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this fic contains a exorbitantly high ratio of lemony things, very little plot and is a sequel to serendipity.

since i'd not intended 'you've got male!' to continue.... this series of fics should be considered a timeline of sorts.. and probably more like a different part to the same fic. argh.... i'm not really sure what its turning into, but i'm sure that this fic will make more sense if you've read 'serendipity' first.

since the possibility exists that you're only in it for the lemon; please disregard everything i just said. *g*

disclaimer: we all know that the g-boys do not legally belong to me. shame, really...
title: gaining momentum
this is a sequel to 'serendipity'
author: jana
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
pairing: still just 1X2
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), a tad of angst, sap, kinky lemon-ish things of a varied nature
spoilers: no
notes: third fic in what i guess is some kind of series i've unconsciously started.


Gaining Momentum
by jana


It was 8:00 on Sunday night and Duo laid sprawled out on his back in the center of his king sized bed.

There was little time this afternoon for talking before Heero had to leave to catch his shuttle. Duo had not said anything to Heero about the admission he'd made in front of Quatre. It wasn't because he didn't return the sentiment or that he was not willing to let Heero know that he pretty much felt the same way. They had been good friends for a long time. The addition of a physical side to that already established relationship put an entirely new spin on things. Duo had thought about it several times during the past few weeks; about what possibilities lie ahead for them. What he never expected was for Heero to admit that he had such strong feelings for him so soon and he certainly could not have predicted that he would go about informing him of it the way he did.

Duo sighed and rolled over onto his stomach. He couldn't decide if he was angry at Heero or not. He thought that he had made himself clear when he told Heero he didn't wish to go public with things. It wasn't Heero's fault that Quatre had found out. They were equally to blame for that. He cursed his lust for Heero and the obvious inability he had in being able to control his hormones while the former Wing pilot was near him.


Heero hadn't given much forethought to how Duo would react to his outburst. He actually hadn't given much thought to the outburst at all. He was under the assumption that a greater part of Duo's reluctance to tell anyone about the two of them stemmed from the fact that Duo was unclear on exactly where they stood with one another. They had not discussed it at all, yet the way Duo had characterized their relationship bothered Heero. The possibility that Duo actually felt that way bothered him even more. Looking back, he understood how Duo could be shocked by his statement; he did think that his lover would have been pleased with it though. Duo, however, had given him no indication that that was the case. He could still see the look of near terror his admission caused on Duo's face.

If he could have taken the words back, he would have.

It wasn't because he didn't mean them nor because he didn't want Duo to know how he felt. Somewhere in the back of his head, Heero had the nagging suspicion that Duo just wasn't ready to hear them. The fact that Duo had said nothing about it to him once they'd left Quatre's office was further indication of that.

Heero was reluctant to, but had to admit that it was possible that Duo did not feel the same way about him.


Heero had signed onto AIM late on Sunday night. He hadn't expected to see Duo there, but was still disappointed when his name did not appear in the online section of his buddy list. He gave some thought to e-mailing Duo; not with the intent of offering an apology to him, but more in the way of an explanation. He had never e-mailed him before, barring the first day Duo had signed on. Any and all contact made between them online up until now was via real time messages. Heero preferred it that way. He felt that type of interaction was more honest; there was little time to analyze what was being said before reacting to it.

Shutting down his computer at a little after midnight, Heero put on a pair of white cotton pajama bottoms and settled himself in bed. His thoughts of Duo remained even as the precipice of sleep approached. He would surely be dreaming of Duo tonight; just as he had most nights of late. It was only the nature of them he felt uncertain of this time.


It was late Tuesday night before Duo signed onto AOL and eventually AIM. He had avoided the computer entirely on both Sunday and Monday nights; knowing that once he was online he would undoubtedly give in and open AIM only to find Heero there. He still wasn't quite ready. He hadn't yet worked out what he was going to say to Heero. He was going to broach the subject though. He could only guess at what was going on in Heero's head. He imagined that Heero was trying very hard to figure out what he was thinking as well.

GroundedonL1: hey
DMaxwell02: hey
GroundedonL1: busy at work still?

Saying yes would have been an outright lie and would only service to further delay what needed to be said between them. Duo's hands trembled slightly as he typed his reply.

DMaxwell02: no
DMaxwell02: listen, heero..
GroundedonL1: avoiding me?
DMaxwell02: not exactly avoiding, but close...

Heero sighed as he sat back in his chair to watch the screen.

DMaxwell02: i wanted to get my thoughts together, yanno?

Heero could certainly understand that. He assumed that since Duo was here now that he was ready to talk about it. He moved forward in his chair to type.

GroundedonL1: and?
DMaxwell02: im still not sure what to say, heero. im a bit pissed. i mean.... that was a helluva bomb to drop. especially in front of quatre
GroundedonL1: i meant it

Duo sighed.

DMaxwell02: i know

There was a long pause.

GroundedonL1: i didn't mean to upset you
DMaxwell02: i was stunned
GroundedonL1: you were horrified

Duo laughed out loud.

DMaxwell02: yeah. i didn't even get a chance to see the look on quatre's face
GroundedonL1: it was priceless
DMaxwell02: i'll bet
GroundedonL1: wish i'd had a camera
DMaxwell02: speaking of cameras, we should have asked q for a copy of that tape
GroundedonL1: i wouldn't mind seeing it
DMaxwell02: mmm... me neither

Heero tried not to think too much about it. The whole scene was still very fresh in his mind. Knowing that Duo was thinking the same thoughts heightened the pleasure the memories brought back.

GroundedonL1: things still on for the 20th
DMaxwell02: yeah. looking forward to it
GroundedonL1: good
DMaxwell02: its late. i should hit the sack

Heero looked over at his clock. It was nearly 1AM.

GroundedonL1: me too
DMaxwell02: see you tomorrow night?
GroundedonL1: im always here
DMaxwell02: yeah
DMaxwell02: umm... listen. im sorry i acted like such an ass on sunday
GroundedonL1: your reaction was somewhat appropriate
DMaxwell02: i totally didn't expect it
GroundedonL1: i could tell
DMaxwell02: yeah. and one more thing..
GroundedonL1: whats that?
DMaxwell02: the feeling is mutual
GroundedonL1: duo?
the last message was not received by DMaxwell02/ user has gone offline


Duo was still trembling as he climbed into bed and buried himself beneath a mound of covers. The conversation with Heero had not gone exactly as he hoped it would. He had been pretty nervous and it probably showed. He could barely recall most of what he'd said nor any of Heero's responses to any of it.

He did manage to let Heero that he loved him though; even if he didn't stick around to get his reaction and even if he hadn't said the actual words.


Heero stared at the screen for a minute or two before closing the AIM window.

He was initially pleased to find that Duo was not as angry with him as he thought he might be and relieved that they were able to joke around about what had happened. He had genuinely hoped that Duo would not want to cancel the tentative plans they made for his trip to L1 in two weeks. He never allowed himself to think about the possibility that Duo would tell him that he loved him back.

Heero smiled and took one last look at Duo's final message before saving the chat on his hard drive.


Duo logged onto AOL early on Wednesday night and checked his e-mail before signing onto AIM. Heero was already there as he'd come to expect. He hesitated only slightly before messaging him.

DMaxwell02: hey
GroundedonL1: half a day?

Duo smiled.

DMaxwell02: felt like one. you still working?

Duo had come to learn that Heero kept odd hours. He was envious of Heero's situation in a way. He recognized that he probably lacked the discipline necessary to work for himself.

GroundedonL1: i don't have to be
DMaxwell02: sure. rub it in!
GroundedonL1: i was
DMaxwell02: someone is in a playful mood tonight ;)
GroundedonL1: yes. this afternoon as well
DMaxwell02: cool
GroundedonL1: i called quatre

Duo didn't have time to respond before Heero messaged him again.

GroundedonL1: he's sending us each a copy of the tape

Duo burst out into hysterical laughter.

DMaxwell02: oh god! you didnt...
GroundedonL1: i did

He could just imagine Quatre's reaction to the former Wing pilots request. Duo didn't think Quatre would have been nearly as surprised if the request had come from him; but from Heero? Duo shook his head from side to side in disbelief and amusement as he typed.

DMaxwell02: i really didnt think you had the balls to ask him. man...
GroundedonL1: perhaps you need to watch the tape as a reminder

Duo recalled exactly what position Heero was in while he sucked him off in the backyard. Depending on exactly where Quatre's security camera was located, the tape may or may not have some fairly revealing images on it. He thought that was what Heero was referring to. He didn't mind the unexpected images at all.

DMaxwell02: mmm... maybe we should watch it together
GroundedonL1: together in person? or together online?

Duo shivered.

DMaxwell02: either...
DMaxwell02: both ;)

Heero didn't reply right away.

In all of his years online, he'd never understood the fascination people seemed to have with cyber sex. It wasn't real and in the end you were just masturbating; even if the stimulus was provided by another person who was similarly in need of release. His attraction to Duo added another layer to it though. He imagined it probably worked that way for other people too.

DMaxwell02: its ok. i know yer not really into that kind of thing
GroundedonL1: what kind of thing?
DMaxwell02: the talking about sex online thing ;)
GroundedonL1: id be willing for us to watch the tape at the same time
DMaxwell02: cool! i wont open it till you get yours

There was a slight pause before Heero messaged Duo again.

GroundedonL1: did you read that article i sent you?
DMaxwell02: replying to it now. it really hit home
GroundedonL1: it doesnt appear that they used any data from L2

Duo had noticed that. He knew why that was as well.

DMaxwell02: yeah. the situation is a lot worse on the poorer colonies
GroundedonL1: that would be a logical assumption
DMaxwell02: i understand that resources are tight, but there is so little we can do, yanno?
GroundedonL1: its not what you expected

Duo sighed.

After the Mariemeia Incident had ended, he had returned to L2 and spent a few fairly agonizing weeks pondering the first sixteen years of his existence. For the first time, he had some real choices to make. He could envision his life taking several different directions and had ultimately decided that going into social work suited what he was able to identify as his current needs.

He'd accepted the low paying government position and attended evening courses that would allow him to advance within the organization in the hopes he could gain some influence. There were changes in policy he thought should to be implemented. People needed to become more aware of the situation, of the degradation and poverty that too many families still lived in; the way he himself had lived up until not too long ago.

But his hands were tied.

DMaxwell02: no. not at all. i thought i could do something to help
GroundedonL1: perhaps you could speak with relena about it
DMaxwell02: maybe. you still keep in touch with her?
GroundedonL1: yes

Relena was still involved in politics, though she currently didn't hold an official title. She often hosted fund raisers, rallied support for her own personal causes and was generally quite active in both Sanc and on Earth. Her influence, Heero thought, remained strong.

He hadn't applied any of that knowledge to Duo's situation until now. The revelation was borne totally of his own need. Heero reconciled that it was not something to be ashamed of; that a good number of worthwhile ideas had risen from pure selfishness. It didn't make them any less valid; nor lessen the potential impact they may have.


It was Saturday afternoon before his tape arrived.

Duo had to laugh at the plain brown paper it came wrapped in. He assumed that Quatre had sent it that way on purpose. He opened the package to find there was no note enclosed; just the cassette surrounded by a thin layer of bubble wrap. Duo set the tape down on his kitchen table while he opened the rest of his mail.

His eyes moved back to the tape after he'd finished eating lunch.

It had his curiosity peeked. He hoped the images weren't ones that standard night vision cameras produced; all green and grainy. The technology had most likely improved significantly since his last experience with it during the war. He mentally noted that Quatre would probably have hired very skilled security professionals and therefore would have the best available equipment. That line of thought caused a sudden blush to rise to Duo's cheeks.

Just how good was the picture on that tape?

Quatre had seen it. He'd at least seen some of it. He'd admitted that much. Duo couldn't help but wonder exactly how much of it the blonde had watched. He tried to put himself in Quatre's place. He didn't think he would have watched all of it once he saw what was happening on it; and determined who it was it was happening between. He wondered then if Quatre had told Trowa about the tape; or worse yet, that he had shown it to him.

He supposed that at least some of the answers to those questions would be forthcoming and soon. He generally didn't meet Heero online till after dinner on the weekends. The fact that he knew Heero was most likely online made the temptation to sign on immediately too great to resist.

DMaxwell02: afternoon

Heero smirked.

GroundedonL1: you're here early
DMaxwell02: yeah. i was bored
GroundedonL1: you got the tape

Duo noted the absence of the question mark at the end of Heero's last message and felt the blush in his cheeks. Sometimes he thought that Heero knew him just a bit to well.

DMaxwell02: yeah. you?
GroundedonL1: came a little while ago
DMaxwell02: you think he watched all of it?
GroundedonL1: he didn't say
DMaxwell02: yeah. good thing ;)
GroundedonL1: think he told trowa?
DMaxwell02: oh im sure he *told* him...

Heero read Duo's last message again. He thought that Duo might have been inferring that Quatre might have shared with his lover what he'd seen.

GroundedonL1: i hadn't thought of that
DMaxwell02: yeah. well.. those two are kinda kinky

Heero knew that to be true. Then again....

GroundedonL1: and we're not?
DMaxwell02: heh
GroundedonL1: hn

Duo thought for a minute about the party at Quatre's. He thought about what had happened in the yard, but more specifically focused on their escapade in the den; and how Heero had demanded that he tell him what he wanted Heero to do to him. It was obvious to Duo that the vulgar language he used was something of a turn on for Heero. He wondered if Heero considered that particular desire kinky.

DMaxwell02: define kinky
GroundedonL1: hm?
DMaxwell02: what do you consider kinky?

Heero sat back and gave Duo's question some thought.

There were some things that Duo and he had done that Heero thought bordered on what was probably considered the line of normalcy. He recognized too that that line was different for everyone; as was the definition of normalcy. Neither Duo nor himself could be considered anything remotely resembling normal. It was all relative Heero supposed. He didn't think that Duo intended for him to come up with any sort of personal hypothesis on it.

Duo didn't wait for Heero to reply before questioning him.

DMaxwell02: you like it when i talk dirty to you?
GroundedonL1: yes
DMaxwell02: is that kinky?
GroundedonL1: no

Duo smiled.

GroundedonL1: i undressed you with my eyes at the party
DMaxwell02: you did?
GroundedonL1: while you were talking with trowa...
GroundedonL1: by the dessert table
DMaxwell02: mm... was i hard?
GroundedonL1: yes. and you stripped for me

Duo was intrigued.

DMaxwell02: was there music in the background?
GroundedonL1: no
DMaxwell02: we could try that. i think id be good at it
GroundedonL1: you would

Heero hesitated only slightly before continuing to tell Duo what he'd been thinking as he watched Duo from across the room that night. He had thought about it several times since then; adding a little something more and fine tuning the details of it each time. The fantasy had evolved to include Duo masturbating for him from across the room after he'd taken off his clothes. And before Heero took him.

The part where Duo was bent over a table while he fucked him hard from behind while his own pants remained down around his ankles had not changed.

DMaxwell02: did i do anything else?
GroundedonL1: you were a tease

Duo laughed as he typed out his reply.

DMaxwell02: that part is true. did you enjoy it?
GroundedonL1: of course
DMaxwell02: so, did i do anything else?
GroundedonL1: you touched yourself
DMaxwell02: i masturbated?

Heero could feel himself becoming more and more aroused. He was partially hard from having recalled his fantasy. Discussing these private thoughts with Duo in such detail he thought might be a little kinky. He didn't get the feeling that Duo minded it at all.

GroundedonL1: i asked you to
DMaxwell02: mm.. i think we could try that as well

As long as Duo had no objections, Heero was certain he wanted to try it when Duo visited with him next week.

DMaxwell02: we can stop talking about this if yer uncomfortable
GroundedonL1: im fine
DMaxwell02: just fine?
GroundedonL1: very fine
DMaxwell02: hard?

Heero shook his head in amusement.

GroundedonL1: yes. you?
DMaxwell02: damn straight. how could i not be?
GroundedonL1: you're not straight

Duo laughed and looked over at the gray cassette on his nightstand. There was the evidence.

DMaxwell02: you wanna watch the tape now?

He waited only a second before offering his lover another option.

DMaxwell02: or we can just keep going with your fantasy

Heero didn't reply right away. Duo knew that he was uncomfortable with their current situation... whether Heero would admit it to him or not.

DMaxwell02: or we can both go take a cold shower ;)
GroundedonL1: i don't think that's going to be necessary


The two took a short break while they gathered all the necessary equipment into one room. Duo disconnected his VCR from the living room and set it on the floor of his bedroom before doing the same with his television. Heero unplugged his laptop from the bedroom and carried it downstairs into his living room.

The whole process had taken only about 20 minutes. Heero was already online when Duo signed back onto AIM.

GroundedonL1: all set?
DMaxwell02: yeah
DMaxwell01: this is weird

Heero had to agree. It did feel a little forced. He understood that it was inevitable though, given their distance and current level of lust; not to mention that Duo seemed totally hell bent on luring him into it. Heero was currently unable to come up with any objections to it what so ever.

Funny how one's perspective changes things.

GroundedonL1: put your tape in
DMaxwell02: its in already
GroundedonL1: its show time

Duo grinned at Heero's lame attempt at humor.

The tape started with a virtual snowstorm and a slight hissing sound. Seconds later the vision of Duo walking from the rear of the house made its way onto the screen.

DMaxwell02: woah! sharp picture
GroundedonL1: thats technology for you

It was infinitely clearer than Duo thought it would be and was in black and white rather than the muted tones of green he'd half expected.

He watched himself cross the yard and seat himself at the base of the huge oak tree.

GroundedonL1: you look rather pensive
DMaxwell02: i was thinking about things

Heero recalled that Duo had shared some of his thoughts with him that night.

The camera panned away to scan the rest of the yard while Duo remained still and kept his eyes focused on the sky. He had wondered if the tape would reveal their activities in their entirety or just select portions of it.

GroundedonL1: i think the cameras are motion sensitive

Duo paused and thought about that for a minute.

Oh..... there had been motion alright; a good deal of it in fact. Hands, legs, his mouth; Heero thrusting into it. Heero undressing him, head bowed low and buried in between his legs, his mouth sucking on Heero's fingers; Heero's fingers thrusting into him.

DMaxwell02: i really hope q didn't watch this
GroundedonL1: try not to think about it

All thoughts about who may have seen the video left Duo as the camera moved to show Heero's exit from the house. He stopped for a moment once he'd stepped outside and the slight side to side movement of his head told Duo that he was looking around the yard.

DMaxwell02: you looking for me?
GroundedonL1: i thought you might have went outside
DMaxwell02: you saw me leave?
GroundedonL1: i told you that i was watching you
DMaxwell02: mmm... and undressing me

Heero did not reply to that particular comment. He watched himself sit down in the grass next to Duo; his head tilting back slightly to look up at the sky. He recalled their short conversation then.

GroundedonL1: i think that if you want to live on earth, then you should try it
DMaxwell02: im seriously thinking about it
GroundedonL1: good

Heero seated himself on Duo's thighs on the screen and leaned forward to kiss him. When he pulled back, Duo laughed as he remembered what Heero had said to him then; the reason he gave why he had kissed him. Not that he needed one.

DMaxwell02: i wasnt teasing you
GroundedonL1: i know that now. it seems to be a natural gift

Duo smiled and glanced over at the television again. He could not see where his hands were, but he recalled that he had reached down to touch Heero's erection and told him what he wanted to do to him.

DMaxwell02: thats where i told you i wanted to go down on you
GroundedonL1: resistance would have been futile

Duo laughed out loud.

The tape didn't miss catching any of the action. From the angle of the shots, Heero figured that the camera was probably situated about 100 yards behind them and slightly off to his left side. It didn't offer quite the embarrassing view that it could have, but it was very evident what the two were doing.

Duo reached down in between his legs and began stroking himself. He watched the screen as Heero lowered his pants and moved forward so that he could take him into his mouth.

DMaxwell02: i love sucking your cock

Duo had told him that before. Heero could tell by the way Duo did it that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Duo's tongue was capable of doing some fairly amazing things.

GroundedonL1: you're very good at it

His hands reached for the tree trunk on the screen and he watched as he began thrusting into Duo's mouth. Duo's hands came up and took hold of the both cheeks of his ass. Heero recalled how that had felt; with Duo's hands on him like that and his lovers unspoken desire to take his cock as deeply as possible into his mouth.

DMaxwell02: mm... that is one perfect bottom you have there, baby
DMaxwell01: remind me to do some major ass worshipping next weekend [1]

Heero blushed, but added it to his mental list of things they would do during Duo's visit. He took a moment to consider writing them all down.

GroundedonL1: the list is growing longer
DMaxwell02: heh yeah. we should stop doing that or we wont have time for anything else.

Heero seriously didn't think he would have minded.

There was a small break in the action before Heero's hands disappeared in between their two bodies and he shifted so that he was sitting further down on Duo's legs. He bent forward and while it was not visible on the screen, they both recalled what was happening.

DMaxwell02: my turn ;)

Heero smiled.

Duo was able to clearly recall how he felt when Heero had first touched him.

DMaxwell02: i needed you to fuck me

Heero growled and took his right hand away from the keyboard to rub the palm of his hand over the bulge in his jeans. He didn't know what was turning him on more, the vision on the screen, Duo's comments about it or the fact that Duo was probably touching himself as they watched. He ultimately decided it was a combination of the three.

GroundedonL1: i wanted to
DMaxwell02: mmm...i know. you fucked me good with your fingers tho

Heero moaned and then he watched himself do just that on the screen. Duo's pants were down around his calves and his legs were spread wide as his head bobbed up and down in between them. Both of Duo's hands were buried in his hair and he could see the motion of his arm as his fingers penetrated Duo over and over.

He reached down with both hands to unfasten his jeans and withdrew his erection. He looked down as he wrapped his fingers around it and let out a deep groan. On the screen, he was still partially undressed and still sucking on Duo's cock. He could just barely make out the look of pleasure on Duo's face.

GroundedonL1: you were practically begging
DMaxwell02: oh yeah. i wanted you to do me hard and make me come

Duo could plainly see how much was he was enjoying the touch of Heero's hands and mouth. The sensations of what Heero was doing to him in the video were becoming all too real. His right hand kept busy as it worked his length, slipping further down in between his legs to graze his entrance every few strokes.

GroundedonL1: you were making the sexiest sounds

It took little imagination to add Duo's familiar moans to the vision on the screen. Heero began stroking himself roughly. He was so close to the verge of climax and teased at the tip of his cock with his thumb.

DMaxwell02: if you were fucking me, baby, i would have screamed

Heero could almost hear his name leave Duo's lips with the same hoarse cry it always did.

There was a period of silence while the two watched the last few minutes of the tape. Duo slumped back into his chair with his arms hanging limply at his sides as the tape automatically stopped and began to rewind itself.

A peek into his apartment on L1 would have found Heero in much the same pose.

DMaxwell02: did you?
GroundedonL1: yeah. you?
DMaxwell01: yeah

Heero added a camcorder to his list of things he needed to buy before next weekend.


Duo thought that Heero's new apartment was altogether very un-Heero; had there been such a word. He decided that if he sat and thought long enough about it, he could probably come up with a proper dictionary definition for the newly coined term. He had only to unlock the door and step one foot inside the huge space in order to make the determination.

Heero had alerted Duo to the fact that he might not be home when he got there and had left the key to his front door under the mat as arranged. Duo sat his bag down just to the left of the front door and out of the way. His eyes searched what he could see of the apartment from his current vantage point while he toed off his shoes and set them next to his bag. His action had nothing to do with Heero's Japanese heritage or the small reminders of it that were scattered throughout what he could see of the room in front of him.

The room was white.

Completely and totally white; from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The wall directly ahead of him was comprised of a series of windows that began at the very base of the floor and rose 10 feet high until they all but reached the ceiling. Duo took the time to count them; only noticing the view that lie just beyond them when he'd gotten to the last one.

"Holy shit."

"Like it?"

Duo spun around. "Heero! Yeah.. its umm... wow!"

Heero stood smiling just inside the doorway. He closed the door behind him and walked toward where Duo stood.

"It's the only park on L1 of its size."

Duo nodded. He'd never seen so much green in any of the colonies he'd been to.

"It was modeled after New York's Central Park. On a much smaller scale of course."

"Of course." Duo winked.

"Did you have a chance to look around yet?"

Duo shook his head. "Nope. Just got here."


The rest of Heero's apartment was equally as impressive and almost equally void of color. It was a duplex; the second story accessible by a thin steel gray spiral staircase that was the focus of the living room whether it was intended to be or not.

Duo followed Heero through each of the rooms on the lower floor before they headed upstairs.

The second floor was where Heero's office and bedroom were located. Both of the enormous rooms had a huge skylight in the center and once again, the walls that looked out over the park were of nothing but glass.

Duo noticed that there were minimal furnishings in each of the rooms; and very little sat out on what surfaces were present. At least one wall in each room was adorned with thin dark frames surrounding primarily pencil sketches; most of which Duo could just barely make out a light splash of color in. He let his eyes travel up to the ceiling to find small halogen track lights the source of the light that washed the decorated wall. The entire effect was one of serenity and Duo could see how living and working in these surroundings would appeal to Heero. He also understood Heero's need to create such an atmosphere.

"It's incredible." It didn't quite sum up how Duo felt about it, but he thought that Heero had picked up on enough of his reactions during the tour itself to let him know that he was unduly impressed.


Heero had called for Chinese take-out at around 7 and the two sat stretched out on the floor in front of the television while they ate. Heero had offered Duo the remote control and he'd flipped through the channels until he found something of interest. The movie they'd happened across ended at around ten after nine and Duo helped Heero clean up what little mess they'd made.

Duo followed Heero into the kitchen and stood just inside the doorway as he watched him move about the room. In as much as Duo considered Heero his close friends, this was a side of Heero that Duo had not seen before; or had not paid very much attention to. He found this side of his lover to be one he enjoyed nearly as much as all the others.

He hadn't realized that he was staring until Heero took the plates from his hand. "Sorry."

"I get that kind of thing all the time."

Duo smiled and crossed the room to stand behind Heero as he stood at the sink. "You do, huh?"

"I do." Heero admitted with amusement. "Males and females alike."

"Can't say I blame them. You really are fucking gorgeous." Duo leaned forward to brush Heero's hair aside and kissed the back of his neck.

"I hear that a lot as well."

Duo chuckled. "I suppose I should try to come up with something a little more original."

Heero reached forward to shut off the faucet and turned around to face Duo. "That might actually get you somewhere." He wrapped both of his arms around Duo's waist and brought their bodies flush up against one another.

"Mmm... like a one way ticket to your bedroom?"

"Possibly." Heero pushed his hips forward and smiled as Duo let out a hiss. "You like that?"

"Yeah.." Duo shifted slightly so that he could feel Heero's hardness against his own. "Mmm.. but I like that even better."

Heero brought his mouth to Duo's and slipped his tongue inside. Both of Duo's arms wound themselves around Heero's neck as they kissed. Heero's hands moved lower, tightening their grip once they'd settled on Duo's rear end. Duo pulled his head back a minute later and tilted it so that his mouth was next to Heero's ear. "Gonna take me right here in the kitchen?"

"It's on my list."

Duo was tempted to laugh. He wouldn't have been all that surprised if Heero had actually made one. "So... what's first on that list of yours?"


Once they had gone upstairs and into Heero's bedroom, there was no need for Duo to question his lover about what he had in mind. Heero had seated himself in an overstuffed chair that was flush against the wall that was perpendicular to his bed. Duo had paused when he'd reached the center of the room and looked to where Heero sat.

He tentatively reached for the top button of his shirt and slipped it through the buttonhole; blindly reaching for next as he kept his eyes focused on Heero's. He took his time as he released them one by one and let the dark silk shirt slip from his shoulders. He watched as Heero's eyes moved downward to settle onto the fabric pooled around his feet.

"This is your fantasy, Baby. You gotta tell me if I'm not doing it right."

Heero looked up to find Duo's both hands on the waistband of his jeans. He unsnapped them first, then slowly lowered the zipper before folding back a triangle of the faded blue denim. His one hand moved up to his mouth and he took his thumb and forefinger into it, sucking on them before sliding his hand down his neck and chest to his left nipple. He reached into his boxers with the other hand, forming a tight fist around his cock and making very sure that Heero was unable to see anything.

Duo closed his eyes and Heero could see the hardened nub of flesh shift with the pressure of Duo's fingertips as he pinched and twisted it. He hissed as he continued to tease first one nipple and then moved on to do the same to the other. "Nnnn... that's good."

Heero let his eyes travel lower, watching the long, slow strokes Duo's hand was making. His own cock was fully hard and the tip of it strained against the stiff fabric of his jeans. Duo chose that moment to abandon the touch of both of his hands and Heero looked up at him questionably.

Duo hooked both thumbs into the waistband of his trousers and lowered them. "I thought I'd give you a better view." He stepped out of the fabric as it fell to his ankles pushed the jeans aside with his foot and spread his legs a little. He looked up at his lover once he had removed all the last of his clothing.

Heero's eyes told Duo everything he needed to know. "This is really working for you."

He pushed his hips forward slightly and dropped one hand to his cock; taking his time as he wrapped each of his thin fingers around it. He squeezed it hard once before smearing the head of it with his pre cum. "Mmmm... that turn you on?" Duo's eyes closed once he'd asked the question and he began stroking himself.

Heero didn't think that it was possible not to be turned on by what Duo was doing. At that moment, Heero thought that the sensuality Duo was radiating transcended even gender. If he had not been at least bisexual; if he had not been in love with Duo, he thought that he would have found his display equally as erotic.

He shifted in the leather chair to unfasten his jeans and lowered them to his ankles. His left hand trailed slowly across his chest and moved down in between his legs; rubbing his palm over his balls. Duo was still standing in the center of the room where he had started. Heero had wished several times that he would move closer to where he sat. He didn't think that Duo would mind if he suggested it.

"Come stand in front of me."

Duo eyes opened and he focused on where Heero was touching himself first. He began to move toward Heero and watched as Heero's legs parted further as he approached. He stopped when he was standing just two feet in front of him. "Any better?"

Heero nodded and noticed that Duo was no longer touching himself. He had paused the movement of both of his hands when Heero asked that he come closer; yet he had not started again now that he stilled. Heero thought that Duo might be waiting for him to tell him what to do. His fantasy was rather explicit and he had told Duo as much.

"I want you on your knees..." Heero told him, spreading his legs wide and pointing to the floor between them. "... and with your hair down."

The corners of Duo's mouth turned upward slightly as Heero spoke and he settled down to kneel on the plush carpet in front of him. He reached up behind his neck and took hold of the very top of his braid to bring the full length of it over his shoulder. He could tell by the way Heero had made his request that he acknowledged the special way Duo regarded his long hair. He rarely left it unrestrained and he had yet to let Heero see him with it down.

Duo's eyes followed the motion of own his hands as he held the braid in one hand and slid the tiny black band from the tip with the other. Heero knew that it was an intensely personal thing for his lover and could not tell if Duo felt uncomfortable by doing so or not. He would have hoped that Duo would tell him if he was. He did not want Duo to feel pressured to do everything that he asked of him.

"Your hair... you don't have to."

Duo began to separate the three thick sections of hair, moving his fingers further up the plait as he unraveled them. He looked up at Heero once most of it had been freed. "I would tell you if I didn't want to."

Heero smiled and Duo tossed the loose fall of chestnut over his left shoulder and brought his hands up to the back of his head to untangle the rest of it. Heero's breath caught in his throat as Duo stilled and stared up at him from the floor surrounded by his silken tresses. Some of it spilled out over the white carpet at Duo's sides, still more falling across his bared shoulders and onto his chest.

Duo did not wait for Heero to say anything before taking his cock back into his hand. "I love it when you look at me like that." Duo whispered as he stroked his length. "I know I make you all horny, but there's more to it...."

Heero nodded. There was more to it. He wasn't sure exactly what statement was on his face at the moment though. He did know that Duo was rousing in him a wide range of emotions. He knew the lust had to be evident; he hoped that Duo was able to read his longing and desire as well. "You have me hooked."

Duo seemed pleased by Heero's comment. He also seemed more in a rush to bring himself to completion. The more Duo got into it the louder his moans became and the faster Heero could feel his own climax approaching. "Oh yeah.... I'm almost there, Baby. Coming with me?"

Heero nodded and sped up his strokes. Duo let out a hiss as his upper body curled forward and he penetrated himself with two fingers. "Oh fuck!" His body rocked hard against them and he began to shudder just moments later; thrusting up into the tight tunnel of his fist as he came. Heero's hand stilled temporarily as he watched Duo climax. Unable to see his face, Heero focused instead on the sounds Duo was making, the motion of his lovers hand and the thick white liquid that dripped from his slender fingers.

When Duo's orgasm started to subside, Heero began stroking himself again. It was mere seconds before he leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes; crying out Duo's name as he reached his peak. His eyes opened in surprise as he registered the heat of Duo's lips surrounding the head of his cock. "Oh Christ!" His hand fell away and the other one joined it to bury themselves tightly in the loose chestnut hair as he found the rest of his release deep inside of Duo's mouth.


The two had climbed into Heero's bed and had fallen asleep shortly afterward.

Duo rose the following morning at around 8:00 and without the assistance of an alarm clock. He had showered and was in the kitchen looking around for something to prepare for breakfast before Heero woke.

Heero stood quietly and watched Duo move about the kitchen from just outside the rooms entrance. Duo was dressed in only in a pair of faded dungarees and was humming as he gathered the ingredients for whatever it was he had decided on making. Heero moved to lean against the door frame and folded his arms to cross at his waist. He watched in silence for several minutes before Duo took notice of him.

"Morning!" He called. "Hope you don't mind if I make us some breakfast."

Heero shook his head. "Pancakes?"

Duo nodded. "With blackberry jam."

"Do I have time for a quick shower?"

"Yeah. You're almost out of coffee, by the way. We can pick some up later."

"Add it to my order. I'll be back in 10 minutes."

Duo nodded and watched as Heero turned to leave the room. He jotted coffee down on the list he seen on the counter earlier. He recognized the paper it was written on as belonging to that of a shopping service. They had them on L2 as well and Duo had found it necessary to make use of it on occasion. "Man." Duo mused. "The guy doesn't even go out to do his own food shopping."

Duo was beginning to think that Heero rarely left his apartment. It didn't take him very long to decide that he needed to get out more often nor how he planned on getting him to do just that.


Heero had not nearly been as resistant to Duo's suggestion over lunch as Duo thought he might and he had grimaced only slightly before agreeing to accompany Duo to a club that evening.

Duo himself had done some research on the net and by 9:00 the two had eaten dinner and were in Heero's room getting ready to go.

Heero had pulled a pair of dark dress pants and royal blue silk shirt out of his closet. "This okay?" he asked Duo as he held them up for him to see.

Duo was currently in the process of dressing and looked up. "Shirt is fine. Got any other pants?"

Heero eyed the pants he held questionably and then looked back up at Duo. "What's wrong with them?"

Duo grinned. "For one thing, they don't look like they'd be tight enough."


Duo could dance.

Heero had been witness to the phenomenon of it on several occasions in the past. It did not even begin to prepare him for having Duo as his date and dance partner though. Heero was thankful that they had not planned this outing in advance and that none of the clothes that Duo brought with him were scanty or revealing. The way that Duo moved on the dance floor was sensual enough. Heero found himself glaring at those whose eyes who dared focus too long on Duo and the tantalizing way his lovers thin hips gyrated.

Heero had pulled Duo from the hub of activity in the main area the room and into to a darkened corner of the club when they played the occasional slower song. He held Duo close to him, sometimes kissing him with an open mouth while they swayed to the rhythm of the music. Their lower bodies gravitated to each other; seeking friction against the hardened flesh their clothes barely concealed.

It was nearly midnight when they found themselves in such a situation and with a more heightened sense of need. "We should get out of here."

Heero nodded as Duo spoke. He was slightly out of breath and Heero thought that he would have been too had he tried to speak.

He took Duo by the hand and lead him quickly through the sea of people and into the underground parking lot. Heero unlocked the car and got in behind the wheel while Duo slid into the passenger seat. The both car doors closed and Heero grabbed Duo by the upper arm and pulled him toward him. Their mouths met again and Heero reached for the back of Duo's head; pushing his tongue as far into Duo's mouth as he could.

Heero's other hand fumbled to unfasten his trousers and blindly reached for Duo's hand. He guided it to his cock and broke the kiss. "Jerk me off." Duo shifted to kneel beside Heero on the seat and immediately began stroking his length. He seemed to sense the urgency as his strokes were long and rough. His hand slid all the way down to the base of Heero's cock and then back up to the very tip.

Mouths still joined in hunger as he worked Heero's cock, Duo worked to unbutton his pants and quickly lowered the zipper. His left hand delved inside to capture his own aching arousal. He pulled back from the kiss and slid his right knee in between Heero's legs. "How bout I jerk us both off?" He plastered his mouth to Heero's again before his lover had a chance to reply.

Neither one was in any position to hold off their impending climax. Heero could only stare up at Duo while they kissed; imaging his lovers hands simultaneously wrapped around their throbbing shafts. Heero's hips rose up off the seat to thrust into Duo's hand and Duo rocked himself against Heero's upper arm as he stroked his cock.

Duo broke the kiss as he felt the onset of Heero's climax. "Oh yeah, Baby." he hissed. "That's it for me too."

Heero cried out as Duo's hand wrought the first of his release. He was aware from the uneven movements of Duo's hand that he was coming as well. Heero tightened his hold on Duo until their climaxes had subsided and Duo had settled his weight back down onto his thigh and then Heero leaned forward to kiss him.

Duo moved away and into the passenger seat to recline back against the smooth leather. His eyes were closed and his skin was still flushed and sweaty; his pants were somewhere down around his knees. Heero lifted his hips up off the seat to pull his jeans back up and fasten them.

"Going to get dressed?"

Duo looked over at him and nodded. He watched as Duo shifted in the front seat to redress himself. In twenty minutes they'd be home; and Heero could hardly wait to undress him all over again.


Once they'd exited the underground garage, Heero decided that now might be a good time to talk with Duo about making plans to see one another again. He was going to speak with him about it in the morning anyway; doing so now would keep his mind occupied with something other than having sex with Duo.

Heero thought that Duo would have no objection to him planning a somewhat longer stay than just the weekends they'd spent together up until now. He needed a few days to adjust his schedule so that he could have a block of time where it would not be necessary to meet with any of his clients. The rest of his work could be done from anywhere that had net access.

"How does your workload look two weeks from now?" He understood that Duo could not say for certain, but it was a good way to broach the subject.

"Nothing unusual as of now. Why?"

"I thought that we could spend a little more time together next time."

Duo wasn't quite sure what Heero was referring to. Vacation days were out of the question in the near future and he told him so.

"I can't take any time off. At least not until July."

Heero nodded. "I was thinking I could stay at your place for a week." He glanced over at Duo. "I can work from there. We would have our evenings free."

Duo smiled. "Mmm... sounds like a great idea."

"I'll let you know the exact date as soon as I've rearranged some things."

Duo scooted across the seat and put his hand on Heero's knee. "A whole week of Heero Yuy in my bed, huh?" Duo slid his hand further up Heero thigh and leaned over to purr in Heero's ear. "Whatever will I do?"

It was difficult for Heero not to respond. He was sure that Duo's imagination was very capable of supplying him with a suitable answer.


The play in the front seat had taken the edge off of their lust, but it had not totally dismissed it.

Heero noticed that Duo was partially aroused again by the time they entered his apartment. His jeans were not as tight as Duo's and so they did a better job of hiding his desire.

Heero headed upstairs once he'd locked the door and Duo followed behind him in silence. Once inside his bedroom, Heero turned on the light and took Duo by the hand, bringing him to stand in front of his dresser. He moved behind Duo and looked over his shoulder into the mirror.

Duo's arousal was more evident now and Heero watched as Duo's eyes traveled downward and settled on it before looking back up at Heero's reflection. Heero took one step forward to press his own hardness against Duo's bottom. Duo moaned at the contact and Heero slid his right hand inside of Duo's pants; wrapping his fingers tight around Duo's length and stroking him slowly. "I'd say we both want the same thing."

Duo shivered as he gave a small nod and Heero brought his mouth down to Duo's ear. "Lose the jeans."

Duo barely had time to register Heero's words before Heero and his touch were gone. He turned around to see Heero disappear into the bathroom and then removed his pants. He stood naked from the waist down in front of the mirror and watched as Heero reentered the room. Heero stopped a foot or so behind Duo and unfastened his jeans. Duo could see his lover's reflection behind him and he watched as Heero lowered his pants so that his erection was visible. Heero's right hand held the lube while his left slowly stroked his arousal to thoroughly coat it with the clear gel. Heero seemed to be taking his time, deriving more than mild pleasure from the process judging by the look on his face.

Duo watched the motion of Heero's hand for a moment before averting his eyes back up to Heero's. "God. You look so fucking sexy like that."

Heero took one step forward and let his jeans fall to the floor. He reached forward and put the flattened palm his right hand in the center of Duo's upper back. He leaned forward and kissed Duo's neck before whispering in his ear. "Bend over and spread your legs for me."

Duo bent forward at the waist and took one step back; gripping the rounded edge of Heero's bureau with both hands. Heero's one hand separated the cheeks of Duo's ass and used the other to guide his cock to Duo's entrance. He slid the slick tip of it up and down the recess of Duo's bottom a few times before entering him with just the head. Duo's eyes closed in pleasure and Heero pushed forward into Duo a little more; carefully watching the mirror and his lovers statement.

Heero knew that he would only be capable of holding off for so long once he was fully sheathed inside of Duo. He intended to take him hard tonight and he had told Duo as much. He looked down to where the two were joined and thrust his hips forward to bury the rest of his cock in the exquisite warmth that Duo's channel offered.

Duo's eyes opened wide as he cried out. Heero laid his hand on Duo's lower back and moved it over the area to soothe his lover. Duo's pained look remained for only brief moments and Heero kept his gaze focused on the mirror; letting his eyes flicker back and forth between the reflection of Duo's face and his own. There was a similar in look in both of their eyes; an almost desperate need if Heero was reading them correctly. He certainly felt it and was not remiss to note that the urge within him was growing steadily stronger. He withdrew slightly and grabbed Duo's hips as he sunk back into the heat of Duo's body with a deep groan.

Duo gasped as Heero buried his all of his rock hard length inside of him. "Yes... Nnn.... keep going."

Heero tightened the grip he had on Duo's hips and pulled out again; entering him this time with greater force. "I don't think I'll be able to stop." He admitted.

Duo began rocking his hips and they both moaned at the newly created friction. "Mmm... don't want you to stop, Baby."

Heero started moving then, thrusting deeper as Duo pushed his hips back; each time withdrawing more of his length and driving himself harder into Duo.

"Oh yeah... just like that. Fuck me hard."

Heero could find nothing to argue about. He sped up the movement of his hips and reached around to touch Duo's forearm and pressed gently on it. Understanding what Heero wanted him to do, Duo reached down in between his legs and moaned as he fondled his erection. He looked back up into the mirror and at Heero's face. His eyes were shut tight in ecstasy and his head was thrown slightly back. Duo could the hear Heero's loud moans amidst the sound of their flesh slapping together as their bodies collided over and over again.

Duo tugged roughly at his need; stroking his length with fervor. "Oh Christ... keep fucking me, Heero... keep fucking me hard!"

Unlike two weeks ago, there was no need for either one of them to hold back the cries of their pleasure. Heero was unable to tell whose voice it was that echoed louder in the large mostly empty space. Duo slumped forward slightly as his orgasm hit and Heero moved forward to seal himself tight against him. Heero found his climax less a moment later; his entire body quaking as he shouted out Duo's name and released his seed into him.


The two had cleaned themselves off and wasted no time in finding their way into bed. Duo accepted Heero's invitation and had curled up onto his side with his head resting on Heero's chest and his right arm wrapped around Heero's waist. Heero's his right arm lay loosely around him and his hand settled against the curve of his lower back. Duo sighed in contentment and fully relaxed into Heero's embrace.

He was leaving early tomorrow afternoon. It was becoming more and more difficult for him to part each time they were together. That Heero always thought to make plans for their next visit well in advance of his departure told him that Heero felt the same way. Duo smiled, even if no one could see it. He was happy here with Heero; being a part of his life and being held like this in his arms. He knew how much Heero wanted him there.

"I'm still mad at you, you know."

He felt Heero shift behind him to kiss the top of his head. "I know. I'll make it up to you."

Duo snorted.

"I will." Heero told him. "Trust me."

The two lay still and silent in each others arms for several minutes.

Heero was thinking now about what he had planned. He had put a great deal of effort into coming up with a suitable solution to what he considered the dilemma of their long distance relationship. It would not provide immediate relief, but would allow them a considerable amount of time more to spend with one another. It had the potential though to offer them the option of moving in together if that is what they decided on

That thought left him uncertain about a lot of things.

He was fairly certain that Duo would be pleased by his intentions alone. He hoped that his lover would be further pleased if everything managed to go according to plan. He tightened the hold he had on Duo and closed his eyes.

"I love you, Heero."

The words were spoken in barely a whisper, but Heero heard them. He brought his left arm up and turned Duo's chin up to his. Duo looked up at the smile his words had caused to form on his lovers face.

"I do. I think I have for a while now."

Heero lowered his head and pressed his lips to Duo's. Their mouth opened simultaneously to allow their tongues to touch briefly and then Heero pulled back. He looked down at Duo and pushed aside the stray hairs that partially concealed his lovers eyes and looked deep into them.

"I love you too."

Having said those words, Heero was suddenly taken by a deep feeling of apprehension. He sensed the familiar fear that often accompanies venturing into such an unknown. He had never stopped to think about where his emotions would lead him. He did not think that any amount of calculated thought would have been able to predict that he would fall for his best friend; let alone so soon and so hard.

Heero looked down at Duo again. The violet eyes that belonged to the beautiful man in his arms left no doubt in his mind that he was very much in love. Heero found it was at the same time the most frightening and wonderful thing he'd yet to experience.




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