this is the final installment in the 'getting caught, giving chase and giving in' series that i started over two years ago. hard to believe its really been that long...

coming up with a suitable end to this was a bit of a challenge, since there is no plot, per se. i hope you find this a satisfying conclusion.

i broke this fic down into three parts because of post size restraints on certain mailing lists, but will be posting all of it now.


disclaimer: it is a well known fact that the g-boys do not legally belong to me. while i wish they did, i've managed to get over it.
title: desideratum
this is a sequel to 'inevitable'
author: jana
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
pairings: 1X2, 2X1. this part has both
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU (AC200), lemon, sap, lemon and closure
spoilers: only if you didn't know that heero wore spandex shorts during the series and that the guys piloted gundams...
notes: seventh and final fic in the 'getting caught, giving chase and giving in' series. the rest of the series can be found at:



desideratum \dih-sih-duh-RAH-tum\ noun - something desired as essential



by jana


Duo had three weeks left of classes.

In twenty-one days, Heero would be traveling to L2 to help Duo pack and together, they would be returning to L1.

And this time Duo was staying.


The idea of it made Heero nearly giddy.

There were a great number of things Heero needed to take care of before then. He had hastily unpacked his overnight bag and put all his belongings away when he got home on Sunday night, but left his dirty laundry in the hamper as opposed to throwing everything right into the washing machine as he usually did.

The flight home had left him with several hours of idle time, which Heero put to good use: jotting down the bulk of what he wanted to accomplish before Duo's arrival on the back of his boarding pass envelope in thin red marker. It didn't seem overly long, now that Heero read back over it, but he had not gotten into the details of what had to be done. He had merely made a general list: scribbling out 'revamp the office', as opposed to listing everything that particular chore entailed.

There was the needed addition of another cable line as well as a new desk that needed to be purchased. Heero paused in mid-sentence as he wrote, maybe a wireless system for the entire apartment would be more appropriate now. He put a small asterisk next to that line, and noted that he wanted to check into it. Perhaps he should speak with the building management about the dependability of the connection before making his decision.

He also needed to buy a new computer for Duo. While Duo's own was still fairly new and probably capable of handing all of the software that would have to be installed on it, Heero thought that starting with a clean hard drive was perhaps the wiser choice. He also imagined that Duo probably had a different operating system installed on it than the one Heero used. He contemplated replacing his own desktop unit as well, since it was nearly a year old. Technology was still evolving in leaps and bounds, Heero observed with a smile: he did not think he would ever weary of the trend.


Not for the first time since classes started, Duo thought that he might have bitten off more than he could chew. He had not been aware of how much effort the classes would entail. There was a lot of homework and numerous hours he needed to log at computer lab, in addition to having to physically attend the classes themselves. The work itself was a lot easier than he had anticipated and he recalled then how Heero had assured him he was more than capable of handling it. He did wish that he'd spoken to Heero before he registered though, as two of the classes he'd deemed unnecessary several weeks into the courses. He had briefly considered dropping them at that point, but toughed it out since they were mandatory if he decided he wanted to obtain a degree in the future.

Monday night was wrought with an unusual amount of clamor of activity inside Duo's small apartment. Being away for two days had rendered him behind schedule on almost everything. Duo smiled. It had been worth it: very well worth it. Relena's gathering afforded the two the opportunity to patch things up. Duo was convinced that the situation between him and Heero would have only declined had they let it drag on for another three weeks. He could only imagine how things might have turned out then. It was possible that their relationship could have disintegrated to the point that it would have been extremely difficult to salvage. He had not been able to summon the courage to confront Heero about what was happening: apparently Heero had been having similar difficulties.

Duo shook his head and tsked out loud. For two really smart guys they sure could both be stupid sometimes.


DMaxwell02: hey lover
GroundedonL1: who, me?

Duo chuckled.

DMaxwell02: yeah. who else
GroundedonL1: hopefully no one
DMaxwell02: havent we been over this already?

Heero thought for a moment about that. He had admitted to Duo that he had feared Duo found someone else. Duo seemed to think the idea ridiculous. Their conversation never went beyond that. Perhaps it was time it did.

GroundedonL1: no
DMaxwell02: never pegged you the insecure type

Heero wasn't sure how he was supposed to take Duo's comment. He could have meant it as an insult or perhaps it was merely sarcasm. This was one thing that Heero decided early on was a huge downfall in communicating online: some things just didn't translate well. Fortunately, Duo picked up on his hesitation.

DMaxwell02: its just you, baby

Heero liked hearing Duo say it.

GroundedonL1: i like hearing you say it
DMaxwell02: ill whisper it in your ear next time we are together

Heero thought he would enjoy that very much.

GroundedonL1: i really do love you

Duo laughed.

DMaxwell02: i think i figured that out already

I made it pretty obvious, Heero thought to himself.

GroundedonL1: have you also figured out that the next three weeks are going to be torture?

Duo laughed again.

DMaxwell02: yeah. its gonna be worse for me, yanno

Heero nodded. He did know. He also knew that Duo would have little difficulty dealing with it.

DMaxwell02: not sure ill be able to get much packing and stuff done
GroundedonL1: don't worry about it

Duo smiled.

DMaxwell02: ill try not to
DMaxwell02: you coming on the 12th, right?

Heero nodded. That was Duo's final day of classes. Duo had mentioned it to him on Saturday night and he had booked his flight almost immediately getting home last night.

GroundedonL1: yes
DMaxwell02: i should be back around 4

Heero smiled. His shuttle was scheduled to arrive several minutes before noon. He did not think Duo would mind. He decided to keep it a secret. Duo would probably enjoy coming home to find him already there. He might even get a head start on packing up some of Duo's things.

GroundedonL1: okay

There was a long pause then and Heero figured that Duo was most likely checking his email and newsgroups. Duo had mentioned that he had very few spare hours now to keep up with his cyber-life: multitasking was inevitable.

DMaxwell02: i am sooo going to need a break after all this is over

Heero wondered what had caused Duo to make that comment. Perhaps he was doing homework.

GroundedonL1: i cleared my schedule for two weeks.
DMaxwell02: nice!
GroundedonL1: we can split up the time however you like
GroundedonL1: your place and mine
DMaxwell02: soon to be ours

Heero smiled.

GroundedonL1: yes. ours
DMaxwell02: must be nice to be your own boss

Heero grinned. It was.

GroundedonL1: you will know soon enough

Heero did not need to see Duo to know that he was wearing a wide grin.

DMaxwell02: youre not gonna make this easy, are ya?

Heero shook his head no.

GroundedonL1: no
DMaxwell02: hah. at least youre being honest
DMaxwell02: maybe i should call you on the vid-phone tomorrow morning just after my shower

Heero didn't understand at first what one thing had to do with the other. It took him a minute or so to figure it out.

GroundedonL1: that would not be fair
DMaxwell02: i bet i can get you to break that rule of yours

Heero did not doubt it. He also did not think that Duo really meant what he said. He got the message.

GroundedonL1: i get the message
DMaxwell02: not only is he gorgeous, hes smart too!
GroundedonL1: you are just figuring this out now?

Duo let out a hearty laugh.

DMaxwell02: you suck, yuy
GroundedonL1: i thought we had already established that
DMaxwell02: AND he has a sense of humor!

Heero didn't necessarily agree with that. He did not often joke around, but Duo did seem to catch on whenever he made an attempt.

GroundedonL1: you are the only one who gets it
DMaxwell02: your sucking or your sense of humor?

Heero could picture the smirk on Duo's face. Heero thought that Duo was in all probability as clever as he believed himself to be.

GroundedonL1: both
DMaxwell02: youre being a big distraction to me now
GroundedonL1: doing homework?
DMaxwell02: trying to
GroundedonL1: i can be quiet
DMaxwell02: nah. youre a lot more fun than C++

Heero chuckled to himself.

GroundedonL1: thats not much of a compliment
DMaxwell02: i meant it as one

They talked on and off for the next several hours. Heero did not mention anything to Duo about the tasks he had assigned for himself in the upcoming weeks, though he did ask Duo which pieces of his furniture he was planning on bringing with him. Duo had replied that he hadn't really given it that much thought, but that most of his stuff was either old or would be redundant. Heero disagreed, reminding Duo that just because his apartment was already furnished, did not mean that there was not room for Duo's things. Heero's own furnishings were very sparse. Heero expressed his desires, explaining that it would be a little bit more like the two of them moving in together, rather than Duo just moving in with Heero. Duo agreed and assured Heero he would give the matter some thought.


It had not taken Heero very long to decide on and purchase a pair of new computer desks. Function was his first priority, followed closely by form: something simple in design with clean lines and preferably in black. He unexpectedly bought two new chairs as well, ultimately determining that he preferred having their setups identical.

Heero had a moment of hesitation as the clerk handed him a pen so that he could sign his name to the credit card slip, thinking that maybe he should have waited and included Duo on this shopping journey. They could have made do with his current setup for a while and the two of them could have gone out to shop: made the choices together. Duo did have similar taste to his own and it was going to be his apartment soon too. Heero was looking forward to the changes that would surely come about once Duo moved in. The biggest difference would be Duo's physical presence, Heero acknowledged. He recalled the vacant feeling he had been left with after Duo had come to stay with him that first time. He didn't feel it so much now, as Duo had not been there in quite some time, but he could recall it clearly. Heero finished signing his name and handed the receipt back to the young woman. He would come up with other ways to make Duo feel like the apartment was his.


The upcoming move was on Duo's mind. Thoughts of it came without his permission and sometimes at the oddest times. What triggered it this time was irrelevant, Duo mused. He had finished debugging the script he'd spent the past 3 hours working on, and there were still 30 minutes left until class was over. Duo could find nothing wrong with letting his thoughts stray. There were so many things he still needed to do in the upcoming weeks and packing was not the least of them.

He took a minute to consider what Heero had spoken with him about. What did he want to bring to L1 with him? Most of his personal effects, for certain, but even those would be going though a thinning out process before hand. His collection of movies and books: most definitely. The rest of the stuff was unnecessary. Heero's apartment was fully furnished already: and all of it was much nicer than his own. Fortunately, he wasn't attached to anything in a sentimental way.

Duo reflected back to his first and one of only two visits he'd made to Heero's apartment in the past six months. His reaction had been one of surprise: at first not being able to reconcile the space with what he knew of its occupant. Heero had changed a lot though. Duo supposed he had as well. They were no longer soldiers for one. They had passed though the balance of their teenage years and Duo imagined that Heero probably had the same difficulties in doing that as he did. They had both managed to cope with their pasts and line up somewhat of a future for themselves. A future that had unexpectedly been derailed and had fast careened out of control, Duo observed. It wasn't a bad thing, rather, quite the opposite. Duo believed they actually stood a decent chance of making things work: of him and Heero having a healthy relationship.

Duo doubted that things would have lasted had he pursued Heero and something happened between them when they were younger. There definitely would have been a lot of hot sex back then, Duo thought with a smirk. He had fantasized many times about nailing the other pilot in the cockpit of his own Gundam: envisioned himself peeling the thin black spandex from Heero's body and taking the other boys cock in his hand. The tight quarters were of little concern. Heero's long legs would have straddled the control arms of the pilot seat perfectly and Duo did not think that a little discomfort would have dissuaded either of them. Their bodies were young, agile and rather flexible: adding horny to the mix pretty much completed the scenario.

Duo cleared his throat and straightened in his chair, refocusing his attention back on the computer screen in front of him. This was certainly not the time or the place to be having those types of thoughts.


The new desks, chairs and computers he had ordered arrived the following week and Heero spent breakfast and the hour that followed thinking about a new layout for the office. He had drawn several possibilities: sketching them lightly in pencil atop a large piece of graph paper on which he had outlined the room's confines in heavy black marker. The floor beside the kitchen table was littered with crumpled pieces of paper and Heero raked the fingers of his left hand through his bangs in frustration.

The space was clearly large enough for both desks; it was just a matter of how to arrange them without compromising the uncluttered atmosphere he favored. He closed his eyes, trying to visualize the room empty and then considering the desks as one piece of furniture as opposed to two separate ones.

Heero's eyes opened suddenly and he smiled, bringing his pencil down to the paper. If he placed the desks back to back on a diagonal in the center of the room and offset them slightly, they would both have a view of the park and they would be able to see each other as well.


GroundedonL1: buried in 1's and 0's?

Duo chuckled. He had signed on just moments ago and seeing Heero was logged on, was about to message him. It had been several days since he'd found time for chatting online. He had called Heero last night though and the two had spoken for nearly an hour. Heero seemed relieved to get his call. Duo reminded himself that his lover thrived on the daily contact as much as he did. Maybe even more, Duo thought.

DMaxwell02: yeah. knee deep

Heero smiled.

GroundedonL1: only knee?
DMaxwell02: i still have 10 days to go

Heero had known that. He was keeping track.

DMaxwell02: i ordered some boxes from the moving company. should be here in a few days

Heero opened notepad and then a file named 'to_do_on_L2'. He struck 'pick up sturdy packing cartons' from the list and closed out the program.

GroundedonL1: do not worry about packing. we can do it after i arrive
DMaxwell02: i may get some done. not all of it tho

Heero thought that Duo was being overly optimistic. He didn't know whose sake the attitude was for. He would have suggested arriving at Duo's a few days early if he thought he would not be in Duo's way.

GroundedonL1: we will have plenty of time
DMaxwell02: i was hoping to use that time for other things

Duo didn't need to say anything else. Heero was well aware of what his lover was referring to.

GroundedonL1: there will be plenty of time for that as well

Duo laughed.

DMaxwell02: never enough
GroundedonL1: you may change your mind after a few days

Duo laughed again. It was true that they had rough sex sometimes: quite often, in fact. Duo imagined the two of them willingly confining themselves to the bed for days on end in an attempt to make up for their lack of contact the past seven weeks. While the idea of it appealed to him, he was able to see Heero's point.

DMaxwell02: okay. maybe a few weeks

Heero grinned.

There was no doubt that Duo was in great physical shape nor was Heero questioning his amazingly high levels of stamina. Even so, Heero did not think Duo's ass could handle even a week of his unrestrained lust. Duo clarified his previous remark before Heero had a chance to counter it.

DMaxwell02: provided we take turns, of course
GroundedonL1: of course

The banter ended there with Duo apologizing for his departure after only chatting with Heero for such a short time. Heero assured Duo that he understood and told Duo that he would not expect to be seeing him online every night the next 10 days, adding that he would most likely call Duo over the weekend. Duo seemed pleased by the idea and wished for Heero to have good dreams dreams.

Heero knew they would be if Duo were in them.


At around four o'clock, the unmistakable chime of the elevator as it made a stop on the 2nd floor caught Heero's attention.

He sat with his legs crossed in the very far corner of Duo's living room, filling yet another large cardboard box with Duo's books. This was the fifth one, Heero noted. The tapes and DVD's were next. Looked like they would have to wait.

The sound of Duo's muffled voice filtered though the thick wooden door and was followed by the rattle of his keys. Heero remained where he was, though he had ceased packing. He wondered who Duo was talking to and reached for his shirt, which he had thrown on the couch earlier. He put his right arm into the sleeve and reached for the other sleeve with his left hand and slipped it into the cotton button down shirt. Duo hadn't mentioned anything last night about bringing company with him. Then again, Heero had not mentioned that he would be there when Duo got home.

"The place is a mess." Heero heard Duo say in apology before he had even stepped through the door.

A female voice let out a short laugh. "You're moving in a few days. I would be worried if it wasn't a mess!"

Duo laughed then and Heero thought that he sounded a little nervous.

The front door closed with a heavy thud and Duo and his guest made their way from the foyer into the living room. Heero looked up from where he sat and waved somewhat sheepishly toward the pair.


Heero was relieved to hear the cheer in his lover's voice. He brought himself to his feet; still working to button his shirt as he climbed out from the pile of boxes he had surrounded himself with.

"Let me guess..." the girl said. "You must be Heero."

Heero nodded and Duo reached over to take Heero's hand in his, adjusting it several times before comfortably entwining their fingers.

"This is Trish." Duo said. Heero extended his free hand to meet the girl's hand and shook it firmly. "Nice to meet you, Trish." He said.

"Trish and her fiancé are taking the apartment." Duo told him. "And most of the shit that's in it." Duo added with a wink.

The petite blonde smiled; nodding and looking around the room they were standing in. "I still don't understand why you aren't taking most of it with you." she said. "Not that I don't appreciate that I'll be renting an almost fully furnished apartment!"

Heero glanced at Duo in anticipation of his response. He gave none though.

Duo let go of Heero's hand and told Heero that he and Trish were going to do a quick walk-through and that he was welcome to join them. Heero politely declined and remained where he was, systematically removing shelf by shelf of Duo's film collection from the large bookcase and setting them in tall stacks on the living room floor.

Nearly twenty minutes had passed before Duo and Trish made their way back into the room. Trish looked toward Heero and said goodbye and wished them good luck. She went on to tell Heero that Duo was a great guy, to which Heero could only nod. Saying more would probably have only embarrassed Duo.

Heero finished packing the box he had started and labeled it before standing to watch as the two said their farewells at the door. Duo turned toward him once the girl had left and Heero could see the excitement in Duo's eyes. He stepped carefully over the mess on the floor and stopped just a few feet shy of where Duo stood. "Surprise." He said and smiled at Duo.

Duo laughed and closed the distance between them, kissing Heero as he draped his arms around Heero's shoulders. "I figured you might pull something like this." Duo said. Heero could hear the amusement in Duo's voice.

"I could not wait." Heero admitted. "Not angry?"

"No way." Duo told him. "Glad you're here." Duo let his arms fall from Heero's shoulders and took a step back before unzipping and taking off his jacket. He turned to his left to hang it on the coat rack. "I see you started packing already."

Heero nodded.

"Start cooking yet?" Duo asked.

"I figured we would order out."

"No apron then, huh?"

Heero chuckled and shook his head. "I did not bring it with me."

Duo pretended to look disappointed. Well, perhaps more disappointed than Heero thought he actually might have been. Something occurred to Heero then and he decided to share his revelation with Duo.

"Once you get settled in, we will most likely take turns cooking."

Duo nodded. That made sense. Heero's skills far surpassed his own in the kitchen. Duo knew it was because he had never made a serious attempt rather than him not having the ability. His jaw dropped seconds later and Heero knew for sure that Duo had fully grasped the meaning of what he had just said.

"The apron?"

Heero smirked in response, imagining that Duo was relieved that he had seen fit to deny his request for a frilly white apron.


The Chinese food was delivered at a little past six and the two lay sprawled out on their sides on living room carpet in front of the television. They had agreed to forego any formality and ate dinner directly out of the white paper cartons.

"You are not bringing anything with you?"

Duo shrugged. "It's not like we need any of it. I think I'd like to take the couch though."

Heero could understand that. It looked brand new. He brought the carton of noodles up toward his mouth and removed a small amount with his chopsticks. "I like the couch." He told Duo.

"I bought it when I found out you were coming for the weekend." Duo said. "The old one was ratty. I figured you might need a place to sleep." Duo grinned and moved his leg then, knocking his knee against Heero's. "Wasn't sure if I'd get lucky or not."

"And did you?"

"Oh yeah." Duo said. "Twice."

Heero smiled. He liked thinking back to that first night. He recalled being slightly nervous on the shuttle flight there, wondering how things would play out; if it would be him or Duo who would initiate the physical contact between them. He speculated that it would be Duo. He had been wrong.

"I think you will be lucky tonight as well."

"I damn well hope so." Duo said without hesitation. "This strictly masturbation thing is getting old real fast."

Heero sat and stretched to the side to put his carton of food on one of the cardboard boxes and then reached over, relieving Duo of his as well and setting it down beside his own. "Is it?" He asked.

Duo rolled over onto his back and lifted his arm to the back of Heero's neck and pulled his head down. "Very old." He growled and then brought his mouth into contact with Heero's. Heero felt for the hem of Duo's t-shirt and slid his right hand up underneath it and then moved downward, successfully slipping his hand into Duo's pants. Duo's cock was already partially hard and Heero wrapped his fingers around it through the thin cotton of Duo's underwear, tightening his fist and appreciating the strong vibration of Duo's deep moan inside his mouth. Duo reached down to unfasten the button and zipper his own pants, giving Heero ample room.

The kiss ended as Heero sat up and then lowered himself, stretching out onto his side. He worked his hand inside Duo's boxers, feeling the dampness against the back of his hand as he recaptured Duo's erection. He teased just the tip of it, smearing the leaking moisture over the hot swollen head. He looked down at Duo as he touched him, noting how tightly squeezed shut his eyes were. He shifted his body closer to Duo's, pressing his pelvis firmly to Duo's hip and grinding his hard cock against him.

"Fuck. I'm gonna come already." Duo said.

Heero did not understand the frustration he read in Duo's voice. Had Duo expected that either of them would be able to hold off for very long after all this time?

Duo pushed his boxers down as far as he could and began rubbing his balls. Heero watched, rocking his hips steadily back and forth against Duo. Heero acknowledged then, that he was most likely going to come in his pants and found that there was something about the idea of that he liked; that touching and watching Duo excited him that much. Duo's breathing became more and more erratic and Heero bent his right leg at the knee and placed it over Duo's legs, pushing upward and putting pressure on Duo's hand with his knee. He tugged at Duo's cock, stroking the full length of it with a tight fist. Heero could feel the movement of Duo's hand against his leg as he caressed his own sack, occasionally shifting downward to tease his entrance.

"Oh Christ, baby..." Duo groaned.

"I love to watch you come." Heero said. He slid his thumb up over the ridge of Duo's cock and teased at the small slit in its head with his thumb.

"Coming now!" Duo cried out. Duo's body started to shudder beside him and Heero could feel the pulse throbbing along the length Duo's shaft as he ejaculated. . "Me too." Heero announced with a loud grunt He gave up the pretense of trying to prolong his release, clinging almost desperately to Duo's leg as his body jerked and spasmed in climax. The thick warmth of Duo's seed covered his hand, slickening his touch and Duo's chest and stomach. Heero's hand stilled and his body relaxed onto Duo's. His pants were sticky and wet with come, already growing cold and quickly becoming rather uncomfortable.

Amused violet eyes met his just moments later and Heero could only smile in return.

"Nice foreplay." Duo said with a wink. Heero agreed with a grin and then sat up. "I am going to go take a quick shower."

Duo looked over into Heero's lap and then glanced down at the state of his own body. "I'll take one when you're done."


Heero had barely had time to towel dry his hair, run a comb through it and throw on a pair of sweat pants before Duo joined him in the bedroom with only a dark gray towel wrapped around his waist. "That was fast." He said.

Duo nodded, reaching up to release his braid from on top of his head. "Did my hair last night." He set the large hair clip on his dresser and made his way over to Heero, eyeing his black pants somewhat dubiously. Heero ignored the look and reached out to put his both hands on Duo's waist and then pulled Duo toward him. Duo lowered his head and kissed Heero on the mouth. "Missed you." He murmured. Heero did not respond, instead using the opportunity to push his tongue into Duo's open mouth. Duo moaned and allowed Heero to guide him to the bed and fell down onto it, pulling Heero down to lie on top of him.

"Well, this is cozy." Duo said.

"Very." Heero agreed. Duo's body was solid and warm beneath his and he smelled faintly of citrus, sage and wintergreen toothpaste. Heero could already feel himself becoming aroused. "I want to fuck you."

"Permission granted." Duo replied with a groan.

Heero brought his mouth down to Duo's and kissed him, engaging in a rather desperate spar of their tongues inside Duo's mouth. Duo's hands had somehow gotten inside the back of his pants and were clutching at his ass as he pushed his hips up off the bed to rub himself against Heero's groin. Heero pried his lips off of Duo's and shifted downward to gain access to Duo's neck. "I am going to fuck you with my tongue first." Heero told him. Duo made a sound that indicated he liked the idea and Heero's tongue darted out to lick at the area just below Duo's left earlobe. He worked his way toward Duo's shoulder, sucking and nipping at the soft damp flesh as he did. He found Duo's left nipple with his mouth and closed his teeth around it. Duo hissed and Heero sought out his other nipple and licked it, blowing onto it lightly and watching it stiffen before sucking it into his mouth. "Then with my fingers." He announced. Duo's hands clutched at his back, kneading it with his palm and fingers just below his ribs and moaned Heero's name. Heero raised himself up with one arm on either side of Duo and looked down at him. "Then I will give you what you really want."

Duo put both of his hands on Heero's shoulders and applied a little force, urging Heero to hurry up and do what he'd promised. Heero shifted above Duo, nipping roughly at Duo's chest and abdomen as he moved toward his goal. His right hand pushed against the inside of Duo's left thigh, spreading his legs far enough apart so that he could fit his head in between them. Duo moaned, voluntarily opening them wider still and gasped as Heero's tongue flicked out, just barely touching his entrance.

"Don't tease me." Duo hissed.

Heero applied more pressure this time as he licked at the tiny pucker, drawing wet circles around it several times before pushing his tongue inside. Duo's hips moved downward, initiating more of the wanted contact; relishing the feel of Heero's mouth exploring him so intimately, at the same time, driving his lovers tongue still deeper into him. Heero brought his two hands up to rest on the insides of Duo's thighs and placed the thumb of each hand on either side of Duo's hole, opening him further and pressing his tongue into Duo as far as he could. Duo moaned loudly and Heero recalled the first time Duo had done this to him. It had taken him by surprise but he had quickly gotten over the initial shyness the act had caused.

"Mmmm... need more, Heero." Duo groaned. As much as he was enjoying the current activity, Heero was eager to move on as well. He shifted onto his side and reached into the pocket of his sweats and took out the small container of lube. Duo had moved up onto his elbows, watching as Heero opened the bottle in haste and liberally coated two fingers of his right hand with the clear gel.

"Lay back." Heero said and Duo did. Heero looked up at his lover. Duo was naked: his skin was flushed and shone with the sweat of arousal. His nipples were dark and erect; his long muscled legs spread fully open in invitation... in request. Duo's cock was hard, swollen and deep purple at the very head with a trail of precome dribbling down the side of it. Heero's body was swift to remind him of what it wanted to do to Duo... what Duo wanted it to do to him. Heero lowered his head, sucking just the head of Duo's cock into his mouth and pushed the full length of his two slick fingers into Duo's entrance.

"Fuck!" Duo cried out. Heero did not think that he had actually hurt Duo; rather that he had surprised his lover with the pace of his touch. He removed his mouth from Duo's cock; simultaneously easing his fingers almost all the way out of Duo and pushing them back inside. "You wanted more." Heero said.

"I want your cock, baby." Duo moaned. "Christ. I need it!"

Heero ignored Duo's request for the moment, watching Duo's reactions to the movement of his fingers inside him and added a third finger, burying all three of them to the knuckle and held them there. Duo's breathing was beginning to sound labored and Heero saw Duo push the bangs from his eyes and turn his head to the side. 'Frustration.' Heero thought. He was feeling it as well. If he were to just give in and fuck Duo, he had no doubt that it would all be over in a matter of minutes.

"You can fuck me again when we're done." Duo growled. "Just do it!"

Finding Duo's idea a good one, Heero reached for the lube while pulling his fingers out of Duo and got up onto his knees to lower his sweatpants to mid thigh. He took his cock in hand, quickly working the chilly lube up and down his shaft and then bent forward to position himself above Duo. Duo's hands reached for him, taking hold of his waist and pulling him down to meet his body as his hips rose up off the bed. The tip of Heero's cock pressed at Duo's entrance and Heero pushed against it, groaning as the muscles gave way to allow him inside.

Duo's body was warm, hot almost around his cock and Heero could only marvel at the way Duo's channel held him. It had been too long since he had felt a parallel sensation and Heero knew for certain then that there was no way he would be able to prolong this. He shifted back, withdrawing almost fully and then thrust back inside; reveling again in the heat and pressure of Duo's body. He gasped loudly, pulling out and then plunging inward again, repeating Duo's name as he did.

"You feel so good inside me, baby." Duo moaned. "Make me come."

The entirety of Heero's body ached: almost desperately craving the upcoming release. He needed to empty himself into Duo. Sometimes the act left him so overwhelmed. It was never just sex with Duo. Not even that first time. "Duo... I..."

"Don't talk, Heero. Just fuck me!"

Heero closed his eyes and began thrusting in and out of Duo, balancing himself on one arm as he reached down to take hold of Duo's cock with the other. The way Duo moaned told Heero that his lover was about to climax. On rare occasions, Heero was able to ride out Duo's orgasm without climaxing himself. He did not think it would be possible tonight. Tonight he was more than willing to surrender to the clenching and unclenching of Duo's channel around him. Heero stared down at the varied expressions as they presented themselves on his lover's handsome face. He was keyed in to the sound of Duo's voice: to each and every one of the small noises he made and to his erotic cries of rapture. Duo's body writhed in pleasure beneath his own, trembling and jerking violently as his cock throbbed and pulsated in Heero's hand.

And Heero eagerly followed.


The packing of Duo's apartment took place somewhat sporadically over the next several days. There really wasn't all that many of his things that Duo wanted to take with him. Despite Heero's attempts to convince his lover otherwise, Duo had declined: pretty adamantly at times. Heero had strongly urged Duo to take the huge oak bookcase with them. Duo's claim that it was old and did not match Heero's décor could not be disputed. Duo had liked it when Heero suggested they shop together to replace it. Duo thought that several smaller modular units might work well in the living room and Heero agreed. Something low, perhaps in a dark wood, might work.

All of Duo's dishes were neatly wrapped in newspaper and carefully placed into boxes beside his mismatched collection of pots and pans. Duo then called to a local charity organization to have them picked up the following day. Every surface in every room was swept, scrubbed clean and/or vacuumed. The two spent a fair amount of time just relaxing amidst the mess and an unusually disproportionate amount of time engaging in one form of sexual activity or another.

It was Tuesday night and having had gauged their progress over the past several days, Heero had made a call on Monday morning to arrange for a private shuttle to meet them at the spaceport tomorrow at noon. The movers were already on standby and Heero needed only to contact them in the morning to let them know their services would be required at once. He looked toward Duo as he entered the living room. They had wrapped the couch earlier in a thick padded blanket and secured it with duct tape to ready it for the move, but that did little, if anything, to hinder its use. Duo sat quite still in the center of it with his legs extended in front of him and crossed at the ankles.

"You okay?"

Duo turned his head around so that he could see Heero. "Yeah. I'm cool."

Heero approached, accepting Duo's words, yet not fully convinced his lover was being completely honest with him. Duo patted the couch to his right and Heero sat beside him. Duo looked pensive and drained.

"You look tired."

Duo smiled. "Can't wait till this whole thing is over."

Heero nodded. "We still need to unpack it all."

Duo groaned.

Heero reached out and put his left hand on Duo's knee. "We can wait a few days."

Duo made a pleased sound that Heero interpreted to mean that Duo had no objections to his suggestion. Heero did not particularly like the idea of having boxes strewn about the apartment, but it was something he thought he would be willing to deal with if it was what Duo wanted.

It was quiet for a long time then. Heero wondered what was going through his lover's head. Questioning Duo about it was an option, but Heero thought better of it. If Duo wanted to talk, he would.

The silence reigned and the longer it did, the uneasier Heero became. Duo's eyes were closed as his head rested comfortably against the back of the sofa. Heero thought that perhaps Duo had fallen asleep. He started to retract his hand from Duo's leg and was startled when Duo reached out to hold it there.

"Going somewhere?"

Heero shook his head and recalled then that Duo couldn't see him. "No."

Duo opened his eyes and smiled at Heero. "Good. I like having you around."

Heero leaned over to kiss Duo. He touched Duo's lips softly with his own, pulled back and then repeated the action. "It is going to be difficult to get rid of me from here on out." He told Duo.

Duo smiled. "Best news I've had all day."

Heero chuckled and sat back, allowing the room to fall silent again, leaving Duo to his private thoughts.

"Part of me is gonna miss this place, yanno?" Duo said moments later.

Heero said nothing. He thought that Duo meant he would miss his apartment as well as his home colony. Duo had spent most of his childhood on L2 and had made the choice to return here and set up residence after peace had been achieved. Despite all of the unpleasant memories, Heero had done the same. Heero had not contemplated his decision for very long. He belonged on L1 more than he did anywhere else. It was likely that Duo's motives were fairly similar.

"I know that sounds stupid, but it's how I feel."

"It is not stupid." Heero assured him. "It is a big move."

Duo nodded. Heero thought it wasn't only the move that was on Duo's mind; there were many things about to change in Duo's life. Heero understood that Duo could be feeling apprehensive even while he wished for the new circumstances. While Heero's life would not be undergoing quite the same tumultuous changes, the new arrangement would be disruptive to his routine and would certainly take a fair amount of getting used to.

"Don't get me wrong, baby." Duo said. "I'm totally into this."

Heero nodded. He did not doubt Duo's words. Not for a moment.

"It is okay to be a melancholy." Heero said.

Duo smiled back at him and it seemed to Heero like a thank you of sorts. Maybe a thank you for understanding, Heero thought. Whether Heero truly did or did not understood what Duo was feeling was irrelevant. Not every emotion was so easily put into words. Heero did not think it was always prudent to try and verbally express precisely what it was you were feeling even if you were able to. Duo had the capacity to express himself far better than Heero did. Heero knew he had made major improvements in that area, but he was aware that he still had a long way to go.

He looked over at Duo and reached out with both arms to pull the other man toward him, holding his lover in a firm embrace.


Wednesday morning was uneventful for the most part.

The movers arrived at 8am and had successfully transported everything that was tagged for removal from Duo's apartment to the spaceport and had loaded it safely onto the shuttle by 1pm. Heero and Duo were set to leave on a commercial flight later that afternoon and had remained in apartment to wait for all of Duo's utilities to be turned off.

Duo seemed to be in much better spirits today. He had been quite busy all morning taking care of last minute details, and Heero wondered how his lover would react to the last few quiet hours they would be spending in the apartment. Duo appeared unaffected and Heero hoped that Duo had successfully worked out most of whatever he needed to last night.

"Ready to go?"

Heero nodded and watched as Duo slipped his arms into his black leather jacket. Duo bent at the knees and picked up the larger of his two cloth bags. "Can you take that one?"

Heero did and reached for his own at the same time, laying the padded strap on his shoulder and reached for Duo's hand.

The light seemed brighter against the near dark as they exited out into the hallway. Duo set his bag down at his feet and reached into his pants pocket and removed the apartment key from his key ring. He stepped back inside to set it on the table in the foyer before quietly closing the door.


"You were busy!" Duo said enthusiastically.

"I was." Heero admitted. "Not as busy as you, though." He added.

Duo smiled and sat, spinning around several times in the chair before reaching out for the desk and pulling himself towards it. "I like the way you arranged things in here."

Heero watched Duo for a moment before sitting in his own chair. "We both have a view of the park."

"And each other." Duo winked. Heero was glad that Duo noticed. He had never actually pictured Duo sitting there before, though he obviously knew he would be. Heero found he liked it. A lot.

"You have off for another week?"

Heero nodded. "A week and two days."

"Excellent." Duo said.

"Before I forget..." Heero reached into the top drawer of his desk and placed an envelope on it, then slid it across the wooden surface and onto Duo's desk. Duo reached for it, looking up at Heero as he opened it.

"What's this?"

Heero's look said 'open it and see', and so Duo did.

Duo removed the card from the envelope and read it. "Membership to a gym?"

Heero nodded. "It is located only a few blocks away."

"What about your set up here?" Something hit Duo then. "You didn't get rid of everything, did you?" Heero had apparently made some changes in the apartment on account of his arrival. Heero doing away with all the equipment he had didn't make any sense to Duo though. It wasn't as if they needed the extra room for anything.

Heero shook his head and noticed that Duo looked relieved. "We can swim and play racquetball there. Working out we will still do here."

Duo thought about it for a brief moment. "In private."

Heero smiled. "Yes."

Duo got up from his chair and walked around his desk toward Heero. He sat on the edge of Heero's desk and reached out with his left foot to turn Heero's chair to face him. "Smart thinking."

"I do not like the idea of being half dressed and sweaty in public." Heero said.

Duo concurred with a nod. "Guess we should keep those things private, huh?" Duo said with a grin.

Heero nodded.

Duo bent forward and kissed the side of Heero's face. "You...me..." he said softly. "sweaty..." He kissed Heero again, this time on his jaw. "...half naked." He whispered into Heero's ear.

Heero growled and pulled Duo down onto his lap. "I like the sound of that."

"Me too, baby." Duo purred. "Bedroom?"


It hadn't taken Duo long to figure out that the gym membership had been a partial way for Heero to keep his end of the bargain. He had also noted that the grocery list that Heero had affixed to the side of one of the kitchen cabinets was no longer the one from the shopping service he had formerly used. The short list of just a few items was written on an unlined 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper and Duo was curious if Heero had already started physically going out to do his own shopping or if was something he was saving to do for when he arrived. Duo supposed he would find out soon enough.

"We need to unpack your things. Still want to wait?"

Duo turned to face Heero and leaned back against the kitchen countertop while he gripped at it with both hands. Heero stood just inside the doorway of the kitchen: leaning against the thin white frame with his arms crossed at his midsection. The boxes had remained untouched last night. Heero was still willing to delay the ordeal if Duo insisted, but he had his reasons for wanting the somewhat unpleasant task completed as soon as possible.

"Ambitious this morning, aren't you?" Duo said with a smile.

Heero nodded. They had enjoyed a good nights sleep last night. A round of vigorous sex was generally conducive to sleep. Neither one of them had even bothered to turn out the lights.

"Boxes driving you crazy?"

"Not so much." Heero admitted. It would have been pointless for him to totally deny it. Duo would not have believed it. "The sooner you get settled in..." Heero started.

Duo smiled and pushed off of the counter with both hands. He walked toward Heero and watched as Heero uncrossed his arms and stepped away from the doorframe. "You've been waiting a while."

Heero nodded again. It was not going to look or feel like their apartment until Duo's things were interspersed with his own. Just having Duo's physical presence there did not make it seem like Duo was there for anything more than a visit. Heero wanted Duo's shampoo and conditioner on the shower shelf alongside his own. He wanted to see Duo's razor next to his in the cabinet over the bathroom sink. Wanted Duo's pillow on the bed next to his.

"Let's do it, babe."


Other than removing the padding and tape from Duo's sofa and putting it in place, Heero had been very little help during the actual unpacking itself. He had been there for moral support more than anything else and had occasionally carried one of the boxes from the living room into whatever room Duo was currently working on. The better part of what Duo had brought with him was his movie and book collection and that would remain unpacked until the two had time to shop for new furniture the pair had decided they needed to buy to accommodate it. Heero had cleared out four of the nine drawers in his dresser and had shifted his clothes and shoes off to the right side of the closet to make space for Duo's things.

Duo had finished the chore of emptying out the cartons that contained his clothes and collapsed down onto the bed beside Heero. "That wasn't too bad." He said.

It had taken Duo less than three hours to put everything away. He hung up everything that needed to be and placed the rest neatly into the drawers that Heero had allotted for him. Heero had spent most of that time just sitting and watching his lover move about the room. Heero rolled over onto his side. Duo's eyes were closed as he lay on his back. "Ready to take a break?"

"Just five minutes maybe."


"Gonna tackle the bathroom next." Duo informed Heero.

Heero made an 'mm' type sound.

"Shouldn't take too long."

"What do you want to do for dinner?"

"Pizza." Heero said.

"Your sheets always blue?"


"I remember everything being white."

"It was."

"I like them."


"You gonna fall asleep?"


"Wanna watch something later?"


There was silence for a short while and then just the raspy sounds of Heero's deep breathing. Duo smiled and quietly extracted himself from the bed and headed down the hallway to begin unpacking the small box that Heero had placed in the bathroom earlier.


Duo had found the number for the local pizza place affixed to the side of Heero's refrigerator along with other numbers he probably used on a regular basis. He had called in his order and decided he should go wake Heero and give him a few minutes before it arrived.

"Nap time is over."

Heero opened his eyes looked toward the door and at Duo. He didn't need to state the obvious: that he'd fallen asleep. "What time is it?"

Duo lifted his right wrist and glanced down at his watch. "Almost 8."

Heero sat up, shifting to the edge of the mattress and swinging his legs over the side. "Why didn't you wake me?"

Duo shrugged. "It's not like you were supposed to be doing anything."

Heero lay back down. "You finish unpacking?"

Duo nodded. "Everything I could."

Heero rolled over onto the left side of the bed and smiled at Duo as he crossed the room and sat down on the edge of the bed next to him. "There's still a shit load of boxes in the living room."

"We will go shopping tomorrow and see what we can find."

"Sounds good." Duo bent down, putting one hand on the pillow at either side of Heero's head and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Pizza should be here any minute."

"I am starved."

Duo smiled. "I think we sorta skipped lunch today."

"It was a hectic day."

"You were just anxious to get me settled in." Duo said.

"Yes." Heero agreed.

"Oh!" Duo said suddenly. "I bought you something!"

Heero watched as Duo reached over and took a white paper bag out of the bottom drawer of the nightstand. He sat it on the bed and looked over at Heero. "Sorry it's not wrapped or anything."

"What is the occasion?"

"No occasion." Duo shrugged. "It's not exactly a gift for you. Well, it is, but it's for me too."

Heero reached for it, but Duo's hand on top of his stopped him. "Not now. You can open it after dinner."

"After dinner." Heero repeated.

"Yeah." Duo said with a wink. "It'll make a good dessert."


Once they had finished eating dinner and putting the leftovers away, Duo turned off the movie and announced that he was going to take a shower and hinted that Heero do the same. Duo had not mentioned the gift again, but Heero was beginning to think that whatever it was that Duo had bought was not something edible and that he had used the term 'dessert' to mean something the two of them would enjoy after dinner.

Heero waited until he heard the water in the bathroom stop and went into the bedroom to get a fresh set of clothes. He waited just outside the bathroom door where Duo exited moments later dressed in only dark jeans and a pair of white cotton socks. He smiled at Heero. "Meet ya in the bedroom."

Hurrying through his shower with thoughts of what awaited him in the bedroom, Heero dried off and put on his boxers and running pants, deciding not to wear the shirt he had brought with him. He deposited his dirty clothes in the hamper, picked up the unused shirt and headed down the hallway to the bedroom. He paused in the doorway, eyeing Duo, as he lay half reclined on his side of the fully made bed.

"Bring that hot sexy bod of yours over here."

Heero smiled. "Your feet."

Duo moved quickly toward the edge of the bed and took off his socks before resuming his position and beckoning Heero with the index finger of his right hand. Heero strode forward, draping his shirt over the back of the chair that was situated just inside of the room and moved to stand beside the bed then turned to face his lover. "Hot sexy bod?"

Duo laughed. "It is." He reached out for Heero's hand, pulling him closer to the bed and then down onto it. Heero did nothing to resist, allowing Duo to roll him over onto his back and lay directly on top of him. The full body contact was nice. Duo's cock was already erect and Heero wondered what his lover had been thinking about while he was in the shower. Heero had a general idea. He was curious about the specifics. "Have something in mind?"

"Oh yeah." Duo reached over and slid his hand under his pillow, bringing out the flat white paper bag he had shown Heero earlier. "Here." He said.

Heero took the bag from Duo, watching his lover out of the corner of his eye while unfolding it and reaching his hand inside. His fingers brushed over the soft fabric inside, recognizing it even before he had successfully removed it. He looked up at Duo. "You are kidding, right?"

Duo shook his head and moved a little closer to Heero. "Nope."

"You want me to wear these." Heero said.

Duo nodded.

Obviously Duo wanted him to wear them; otherwise he would not have bought them. It was the why Heero could not understand. "Why?"

Duo chuckled. "Just play along with me. Okay?"

Heero found himself nodding. "Now?"

"Yes, now, Yuy!" Duo said in an amused tone. He reached out then and put his hand on Heero's shoulder and pushed slightly. Heero took the hint and rose from the bed, not looking back at Duo as he headed for the bathroom with the black spandex biker shorts held firmly in his grip.


Heero took off his pants inside the bathroom and looked over at the garment he had laid on the countertop. He did not understand where Duo was going with this. Judging by what had transpired so far, Duo intended for his gift to take them somewhere of a sexual nature.

Heero removed his boxers and tossed them down onto the floor on top of his discarded pants. He reached for the shorts, fingering the material slightly with his thumb and forefinger before picking them up and finding the sensation slightly pleasurable. Heero could not deny the comfort factor of the highly elastic fabric. He had worn shorts such as these not only throughout the Eve War, but all through his training with J as well, and perhaps even before then. They were practical, Heero acknowledged: efficient, even, though it seemed an odd word to endow clothing with. They allowed his body unlimited mobility, were able to easily absorb sweat, dried quickly and took up very little space in his duffle. Strength and durability were also a factor, as was the support the thin fiber provided.

Heero didn't think that any of those things had anything to do with Duo's desire to see him dressed in the clingy black shorts. He stretched the waistband out with both hands, stepped into them and pulled them upward and fully on before sliding his right hand inside to adjust himself comfortably.


Duo's gaze was on the doorway long before Heero re-entered the room. Heero's reaction to his gift was not exactly what Duo had expected. The confusion that had flitted across Heero's face upon seeing what was inside the bag was something Duo had not been prepared for. Heero had to know that Duo had devoted a good number of hours in the past to thinking about Heero and that some of those hours were likely to include the vision of Heero in those shorts. The two had talked about Duo's early attraction to Heero. Surely Heero wouldn't mind indulging him in yet another of his fantasies.

"Thinking about me?"

Duo jumped slightly at the sudden sound of Heero's voice. "Always." He admitted with a grin.

Heero remained motionless just inside the room, taking in the expression on his lovers face as Duo visually appraised him. "They still look good on you." Duo said, eyes still wandering over Heero's body. "Turn around."

Heero did, leaving his arms at his sides and his back to Duo.

"Nice." Duo said softly.

Heero turned to face Duo again and moved toward the bed; fully aware of the way that Duo was watching him.

"You look hot."

Heero could only smile as climbed up onto the bed and straddled Duo's prone form then lowered himself down onto it. Duo's both hands reached forward to hold Heero's waist and then he slid them back and down, gliding them slowly over the smooth fabric until they rested on Heero's ass. Duo moaned then and clutched at Heero's cheeks, squeezing them both tightly. "Always wanted to do that." Duo said.

Heero looked amused, Duo thought. "You've filled out a bit." Duo said and then winked.

Heero chuckled. "So have you."

Duo moved his left hand, trailing it lightly over Heero's right hip and down to his thigh. Heero watched as Duo's thumb separated from the rest of his fingers and brushed lightly against the slight bulge of his soft cock nestled at his groin. "You ever get hard in these things?" Duo asked. Heero could already feel himself doing just that and nodded his response. Duo grinned, applying more pressure to his touch and slowly tracing Heero's length with it, pleased with the results he was getting. "I used to jerk off in Deathscythe thinking about you in these shorts."

Heero did not look surprised. Duo continued. "You ever do that, Heero?" He asked. "Get yourself off in Wing?" Duo's right hand went into motion, cupping the cheek he held with his palm while stretching his fingers out to press against Heero's entrance. "Huh, baby?" Duo's voice was undeniably seductive in tone. He wanted Heero to supply him with whatever details he was willing to. Heero thought that he would rather hear the particulars about Duo's experiences. They were likely to be infinitely more arousing than anything he had to say.

"Only once that I can recall." Heero admitted.

Duo looked a little disappointed and then smiled. "You didn't think much about anything but the mission." Duo said.

"Not when I was in Wing."

"But you did at other times."

Heero nodded. He was not exempt from the effects of his raging teenage hormones because he was overly focused on the task at hand. Heero could recall numerous instances where he had sought relief. It was little more than that though: he did not fantasize in the way Duo indicated he had. Perhaps, Heero thought, this was why he had little desire to hold back on indulging in fantasies with Duo now.

He felt Duo reach into the front of his shorts and wrap his fingers around his cock. "You're hard, baby."

"Yes." Heero admitted.

Heero groaned as Duo started to stoke him. He could feel Duo's arousal pressing against him from beneath. Heero closed his eyes, fully engrossed in the feeling of Duo's hand on him.

Suddenly, Duo's touch was gone and Heero opened his eyes to watch the desire in Duo's eyes as he started lowering Heero's shorts to expose his erection. "You gonna bottom for me?" Duo asked and then leaned forward, swiping his tongue against the very tip of Heero's cock. Heero moaned, pushing his hips forward slightly in an effort to urge Duo to take him fully into his mouth. Duo did just that, all but deep throating him and causing the lower half of Heero's body to buck upward. Heero watched as Duo mouth worked his cock and buried his hands in the thick hair at the top of Duo's head. There was nothing Heero could compare this feeling to. In some ways, he found it more pleasurable than being inside of Duo. Duo was capable of keeping Heero on the very edge of climax for a very long time with his oral abilities. Duo let most of Heero's length slide from inside his mouth and sucked hard on head, sliding his tongue back and forth over the tightly stretched skin of Heero's foreskin.

"Duo..." Heero moaned.

Duo pulled away and Heero was suddenly flipped over onto his back with his lusty lover looming over him. Duo reached for his shorts, tugging them down to his thighs and sucked two of his fingers into his mouth. Heero bent his legs at the knees and spread his legs as wide as he could in anticipation of the upcoming touch. Duo's fingers were poised at his entrance, "I really need to fuck you." Duo said. Heero arched up slightly off the bed as the pair of wet digits was hastily introduced. There was no hesitation before Duo began thrusting them in and out.

Heero wondered if this is how Duo thought things would have been had the two gotten involved sexually when they had first met. Everything seemed to indicate that that was what Duo had in mind. Heero did not mind playing this scenario out. He would have gone along with it strictly because Duo desired to, even if he had not been curious.

It was unlikely that Duo possessed all of his current abilities in AC195. Heero still thought that Duo would have easily been able to drive him wild with need back then, even if it had only been a means to satisfy their lust.

It was very much unlike that now. Heero unquestionably derived pleasure from both the physical sensations and strong emotions that accompanied having Duo's cock inside of him. For the most part, Duo preferred being penetrated. While the arrangement sat well with Heero, he could not contemplate an arrangement other than what they currently had.

Startled as Duo's finger brushed against his prostate, Heero began pushing his hips downward and taking in the full length of his lover's long digits.

"You need it too." Duo growled. His voice was husky, Heero noted: huskier than normal.

"Yes." Heero replied, gasping as Duo lowered his head and sucked the head of his cock into his mouth.

Heero was not sure he would be able to withstand much more of what Duo was doing to him without climaxing. He was sure that Duo would not be pleased with that result and decided that a warning was in order. "Duo... I can't...."

Duo looked up at Heero, once again letting Heero's cock fall from his mouth. "Want me that much?" Duo whispered.

Heero did. Duo knew he did. "Give it to me good."

"Christ, baby." Duo hissed. He slid his fingers from inside Heero and reached for Heero's shorts, sliding them down to his calves and over Heero's left foot, leaving them bunched up and dangling from his right ankle. "Get the lube." Duo said.

Heero rolled over onto his side and removed the small bottle from the top nightstand drawer and handed it to Duo. Duo clicked the cap open and lifted the bottle to just above his erection and squeezed some out onto it, working it quickly over his cock before closing it and tossing it aside. He looked down at Heero, using his left hand to push his legs apart and shifted to kneel between them. "You are a fucking sight." He said, putting one hand on the bed on either side of Heero's head. Heero could have argued the same. The picture that Duo made above him and the lustful expression on Duo's face filled Heero with an unexpected sensation of awe. Braid disheveled, chest heaving and the muscles of his upper body tense as he held himself up. Duo was a beautiful man. There were times when Heero could still not believe that Duo was his: that he was Duo's.

Heero strained upward, barely making contact with Duo's lips, before pushing his tongue past them and coaxing Duo into a kiss. He felt the head Duo's cock push against his entrance and lifted his hips up off the bed, leaving no doubt about what he wanted. Duo's mouth stilled as he pushed his hips steadily forward to penetrate Heero. Heero relaxed, focusing on the way his muscles gave way to allow Duo's entry. "Oh god, baby." Duo said. Heero nodded, wrapping his legs around Duo's upper thighs and holding his lover in place.

"Missed you." Duo said, pressing his pelvis firmly against Heero's ass. Heero moaned in response, loosening the grip he had on Duo and allowing Duo to begin thrusting in and out of him. Duo reached out, taking hold of Heero's right leg and pulled it upward, resting the joint of Heero's knee on his shoulder. The other followed and Duo pushed forward to bury himself fully in Heero's body. "Oh yeah... that's what I needed." Duo hissed out.

Deep was good, Heero thought. Letting Duo take him like this was never a disappointment. Duo was very aware of what they needed and was more than capable of delivering. Heero wondered why Duo thought he would have been more inclined to give Duo control back when they had first met, when Heero was almost certain it would have been just the opposite: that he would not have willingly given up control as Duo had asserted. It was different now, though. Heero was less in control than Duo believed him to be. He questioned whether Duo really understood how much influence he had over him: how affected he was having Duo as his lover and partner. It was staggering at times.

Duo found his rhythm: fast and hard, punishing almost and Heero's body answered in kind, eagerly rising upward to meet each and every one of Duo's vigorous thrusts. His body arched in pleasure and he swore aloud, crying out Duo's name as Duo struck his prostate.

"Too fast. "Duo whispered. He lifted his right hand from the mattress and wrapped it securely around Heero's cock. "Can't help it."

Heero brought his left hand upward to join Duo's, further encouraging Duo's touch. His own thumb teased at the moist slit of his cock as Duo stroked him; smearing the slickness over the sensitive head. Heero saw Duo shut his eyes and watched his jaw go slack. Duo grunted; grinding his body hard against Heero's as he jerked and trembled erratically above him with the force of his release. Heero's cock twitched and he pushed Duo's motionless hand aside, vigorously pumping his own cock from tip to base.

Heero's initial cries of pleasure were drowned out by those of his more vocal lover. Duo said his name amidst a deep groan, mumbling incoherently in a voice so deeply saturated with lust that Heero barely recognized it. As Duo quieted, only the sound of his own ecstasy was left to fill Heero's ears. Duo's name rolled repeatedly off his tongue akin to a sacred mantra and at that moment, Heero supposed that was precisely what it was.

Duo leaned down and brought his mouth to Heero's, pressing their lips together briefly before sliding from inside of Heero and lowering both of his lover's legs down onto the bed. Duo immediately positioned himself just to Heero's left. "That was..." Duo began and then paused. "Damn. I don't think they have a word for it yet."

Heero turned his head to the side so that he could see Duo. Duo looked thoroughly satisfied. Heero was feeling much the same way. It was a good feeling. No. More than good, Heero thought. Incredible was probably more accurate. Heero might even have gone as far as using phenomenal to describe how he was feeling at the moment. He closed his eyes, barely conscious of extending his right arm to encircle Duo's waist to draw them closer.


Heero might have slept had he not taken an unexpected nap earlier in the day. Duo was sleeping. He could feel Duo's dead weight on his arm and the soft noises Duo made as inhaled and exhaled: ones that Heero knew would soon turn to all out snoring. Heero found that he didn't mind it so much, that the rhythmic sound was almost comforting at times. He didn't miss it when Duo was not there, unlike the majority of Duo's mannerisms, but he was certain that given time, he would eventually.

Heero moved to shift his weight onto his left side and carefully began working his arm out from beneath his sleeping partner as not to disturb him.

"Mmm... Where you off to?"

Heero continued to remove his arm from under Duo and turned toward him. Duo's eyes were still closed. "I am not tired."

Duo smiled. "That's cause you fell asleep earlier." Heero did not need to Duo to tell him that. He was well aware of it.

"It is still early."

"I'm pretty beat."

"Then sleep." Heero told him. Duo made an affirmative sound and rolled over onto his left side, tucking his both hands up under the side of his face.

Heero got up from the bed and put his sweatpants back on, tying the drawstring and then carefully tucking the bow into the waistband. He surveyed the bed, grinning slightly as he eyed Duo and then shifted his attention to the mound of black spandex that lie at the foot of the bed. He moved around the bed and reached out to pick them up, turning them on the right side before folding them. Aware of Heero moving about the room, Duo turned over onto his back and stretched his arms above his head, bending them at the elbow when he met resistance at the headboard. He glanced at Heero, then down to the shorts in Heero's hands.

"You could wear those when we work out, yanno."

It wasn't a bad idea. "I could." Heero said.

He continued around the bed, bending to pick up Duo's socks. "I should get a pair of slippers."

Heero looked down at Duo and nodded. Duo would be more likely to take his slippers off before entering the bed than he would his socks.

"You're pretty anal about it." Duo said. Heero did not take offense. He did have his quirks, just as Duo had his. Heero wouldn't necessarily have categorized some of his behavior as eccentric as Duo had once alleged, but understood that sometimes it was out of the range of norm; maybe even bordering at times on OCD. In any case, it would take them a while to adjust and conform to one another's habits

"It's not that strange." Duo added seeing Heero in thought.

Heero agreed with a nod. "You do that thing when you brush your teeth."

Duo laughed. "You alphabetize your spices!"

'Touché' Heero thought and sat down on the bed next to Duo. He leaned down, kissing Duo lightly on the lips. "I thought you were going back to sleep?"

"Awake now."

"Good." Heero said.

Duo stretched, sending both arms in the air and let out a contented sigh, before turning to face Heero again. Duo's smile was wide: genuine and relaxing with perhaps a hint of smugness to it. He looked pleased, Heero determined.

Extremely pleased.

Day one could be claimed as a success: not that Heero had seriously considered it might be otherwise. Day two would in all probability follow suit, Heero mused. He smiled back at Duo: imagining his own was considerably less brilliant, but assured that it was equally matched in sentiment.

"Something you want to do?"

Heero shrugged and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"We could both use another shower."

Heero mentally concurred. "That is an added expense I had not considered."

Duo laughed. "Can't forget all the extra laundry either."

"There are two of us to share the work now." Heero said.

Duo chuckled. "Feels like home already."

Duo's words were welcome, despite the fact that they surprised Heero. They weren't quite in the context that Heero wanted to hear them, but he liked hearing them anyway. "Does it?"

"Mmm..." Duo said, sitting up to kiss Heero. "Pretty much. Gonna take a while to get used to where things are and stuff, but it's not like I feel like a guest or anything."

"Good." Heero said coming to his feet. "Then you won't mind changing the sheets."

Duo let out a hearty laugh, falling back down onto the bed and Heero could not resist the desire to join him.