Title: Obsessions
Author: Izora Jade

Anime: Gundam Wing

Pairings: 1x2

Rating: G

Warnings: shonen-ai, a little sap

Notes: um.. written in about.... five minutes.. lol.... A big thank you to all the people who wrote me about ‘Holiday Magic’! It’s feedback that keeps me writing (which is a scary thought) and I love you to death for it. ^_^ I’ll think about a sequel....

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Heero watched as Duo engaged in his newest obsession, VH1. Duo never watched TV, to most people’s surprise, however all the sudden he had a total fascination with that channel.

So in order to find out the charm of the channel, Heero called up Tenshi. Tenshi said she watched it for all the hot rock stars.

Heero was mildly jealous. He was the one who was supposed to turn Duo on, not the stupid rock stars on TV.

“Who’s that?” Heero asked as he poured himself some iced tea.

“Bon Jovi,” Duo sighed dreamily.

Heero walked in and saw the men with their wild hair and loud outfits and tight pants and finally muttered, “I could look like that.”

Duo laughed.

“Could so,” Heero growled, sitting across the couch from Duo, picking up a book.

After about five minutes Heero felt Duo’s head on his shoulder and his fingers twinning with his.

“I love you....” he whispered, clutching his hand as he snuggled into his shoulder.

Heero smiled down at the object of his affection even though his eyes were still glued to the TV screen, and kissed his forehead.

“I love you too.”


Was that a stupid little ficlet or what? Should I carry it further and make Heero dress up as a member of Bon Jovi? Lol! Probably not, huh?