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title: caution: speed bump ahead
this is a sequel to 'objection overruled'
author: jana
archive: shinigami&wing http://www.1X2X1.org
pairing: 1X2X1, but duo currently isn't getting any. actually.... he's getting it... he just isn't giving it *g
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, AU in that it's AC200, a tad of introspection on both heero and duo's parts, sap, the usual quasi-kinky citrusy bits and some long awaited angst... you DID know there was going to be angst... right?
spoilers: none that i'm aware of, though it is a possibility. notes: this is the fifth fic in the 'getting caught, giving chase and giving in' series. you may find it useful to have read the first four fics of this series before reading this one. you can find them at [ http://www.1X2X1.org/fiction/jana.htm ] huge thanks are due to both d.c. logan and spinfrog for betaing this for me. this never would have seen the light of day without either of you *warmfuzzyhuggles*

Caution: Speed Bump Ahead
by jana


Duo was astounded that it had only been a matter of weeks before official word that their funding had been increased reached his office. He did not let on that he had prior knowledge of any of it or that he had actually had a hand in obtaining the additional funds. The announcement had predictably lightened everyone's burden emotionally and the atmosphere in the office was a much more pleasant one to work in because of it.

Not for the first time in the three months since they'd become involved, did Duo wish that Heero were not a colony away. He would have liked nothing more than to throw his arms around his lover in gratitude and have Heero grace him with the wide smile that he knew the simple gesture would draw from him. The two had grown accustomed to expressing themselves quite well through chat, but there was no substitute for a warm body to share your excitement or disappointment with.

Duo thought that Heero seemed to be taking the whole situation a bit more in stride than he was, noting that Heero rarely relayed his frustration over their current circumstances. Duo was well aware that his lover was not happy with their present arrangement, even though he was now spending a week at Duo's apartment at least monthly.

It was becoming increasingly more difficult for Duo to find suitable contentment in the time he spent away from Heero. He had long ago grown accustomed to being on his own and found that despite his outgoing nature he enjoyed the solitude that came with living alone. All of that seemed to have changed during the several months that had passed since he and Heero had become involved. It hadn't taken very long to discover that even the most mundane of chores was more palpable when shared. Cooking had become a far less unpleasant task, as had doing the laundry; and even the cleaning of the apartment, Duo noted, wasn't nearly as bothersome. It did make sense, Duo rationalized, that spending time in the company of someone you cared so much about would have such an effect.

Nevertheless, it disturbed him on some level; the idea that Heero's presence had such a profound affect on his daily happiness.


The enthusiasm had remained with him throughout the day and Duo had allowed it overflow into his conversation with Heero that night. Despite the fact that he had e-mailed Relena regarding the situation, doing so was Heero's idea and Duo firmly believed that had it not been for Heero's intervention, there wouldn't have been a turnabout.

He chose to call Heero on the videophone tonight rather than speaking to him online. It was something they had started doing just recently and the suggestion had come from Heero. Duo found it rather amusing that Heero took the time to make it absolutely clear that there would be no phone play even before they had tried out the new mode of communication. Duo had mock pouted over it and Heero found the whole situation rather amusing. Duo finally acquiesced, but not without letting Heero know that he was not pleased.

Duo sat at his desk and took off the blind as he pressed 1 to speed-dial Heero's number. Heero answered on the second ring, but in voice only and Duo frowned slightly before announcing himself. "Hey. It's me."

"Hey you."

Heero had not engaged the video and the oddity piqued Duo's curiosity. He decided to question his lover about it. "No visual tonight? Not decent?" He asked with a smile.

"I just got out of the shower."

"Mmm... wet Heero, my favorite kind."

Heero chuckled. Duo did seem to be partial to things that involved water: even more so when sex was implicated. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call?"

Duo certainly didn't need a reason to call him, but Heero knew by now he usually had one.

"Just thought you'd like to know that I had a great day at work today."

Heero was indeed pleased to hear that. "Oh?"

"Yeah. Notice about the funding came through." Duo said.

Duo grinned wide as an image of Heero from the waist popped up onto the screen. He had a dark gray towel draped over his otherwise naked shoulders and he was smiling. "Congratulations."

"Thanks! I owe it all to you... and Relena, of course."

Heero nodded. "I'm sure she feels good about having gotten things moving."

"Yeah." Duo started. "I will call her to say thanks!"

"I am sure she would like that."

Duo nodded. "I'll get her number from you later, k?"

Heero made a small affirmative sound and then removed the towel from his shoulders and began to rub it vigorously through his wet hair with both hands.

"Don't do that."

Heero looked up at Duo once he'd set the towel down on his desk. "Do what?"

Duo let out a labored sigh.

"Dry my hair?" Heero asked.

"Yeah. You made me promise to be good, but you can't expect me to keep my word if you're going to tease me."

"I was not teasing you."

Duo rolled his eyes and made a sound that told Heero he was irritated. Heero appeared to be smirking. "If I stood up, however, that would be an entirely different story."

Duo just barely managed to hold back a groan. "Goodbye, Heero."

"Why the rush?"

Yes. He was definitely smirking.

"My boyfriend is on the vidphone with me naked from the waist up and I'm pretty sure naked from the waist down as well and he's still wet from the shower. Not only does he look incredibly sexy, but he's taunting me with what I want and damn well can't have and you're asking me why I'm in a rush?" Duo sighed heavily and caught his breath. "God, Heero, you can be such a schmuck sometimes."

Heero's eyes opened wide. "A schmuck?"

Duo laughed. "Yeah."

The word was foreign to Heero, but he was able to understand the basic meaning of it from the context Duo used it in. "If you hold for a minute, I'll get dressed."

"The damage has already been done." Duo paused and reached up with right hand to pull at the knot of his tie. "I should go anyway, I haven't had dinner yet."


Duo chuckled at the confused expression on Heero's face and glanced down at his lap. "Yeah... I'd say it was considerable too."

Heero liked the idea that he had unintentionally aroused Duo. He was tempted to take back his initial demand that forbade the two engaging in any sexual antics over the phone. Duo certainly didn't seem to have any problems with it.

"How considerable?" Heero asked.

Duo grinned. "Enquiring minds want to know, huh?"

He winked at Heero then.

Heero knew there was something he was missing. Duo was fond of using expressions whose meanings might have been conspicuous to the masses, but most of the time they were not ones that Heero was familiar with. Duo was fully aware that a good deal of his cleverness was lost on Heero, though it didn't seem to stop him.

"I am curious." Heero admitted.

"My dick is hard, baby. I miss you." Duo said casually.

Heero had gathered that much. He did understand how his current state of undress might have affected Duo. He would most likely have found himself in the same predicament had Duo been the one who was wet and wearing only a towel.

"I'll talk to you later."

Duo's voice snapped Heero out of his thoughts. "Don't go." Heero said quickly.

Duo smiled. "You're zoning out on me."

"I was just thinking about something." Heero explained. "You have my undivided attention now."

"Shame you can't be here to convince me."

Heero concurred. He enjoyed speaking to Duo like this. He preferred it their online chats. It still wasn't enough. "I'll be there in less than week." Heero reminded him.

"Looking forward to it." Duo admitted. "I think I'm gonna go get changed and grab something to eat."

Heero looked at the clock. It was nearly 8pm. "Okay."

"See you in about an hour?"

"I am counting on it."

Duo winked at Heero and disconnected.


Heero almost felt bad about tormenting his lover, but the look on Duo's face had been worth it.

The weeks in between his visits to L2 were a strain for both of them; especially the lack of physical contact, since they did manage to speak to one another nearly every night, even if it was just for a short time. It was not strictly the sexual intimacy that Heero thought they both pined for, but the simple displays of affection and comfort that lovers often showed one another without even being aware they were doing it. Those things Heero knew were irreplaceable and he found himself most affected by their loss.

He wondered then, how long it would be before all of Duo's self-imposed requirements would be met and he would be ready to leave his job. Heero recognized that it was not an easy thing for Duo to do, despite his obvious desire to do so. Much of his life the past four years had been devoted to his career and although Duo had not said so, Heero thought that Duo still had reservations about leaving the job and about starting a new one with him. Heero wished that he had pressed Duo more to reveal his feelings regarding the upcoming changes, despite Duo's obviously intentional railroading of the topic whenever he brought it up.

Though he had not discussed as much with Duo, Heero felt that the computer courses he was planning on enrolling in would serve as a good buffer. They would help ease the transition and the twelve weeks Heero envisioned them taking was more than enough time for Duo to adapt to the greater freedom his new lifestyle would eventually afford him.

If Duo arranged his schedule properly, there would be more of his time available. Heero hoped that Duo might agree to use some of it to spend a three-day weekend on L1 with him every few weeks. He did intend to speak with Duo about it, but would leave the decision up to Duo. He had sensed his lovers growing frustration and he felt that it came close to his own. He was glad that Duo had not mentioned it to him though. Heero did not think that he would be able to keep his plans from Duo had Duo actually told him outright what he suspected he was feeling.


DMaxwell02: you really do live on that computer of yours

Heero smiled as Duo's message appeared.

GroundedonL1: i am usually working
GroundedonL1: or waiting for a suitable distraction
DMaxwell02: mm... that would be me
GroundedonL1: maybe

Duo shook his head and chuckled.

DMaxwell02: maybe im suitable or maybe im a distraction
GroundedonL1: maybe you are both
DMaxwell02: flattery will get you everywhere
GroundedonL1: everywhere?
DMaxwell02: yeah. im easy
GroundedonL1: i like that in a man

Duo laughed out loud as he typed his response.

DMaxwell02: you do, huh?
GroundedonL1: i never lie
DMaxwell02: hey... thats my line!
GroundedonL1: i thought it sounded familiar

They had somehow gotten on the topic of Duo's earlier call and Heero steered the conversation back to the comment Duo had made earlier about becoming aroused. Knowing his lover as well as he did, Heero was fairly certain that Duo had gratified himself after they'd spoken. Well, maybe not immediately after, but Heero didn't think that Duo would have waited very long.

DMaxwell02: are you asking me if i masturbated?

He was.

GroundedonL1: yes
DMaxwell02: it was pretty hard not to
GroundedonL1: i am sorry that i teased you

That was partially true. Heero had felt a small amount of remorse
earlier. It had vanished quickly though.

DMaxwell02: are you?
GroundedonL1: i was


DMaxwell02: and now?
GroundedonL1: it provided me with a new fantasy
DMaxwell02: mm... gave me a few of my own
GroundedonL1: did it?
DMaxwell02: yeah. umm... listen...
DMaxwell02: if we don't stop talking about this, i can see it taking us somewhere naughty

Heero smiled.

GroundedonL1: don't want to?
DMaxwell02: its you who usually doesn't want to
GroundedonL1: two weeks is a long time
DMaxwell02: we have healthy libidos
GroundedonL1: we do
DMaxwell02: and seeing you like that before...
GroundedonL1: you filled in the blanks
DMaxwell02: yeah. i was down on my knees
GroundedonL1: under my computer desk?

Duo blushed slightly.

DMaxwell02: you weren't complaining then
GroundedonL1: did i at least put a pillow under your knees?
DMaxwell02: there wasn't time
GroundedonL1: you are very good with your mouth
DMaxwell02: i will never get tired of sucking your dick

Heero moaned and looked down, easily able to picture Duo on his knees with his head between his legs. He parted them a little even now as he dropped one hand into his lap.

GroundedonL1: is that what got you off?
DMaxwell02: no. that was just the beginning
DMaxwell02: i was totally hard by the time i got out of my clothes
GroundedonL1: did you think about fucking me?
DMaxwell02: no
DMaxwell02: sometimes i do, but not today
GroundedonL1: and did i give you what you wanted?
DMaxwell02: yeah. you're good to me like that

Heero thought that Duo's comment was made somewhat tongue in cheek. He felt that he was good to Duo outside of the bedroom as well. It was not as easy though, because Duo did not always make it clear to Heero what it was he wanted.

GroundedonL1: i do try to please you
DMaxwell02: you are a dynamo in bed

Heero felt the heat rising on his face. He made no special effort. It all came quite naturally; his desire for Duo and the strong drive he felt to give them both the maximum amount of pleasure he was capable of giving them. Duo rarely complained.

GroundedonL1: you are not so bad yourself
DMaxwell02: so ive been told ;)

Heero was not sure if Duo was referring to comments that he, himself had made to Duo or not. This was the one area that Heero had consciously chosen not to go into with Duo. He had to admit that he was mildly curious about it. He was acutely aware that Duo had a sexual past, just as Duo was aware that he had none. His did not think his lack of experience hindered their sex life. He was equally certain that Duo's history enhanced it.

DMaxwell02: i wanted you

Duo's words brought Heero out of his thoughts.

GroundedonL1: to be inside of you?
DMaxwell02: yes. you fingered me while you were recovering. it didn't take long

Heero smirked.

GroundedonL1: and then i fucked you?
DMaxwell02: i used a dildo. it was better than my fingers. i needed it hard.

Heero let out a soft groan as he envisioned the scenario painted by Duo's words. He had lost his erection for a short time, but it was back now, alerting him to its presence with a growing ache.

GroundedonL1: i am hard now just thinking about that
DMaxwell02: me too
GroundedonL1: give me details

Duo did not answer right away.

GroundedonL1: just whatever you are comfortable with
DMaxwell02: you know im not shy. i want to get you off like this
GroundedonL1: you will get us both off

That was a given.


Duo had informed Heero on Thursday night before they signed off that he would not be available to chat the following night.

Someone in his department suggested that they spend the evening out in somewhat of a celebration. Duo had declined the invitation at first, but gave in to the pleading that lasted throughout much of the afternoon. Duo generally reserved Friday evenings for winding down, venturing out only on Saturday nights on the rare occasion that he did. It had been longer than he thought and he was barely able to recall the last time he had gone clubbing, save the night on L1 with Heero.

Heero had been coerced into accompanying the rest of the former pilots to one or two club outings during the past several years. It was more often than not Duo's idea, and Heero recalled how subdued Duo was that night the two of them had gone out alone. His behavior that evening was far less outrageous; as were the clothes he wore. Heero even noted that Duo had had only one drink. He would have liked to attribute the drastic change to Duo's maturity, but he knew better. It was because he was with

Tomorrow night he would not be and Heero could not ignore the uneasy feeling that settled over him.

He trusted Duo. Perhaps not implicitly: but a great deal. There was little apprehension about Duo finding someone else, but Heero felt remiss in not speaking with Duo about the two of them seeing one another exclusively. He had thought about it, but had not found the opportune time to speak with Duo about it. It would have been wrong for him to bring it up at Duo's mention of going out. It might have looked to Duo that Heero was feeling insecure. He had also not spoken with his partner about this before... the going out. It was quite possible that Duo did so on a regular basis. Unlike himself, Duo was a social being. It wasn't only Duo's actions that reminded Heero of this.

It didn't take Heero long to amend his earlier thought. Duo was online nearly every night and speaking with him and had been since they'd started seeing one another. It was entirely possible that prior to that, Duo spent his weekend evenings out. There was no way of Heero knowing that. After giving the subject little more consideration, Heero came to the conclusion that Duo's past behavior didn't matter.

What did concern him was the present. Their relationship, the nature of and how it might have differed in their eyes. He wasn't questioning the fact that Duo loved him, just what it was that love entailed. How much of his notion of love and their relationship was aligned with Duo's? Was it too soon for him to expect these things? Was he expecting too much of Duo?

Heero let out a heavy sigh. Last night as they parted, Heero had told Duo to enjoy his night out and in addition to Duo telling Heero he would, he let Heero know that he would sign on when he got home. Heero was relieved.

There were a lot of things the two of them needed to discuss.


Duo had come home from the office on Friday night at around 7; ate, showered and dressed. He stood before the mirror and braided his hair, ignoring the fact that the black silk shirt he had chosen to wear could have used a quick ironing. Tying off the end of his braid with a small black rubber band, Duo removed his wrinkled shirt in frustration and dug into the back of his closet to pull out a cropped black mesh top. He held it up to his chest as he stood in front of the mirror before slipping it over his head.

He stood back to glance at his reflection and smiled; pleased with the overall effect. The black denim rode a little lower on his hips than he would have preferred and he tugged at the waistband of them slightly while pulling down the mesh to cover more of his midsection. Four months ago he would have been doing just the opposite as he prepared to go out. He was not looking to attract attention tonight. He smiled noting that despite his best intentions, it always seemed to find him anyway. He shut the closet door and grabbed his house keys and wallet from the dresser, shoving them both deep into the front pocket of his jeans.

It was several hours later before he arrived back home and recalling what he could of the evening's events, Duo decided not to sign onto AIM. While some of his trepidation still lingered, it did not stop him from logging in the next night at the usual time. He thought that Heero would probably be concerned about him, given that he had not stopped in on Friday as promised.

DMaxwell02: hey
GroundedonL1: i see you survived last night

Duo sighed.

DMaxwell02: yeah. got home pretty late
GroundedonL1: i figured
DMaxwell02: any chance at all of you coming early?

Heero would have loved nothing more, but the meeting he had scheduled for Monday morning had already been rescheduled once, and postponing it was simply out of the question. He was sure he had already discussed this with Duo.

GroundedonL1: no
DMaxwell02: oh

Heero frowned and brought his fingers down to the keyboard.

GroundedonL1: is there something wrong?

Duo paused before responding.

DMaxwell02: nah. just been a while

Heero felt the corners of his mouth turn upward at Duo's words. It had been 3 weeks since they'd seen one another. He was pleased that the extended separation bothered Duo as much as it did him.

GroundedonL1: i will be there on monday night
DMaxwell02: looking forward to it
GroundedonL1: me too
DMaxwell02: good
GroundedonL1: i bought an apron

Duo laughed.

DMaxwell02: did you?
GroundedonL1: yes. i said i would
DMaxwell02: mm... now i *really* can't wait until monday night
GroundedonL1: i will not be cooking until tuesday
DMaxwell02: can i get a preview?
GroundedonL1: maybe if you are good


Heero was able to discern something odd about the way Duo had been behaving for the past day and a half. Duo had been less talkative during their chats. Heero found that he was initiating most of the discussions and even then, Duo seemed more reserved.

He had decided to hold off on bringing up any of the questions he'd given thought to the other night. It wasn't only because of his lover's behavior, though that was undoubtedly a factor. He had ultimately decided that such things were probably best discussed in person. Heero also got the distinct impression that there was something on Duo's mind and that Duo was deliberately avoiding discussing whatever it was.

He was understandably a little hesitant as he stood outside of Duo's apartment door on Monday night. Although Heero was certain that Duo was home, he used the key Duo had made for him to let himself tonight rather than knocking. He hoped that Duo planned on bringing up whatever was bothering him without waiting too long.

"Hey, baby!" Duo's voice greeted him as he opened the door. He was still dressed in his work clothes, though he had already loosened his tie and removed his shoes. Heero smiled and set his bags down just inside the door before closing it and crossing the room to give his lover a proper hello. He reached forward to pull Duo into a strong hug and felt Duo's arms surround him in a similar fashion. Holding Duo in his arms like this reminded Heero that three weeks of being separated from Duo was almost unbearable. Three months ago he never would have thought it possible; that he could have such a craving, such a deep-seated desire for Duo's touch. He drew Duo closer for just a second before releasing him and taking a few steps back.

"Miss me?" Heero asked with a grin.

Duo nodded emphatically, but Heero quickly noticed that he was not smiling.

"Duo, is there something wrong?" Heero asked. He knew that there was. The inquiry was meant to bring Duo's concerns out into the open now, as opposed to later, despite his own reluctance to hear what his lover had to say.

Duo reached for Heero's hands, squeezing them both a bit as he looked into Heero's eyes and spoke. "Yeah, Heero, there is. I need to talk with you about something."

The worried expression on Duo's face was easy to read. Heero gave a curt nod and followed Duo as he made his way toward the couch and sat as Duo encouraged him to. Heero had no doubt now that whatever it was that Duo wanted to tell him was not good. He swallowed hard, forcing the lump further down his throat and looked up to where Duo stood. "I'm listening."

All day yesterday, Duo had rehearsed what he was going to say and had pretty much committed the short monologue to memory. He could not bring himself to spout it off now as he looked down at Heero. "I did some thinking on Saturday night, Heero."

Heero could feel his muscles begin to tense as he sat staring up at Duo. He had imagined the worst of course; that Duo had found someone else. "About what?"

"About us." Duo started. He looked hesitant to continue.

"Just say what is on your mind, Duo." Heero coaxed.

Duo sighed and then spoke. "I can't do this, Heero." He moved his right arm wildly around the room as he spoke, as if the gesture would somehow give Heero a clue to the meaning behind his words. It didn't.

"Can't do what?"

Duo looked fairly exasperated and turned his back toward Heero. "This whole working for you, living together with you thing. I just can't, Heero. Not now, anyway. I'm just not ready for it." He turned around then to face Heero and Heero found his expression unreadable. "Do you understand?"

Initially surprised that Duo was aware of the full extent of his plans, Heero felt a sense of relief wash over him. This was not good news, but it was significantly better than some of the things Heero's lively imagination had conjured up. "I can understand that you might need some time, Duo." Heero told him in all sincerity. "I won't push you. Consider it a standing offer."

Duo smiled warmly at Heero. He wasn't sure how he expected Heero to take the news; calm was good. "Everything is just moving too fast for me. You know?" Heero nodded, though he really didn't know. He loved Duo and Duo had expressed that he returned those feelings on several occasions. He didn't think that reminding Duo of that would make him or Duo feel any better about the situation and so he didn't.

"You hungry?" Duo asked, offering his hand to Heero. Heero nodded, taking Duo's hand in his and was escorted into the kitchen.


Dinner between the two was not at all strained.

For the next 5 days, nothing between them would be different, Heero told himself. Any thoughts about what might happen beyond that point were purposely pushed aside. The ability to do that was something Heero was very good at. He had kept secret his emotions for Duo for more than three years; surely he could wait a little longer for Duo to acknowledge what Heero was certain was their fate.

Heero noted that Duo seemed pleased by his reaction to the announcement. He had to imagine that Duo worried himself over it, recalling how he had asked if there was any way he could arrive earlier than tonight. Heero wondered what it was about Saturday night that had caused Duo to come to his decision. He could not fight the nagging suspicion he had that Duo had met someone. He did not think that Duo would have acted on it, but could not deny that it was a possibility. He wondered if an attraction alone might make Duo feel the need to slow things down between them or if there was something else bothering him.

His priority of the evening was to find out.


Dessert was preempted by the mutually robust physical desire the two young men were feeling. Heero thought that the three hours they had waited to get intimate tonight was probably a record of some sort. It was he who had initiated the contact as they cleared the table of their dinner dishes, but Duo who quickly saw to it that their activities were moved from the living room into the bedroom.

Once inside Duo's room, Heero closed the door and pinned Duo to it: wasting no time in his quest to remove Duo's clothes. He kept his eyes focused on Duo's face as he worked to release the tiny buttons on Duo's white dress shirt. "I love you."

Duo moaned as the fingers of Heero's left hand moved across his chest, stopping to tease first one nipple and then the other. "Love you too."

Heero reached down between their bodies to trace the length of Duo's arousal with his thumb. "I can keep you happy."

"I never said you couldn't."

Heero brought his mouth to Duo's, brushing his lips lightly across Duo's. "I want the chance to try."

"You'll have it." Duo moaned, pushing his hips forward into Heero's hand.

"I'm not talking about sex."

"Right now," Duo admitted with a growl "that's all I can think about."

"Don't think I am capable of satisfying your libido?"

Heero's words seemed to come out of nowhere, but in fact, were a spin-off of the thoughts he had been having earlier; the ones he had been unsuccessful at chasing from his mind. He recognized that the mounting jealousy he was feeling was probably nothing more than a figment of his imagination. He needed Duo to give him some reassurance.

Duo moaned as Heero pushed the shirt from his shoulders, tugging roughly to relieve Duo of it without bothering to undo the buttons at the cuff. "Mmm... that remains to be seen."

Not taking the tease as more than Duo intended it, Heero thought then about the physical aspect of their relationship and felt secure in that there was little, if any, room for improvement in that area. He leaned forward to kiss Duo, crushing their lips together and thrusting his tongue into Duo's open mouth for just seconds before pulling back from the kiss, "Explain."

Duo smiled a slightly less than innocent smile as he reached down to unfasten the button on Heero's jeans. Heero entertained Duo's silence while as reached for and removed his own shirt "You're here for one week a month and then you get to go home and rest." Duo said. He kissed Heero soundly and then brought himself to his knees in front of the other man.

It sounded like a challenge to Heero and he thought for a minute about it, slightly distracted as Duo lowered the zipper on his jeans and reached inside to draw his erection out. If Duo was implying, even in jest, that Heero was incapable of satisfying him sexually on a regular basis, Heero could and would easily prove him wrong. What took precedent over that thought were the visions Heero got of Duo satisfying himself when he wasn't there. It had been just a few nights ago that Duo had admitted to Heero that he had done just that while thinking about Heero. Heero was not able to recall a night when they had not had been intimate when they were together. He wondered if Duo's sex drive was as high when he was alone and if that was what Duo was referring to.

Heero used both hands to hold Duo's head in place while he thrust forward into the very welcome heat of Duo's mouth. He enjoyed Duo's talent for only a minute or two before he stepped back: reluctantly removing his cock from Duo's moist grip and looked up at Duo. "Show me."

The irises of Duo's eyes shone with a gleam of understanding as he registered Heero's words. He brought himself to his feet, taking Heero by the hand and leading him toward the bed. Heero lowered himself to sit on the edge of the mattress, lying back only when Duo placed his hand on his chest and gently urged him to. Duo removed his jeans with little effort and climbed up onto the bed to lie beside Heero. "Show you what, Heero?

"Show me what you do when I'm not here." Heero clarified.

Duo smiled again and reached out, running the flat of his thumb slowly across the wet tip of Heero's cock. "Are you sure you don't just want to fuck me?"

Heero felt the stir of a shiver. He wasn't altogether sure what he wanted. Duo was lying beside him on the bed: naked, aroused and ever so artfully stroking his cock. He ached to be buried inside of Duo. Reaching out for Duo's hand, Heero brought the two down between Duo's legs, wrapping them both tightly around his shaft and giving it a few good pumps.

"Top right hand drawer of my dresser." Duo offered. "In the back."

Heero watched Duo's eyes close with pleasure as his hand moved up and down his length for several seconds before crawling off the bed. Opening Duo's dresser drawer, Heero used both hands to gather and remove from it Duo's collection of toys and set them down on the bed. He reached into the small drawer in the nightstand beside him to retrieve the lube and then climbed back up onto the mattress.

Duo's stash consisted of a remarkable variety of vibrators and dildoes, including one that Heero recognized as the one Duo had used on him during an earlier encounter. He took a moment to recall the sensations it had caused, then chose the smallest of the devices and held it out toward Duo.

Duo accepted the toy, immediately busying himself applying lube to the slim, black vibrator while keeping his gaze on Heero. Heero reached forward with his right hand to guide the hard plastic dildo to Duo's entrance, while using the other hand to urge Duo to spread his legs further apart. He watched as the thin toy slowly vanished inside of Duo's body, moaning as the lower half of Duo's body rose up off the bed with its entry. A small bead of moisture emerged from the slit at the head of Duo's cock and Heero bent forward to catch it with the tip of his tongue, before taking the head of Duo's erection into his mouth and sucking hard on it.

Heero teased Duo with his mouth for just moments, then sat back to observe his lover, giving him a more accurate reenactment of Duo's masturbatory routine. He watched as Duo's eyes flickered open and subsequently closed in pleasure as the vibrator was switched on high. He could hear the buzzing sound grow louder as Duo drew the toy almost all the way out and turn softer and more muffled as he plunged it back inside again.

Hastily removing the small vibrator, Duo tossed it off to the side. He reaching into the pile of toys again, choosing a substantially larger dildo and proceeded to cover it with lube. Heero watched Duo with interest; shifting on the bed to lower the zipper of his own jeans all the way to reveal that he wore nothing beneath them. He looked toward Duo to find his lovers eyes fixed on where he'd just exposed himself and heard Duo let out a soft, almost pleading moan.

"Keep going." Heero spoke softly in response.

Duo acquiesced, positioning the thick flesh tone toy at his entrance and pushing just the wide flared head of it inside. Unwilling to divert his attention from the view before him, Heero blindly reached down for his own cock, stroking it slowly as he watched Duo slide still more of the toy inside.

"God, you are so fucking kinky."

Heero averted his eyes upward to meet Duo's and smiled. Perhaps he was, but he was definitely not alone. "I don't think you are in any position to talk."

Duo couldn't help but smirk: grunting as he pushed the balance of the 5" silicone shaft into his opening. He bit down hard on his lower lip as he began to thrust it in and out. Heero's fist moved with more purpose up and down the length of his cock, squeezing it tighter with each stroke. He moaned as he watched Duo's body writhe in pleasure and reached out to touch the inside of Duo's right thigh. "Oh yeah... touch me, Heero."

Setting his sights on the pile of toys he'd laid out on the bed, Heero abandoned his touch and took from it the largest of the dildoes. He glanced toward Duo after thoroughly examining the toy.

"Mmm... that's my newest acquisition." Duo said, blushing slightly as Heero continued to stare at him. "You spoiled me."

Heero grinned and reached over Duo for the lube, applying a thin coat of it to the large dildo. Heero moved across the bed to kneel in between Duo's legs and extracted the smaller toy, tossing it onto the other side of the bed. His fingers trembled slightly as he brought the tip of the dildo to Duo's entrance. He took a moment to tease his lover; rubbing the thick lube-slicked head of it over his balls and the area just beneath them; taking an inordinate amount of pleasure in keeping Duo's gratification just out of reach.

Duo hands fisted at his sides as he pushed his body downward. "Christ Heero!" Duo cried out. "Just fuck me with it!"

Heero slowly started easing the dildo into Duo's opening; stopping every now and then to watch the expression of anticipation on his lover's face. It was difficult to watch Duo: to listen to him beg and continue resisting the strong desire Heero had to abandon his plan, replace the dildo with his own hard cock and pound Duo into the mattress.

"Come on, baby. Do it." Duo hissed and Heero complied, fully sheathing the silicone toy and quickly matching the frantic rhythm of Duo's hips.

"Fuck, Heero. Too slow!"

Heero sped up the pace of his thrusts, rapidly plunging all but the very end he held onto in and out of Duo.

"Oh yeah. That's more like it!"

Heero watched as Duo pushed hard against the intrusion and angled the dildo in an effort to make contact with Duo's prostate. Duo's entire body tensed suddenly, going taut and his cock twitched, alerting Heero of his success. "Harder, Heero." Duo moaned. "I want it hard!" Both of Duo's hands gripped at the comforter beneath him, turning his knuckles white at his fists. Heero carried out Duo's request, using more force as he thrust the dildo into Duo. He reached for his own erection with his other hand, stroking himself just as rapidly as he was pushing the toy into Duo.

Duo moved up onto his elbows and focused on the movement of Heero's hand with a groan of pleasure. "Oh yeah. Almost there..." He warned with a hiss.

Their eyes met then and Heero could feel his own orgasm approaching.

"Don't, baby..." Duo warned between ragged breaths. "I want to suck you off."

Heero acknowledged Duo's request with a nod and brought his hand down to Duo's balls, massaging them roughly as Duo took his own dick in hand. Heero could feel as well as see Duo's muscles clench tight around the length of silicone and worked to answer the desperate movements of Duo's body.

Duo fell back onto the mattress with a shrill cry as he reached his climax. His body trembled; erratically jerking up off the bed as he roughly stroked his cock from base to tip while Heero continued to pleasure him from the inside.

Taking only moments to gather the better portion of his wits, Duo moved up to his knees and brought his lips to Heero's; slipping his tongue past his lovers already parted lips. Heero moved forward, pressing their bare chests together as they kissed. Duo pulled back, breathless, and Heero watched as Duo reached between them, sliding several fingers of his right hand through the puddle of warm come on own his chest.

Heero moaned and spread his legs further apart for Duo, enjoying the view as Duo bowed down to buy his head between them. Duo took all of Heero's erection into his mouth, simultaneously driving two slick digits deep inside of him. Heero cried out loudly in ecstasy and began rocking back and forth, impaling himself on Duo's fingers. Duo sucked his cock relentlessly, using all of his skill and the familiarity he had of Heero's body to bring him quickly to his peak. Heero moaned aloud to warn Duo of his impending release. Heero held Duo's head in place with both hands and thrust his hips forward, shuddering violently as he climaxed in Duo's mouth.


Heero had been mistaken about things remaining status quo for the duration of his visit. The changes were his, though and not Duo's. He supposed that Duo's announcement had triggered in him a self-preservation mechanism of sorts, and didn't try to contest the minute modifications in his behavior. Duo, on the other hand, seemed to be very much unaware that anything between them was different. He had not questioned Heero about the physical distance between them on the couch the following night while they watched television, nor that Heero had risen and showered long before his lover woke for work the next morning.

Once Duo had left for the office on Tuesday, Heero cleared the table of their breakfast dishes and washed them before setting up his laptop on the kitchen table. As expected, thoughts about the situation between him and Duo distracted Heero from focusing on his work.

He imagined that Duo was probably feeling somewhat smothered by his wants.

He had made a substantial number of assumptions and could not fault Duo for taking exception to his plotting what he had of their immediate future without consulting him first. Heero thought that perhaps that was what was causing Duo to want to retreat. Heero had to admit to himself that he most likely would have had a similar reaction had he been the one in Duo's situation. The very nature of Duo's personality made it impossible for Heero to envision his lover sitting idly by while he took it upon himself to orchestrate their future.

Duo Maxwell loved life and he engaged himself fully in it in a hands-on kind of way that Heero was only beginning to understand and appreciate. It was never Heero's intention to subdue Duo's verve for living. It was, after all, what had initially drawn him to Duo when they were still boys. He didn't understand it at all back then, especially given their circumstances. He had regarded Duo with skepticism in the beginning. As he gradually came to know Deathscythe's master, his estimation of his fellow pilot changed considerably. There was a nearly seamless shift in his involvement with Duo: from enemy to ally, ally to partner, partner to friend, and lastly friend to lover.

Despite the reluctance he had felt early on, Heero was prepared to take the next step and fully commit himself to Duo and their relationship. It wasn't that the idea of it still didn't frighten him, but he felt confident that they would fare well with the new arrangement. Given the time, he was certain that Duo would come to see that too.


Heero had thrown himself into work once he had taken the time to sort out his thoughts. There, of course, had been no resolution, but exploring the dilemma as he had, brought with it ample peace of mind. He worked straight through until just after noon and then prepared himself a light lunch before tackling a general apartment cleanup.

There was more disorder in Duo's apartment than Heero was accustomed to: more than he was comfortable with. It had more to do with Duo's lack of space and the fact that he worked long hours than him having bad habits. Heero noted that Duo also had more possessions than he did. Duo was an avid collector of movies and books and he used the large bookcase in the living room to display the bulk of it. Heero browsed at a few of the titles and shook his head in bewilderment, not recognizing any of them. Hopefully there would be more time in the near future for the two of them to share Duo's interests.

By mutual agreement, they had foregone cleaning up last night in lieu of other things. Heero smiled as he recalled their encounter the night before. Duo had been more than willing to satisfy Heero's peculiar request. It worked both ways, Heero noted with a grin. He had never seen the need to deny anything that Duo had asked of him. There was still a great deal of exploring to be done as far as their sexuality was concerned, though that area of their relationship had developed rather rapidly.

Heero wound the various cords of his laptop around the dark gray case and carried it into Duo's bedroom where he placed it in the black leather bag he kept along side his suitcase. Following a routine he had begun with the first of his weekend trips to L2, Heero then set to stripping the bed of its linens and his thoughts wandered back to what they'd done the night before: how he'd been so completely at ease asking Duo to masturbate like that for him and how comfortable Duo was in fulfilling his role in the scenario. It was very much dissimilar to the way they dealt with other aspects of their relationship. Heero frowned.

Heero was not solely responsible for the lack of openness between the two. It was true that he had not been totally forthcoming with Duo about his plans, but Duo obviously had some issues of his own. Last nights announcement had not come at the spur of the moment. Duo had most likely put a great deal of thought into whatever was bothering him and had not seen fit to mention any of it to Heero before now. Heero tugged at the end of the pillowcase and having successfully removed it, tossed it onto the floor with the rest of the soiled sheets.

He should have demanded an explanation from Duo last night. 'Not demanded', Heero reminded himself, just pressed his lover for an explanation: strongly if need be. It was unlike Duo to be so vague and the more Heero thought about it, the more convinced he became that whatever it was that had caused Duo to make his request, was something major.


An hour before Duo was due to arrive home on Tuesday night, Heero reluctantly unpacked the unbleached, white cotton apron the two had spoken of. He took off all of his clothes and carried them into the bathroom to deposit them into the hamper. He turned the shower on, and brushed his teeth while waiting for the water to temper before he climbed inside and closed the curtain.

Feeling refreshed and somewhat less hesitant about the upcoming evening, Heero returning to the bedroom just fifteen minutes later and he picked the apron up from off the bed. He neatly folded the upper half of it down, effectively obscuring the large black lettering and tied it securely around his waist and smiled. He had not for a moment entertained Duo's request for a short, frilly white apron and felt the flush in his cheeks at the idea as he crossed the room to stand before the full length mirror to peer at his reflection.

Six months ago it would have been inconceivable to think that he would be standing here like this. Heero would most likely have laughed in the face of anyone who even suggested that he would.

That particular thought was a sobering one.

Six months ago he had not been head over heels in love with Duo Maxwell.

He did have feelings for his fellow pilot back then; feelings that had developed into something that he didn't want to have to control. But Duo was asking him to control them; in effect, asking that Heero reign in this strange new rush of emotions that he was experiencing; ones he hadn't even known existed for the first 19 years of his life.

Heero had every confidence that he would be able to fulfill Duo's request.