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title: momentary lapse of reason
rating: *this fic is not yet rated*
author: jana
archive: shinigami & wing
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warnings for entire fic: shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, small lemon-ish spots(?), AU (AC 200)
spoilers: none
pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.
notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::


Momentary Lapse of Reason
Part 11

Tuesday morning found Duo showing signs of the wear from the previous days flurry of activity. A good portion of the day had been spent trying to absorb the tremendous amount of information that was being presented to him. He found himself at ease with each of the four young men he had met yesterday, easily dismissing the trepidation he was hindered by early on in their meeting.

As was suggested during Duo's meeting with the staff psychologist, Heero would be returning this morning, bringing with him tangible evidence of Duo's past. He thought about the he time spent with his friends last evening and was pleased as he could see the pieces of his life beginning to fit together. He was anticipating Heero's return and the additional insight his visit would offer.


Several days had passed, Duo taking the four young men into his confidence with ease. Discussions of how the five had met came and went, tales of their war experiences allowing Duo to further comprehend the tight bond he sensed existed between the five.

Heero arrived on Friday morning to find Duo sitting in the chair beside his bed. "Morning, Duo."

Duo looked up as Heero entered the room "Good Morning, Heero. You're just in time." He smiled, offering the brush toward the cobalt-eyed young man. "Mind?"

Heero walked toward him, noting that Duo's hair was unbound and wet. "Shower?" he asked, taking the brush in hand.

"Yup. Bout time too." Duo smiled. "They took the stitches out last night."

Heero looked down at the small bald patch on the back of Duo's head, recalling Dr. Skinert's promise. "I'll be careful."

Duo had sensed a particular closeness between Quatre and Trowa. It wasn't just the physical contact they made in all of the pictures that he had been shown, thought that was certainly part of it. There were glances and small knowing smiles he witnessed the two exchanging as the five engaged in conversation during the last few days.

Relaxing back into the chair as Heero began brushing his hair, Duo spoke. "So? What's the deal with Quatre and Trowa?"

Heero paused his strokes. The four had decided on not bringing the relationship out into the open just yet and Heero; having noted no obvious displays of affection amongst the two, was quite surprised by Duo's observation. "They are very close." Heero replied, assured his answer would in no way satisfy Duo's naturally curious mind.

Continuing his task, Heero smiled as Duo's shoulders dropped in mild frustration. "Yes, I can see that. Are they lovers?"

"That they are." Heero returned.

"Cool." Duo replied. "Since the war?"


Duo had noticed something else he flipped through the various photo albums several nights ago. There was rarely a picture where he was not standing beside the young man who now stood behind him. One photograph in particular came to mind and the image of the five boys in tight black flight suits returned, causing him to smile. He stood beside Heero in that one as well, his gloved hand resting on his friends shoulder.

He recalled his reaction when he first saw it, taken back by they way his eyes as if by their own volition washed over Heero's thin, yet muscular form. He couldn't help but wonder if he had been attracted to him back then and smiled as he thought about how kind the years had been to Heero, transforming him into the stunningly beautiful man he was today.



"Did I have a lover? A girfriend?" he asked, hopefully "A boyfriend?"

Heero looked over at Duo to find a mild smirk on his face. "Neither."

Duo chuckled. "A hermit no doubt."

Heero smiled at the characterization that did anything but describe the violet-eyed young man. "Hardly. There was Hilde though…… during the war."

"The girl with the short black hair?"


"Hmmmm….What happened to her? After the war I mean." Duo asked.

"She stayed on L-2. She runs a scrap business there. You worked with her for a time." Heero offered.

"I'm just guessing here, but if I liked her, I most likely would have stayed with her on L-2." Tilting his head up and back, Duo looked up at Heero. "Wouldn't you agree, Heero?" Duo asked.

Heero looked down at Duo. He knew exactly where Duo intended this line of questioning to lead. "Yes….I suppose so." Heero replied, "Put your head back down…. I'm almost done."

Duo lowered his head, unable to place the statement on Heero's face. Heero listened carefully as Duo spoke. He had been avoiding the issue and the young man seated before him would have nothing of it.

"Was there anyone special I was interested in?"

Heero remained silent.

This was Duo.

Duo chuckled. "Are you always this tough to get answers from?"

Yes. This was definitely Duo.

"Depends on the question." Heero replied. "Want me to braid your hair?"

"If you don't mind."

Heero loosely grasped Duo's hair, separating the thick wet chestnut into three equal sections. "You have a tie?"

Duo held up a small red band and Heero nodded, gently entwining the smaller masses of hair neatly into their familiar braid.

Relaxing back as Heero's hands moved through his hair, Duo closed his eyes and pictured Heero's face, again attempting to read the statement he had seen there earlier. "I've more questions." Duo spoke, tilting his head back once again. "And you don't need be so nervous about answering them, Heero..." he continued, smiling at the now stoic young man behind him. "I won't bite."

"Head down, Duo." Heero responded. "And I'm not nervous."

Duo focused his gaze straight ahead and Heero completed his task. "Tie."

Duo offered the red elastic band to the outstretched hand beside his head and Heero tied the end of the braid off. "There. All done."

Heero sat on the edge of Duo's bed, looking toward him.

"Thank you." Duo smiled, reaching back to run his hand down the length of his twisted hair. "You did a good job, Heero."

"I've done it once or twice before…. during the war… when you were injured." Heero replied.

Duo smiled as Heero spoke. There was considerable hesitation in his admission and Duo got the sense that he was somehow apologizing, feeling it necessary to explain his actions. "So. Was there ever anything between us… like there is with Quatre and Trowa?"

The surprise was clear on Heero's face even through the blush that now covered it.

Duo laughed lowly. "First you were nervous, now you're surprised and embarrassed. I seem to be pulling all sorts of emotions from you today, Heero."

Heero nodded and stood, "Yes. You are." He smiled. "And in answer to your question…. No. There was nothing between us."

A look of disappointment shot quickly across Duo's face. Lowering his head, he closed his eyes and softly apologized. "Sorry. I must have misread things. It just seemed that…never mind."


Momentary Lapse of Reason
Part 12

It had been 10 days since Duo woke from his coma. Heero continued to spend a better part of each day rebuilding their relationship. During the evenings and on weekends, Heero deferred his time spent with Duo to Quatre, Trowa and Wufei, allowing them to spend as much time as possible with their braided friend.

Wednesday morning found the four young men seated at the kitchen table.

"I'm taking an indefinite leave of absence from work." Heero announced.

His words were met with three sets of wide eyes.

"Heero?" Quatre questioned. "Why? Duo seems to be coming along just fine."

"He will need someone to help care for him though, Quatre." Wufei added. "Especially after he comes home."

"We can get a nurse for that." Quatre replied curtly, looking in Heero's direction. "It shouldn't be Heero's responsibility to take care of him."

Heero looked sharply up at Quatre. There was no reason he should understand, the tone of his voice rubbing Heero the wrong way nonetheless. "Duo is not a responsibility. "

"I didn't mean it like that, Heero." the blonde replied, looking over at Trowa.

"I think what Quatre means, Heero, is that you have been spending a great deal of time with Duo and you could probably use a break. He is making great progress."

Heero stood and placed his hands on the back of his chair, pushing it back under the table. "He is making great progress because I am there with him….. not some stranger."

Quatre looked over at Heero, the look in his eyes unsettling the blonde. "Yes, Heero…. that is true, but…"

"No buts…. Are you going to inform Lady Une of my decision or should I?" Heero asked.

Quatre nodded and Heero turned to exit the room, leaving three very confused young men to follow his retreat.


The three sat in silence for several minutes after Heero had left the room.

"What was that all about?" Quatre inquired.

"I think he's a bit on edge. He has been through a lot with Duo these past few weeks…. more so than the rest of us." Wufei added.

"He could have asked for help." Quatre replied.

"I don't think he wanted help, little one." Trowa told the blonde "He's certainly made it clear he doesn't want any now."

"Do you think we should have offered him more support?" Quatre began. "I mean… we did kind of just throw this all at him. He was pretty hesitant in the beginning……."

"He is more than capable of handling it. We all know Heero well enough to know that if he didn't want to do this, he wouldn't be." Wufei told them.

Quatre and Trowa nodded.

"He seemed kind of ….I don't know…possessive? Didn't he?" Quatre asked as he looked at the others, trying to gauge their response. "Or was it just me?"

"I think protective would be a better word, Quatre…. and yes.. he did." Trowa replied, smiling at his lover.

"Yes…. protective…" Quatre agreed. "I suppose that's understandable…"


Heero had decided against his standard a.m. visit with Duo given his current frame of mind, instead spending a good part of the morning handling various tasks around the house he had let fall by the wayside while he tended to Duo. The discussion held over breakfast had perturbed him.

Quatre's assertion that Heero could possibly view Duo as some sort of burden angered him. Heero clenched his fists as he replayed the blonde's words over in his head. The fact that none of them knew his true feelings for the braided young man played little part in the general feeling the conversation left him with. Aside from allowing an occasional intervention by Sally, the five had rarely relied on outsiders to take care of one of their own in the past.

The fact that Duo was in need of long-term assistance didn't change that….. he couldn't imagine how anyone could think it would.


Heero hurried about the house, the routine chores allowing him to calm down before he left for the hospital. Grabbing his jacket from his hall closet, He prepared to exit the house, pausing at the front door as the telephone rang.


"Hey, Heero. It's me." Heero envisioned the smile on Duo's face.

"Morning, Duo. I'm on my way there now. I had some things here at home to take care of."

"No problem, Heero." Duo replied. "Take your time."

"Since I have you on the line…anything you want me to bring you?" Heero asked.

"How about some clothes? I'm coming home today."


Momentary Lapse of Reason
Part 13

Had this morning been like most others, Heero would have found himself dialing the phone after having hung up from his short talk with Duo, instead, it found him standing in the center of Duo's bedroom.

He had been there many times this past week, each morning taking something of Duo's with him to the hospital. It had indeed proved to be an asset in his healing. Heero smiled as he looked around the room, knowing that Duo would soon be there, returning the clamor of life back to the now emotionless space.

Heero placed a loose black t-shirt and a pair of black sweatpants on the bed and grabbed Duo's jacket, folding and placing that onto the bed as well. Collecting anything else he thought Duo might need, Heero reached up, pulling a small suitcase from the top shelf of the closet. Setting everything neatly inside, he zipped it and headed for the car, his thoughts of calling the others to let them know Duo was coming home purposefully ignored.


Arriving at the hospital at 12:15, Heero made his way into the administrative offices, signing the paperwork necessary for Duo's discharge. Handed a folder of instructions on the aftercare required for Duo's injuries, Heero made his way up to Duo's room.

Dr. Skinert stood beside Duo as he clumsily held the crutches; his right arm still in it's lengthy cast. "You'll get the hang of it." she smiled, her arm guiding him forward as he inched his way across the room.

Heero watched from the doorway unnoticed, smiling at Duo's newfound mobility, noting the braided young man was pleased with it as well. Watching as Duo successfully completed crossing the room, Heero lightly applauded.

"Hey Heero." Duo smiled, turning to face him. "I'm mobile!"

"I can see that." Heero returned, setting the suitcase down just inside the room.

"I forgot to mention that Dr. Skinert needed to talk to you earlier, Heero. Umm.... I hope it's not a problem." Duo told him, worrying slightly on his lower lip.

"We need to arrange homecare for Duo, Heero. He is not ready to be left alone." Dr. Skinert warned. "The nurses will be more than happy to provide you with a list of reputable home assistants."

"I've already seen to that." Heero began, picking up the small suitcase. Placing it down on the bed, Heero unzipped it and removed the pair of sweatpants and t-shirt. Crossing the room, Heero took the crutches from Duo and holding them with one hand, wrapped his other around Duo's waist and brought him over to the bed, gently seating him. Pulling the chair closer to the edge of the bed, Heero rested the heavy cast down onto it and looked over at Dr. Skinert. "I'm more than capable of taking care of him."

Dr. Skinert crossed the room and took the clipboard from the end of the bed. Clicking the end of the pen, she looked up to meet with the fierce determination and concern in Heero's cobalt eyes. Dr Skinert signed her name to the bottom of the release form she held and removing the pink copy, offered it toward him. "Yes, Heero. I've no doubt that you are." she smiled. "I'll need to see him in my office in a week."

"Thank you, Dr. Skinert." Heero smiled. "Can you have someone send up a wheelchair for him in 15 minutes?"

She nodded and exited the room, leaving Heero to devote his full attention to the beautiful young man who sat smiling at him from the bed.


It was no easy task transporting his cast-laden patient into the house. Heero had opted not to let Duo use the crutches, instead allowing him to lean heavily on him as the two made their way into the house. Once inside the foyer, Heero kicked the door closed with his foot and guided Duo into the den, bending to seat him sideways on the couch so that his right leg was supported.

Standing, Heero looked down at Duo. "Welcome home."

Duo smiled weakly. The morning had been filled with much excitement, the anticipation of being released from the hospital outweighing all other thoughts. But now here he was with Heero in this strange place.... his 'home'. He wasn't sure how he was supposed to react, but he was certain it wasn't supposed to be with fear..... which is exactly what Duo Maxwell was feeling.

"Is everything okay, Duo?" Heero asked, the wary look on his friend's face alerting him that something was wrong. Giving Duo several moments to respond, Heero finally sat beside him on the couch. "Duo?" Heero asked again.

Duo let his eyes wash over the contents the large room they were in, taking in each detail of its decor. He studied several items more carefully as if straining to force recognition. He knew he was supposed to be familiar with them, but he was unable to make any sort of connection. "I still can't remember..... I want to....." Duo started, turning toward Heero. "I'm trying so hard...... but I just can't."

Before he even realized it, instinct had taken over and Heero found himself embracing Duo, further surprised as Duo's uninjured arm surrounded him in return.

The two allowed the moments to pass in silence, Heero moving back feeling the Duo relax in his arms. "It's a big adjustment, Duo. Just try to give it some time." Heero told him. Duo looked up at Heero, forcing a smile and nodding at him. "Tired?" Heero asked, brushing away several long strands of hair that had come loose from his braid. Violet eyes answered his question and Heero rose, assisting Duo in coming to an upright position. "Unfortunately..."Heero started. "All the bedrooms are on the second floor." His small smile widening as Duo offered his own in return.


It was a struggle reaching the upper landing and Duo was fairly exhausted as Heero adjusted his grasp to carry more of his weight. With one arm holding Duo's waist tightly, Heero brought Duo's left arm to lie over his shoulder. "Ready?" he asked. Duo nodded and the two continued down the hallway, pausing outside of Duo's bedroom door. His free hand reached forward to open the door and the two stepped inside, immediately crossing the room to stand beside the bed. "We made it." Duo smiled.

Heero had not given any thought nor taken any action regarding his intentions to capture Duo's heart the past 10 days, instead concentrating only on Duo's recovery and mental well-being. With the healing process well under way and Duo held close to him, Heero's train of thought shifted to his deepening desire for the violet-eyed boy.

More relaxed and standing motionless, Duo felt Heero's arm tighten around his waist. Reveling in the feel of Heero's closeness, he closed his eyes, relaxing further into the body beside him.

Duo was absolutely certain that he was not misreading the situation this time.


Momentary Lapse of Reason
Part 14

Loosening his embrace on Duo, Heero used one hand to steady him while he turned down the blankets of Duo's bed. Guiding his charge to a seated position, Heero removed Duo's shoe and stood. "Can you manage to lie down?"

Duo nodded and moved back onto the bed, shifting his full weight vertically onto the mattress before scooting into the center of the bed. Heero watched as Duo brought himself to a fully reclined position, aware of the discomfort the simple movements were causing him. "Would you like to take something for the pain?" Heero asked.

Duo offered him a weak smile in answer to his question.

"I'll be right back."

Returning minutes later, Heero sat a glass of water on the nightstand beside Duo's bed. Retrieving several small brown bottles from Duo's suitcase, Heero read each label before setting them down on the dresser. "It's Tylenol 3 with Codeine. Not as strong as what they have been giving you in the hospital." Heero commented, emptying two of the small white tablets into the palm of his hand.

"That's fine." Duo returned, propping himself up on one elbow as Heero made his way over to the bed. Handing Duo the Tylenol, Heero reached for the glass of water, offering it to him after he had placed the tablets in his mouth. "You should feel better in about 20 minutes."

Duo lie back down and looked to where Heero stood. "Stay with me until I fall asleep?"

Heero smiled and nodded before crossing the room to sit at Duo's desk, turning the chair to face him.

"When will Quatre, Trowa and Wufei get home?" Duo asked.

Heero looked down at his watch. "In about 3 hours. At 5:00." Heero replied. "Dinner is at 6:00. You should be well rested by then."

Duo nodded and his eyes began searching the room, his gaze pausing every now and then as he took in his surroundings. "Where is your room, Heero?" he asked, his eyes on Heero now.

"Just down the hall. I'm going to pick up a pair walkie-talkies later on, so that you can call me if you need anything."

"I was wondering about that. What about at night?" Duo asked.

"You can call anytime you need something. Day or night." Heero replied, looking toward Duo.

Duo's eyes closed, his voice almost a whisper. "Oh…."

He knew that Duo was not pleased with his response. "Duo?"

"Mm?" he responded, eyes still closed.

"What's wrong?"

Violet eyes opened slowly to look toward Heero. "I was hoping that you would stay here at night…. with me." He started. "But as long as I can call you, it's okay."

Heero pondered Duo's reply for a moment. There was constant activity at the hospital, both inside and outside his room, the scene very different from the one he now found himself in. The young man was not used to being alone…… especially in a strange place.

"Would you like me to move my bed in here for a while?" Heero asked.

Duo's eyes brightened and he nodded. "That would be perfect, Heero. Thank you."


In his room, Heero disassembled his bed, propping the mattress and box spring up against the wall. Carrying the metal frame down the hall, he left it outside of Duo's room, entering to find Duo out of bed.

"I had to go to the bathroom." He replied sheepishly to Heero's gaze.

Heero smiled and set about rearranging the furniture to make way for his bed, watching Duo out of the corner of his eye. His movements seemed to be more fluid now, the medication finally kicking in. "I'll be done here shortly, then you can get some rest." He told him.

Setting up the bed frame, Heero attached the headboard and retrieved both the box spring and mattress, lowering them onto their frame. Having completed the tiring task, Heero sat for a moment on the edge of his bed, smiling as he looked over at his now sleeping friend.

Rising to cover him, Heero bent and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. "Rest well, Duo."

Crossing the room, Heero exited and quietly closed the door behind him.

Violet eyes opened as the door lock clicked into place. "I will, Heero.", Duo whispered, bringing his hand up to his forehead where Heero's lips had touched him. "I will……"


Since leaving Duo asleep in his bed, Heero had kept himself occupied doing various chores around the house. He was unaccustomed to having so much spare time, and it took a conscious effort to fill the void. After checking in on Duo at 5:00, Heero entered the kitchen to prepare dinner. He had little to no experience in cooking, but for lack of anything better to do, he decided to try his hand at it.

Heero was in the midst of setting the table for their evening meal when Trowa entered the kitchen. "Heero?" he began "Why aren't you at the hospital? Is everything okay?" he asked with surprise. Quatre and Wufei had made their way into the room to stand behind Trowa; the two equally as concerned judging by the statement on their faces.

Heero smiled as he looked up at his three friends. "Everything is fine." he started, immediately putting their fears to rest. "I'm not at the hospital, because Duo came home today."

Heero smiled as he watched the three young men react to the news, joining them in the soft sighs and laughter that filled the large room.


Momentary Lapse of Reason
Part 15

"So where is he now?" Wufei asked.

"He is upstairs in his room, sleeping." Heero began, enjoying hearing those words as he pictured Duo asleep in his bed. "It was a rough morning for him physically....." Heero lowered his eyes. "and he's been a bit uncomfortable since I brought him home. I think he expected that something would be familiar to him when he got here..... nothing yet though." Heero finished, his tone soft as recalled Duo's anguish earlier in the day.

Wufei looked around the kitchen. "You cooked, Heero?" smiling at his cobalt-eyed friend as he nodded. "I hope Duo's going to join us for dinner. Shall I go wake him?" he asked.

"Yes. I'll finish up in here. Dinner should be ready in ten minutes." Heero replied. "At least I think it will be...."

"Smells wonderful. Need any help, Heero?" Quatre asked.

"Thank you. Everything is under control." Heero responded.

"I'm going to go get changed. Be back in a few minutes." the blonde told him.

Trowa followed Quatre out of the room. "Be right back."


Wufei opened the door to Duo's bedroom slowly, his eyes meeting with Duo's, surprised to find his braided friend standing in the center of the room. "I came to wake you up for dinner." Wufei smiled. "Need some help?" he asked, watching Duo's unsteady gait as he crossed the room.

"No, I'm fine for now. Thanks, Wufei and dinner sounds great." Duo replied, smiling as he made his way toward the raven-haired young man. "I am going to need some help with the steps though."

"No problem, Duo." he replied, opening the door out into the hallway.

While Duo had yet to regain his memory, Wufei found the sight of walking behind his friend a comforting one. He made no attempt to suppress his wide smile watching the familiar chestnut braid sway from side to side as he made his way down the hallway of their home.


Duo was unable to provide his standard chatter and cheer during the meal, but his presence evoked more than enough conversation. Much to Heero's disappointment, Wufei had taken the seat next to Duo and was providing him with all the assistance he required, continuing his earlier task of caring for Duo since he had returned home.

"This is really good, Heero." Trowa commented, looking up at him.

Heero nodded at smiled. "Thank you. It was easier than I thought." Heero returned.

"What made you decide to cook dinner, Heero?" Quatre asked, rarely having seen Heero more than heat up frozen dinners in the past.

Heero looked up at Quatre. "Boredom." He smiled, his eyes meeting with Duo's. "You were sleeping." He replied in answer to the hurt he saw in his eyes. Duo smiled weakly in return, lowering his head as he continued eating his dinner.

Duo remained silent throughout the rest of the meal, accepting Wufei's help, wondering if Heero had already grown weary of caring for him.

The four seated at the table were his entire world right now. He had grown considerably close to Heero. :: perhaps too close :: Duo admitted that it was most likely because of the amount of time he had spent with him. He had no idea of how things were before. He had just assumed that there had always been something special between the two of them, despite Heero's denial.

But it wasn't Heero who sat beside him now, nor was it the cobalt-eyed young man who had come to wake him earlier. Duo recognized that he needed to relinquish any pre-conceived notions he had formed about his prior relationships with the four young men. He looked up at Wufei and smiled warmly, unaware of the glare sent in their direction from the other end of the table.


Trowa and Quatre's offer to clean up after dinner was accepted with thanks, leaving the remaining three to ponder the balance of the evening.

"Anything in particular you want to do tonight, Duo?" Heero asked.

"A movie perhaps?" Wufei asked, helping Duo from his chair.

"Movie sounds fine." Duo replied, accepting Wufei's offer of assistance making his way into the den.

Heero followed the two inside, seating himself next to Duo on the couch as Wufei made his way across the room to the huge collection of movies the wall unit held. "How about something light? A comedy?" he asked, holding up a tape.

Duo nodded. "That's fine." He replied, looking over at Heero. "You're awfully quiet tonight, Heero. Is something wrong?" Duo asked. Heero shook his head in response, his gaze still fixed on some unidentified object across the room. Duo lowered his head for a moment, sighing in frustration.

Wufei seated himself on the other side of Duo. "This used to be one of your favorite movies." He began. "'A Fish Called Wanda'." [3] Duo smiled as Wufei provided the insight and settled back to watch, curious to see another piece of the puzzle fall into place.


"Did you see the look Heero gave Wufei and Duo during dinner?" Quatre asked.

Trowa paused, dish towel and plate in hand and looked over at Quatre. "It was a glare."

Quatre nodded. "Definitely a glare. Part of the whole protective thing I guess."

It was Trowa's turn to nod. "Let's go inside." He spoke, taking his lover by the hand as they crossed the room. "Did Heero tell you that Duo knows about the two of us? That we are a couple?"

Quatre paused, looking up at the green-eyed young man. "No. When did this happen? I thought we agreed not to tell him anything about it yet."

Trowa smiled. "Heero didn't tell him. Duo figured it out on his own." Trowa smiled, gently kissing the blonde.

"I guess it's kinda hard to hide it." Quatre smiled, squeezing Trowa's hand.


Heero relaxed back into the cushioned sofa and closed his eyes. It had been a long day and while it was only 7:30, Heero was certain he could sleep through the night. He had planned on going out this evening as promised to get the walkie-talkies, but seeing as he was now spending the night in Duo's room; he pushed the task off until tomorrow.

Waking several minutes later, startled by the sound of hearty laughter, Heero rose and excused himself. "I think I'm going to bed. It's been a long day." he started. "I'll see you all in the morning. Goodnight."

Duo tried to focus on the movie and while he found himself enjoying it, Heero's departure unsettled him. It was the first time that Duo was alone with the others, suddenly finding himself staring at the doorway Heero had just exited through. Uncomfortable as he felt requesting assistance from them, Duo spoke. "I think I'm going to head up to bed myself. " Duo rose slowly from the couch, immediately finding Quatre and Trowa by his side. "Thanks." he offered, two sets of hands guiding him from the room. "Goodnight, Wufei." Duo called, smiling as Wufei waved toward him.


"Is everything okay, Duo?" Quatre asked as the three made their way up the stairs. "You seem bothered by something."

Duo shook his head. "I think that I've done something to upset Heero." Duo answered softly, mounting a few more steps before continuing. "Maybe it's just that he's had enough of babysitting me."

Quatre looked over at Trowa, the glance behind Duo's back prompting a nod from the taller young man. "I'll talk with him about it tomorrow, Duo. We can get a nurse in to help if it's too much for him."

Duo smiled. "Thank you."

Trowa opened the door and Quatre helped Duo across the darkened room. "I can handle things from here." Duo replied. "See you in the morning and thanks again." Duo sighed. His pride was hurting. He found himself teary eyed as he recalled how many times he had uttered the words 'thank you' today... not just only today. He knew this wasn't part of who he had been nor a part of whoever he was at the moment, it was a temporary need, his dependency on his four friends frustrating him nonetheless. "I'd like you to call about that nurse in the morning, Quatre, if you wouldn't mind."

Heero's eyes shot open. "NO!"

Quatre and Trowa turned their heads sharply at hearing Heero's voice.

Heero sat on the edge of his bed, staring at the three poised in the center of the room.

Pale blue eyes narrowed as they faced him. "Heero. What are you doing in here?"


Author's Note:

[3] This is a FABULOUS movie with much of the cast of Monty Python. One of my personal favorites.