more weirdness that belongs to the 'and time found me here' series.

this is the third fic of i don't know how many. this particular part requires that you read the first two in order to fully understand what is happening here... that will not always be the case. some of the fics will stand alone.

this is unlike anything i've ever written and there is nothing to be taken for granted here. this is not the time to be making assumptions.

i'll ask that you please take a moment to read the additional note in the header before reading this. there are hints in this part of things to come.


disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment. this shouldn't come as any big surprise.
title: morning came too soon
series: third story of 'and time found me here'
author: jana
rating: PG
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, POV, odd
spoilers: no
pairings: 1X2X1

note: this takes place immediately following 'moments before dawn' . you should really read the the first two parts of this if you expect to understand what is happening here.

really important note: heero may seem OOC in this part.... and in upcoming ones as well. this takes place in the future and while i haven't shown a timeline as of yet, i shall shortly. i hope you will try to keep an open mind about how i've chosen to portray him in this fic and see it as how i project his character to have developed given the circumstances..... as opposed to me just being off the wall... which is a stong possibilty *g*



morning came too soon
by jana


"i never wanted to leave..."

i froze.

i'd said that.... aloud.

they were my words.... in my voice; its tone irritatingly calm.

they were the first words that came to mind; i should have left them there.

i looked over at heero... he seemed unaffected.... perhaps even pleased.

maybe it wasn't a mistake.....

or maybe he hadn't heard me.

he eased himself from my arms and rolled over to sit on the edge of the mattress.

i stretched out onto the newly vacated part of the bed.... it was still warm... it still smelled of heero.

"did you sleep well?"

i looked to where he sat and noted his posture; head lowered...... both fists clenched in his lap.

we were both tense and uneasy... it was as expected.

"yeah, just not long enough."

he stood and entered the bathroom; turning toward me once inside. "go back to sleep. i'll wake you when i'm done."

the door closed... the lock clicked.

i stared for a moment at where he had stood; reconciling his words with the statement on his face.... and his body language. i struggled to grasp the meaning behind them... there was one... that much i knew.

i rolled over onto my stomach and buried my hands beneath the pillow; his image framed in the doorway vivid behind my closed eyes. his fists loosened and shoulders dropped as he spoke; it was relief.... he didn't want to talk about it either.

the sound of steady running water saw me into sleep; when i stirred he was standing motionless over me.

he might have woken me.. i couldn't say for sure and he gave no indication.

"what time is it?"

"just before noon."

i seated myself on the edge of the bed where he stood and looked up at him. he held a folded set of crisp white sheets in his left hand.

"i need to change the sheets."

i looked up; confused.

he looked down; expectant.

i stood and watched from across the room as he stripped the bed before carefully remaking it.


he finished and bent to pick up the soiled linens; rolling them tightly into a cylinder. without acknowledging me, he exited the room.

i followed him downstairs and into the kitchen; still naked as i watched him stuff the sheets into a large white trash bag.

he paused and turned toward me; i cocked my head.

he tied the white tabs into a large knot.

he looked away and stepped outside the partially opened door.. depositing the bag into the metal trash can just outside.


//he had to have heard me.//

i reached out and grabbed his wrist; turning him toward me. "heero!"

"i always change the sheets after you leave."

the side door slammed shut.

i moved to stand in front of him; lifting his chin as he stood staring down at his shoes.

i swallowed hard as our eyes met; embracing him... for reassurance; for both of us.... his arms remained at his side.

i stepped back. "i'm going to go take a shower."

his gaze was still on me. "i'll make breakfast."

i nodded and leaned forward to kiss his forehead. "i'm going to go and get my things after we eat. i'd like it if you came with me."

i didn't wait for a response.

i showered quickly; returning to the kitchen just 20 minutes later.

seating myself across the table from him, we ate breakfast in silence.

heero rose to clear the table and i studied him as he did so..... each carefully calculated movement... and the solemn statement he held.

my brow furrowed as i watched him; i'd done this.

he seated himself again when he was done; his eyes didn't meet mine "will she be there?"

i lowered my head; my hands involuntarily tightening into fists beneath the table.

"will she?"

he sounded too much like a frightened child; i cringed.

one year of silence.....

i raised my head to look up at heero.

my heart screamed and i took a deep breath.

it took me far too long to find my voice.

"there is no she."

i barely caught the slight shift in his statement.

i repeated myself..... for myself.

because it felt good to say it.

and because i sensed the heero needed to hear it again.

"there is no more she."

they were my words.... in my voice.

and he'd heard them.