here tis! the long awaited part 12. it's short, but i think it should clear things up a little bit for those i seem to have confused ^_^;;


disclaimer: the boys aren't mine. i just play with them for my own entertainment.
title: mercury rising
author: jana
cumulative: NC-17
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
warnings: yaoi, AU, light angst, POV in later parts, OOC (depends), citrus in various forms (too long a list to mention)
spoilers: you're kidding....right?
pairings: 2+1, 1X1, 2X2, 2X1 it's heero and duo, folks. do i ever write anything else?!?!
notes: my muses took off on this one. i'm trying to keep them in character as much as possible given the obvious total rewrite of their pasts. this was *supposed* to be another PWP, but it took on a life of its own and ended up to be fairly long and i'm pretty sure it's not a pwp anymore, but i'm unable to put my finger on exactly what it is. *sweatdrops* it is also the first time i've attempted to write a fic where heero and duo are NOT heero and duo... meaning there was no war and that they grew up having lived relatively normal lives; very much unlike their soldier counterparts. it is also my first attempt at a strict 2X1.

summary: heero and duo are both 20 and in college and it is summertime. they don't know each other.. but they will.

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Mercury Rising
Part 12


I'd gone immediately up to my room when I entered the house and headed straight for my computer; giving the matter no additional thought. It was several hours later when Cynthia alerted me that it was time for dinner. I closed out everything I was working on and made my way down and into the kitchen; mildly surprised to see Duo already seated at the table. Some of the anger I felt over his words had dissipated but I found myself treating him rather coldly nonetheless; noting that he seemed a bit more detached than usual himself.

As had come to be expected, Cynthia filled in the odd gaps of silence that seemed to pervade the meal. I excused myself early and retreated back to my room. I wasn't surprised to hear a knock on my door shortly after.

"Can I come in?"

"It's open."

He entered, remaining just inside the doorway. "What's up?"

"Not too much."

"Why did you leave like that?"

"I was done with dinner." I knew that wasn't what he was referring to.

"No. Before." He looked frustrated.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Dammit, Heero. That was just rude."

"So was your remark about the shower."

I looked over and his mouth was hanging open. "No comment?" I asked bitterly.

"It was a joke."

I glared at him. "It wasn't funny."

"Neither was your leaving like that."

"We were done weren't we?"

He didn't say anything, but I could tell by the slight change in his statement that he didn't like that very much. "I hope you're not expecting an apology."


"Anything else?" I asked. I'd placed my hand on the bedroom doorknob.

He looked down at it and then up at me. "No."

I waited until he left and closed the door behind him.

I watched him make his way through the yard and back into the guest house from my bedroom window. I could tell by the way he walked that he was angry. That made two of us.

I was certain that reprecusssion would follow.


Things were strained over breakfast the next morning. Cynthia had an appointment at nine and left shortly after we'd seated ourselves at the table. I'd seen the looks he was shooting me from across the table and once Cynthia had exited, I made a conscious attempt to not look up for any reason lest I catch his eye.

Neither of us said a word as we ate and I opted not to have seconds, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. I heard Duo rise and cross the kitchen to serve himself more coffee. I took the opportunity to stand, intending to take my dirty dishes with me to the sink on my way out. His hand moved quickly across the table and caught my wrist as I reached for them. The shock of his action left me with no choice but to look up at him.

"Don't ever do that again, Heero."

His face was twisted with anger; his eyes narrow. I pulled my arm back to try to break his grip; but he held on even tighter and ground out the warning a second time. "I fucking mean it, Heero. If you want to keep things going between us, don't make me have to tell you that twice."

I found myself nodding as I stared at him; able to see his anger quickly fading as I agreed. He released my wrist and I looked down at it before taking my dishes from the table as I watched him seat himself. I was only slightly confused by his actions; more by my own. I understood that he was pissed off that I left like that the other night after our escapade; but I found his reaction to it a little excessive... to put it mildly.

I walked toward the sink and had just set everything inside the it when I felt him behind me. I hadn't heard him get up nor cross the room. He pressed himself against me; forcing my waist to hit the countertop and reached around me with both hands. One arm rested on my shoulder and that hand held my chest tightly against his. The other clutched at my cock; moving roughly over it to harden me.

I gasped as he rubbed his erection against my bottom; managing to bring me to full arousal within seconds. I made no attempt to pull away; thought part of me told me I should. I moaned his name instead and relaxed back onto him; closing my eyes and just allowing myself to revel in his touch. I didn't quite understand what the hell was happening; but I didn't want him stop.... I didn't think he was giving me much of a choice.

"I'm going to make you come whether you want me to or not." he growled into my ear.

I did want him to..... I needed him to.

"I could take you right here. I think you'd let me, wouldn't you?" he growled. "Right here, Heero... right on the kitchen floor."

I couldn't dispute his claim at the moment. I nodded and swallowed hard as I felt him shift behind me; that action immediately followed by the sound of the lowering of a zipper.

"Duo..." I found myself highly excited by the force he was using against me. I didn't think he'd take it beyond where he knew my comfort level was; and hoped that he wasn't too caught up in the moment to read them as he had in the past.

"I will wait until you're ready to ask me, though." I felt relief wash over me as he ground out those words.

I let him pull me down to the floor; even assisting him as he struggled in his haste to remove my shorts.

"You'll be ready soon, Heero." he hissed into my ear. "You want me inside you.... we both know it."

More truth. I shuddered.

He reached down to line his cock up with the crevice of my rear and began stroking me again as he pushed me forward till I was on my hands and knees. I felt incredibily vulnerable like this; but I trusted him to keep his word. He began to move behind me; moaning at the friction he was creating as he rubbed his erection against me. I pushed back against him as I felt myself losing it. "Oh yeah.... come on, Heero. Come for me."

I cried out as his hand easily wrought the first of my release; throwing my head back as he started thrusting himself against me. His body began to tremble and I felt each hot splash of his orgasm on my already heated skin. He pulled me back to rest on his now bent thighs, keeping me sealed against him for the duration of our climaxes; holding me there until both of us regained our senses.

I climbed off of his lap and turned to face him once I felt his hold on me loosen. His eyes were still closed as he brought his hand up this mouth, carefully licking it clean. I was totally mesmerized as I watched his tongue dart out and slip between each of his fingers to remove even the smallest traces of my essence.

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing would come out.

His eyes opened slowly and he just stared at me for a minute or two. "Is there anything else we should talk about?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "No."

"Good." He leaned forward to kiss me lightly. "I'm glad we are beginning to understand one another."

I nodded.... even though I wasn't completely sure what the fuck had just happened.


It was as if the whole thing never happened; the argument, the anger and the episode in the kitchen... which still had me a bit confused. I almost hoped that Duo would bring it up so that I could clarify things a bit in my head. But when we met again at the pool that night it seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind; almost as if I'd imagined it.

He chose again not to join me and I was beginning to think that he actually didn't like the water; or at least not while I was in it.

I removed my shirt and looked over at him as he watched me. "Not coming in, are you?"

He shook his head.

"Why? You said you enjoyed swimming."

"I do. I have my reasons."

I shrugged and made my way up onto the diving board; trying not to think about his eyes..... and that they were taking in my every move.