent of the documents; unsure if she would perform her own check or not before deciding that the cause was worthy of her attention. Heero thought that she would most likely take up the cause regardless of the data she found because it was him that asked.

That thought made him smile at the memories it brought with it.

Relena no longer showed an interest in him like she once did. Heero thought that some of her romantic feelings for him remained and that they were just lurking beneath the surface. His notion that she would help him in any way she could did not stem from that belief though, but rather because Heero had never asked anything of her. She knew enough about him to understand that if he had come to her for assistance that there was a damn good reason for it.

He hoped that she would not question him further about it.


Duo had come home at near midnight again on Thursday night. It was next to impossible to retain his naturally cheery nature under such circumstances. At least tonight he had decided to take a break for dinner at around eight. He had been so tired the night before that he had skipped his evening meal altogether.

He changed into his pajamas and had immediately crawled into bed to settle himself beneath the covers. His frustration, however, did not allow him the sleep he required. There were too many things that had found their way into his head and refused to respond to his repeated attempts to evict them.

He thought about work and about Heero. Mostly about work and how he sat behind his desk with his somewhat important title and succeeded by the end of the day at nothing more than shoveling shit against the tide. Heero was right. The job was nothing like he had imagined it would be. It was just that... a job. Somewhere he went to spend all available productive hours of his day in exchange for money. There was little satisfaction and even a smaller amount of hope that there ever would be.

His thoughts diverted back to one of the conversations he'd had with Heero.

Heero had mentioned that he should speak with Relena; that she may have some influence or suggestion. He really did not like that idea. It wasn't because he didn't think she was capable; it was more that he was certain that she did not like him. He was able to come up with a lot of reasons why he got that feeling and how his interpretations of her actions had made him decide that. He placed no blame on her for the impression she had of him. He was aware that he was becoming more desperate though and that he needed to find some kind of compromise between what he felt he owed to society and what he owed to himself. And he needed to find it soon. There were no easy answers; that he knew for certain.

He resigned himself then to act on Heero's suggestion. It was something he'd not previously considered but currently held more potential than the few ideas that he had been able to come up with. If nothing else, it gave him closure enough on that particular train of thought to allow him to sleep.


Relena's call came at 2:15 P.M. the next day and Heero had been anticipating it for the past several hours. He had spent the morning deciding which of his findings to forward to her and going over in his head what he planned to say to her. He decided to leave the blind off as he often did for calls of a personal nature.

"Heero. It's been a while."

"Relena. Thank you for calling back."

"Pargan said it was urgent. Is something wrong?"

Heero gave Relena a brief explanation of the situation and started faxing pages to her as they spoke. Relena seemed to be aware that there was a general lack of funds available for social assistance, but had not realized that things were quite as bad as Heero was making them sound.

She looked down at the statistics on the first page he'd sent her and then back up at him. "Where did you find this?"

"I'm afraid that's classified." Heero winked at her then and she understood that to mean that he had most likely obtained them illegally. He didn't think that it bothered her all that much.

"If these numbers are correct, then something needs to be done."

Heero smiled at her. "Yes."

Her statement turned more serious as she set aside the papers she had been holding. "Why the sudden interest in this, Heero?"

Heero had known this was coming. He had prepared an answer for the inquiry. He hoped it would be enough to satisfy her. "It was just recently brought to my attention. I thought that if you were made aware of it then something might be done about it."

She nodded and then smiled at him.

It made Heero uneasy. It was not her usual polite smile, though Heero could not say what was behind it.

"Duo e-mailed me this morning."

Heero tried to hide any telltale signs of his surprise and at Relena's timing in bringing that up; or the fact that she brought it up at all. It made him realize how hopeless Duo thought the situation was. He knew that Duo and Relena were not close at all. If Duo was asking Relena for help, he was probably viewing it as a last resort. "He did?"

She smiled again. "Yes. Funny thing too, Heero. He is interested in precisely the same thing you are."

That was easy enough to explain away. "He is the one that brought the situation to my attention. L2 is his home colony."

"I figured that much, Heero." She looked at him expectantly then. He wondered for a minute if Duo had said anything to her about the two of them in her e-mail. He highly doubted it. There must have been something he'd said though that had triggered off what Heero thought were Relena's suspicions.

"You don't have to say anything, Heero. I think its sweet that you are concerned about your friend. I could tell by the tone of his e-mail that the situation disturbs him a great deal."

Heero nodded. Duo seemed to be very distracted lately. Heero didn't know if their relationship was currently influencing his lovers mood or not. If it was, he had to assume that he was not having positive thoughts about that aspect of his life either. It was possible that the distance between them bothered Duo and that he just hadn't said anything to Heero about it. He hoped that was the case. He would be sure to bring it up to him next time they spoke. Tonight in fact.

"I'll keep in touch, Heero. I'll be back in Sanc on Sunday. I won't waste any time in getting this information out."

"I appreciate it, Relena. Thank you."

"Your welcome, Heero. I'll speak to you in a few days." She smiled and Heero saw her move forward to disconnect. "Say hello to Duo for me." She winked at him and then the screen went blank.


Saturday morning Duo rose at 8 even though he'd gotten only 4 hours sleep the night before. He put in more overtime than usual last week in order to keep his promise to Heero that he would clear up any backlog before he arrived. He had not made an appearance online since Wednesday night and he hoped today that when he logged on he would have an e-mail from Relena in his in box.

He was a little nervous after having sent it. It was, for the most part, strictly informational, but he had interjected some of his personal views in the last paragraph or two. He wasn't really sure why he'd done that. The facts he presented were probably enough to get her attention. If they didn't, his rant surely did. He almost wished he'd spoken with Heero about it first. He was the one who suggested Duo contact her. Heero also knew Relena much better than he did and could probably have offered Duo a more effective way of asking for her help than how he had gone about it.

He signed onto AOL and checked his mail; frowning at her lack of response. He opened AIM shortly after he'd deleted most of his mail.

DMaxwell02: hey
GroundedonL1: so you are alive
DMaxwell02: yeah. barely ;)
GroundedonL1: you need a vacation
DMaxwell02: not til july. only three more months

Heero smiled. He recognized Duo's sarcasm.

DMaxwell02: i e-mailed relena
GroundedonL1: she told me
DMaxwell02: you spoke to her?
GroundedonL1: yes. on thursday
DMaxwell02: she didnt reply
GroundedonL1: she is interested in helping
DMaxwell02: she is?!?

Heero could imagine Duo's statement; eyes wide and jaw slightly slack.

Heero explained the sequence of events that led up to his discussion with Relena and how she did not tell him that Duo had e-mailed her regarding the very same thing until afterward. Duo seemed delighted with the prospect of having everything brought out into the open and the eventual help that he hoped would arise from it. Although he knew it would take some time for things to get rolling and even longer to see any changes come of it, he felt a certain amount of relief.

DMaxwell02: thanks, heero. i dunno what to say. you didn't have to...
GroundedonL1: i have ulterior motives

Duo shook his head from side to side and let out a chuckle.

DMaxwell02: you do, huh?
GroundedonL1: yes

Duo waited a minute or two, figuring Heero was typing and expounding on what he'd just said. Apparently he was not.

DMaxwell02: not gonna tell me are you?
GroundedonL1: nope
DMaxwell02: :P

Heero recognized that for what it was and figured that Duo was probably really sticking out his tongue at him.

GroundedonL1: there are some things i want to talk about when i come next week
DMaxwell02: we should have plenty of time
GroundedonL1: yes. a full week
DMaxwell02: cant spend *all* our time in bed...
GroundedonL1: we could

Duo laughed. The two short days at a time they had been able to spend in each others company had included a lot of bedroom-like activities; though more often than not, they did not take place in the bedroom.

DMaxwell02: this time its my house. we work on my list
GroundedonL1: you have a list?
DMaxwell02: yeah...
DMaxwell02: and unlike yours... i started mine years ago

Heero didn't know quite know how to reply to that. His body, however, seemed to have no difficulty providing an appropriate response.


Heero had arrived on schedule early Saturday morning. Duo was barely awake when the doorbell rang and he apologized, slightly embarrassed as he took one of Heero's bags and ushered him inside. He'd retreated back into his room just minutes later to wash up and dress and followed the smell of freshly brewed coffee that lead him into the kitchen.

Ten minutes and sixteen ounces of hot liquid energy later saw Heero and Duo in each others arms in the center of Duo's bedroom exchanging an enthusiastic greeting. It wasn't long after that they found themselves naked and Duo watched with unfeigned interest from the bed as Heero's hand worked to cover his erection with lube.

"Don't think that I haven't jerked off while thinking about you masturbating."

The statement had been Duo's admission to the question he saw in Heero's eyes. Duo made no attempt to conceal the pleasure he derived from watching his lover touch himself. He sought out his own hardened cock and slowly stroked it as he watched Heero.

"You want to watch me or you want me to fuck you?"

Duo seemed to consider Heero's question for a moment. "Both."

Heero's hand kept its rhythm as he walked toward the bed. He did not have a problem complying with Duo's wishes.

Duo rolled over onto his back and spread his legs so that Heero could position himself between them. Heero reached down to pull Duo's hand away. "No touching yourself while you watch." Heero scolded.

The look on Duo's face told Heero that his lover was not pleased by his demand. Heero caught a glimpse of Duo's grin before he turned to the side to open his nightstand drawer. "Duo..."

Heero eyed the bottle of lube and the slender device in his lovers hand. He had never used one, but recognized it. The one Duo held was about 8 inches long, flesh tone and no bigger around , he guessed, than two of his own fingers.

Duo looked up at Heero once he'd finished applying a thin coat of clear gel to the dildo.

"You never said I couldn't touch you."

Duo moved to sit with his back against the headboard and stretched his legs out in front of him. He reached out for Heero; guiding him to straddle his thighs. He leaned forward and up to kiss Heero while both arms surrounded his kneeling form. He broke the kiss and Heero felt one hand move to separate the cheeks of his ass while the other nudged his entrance with the toy. "My house. My rules."

If this was Duo's fantasy, there would be no argument from him. Duo had been more than willing to oblige him two weeks ago and despite the fact that Heero had some reservations, he would not deny him.

He began stroking himself again, stiffening slightly as he felt the tip of the dildo enter him.

"Ever taken it up the ass before?"

Heero was only mildly shocked by the question and the way Duo had worded it. He was relatively certain that Duo already knew the answer. He shook his head from side to side in response.

"Not even your fingers?"

There was a hint of mild disbelief in his voice as Duo made his inquiry.

Heero shook his head again and moaned as Duo slid still more of the slick silicone length into him.

"Oh yeah, Baby. I think you're gonna like this."

Heero found himself mentally agreeing and his hand sped up as he shifted his hips back to take the rest of the dildo inside. The sensation was very new and while there was a slight bit of discomfort, it was pleasurable for the most part. Heero had given some thought about how it would feel to have Duo inside of him; he assumed that Duo probably had those thoughts as well. He envisioned it now as he masturbated for Duo.

"You want to fuck me?"

"Hell yeah." Duo hissed.

Heero closed his eyes and moaned under the increasing assault. His hand had almost completely stilled as Duo worked the toy within him with what Heero soon ascertained was practiced skill. He thrust back again and again as his body quickly learned to appreciate the new form of friction.

Duo kept his gaze on Heero. On his face mostly; taking note of the way his dark hair clung to his temples with sweat. The way the muscles of his abdomen rippled beneath the bronzed skin as his body gyrated in ecstasy.

"Keep stroking your dick." Duo had apparently noticed that Heero had stopped and groaned as he took up the task again. His own cock was fully hard, wet and ached with need. He could only pretend to guess at how it would feel to be inside of Heero. He knew for certain how it felt to have Heero's cock buried deep inside of him.

"It'll feel even better when I'm fucking you."

Heero imagined that again and found himself on the verge of climax. He tightened his fist and his body began to shudder as he released. "Oh Christ... Duo!!"

Eyes closed and back arched, Duo struggled to keep the rhythm as he continued to impale Heero. He watched the thick jets of come explode from the tip of Heero's cock and drip down onto his thighs. Duo's left hand came around and he took his cock into his hand; stroking it roughly as Heero still moaned above him. It was only a matter of seconds before he came with a loud cry; eyes still locked onto Heero's face and the evidence of pure pleasure it displayed.

Heero's eyes opened at Duo's cry and he watched as Duo's hand tugged at his erection. The hand that held the dildo inside of him stilled as Duo trembled beneath him and covered his chest and hand with his seed. Heero remained silent until Duo's hand relaxed and he let go of himself.

Heero looked down at Duo's chest and ran his finger through the warm puddle of his release. "I thought I said no touching." He looked up at Duo then.

Duo could not help but smile despite the very serious look on his lovers face. "I lied." He removed the dildo and set it on the bed beside him.

Heero brought his finger to his mouth and the his tongue came out to lick at the tip of it. "I thought you never lied."

"Yeah, well there's a first time for everything." Duo offered Heero a wink after he spoke.

Heero leaned forward and pressed his lips to Duo's; prying them apart with his tongue and kissing him roughly. He pulled back seconds later and looked down at his lover. "I don't like it when you lie to me, koi."

Duo moved forward and brought his mouth down to whisper into Heero's ear. "Then perhaps you need to punish me."


The subject of some of Duo's older fantasies, those dating back to when the two had first met; had somehow become the topic of that evenings dinner conversation. Duo had not gone into great detail about any of them, but Heero found it amusing that most of what Duo did say indicated that Duo had been the aggressor; implying that he was top as well. It was very much unlike what was currently happening and Heero could not help but grin.

If they had gotten together during the war, Heero had no doubt that things would have started out the way Duo spoke of. Duo seemed to have more of a sex drive back then and he was undoubtedly more knowledgeable, as well as more inclined to go after what he wanted. Heero did not think the inequity in the physical mechanics of their sex life would have lasted long. He knew for certain that they would not last long now.

That thought invariably led him to his next one.

He had changed a great deal since peace had been achieved. The first year had been painful though. There was an immediacy for reconciliation with his past. The few early memories he had pointed to the fact that he had strictly been bred and raised for murder. He could not recall a time that weapons of some sort were not part of his daily life nor could he recall ever feeling ill at ease with them; nor with the men who wielded them or the lifestyle that seemed to go along with it all. It only made sense that by the time he was 15 and sent to Earth in Wing to battle he was desensitized. Heero reckoned that it had happened even long before then.

He struggled through those first twelve months, alone and with little purpose other than to exist. Hours spent analyzing the details of his actions during the preceding 24 months revealed barely discernable innuendo of his lost humanity. Heero had forced himself to project his thoughts from there; taking each of the recognizable moments and determining what he would chosen to do as opposed to what he knew he needed to do in any of the given circumstances. He had actually done that only once during the war that he was able to recall; when he had rescued Duo from his imprisonment by Oz. He had done so against his better judgment. He shuddered to think what would have happened if he had pulled the trigger that day. It was the most outstanding single reminder he had that he was human and had that particular event not occurred; Heero was certain there would have been no hope for him.

But he sat here now across from Duo with only a shadow of the self loathing and all of the determination of his former self.

"Have you given any thought to what you'll do once the situation here is straightened out?"

Duo seemed to be thinking about it as he systematically cleared the dinner table. He seated himself again and looked at Heero. "Not really. I imagine it will take a year or so for funds to filter down and get distributed."

"And if it doesn't?"

"If you're asking if I'm going to be quitting my job any time soon, the answer is no."

"Why not?"

Duo look confused by his question and so Heero continued. "You have already established all the necessary guidelines. Once the money is in the agency's hands, it should be only a matter of weeks before it finds it way to those who are in need of it. "

"And that's the most important part, Heero." Duo smiled then. "That's why I took the job. I intend to stick around long enough to see it happen."

Heero nodded once. He didn't like Duo's answer, but he could certainly understand it. His disappointment must have been visible.

Duo reached out and placed his hand on top of Heero's on the table. "What's wrong, Heero?"

When Heero did not reply, Duo spoke again. "You should be happy for me. This is what I.... "

Heero cut him off. "I am happy for you..." He smiled weakly at Duo then.


Heero was left with no other choice than to tell Duo some of what he had been planning. He had intended to tell him soon anyway; just not like this. At least Duo would be able to understand why he didn't totally share his enthusiasm. "I thought that you would be anxious to leave once you knew that everything had been taken care of." Heero paused and Duo nodded. "I thought that you might be interested in working for me. I think that you would be very good at it."

"Me? Doing what you do? I don't think so, Heero. " Duo nearly laughed. "Geez... I can barely configure Netscape to get my e-mail!"

"You could take a computer course. I could teach you the rest. We work well together."

Duo smiled as he took Heero's face in both of his hands and kissed him soundly on the lips. "God, Heero, you are so sweet. I dunno what to say."

"Say yes."

Duo let out a small chuckle. "Sweet and tenacious."

Heero nodded. "Just say you'll think about it."

"I will think about it."

"You'll like working from home."

"Mmm.... I do like that idea. No more getting up at the crack of dawn."

"You can work in your pajamas."

"I could work naked if I wanted to."

Heero nodded and quickly dismissed the vision.

"I'll triple your salary...." Heero reached under the table and brought Duo's hand up rest on his knee.

Duo purred and slid his hand upward on the inside of Heero's thigh. "I bet you have a great benefits package as well."

Heero leaned forward to kiss him; taking Duo's hand in his and rubbing Duo's palm against his rising need.

"Oh yeah....."


Heero had taken Duo on Sunday night, again on Monday and yet again Tuesday.

Heero had jokingly deemed it his punishment for touching himself and coming against Heero's wishes on Saturday afternoon. He had made a promise to Duo that he would be rewarded for not protesting. Wednesday evening Duo found that sitting was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable and informed Heero of that fact over dinner; at the same time making it clear that he would be calling the shots tonight. Heero was amused by his lovers antics and offered no resistance; instead letting Duo know with both words and actions that he wanted the same.

The dishes were hastily deposited in the sink and left to be washed for another time. The standard evening coffee was unanimously dispensed with and the two made their way into Duo's bedroom. Duo took Heero by the hand and led him toward his bed, falling backward onto it and pulling Heero down on top of him. He strained upward to capture Heero's lips; flipping him over as they kissed and ground his hips down so he could feel Heero's cock against his own. Their lips parted and Duo let his head fall back down onto the bed as he looked up at Heero. "Mmm.. I'm gonna take a quick shower."

Heero nodded and let out a deep breath as Duo rolled over and off of him. He propped himself up on one elbow and watched Duo remove his clothes as he walked toward the bathroom.


Duo finished his shower and sat on the edge of his bed to take care of his hair; uncoiling the braid from atop his head and brushing it out while Heero followed his head and had his turn in the shower. It had been Duo's idea for the two not to shower together. There would be too much temptation involved. Too much of Heero's wet soapy skin and the recall of how it felt beneath his fingers.

Quickly re-braiding his hair, he replaced the bulb in the lamp at his bedside with a lower wattage one. The room was significantly darker and he reached for the lampshade; tilting it to focus the light away from the bed. Duo heard Heero turn the water in the shower off and double checked that the Astroglide was still in the top drawer of his nightstand.

His heart rate had quickened considerably as the door opened and he turned to watch Heero emerge from the bathroom. "Power failure?"

"Mood lighting."

Heero smiled and walked toward the bed.

"No music?"

Duo stood and pulled Heero closer to him. "We can make our own music."

Heero groaned as Duo kissed him, grinding his bare hips against that of his equally naked lover. The contact was glorious as was the lingering scent of Heero's shampoo and Duo felt his erection firm as the two stood there lip locked. He pulled back and then leaned in to place a soft kiss on Heero's lips. "Mmm.... lay down."

Heero laid down on his back in the center of the king-sized bed and tucked both hands underneath his head as he looked over toward Duo.

Duo made a gesture with the index finger of his right hand as he spoke. "I want you on your stomach."

Heero rolled over onto his stomach and felt Duo's weight settling beside him on the bed. Duo positioned himself so that he was on his knees with one leg on either side of Heero at his at thighs. He leaned forward until his lips brushed the very base of Heero's neck. "Time for a little worshipping." Heero shivered and moaned as Duo bent to kiss the center of his back. He felt Duo's tongue against his still damp skin; the wet warmth of it traveling downward and onto first one cheek and then the other.

"Hmm.. and here I thought you Catholics only worshipped on Sunday."

Duo paused and lifted his head. "I'll have you know I'm a very religious man."

Heero's chuckle turned to an all out moan as Duo's tongue found its way into the crack of his ass. Duo used both hands to spread his cheeks apart, lightly licking at his exposed entrance. Heero tensed slightly at the initial contact and then relaxed, spreading his legs wider and lifting his hips up off the bed as Duo continued his explorations. The sensation was foreign but welcome and Heero did not stifle the urge to groan loudly as the tip his lovers wet tongue entered him; instead pushing back and being rewarded by the slippery intruders still deeper thrusts.

Duo was reminded of his own need trapped against his hard body and the silken sheets as he lay between Heero's legs and tongue fucked him. This was something he had thought about doing to Heero for the longest time. He could not help but think about the spandex shorts his lover used to wear and of how much Heero's body had changed since then; and of how Heero's ass would look now wrapped in the same tight black fabric.

Rising to his knees, Duo reached for the lube and poured some out into the palm of his hand. The temptation to just cover his cock with lube and take Heero was nearly overwhelming. Duo did not think that Heero would have minded. His decision not to was based purely on the very explicit fantasies he'd had about fucking Heero during the past few days.

"Get up onto your hands and knees for me."

Duo moved off to the side while Heero moved into position as he'd requested. "I have no intention of taking you like this." Duo brought his right hand up and smeared some of the lube over Heero's entrance before sliding one finger into it. Heero's body was relaxed and easily accepted his finger. Duo shifted so that he could watch and added a second, pushing the pair deep inside to elicit a loud moan from his lover. Heero thrust himself against Duo's hand, inviting more of the touch and asking Duo without words for what his body seemed to crave. Duo obliged, still fingering Heero even as he lowered himself down on his calves and twisted to face him.

Heero's hair was still damp from the shower and clung to the sides of his face; loose strands of chocolate crisscrossed the bronzed flesh of his high cheekbones. "Duo..."

Duo brought his mouth to Heero ear, "What is it, Baby?" he asked softly.

Heero moaned in response to the increasing pleasure Duo's fingers were giving him. "Mmmm..." Heero's hips stilled momentarily as he formulated a response to his lovers question. "... do it, Duo... fuck me."

There was only a second for Heero to register Duo shifting on the bed beside him before he heard Duo make his request. "Turn over."

Heero turned his head to watch Duo apply the lube to his cock as he eased himself down onto the bed. Duo knelt on the bed between his legs and pushed the two pillows aside before put one hand on the mattress at either side of his head. He bent forward to kiss Heero briefly, moaning as their lips parted. "I can't wait to fuck you. I want to make you come." Duo nudged Heero's legs further apart and used one hand to guide his himself to Heero's entrance. Heero bent his legs at the knees and watched the statement on Duo's face as he pushed forward to enter him.

Duo was lost to the incredible pressure and moist heat of Heero's body as it surrounded him. Heero remained motionless and quietly enthralled with his own brand of awe as Duo slid the rest of himself inside. There was surprisingly little discomfort. What there was, was outweighed by the feeling of fullness and the steady beat of Duo's excitement inside his channel.

"Jesus... It feels too fucking good."

Heero could not help but smile despite the look of desperation on Duo's face. He recalled with relative ease the first time he had been inside of Duo and knew precisely what his partner was feeling. He knew too that the urgency Duo was currently experiencing would wane and decided to pass that information on to his worried lover.

"Just stay still for a minute."

Duo's look told Heero he didn't think himself capable. "You can."

Duo nodded and closed his eyes. Heero could see Duo's breathing slow slightly as he watched the rise and fall of his chest above him. Heero's left hand crept downward over his chest toward his erection. He wrapped his fingers around it; teasing the slick head with the side of his thumb and moaning as he did. "Mmm... Open your eyes, Duo."

Heero waited patiently until sultry violet eyes met his glance. Their gaze fueled Duo's movements; a slow withdrawal and even slower push back inside. Heero raised his hips up off the bed and Duo took hold of his right leg and rested it on his shoulder before doing the same with Heero's left leg. He sunk further into Heero's body with a loud moan. "Oh God, Baby... you feel so good."

The same thought had been going through Heero's head. "So do you." Heero experimentally rotated his hips and the look on Duo's face told him his lover derived as much pleasure from the motion as he did. "Fuck me."

Duo began moving slowly at first, still getting used to the friction and pressure. Heero's hand no longer teased his erection, focusing his full attention on pace of Duo's thrusts into him and the way his hips rose up to meet each and every one. "Harder, Duo!"

Heero watched as Duo's eyes closed and he began pounding into him. The bed moved beneath them with the increased movement of their bodies and Heero reached above his head with both hands to grip at the headboard. The head of Duo's cock brushed his prostate and Heero cried out; pleading with Duo for more of the same. Duo moaned and Heero could tell that it would not be long for either one of them. He reached down and began stroking his length; tugging roughly at the rigid shaft to bring on his peak. Duo followed seconds later as Heero knew he would; his shrill cry joining Heero's as their bodies shuddered against one anothers in climax.


Over the next couple of days Duo gave further consideration to Heero's offer. There were still months before he needed to come to any kind of a decision, but Heero had planted the idea in his head and Duo found the prospect somewhat intriguing. The more he thought about it, the more merit he was able to see in it. He had initially dismissed the possibility based mainly on what he feared were his own inabilities. If Heero was willing to guide him through the intricacies once he had learned the basis, Duo thought that it was something he was willing to have a go at. The higher pay was something that appealed to him, as well as the infinitely more flexible hours and the option to devote fewer hours of his life to work.

There was only one stumbling that Duo could foresee; and it was a major one. Duo's innate need to be social.

He knew that it was not a problem for Heero and since Heero had not mentioned it while he pleaded his case, Duo thought that his lover had probably overlooked it all together. Duo was quite content to spend his evenings and weekends in solitude, mostly due to the fact that a better portion of his day was found in the company of others. He lunched regularly with his fellow employees and there was a good deal of casual conversation between those in his department throughout the rest of the day as well. It would be something that Duo knew he would miss; something that he could not fathom losing. He tried to imagine himself sitting in his apartment alone all day and frowned as he did; still not understanding how Heero was able to do it.

Rather than let himself get too worked up over it, Duo decided he would bring it up to Heero tonight over dinner and pushed all further thoughts of it from his mind.


Duo arrived home from work on Friday night at 6:30 to a home-cooked meal and the welcoming embrace of his lover. Heero had spoiled him this week; not only by preparing dinner, but by the attention he showered him with. Duo found that it had been very easy to get used to having Heero there. Their week together had suffered from little of the awkwardness he had feared it might. Heero had more tolerance for some of bad habits than Duo imagined he would; not that he had failed to mention them.

His plans to speak with Heero that night were derailed for the time being with his lovers news.

"Relena called today."


"Things are moving ahead rather quickly."

Heero glanced up at Duo once he'd spoke. He sensed that while the news was what Duo was looking to hear, he knew there would be apprehension in his eyes; even if he didn't fully understand why.

Duo picked Heero's brain for the duration of the meal; basically prodding Heero to recall everything that Relena had said to him and adding to it his own take of the situation. Once it became clear that they exhausted the subject, Duo brought up to Heero what he had been thinking about.

"I think maybe I'd like to have a go at the computer thing."

Heero could not have been more shocked at Duo's announcement and his face revealed just that.

Duo smiled. "Wait. There's more..."

Heero nodded and gave Duo his full attention.

"There is one thing that really bothers me."

"Only one?"

Duo winked. "Yeah, but it's a biggie."

Heero was sure that whatever it was could be worked out. He had not thought that Duo would give his offer further consideration until the time drew nearer as Duo had led him to believe. That he had pleased Heero. "Shoot."

Duo's revelation did not surprise Heero. He was very much aware of how his lover seemed to thrive on human interaction. He accepted it as fact although he did not understand it. He had not given any thought to what he could now see was a formidable issue. It was a more than subtle reminder of how vastly different their personalities were and of the unseen hurdles that still lie ahead.

"See what I mean, Heero? It's fine for you, but I think I'd go nuts. I honestly don't know how you do it."

Heero felt a bit foolish for making the assumption that his company alone would be satisfactory to Duo. He had planned on spending every other week on L2 with Duo until either himself or Duo brought up the possibility of the two of them living together on L1; but he could see now that even that would probably not be enough.

He was, after all, asking Duo to make a huge concession in his lifestyle while not asking anything of himself. There were several possibilities that Heero was able to come up with off the bat. None of them alone, he thought, were substantial enough to totally relay Duo's fears, but the combination and his willingness to make allowances for Duo's need he hoped would be.

His clients would be more than pleased to have bimonthly meetings. Heero thought that Duo could take over that aspect of the business completely. He would not mind giving it up. They would also be taking on additional clients; furthering the need for Duo to be out in the field and perhaps they could offer a monthly training seminar for those firms who chose to monitor their systems in-house as well.

He also assured Duo that they would socialize more and even relented to Duo's somewhat ridiculous demand that he start doing his own food shopping.

"So you're okay with it then?"

Duo smiled and stood, reseating himself on Heero's lap with both arms wrapped around Heero's neck. "I think it might work." He leaned forward to kiss Heero and felt Heero's hands on his waist as the kiss became more intense. Duo pulled back. "Mmm... there is one more thing."

Heero laced his fingers together behind Duo's back. "Another one?" Heero asked jokingly.

"I think I'd like it if you cooked dinner for me in the nude from now on."

Heero leaned up to kiss his grinning lover. "Totally naked?"

Duo paused to give Heero's question some thought. "Hmm... maybe just an apron."

"I can do that." Heero assured him.

"A short frilly white one?" Duo asked hopefully.

Heero gave Duo a sharp smack on his behind, resulting in something that was a cross between a yelp and a chuckle.

"Not a friggen chance."