disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment.
title: mercury rising
author: jana
cumulative: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, AU, light angst, POV in later parts, OOC (depends), citrus in various forms (too long a list to mention)
spoilers: you're kidding....right?
pairings: 2+1, 1X1, 2X2, 2X1 it's heero and duo, folks. do i ever write anything else?!?!
notes: my muses took off on this one. i'm trying to keep them in character as much as possible given the obvious total rewrite of their pasts. this was *supposed* to be another PWP, but it took on a life of its own and ended up to be fairly long and i'm pretty sure it's not a pwp anymore, but i'm unable to put my finger on exactly what it is. *sweatdrops* it is also the first time i've attempted to write a fic where heero and duo are NOT heero and duo... meaning there was no war and that they grew up having lived relatively normal lives; very much unlike their soldier counterparts. it is also my first attempt at a strict 2X1.

summary: heero and duo are both 20 and in college and it is summertime. they don't know each other.. but they will.

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Mercury Rising
Part 17


Little withstood the upheaval of my parents arrival home. I attempted to make some sense of it all before coming to the conclusion that none of it mattered.

The pointless thoughts I chose to fill my head with succeeded in distracting me from what should have been the primary focus. In two weeks I would be returning to Princeton; back to my apartment and back to school. But nothing beyond that would be the same; ever again.

What was it that had happened to me this summer?

I supposed it was indeed some kind of awakening; I guessed that it was probably something that happened to most during puberty. This whatever had happened was in no way limited to a sexual nature; the effects meeting Duo had on me were so much more far reaching than that. As cliche as it sounds it was like 'finding myself' or at least I was on the track to self-discovery; I hadn't even known I was lost.

My mind drifted back to our third encounter... to our drawing session.

I had admitted to him then that being in his company made me feel comfortable with myself. It seemed a rather simplistic explanation of what I was feeling at the time, but I realize now that it was in actuality the entire gist of it. It wasn't intentional. He wasn't trying to do anything... yet he had. He had shown me enough of something that I'd not known existed and even if I had, I doubt I would have suspected that any of it could have applied to me. I couldn't have been more wrong.... or more pleased by my own error.

It was nearly an epiphany.


Though not so many words were used, it was clear that neither one of us felt comfortable indulging in our activities with such fervor now that my parents were in the picture. I had no intention of completely abandoning what we had spent the past 5 weeks enjoying; his company nor the sex and I didn't sense that he did either. There would just be a lot less time spent in each others company. We never spoke of it; it just sort of happened.

It was nearly a week before we found ourselves alone again.

Duo has casually mentioned over dinner that he had rented a movie and asked me if I wanted to watch it with him. While things had cooled down between us, we were still fairly friendly with one another and when in the company of my parents as well. It didn't seem like an odd request for him to make; nor a strange invitation for me to accept. And so I did.

Duo had left the kitchen right after our evening meal, asking me if 10:00 was a good time for me to come over on his way out the back door. It was a little late, but he was well aware that my folks turned in early; reinforcing what I believed the main purpose of his invite was.

I busied myself until 9:55 and made my way toward the guest house. The door opened before I'd had a chance to lift my hand to knock. I returned Duo's smile and stepped inside. He seated himself on the couch and I followed him into the living area; seating myself in the chair. "What movie did you rent?" I was certain the movie wasn't all that was on his agenda, but figured it would be there.

"Zero Two does Zero One... Part Three."

Okay, so I was wrong. I smirked. "Can't say I've heard of that one. Any good?"

"I think it might be even better than the first two. Third time's a charm." he winked.

"So I've heard."

His gaze met mine and he patted the empty space on the couch beside him. I rose and seated myself beside him. "You into it?"

A small shiver ran up my spine at his words; a tingling sensation centering around my groin as well. I'd been thinking about it since dinner... since he'd invited me here. I turned toward him and brought my one leg over his; seating myself on his upper thighs to face him. "Definitely."

He closed the distance between us and my open mouth accepted his tongue; the two meeting each other with urgent force. His both arms surrounded me, crushing my chest to his. I brought my hands up to thread through his hair and pulled myself back from the kiss. It was clear that we both wanted the same thing. "Take me right here.... right like this." I pushed my hips forward as I made my request, letting him feel my hard excitement against his stomach.

He reached down between us to straighten himself and took hold of my bottom, pulling me toward him so that our erections met. It felt nice, I'd missed it; but I wanted him inside me. "Why don't you go get the lube." I smiled at him; his suggestion confirming he'd offer no objection to my request.

I returned barely a minute later to find that Duo had already removed his clothes and was standing naked in the center of the room; his fingers working to rebraid his nearly disheveled plait. He seated himself back down on the couch as I approached. I tossed the clear bottle down on the couch and removed my shirt, dropping it on the floor at my feet; my shorts quickly following suit. I watched as he coated his erection, climbing back up onto the couch and to leave myself hovering over him once he'd completed the task.

His eyes focused on mine as he slid himself toward the edge of the couch; leaving his cock just inches beneath my entrance. "Go ahead, Heero." he whispered. I reached down and took hold of him, lowering myself until his head pressed against my opening. Both his hands rested on my hips; his grip tightening as I eased my body down to fully impale myself on his slick length. I moaned appreciatively and felt Duo's hands moving over my thighs.

"So good, Heero." he groaned. I nodded in agreement and raised up so that he partially slid from inside me; waiting only seconds before dropping down to take all of him back in. I closed my eyes and continued the motions; increasing the pace as Duo urged me to. His one finger teased the tip of my cock, running it through the wet slit and roughly working the slickness over the head. I looked up to meet his gaze and shook my head. "Nnn.. too soon."

"I want you to come now." he admitted as he jerked his hips upward. "Ride me harder, Heero!!"

The movements of his hand in combination with his request and my compliance made holding off my release impossible. I gripped the back of the sofa and raised and lowered myself; letting his hard shaft penetrate me over and over again. I shut my eyes tight as I cried out his name in climax; arching my back as he squeezed and stroked my twitching erection.

Even in my daze, it took me only seconds to realize that he had not come and I turned my eyes downward to meet his. He must have read my mind. "I'm not ready yet, Heero." he whispered as both hands worked their way up and down my spine. "But when I am.. you'll come again with me."

I was relatively spent and had never attempted having one orgasm right after another. I didn't doubt that it could be done; nor did I doubt that he was capable of doing it. He immediately begin rotating his hips in small circles beneath me; a slow easy motion that matched the hushed tone of his voice. "Do you have any idea of how good this feels?"

He opened his eyes to smile up at me when I offered no reply. "Of course you don't."

His eyes closed again and he let out a low moan as he rocked his hips upward. The second time he did it, I forced my hips down to take as much of him inside me as I could. "Mmm.... that's it, Heero.... nice and deep."

There was something to be said about the pace we were proceeding at. It was very unlike the first two times we'd had sex. Not necessarily better or worse; just different. I watched the expressions on Duo's face change as I moved above him; easily able to see which of my movements caused him greater pleasure. "You like that?" I asked.

"It's all good." he groaned. I had to agree; it turned me on even further that I could see the effect that being buried inside me had on him. I rose again and eased back down slowly enough to enjoy the friction and heat his entry caused. I moaned as he pushed his hips upward to fully seat himself again. "Oh yeah..... a bit faster, Heero."

I willfully complied, but the faster pace didn't seem to be enough for either one of us. Both hands reached over his shoulders to grip the back of the couch again; giving myself better leverage. He braced himself with both palms down and fingers spread wide on the cushions at his sides and lifted high into each of my thrusts. "Oh Christ... I think that's gonna do it." I was near climax again myself but was enjoying this small bit of control I seemed to have over Duo's release. I slowed my movements and he let out a groan that I was sure was meant to show his displeasure; but said nothing and let me continue the more relaxed pace. "Are you going to come again with me, Heero?"

I nodded.

"Do you know what if feels like to be inside you when you climax?" He reached for the lube and wrapped his slick fingers around my cock, squeezing it tightly while he stroked the entirety of my length. I hissed at the very idea and the sensation and he chuckled. "It's even better than that... so much better." The last of his words were more of a moan and I could feel myself rapidly approaching the point of no return. I began to move again, riding him hard and matching the near frantic rhythm of his hand; trying to imagine how it would feel to have my cock buried inside of him.

"Let's do it, Heero!" he cried, working my cock roughly with his fist while I rocked securely against his uplifted hips. I shuddered in climax with a scream of praise to the heavens and to Duo; though not necessarily in that order. He continued driving upward as I came and followed me just seconds later with a loud groan of his own as his cock twitched with each stream of his warm release into me.

I relaxed down onto him with my forehead resting on his shoulder after we'd finished, allowing us both a minute or two to recover. I rose to let him slip from inside me and seated myself on the couch next to him; meeting his glance as he looked over at me. "I'm leaving tomorrow."

It came as no great surprise; I was leaving myself in five days. I think I read the question in his eyes. "I can't stay...."

"I know."

He reached forward to the coffee table and grabbed a handful of tissues and passed them to me; watching me as I cleaned myself off. I might have stayed a bit longer if I didn't sense an awkwardness between us. "I should go."

He nodded and I stood to get dressed while he did the same.

"See you at breakfast tomorrow?" he asked as we made our way towards the front door.

"Yeah." I nodded. "Night, Duo."


I exited and walked toward the main house, turning back toward the guest house once I'd reached the half way point. I could see Duo's shadow still framed in the lit backdrop of the doorway.

I knew it was going to be the last time I saw him.