Go to the Limit
by: Fuyu Yuki

Duo paced relentlessly through the hospital halls. That damn bastard had self-destructed again! Kuso, Duo thought to himself. Every time we go into battle, his only weapon is the self-destruct button. That bastard... He can't keep doing this to us.

As Duo continued to pace, a doctor finally came out into the hall and walked up to Duo.

"Excuse me sir, but are you the one who brought in the young man who was in the battlefield explosion?" the doctor asked.

It was a good enough excuse to use to explain Heero's wounds. "Yes, how is he doing?" Duo asked, wringing his hands together.

"Well, your friend suffered second degree burns and a few cuts and bruises… Other than that, in a few days he should be OK. Just make sure that he gets rest and takes it easy for the next week, all right?"

Duo nodded, and as soon as the doctor left, he breathed a sigh of relief. Heero, rest for one week straight? Ha! He'd like to see him try! Duo shook his head, and sat down in a chair that was in the hall.

"Heero no Baka..." Duo whispered to himself, laying his head in his hands. Why was he so worried about Heero? The scenario of Wing Zero exploding relapsed in his mind over and over, as he tried to shake the images out of his head. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a young woman.

"Excuse me sir, but did you say that you were the friend of the boy who was injured in the battlefield explosion?" the young woman asked.

Duo lifted his violet eyes to meet the young woman's deep brown ones. She looked to be about the same age as Duo; 15. She had a slender figure, and had a pilot's uniform on. The woman placed some of her curly brown hair behind her ear, as she waited for Duo's answer.

"Yes, why do you ask?" Duo replied, putting on his usual perky-happy- go-lucky smile that nobody could not adore.

"Well, I was just wondering if he was all right; you know, if he'd be OK."

Duo smiled brightly and said, "Oh, yeah. He's gonna be fine; thanks for your concern."

The woman just nodded her head silently and said, "Take care of yourself. Ja Ne!" with this, the woman ran off down the hall and around the corner out of Duo's sight.

Who was she? And why had she been so interested in Heero? Duo shrugged it off and walked to the waiting hall where Trowa and Quatre awaited.

"It looks like Mr. Self-destruct-happy is gonna be fine after all. Just a few nicks and scratches here and there." Duo explained, still wringing his hands nervously.

Trowa noticed the nervous action and commented, "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were worried about Heero, Duo… in more ways than one."

Duo glanced over at Trowa and laughed nervously, "Eheheheh… Annnooooo…" he replied sheepishly, quickly changing the subject. "I'm starving; let's go get something to eat, ne?" Trowa and Quatre nodded in agreement, and they all left for the cafeteria.


Heero woke up the next morning in a hospital bed. He sat up abruptly, and yanked out the needle and food-tube hooked up to his arm. He looked around at his surroundings, and grimaced at the hospital robe he was wearing.

Heero searched through a drawer next to his hospital bed, and retrieved his clothing that had been removed from him. He bundled them up, covered his butt (no underwear) and jumped out of his room window. So much for rest.


Duo yawned heavily as he, Trowa, and Quatre walked back down the hall to Heero's room. As they approached Heero's room, Duo noticed a nurse frantically talking to the doctor that had taken care of Heero.

"He's not in his room … window left open … clothes gone …" The three young men could only hear a few tid bits of words as the nurse was talking to the doctor in a whisper.

In an instant, worry welled up in Duo's throat; Heero had escaped. "K'so!" Duo ran back down the hall and out of the hospital, in yet another search for Heero.

Quatre sighed, "I guess we should go after them." Trowa nodded in agreement, and they followed Duo. It's hard to believe that this happened every time they were at the hospital. You'd think they'd be used to it by now.


Duo ran out into the street in front of the Hospital, however as soon as he did, he was nearly run over by a Heero driving a BMW. The car came to a screeching halt, and a rather pissed off Heero appeared out of the car.

Heero walked up to Duo and dragged him by his braid to the car. "ITAI! Dammit, let go of me!" Duo yelled at Heero. Heero paid him no heed and threw him into the car. Quatre and Trowa soon followed Duo, as they all filed into the car.

Heero roared up the engine and floored the car out of the Hospital campus. Hopefully, OZ wouldn't be able to track them down.


L4 Colony. It was so beautiful…

Quatre watched the landscapes of the Colony through the tinted window of the BMW. His home… His birthplace. Quatre stirred from his daydream by the voice of an angel… He turned his face to the source of the voice. Trowa.

Ever since Quatre had met Trowa, it felt as if he had been completed. It was as if his world had been turned upside down. His face, his eyes, his lips, his scent… Quatre couldn't imagine life without any of it; without Trowa.

A small smile spread across Trowa's lips, as he repeated himself, "Oi, Quatre. Quit day-dreaming already. Which way to your estate?"

Quatre smiled back at him and said, "Left off of the next checkpoint." Trowa repeated the directions to Heero, and settled himself back into his seat next to Quatre.

Trowa gently wrapped his arms around his lover, drawing his body close to him. Quatre's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets by the public display of affection. Trowa hugging in public? Why not! Quatre eagerly seized the chance of snuggling with Trowa, as he slipped his arms around his waist, laying his head down on his shoulder.

Quatre closed his eyes enjoying the warmth given off by Trowa, as Trowa smiled holding Quatre tightly in his arms. Trowa silently took in Quatre's scent; gods he loved how he smelled… how he felt… he loved him.

Duo smiled a little bit seeing Trowa and Quatre snuggle together in the rearview mirror. Damn… they're really in love. Duo sighed to himself and averted his eyes to his window.

It wasn't that Duo was jealous of the two; far from it. He was truly happy that two of his best friends had found salvation from the war in each other; he only yearned for the day that his salvation from the war would come.

Duo looked over to a focused-on-the-road Heero. How the hell did that guy heal so damn fast? Duo quietly looked away from Heero, as an old ache began to form in his chest.

Why was it that whenever he thought about Heero, he felt as if he might whither away into dust? It was a weird feeling; one that Duo didn't know how to explain. Maybe he… had a crush on Heero? No! That thought was completely laughable; who could ever be able to love someone so masculine, mysterious, attractive…

Duo abruptly shook his head and brought his mind out of the gutter. Man, I've got to get a love life.


The BMW slowly pulled up to the Winner estate. As the car came to a halt, Duo jumped out, immediately stretching his arms and legs, cramped from the long ride. Duo glanced up at the mansion that lay before him in all it's glory.

"Oi, Quatre! This place is huge!" exclaimed Duo, staring up at the gigantic compound.

Quatre and Trowa emerged from the car at the same time, Quatre with a small chuckle.

"Arigato, Duo. I hope you'll like it, because we're probably going to be here for a while."

Duo nodded in response as he placed his hands behind his head, still looking upon the giant monstrosity. Duo finally tore his view away from the mansion—he'd never seen anything so big in his life!--and focused his view on Heero.

"We don't have all day, Heero," Duo said, watching the slow-emerging figure come out of the car.

"Hn." Was the only response he got from the expressionless face.

Duo shook his head, and spoke up, "Well, let's get on inside then."


Duo walked around the estate with no particular place to go in mind. He had passed the living room where Quatre and Trowa had been, enjoying each other's company in front of the fireplace. Duo was now on the third room floors, where Duo and Heero's rooms were.

As Duo passed by Heero's room, he saw that he was on his laptop again. Duo rolled his eyes and entered Heero's room, "Ya know, that computer radiation will kill ya."

Heero paid no attention to him, and continued to tap on the computer's keyboard. Duo noticed an open cut that still hadn't healed on Heero's arm, and heaved a sigh. He grabbed some bandages from the first aid kit in Heero's bathroom, and told Heero to hold out his arm so he could bandage it.

Heero stared with dead eyes at Duo. Duo rolled his eyes and yanked up Heero's arm, starting to bandage it. "You forget, Yuy, that I am the God of Death; you can't scare me."


"I wish you'd have more than a one-word vocabulary, Heero." Duo commented, looking at Heero's computer screen. "Anything new?"

"There's an assassin on the loose. Looks like this guy's gonna try to kill Relena." Heero said.

Duo nodded, "Got any stats on the guy?" he asked, still looking at the screen.

Heero clicked onto a different window on the screen, and pulled up a picture and bio on the assassin.

"Name: Winter Snow. Code Name: Aurora. Sex: Female. Astrological Sign: Cancer. Age: 15. Weight: Around 120 lbs. Mobile Suit: Gundam 08, Aurora." With this, Heero scrolled down the screen to bring up the picture of Winter. Duo gasped in disbelief; It was the girl from the hospital!

"OI! That's the girl that I met in the hospital while you were recovering!" Duo exclaimed, not being able to believe that this… girl… could be a Gundam pilot!

"Well, she'll be our opponent the next time you see her. So be ready for the kill," Heero replied, in the same flat monotone.

"I swear Heero, sometimes you can sound so inhuman." Duo said, staring at Heero; his last words had made Winter sound like some kind of… pest. Not a human being. Just something that needed to be annihilated.

Heero stood up slowly, and faced Duo with the same dead eyes, "I am human," was all he said.

"It doesn't seem like it most of the time; you can't even show a display of one single emotion."

"I'm a soldier, Duo."

"…Or is it because you're afraid to?"

"I was trained this way."

"Oh come on; cut the crap. You're human, so you've got to have needs and wants like the rest of us."

Heero was silent for a while, but his stare never wavered. Finally, he replied, "There is only one thing that I want."

This time, it was Duo's turn to be silent for a while, as something began to well up in his throat, making it hard for him to talk. "…And what would that be, Heero?"

"…………That's for me to know, and for you not to." Heero finally replied.

Duo heaved a sigh of relief. Why had he become so tense while waiting for Heero's answer? Duo shrugged it off.

"Man, why do I even bother…"

With this, Duo left Heero's room, only to hear him typing at his computer again. Duo shook his head and went to his own room, locking the door behind him.

Duo walked up to the large window that was in the room. When he looked out it, he saw a dark figure standing out on the lawn. What the…? Duo quickly unlatched the window and peered outside of it yelling, "HEY! WHO'RE YOU?!"

The figure upturned its head to Duo. It stared at him for a long time, then turned away, walking off of the estate slowly. That figure… looked familiar to Duo. Who could it have been…?

Suddenly, something finally clicked in his head. "WINTER!!!!" screamed Duo, trying to get the attention of the person. The figure didn't stop moving, so Duo leapt out of his window and broke into a run after Winter. He felt a pang go through his left ankle. Damn! He really shouldn't have jumped the three-story fall.

But, he was too late. As soon as he had caught up to Winter, she had climbed over the estate's gates and walked away nimbly. Duo growled and shouted after her again, and abruptly Winter turned around.

"Konnichiwa, Duo-kun. Do not worry; you'll be seeing me soon enough," Winter said with a small laugh, as she walked away from the Winner estate. Duo growled to himself angrily. How could he have let her escape?!

Duo thought to himself enraged as he limped back to the mansion. Great, now I have a bad ankle, too. JUST what I needed.


An L2 OZ guard fell to his knees as a leg crashed into his stomach, knocking him out. A black hair, black eyed woman picked up a security key off of the man, as she pocketed it. So far so good.

The woman was wearing an OZ uniform that she had stolen from another female guard; these guys really needed better training. The woman continued to run down the complex's hall until she came up to a double-locked door that read, "PERSONNEL ONLY".

She quickly inserted the key into a slot to her right and entered the door, shutting it behind her. She would have to hurry; she could already hear other guards behind her. She accessed the main computer control inside the room and typed something into it's keyboard.

"PLEASE ENTER CODE NAME." The computer printed on it's screen.

"Code name… KISHINA." Kishina entered into the computer.

The computer printed on it's screen blue prints of what looked like… Earth? Kishina typed in more things quickly, and accessed what looked to be a giant compound. It was a base for the OZ faction; and where Dorothy was staying.

"Perfect," sneered Kishina, as she set the computer on self-destruct; within ten minutes the entire compound would explode into smithereens.

"Now for the grand escape," Kishina said to herself, drawing out her Katana. She knew that as soon as she left the room, there would be guards awaiting her outside. Kishina braced herself, and darted out of the room. While she ran out, she skewered three guards, pushing forward, out the way she came.

Kishina encountered ten first-class OZ soldiers right at the exit of the compound. Kishina thought in her mind quickly how much time had passed, and estimated that she had three minutes left to get out of the complex. Kishina sized up her opponents, seeing that they each held pistols in their hands.

Kishina grinned and said, "Sorry guys, I can't stay. Thanks for inviting me, though!" With this, Kishina flipped over the heads of all the guards and ran out of the door. She was a very skilled fighter, but she didn't have time to take out all ten of the men.

"GET HER!" exclaimed one of the soldiers, as they all began shooting at Kishina. However, Kishina skillfully dodged all of the gunfire and ran far enough away from the compound to be in safe distance away from the explosion.

Kishina turned around to face the guards, and smiled at them innocently.

"Stop where you are!" yelled what looked to be the head soldier. Kishina batted her eyes innocently and replied, "Sorry guys, see ya in Hell." With this, the compound exploded into a heap of fire. The explosion reached out in all directions, and the soldiers were in bad enough luck to be too close to the explosion. The fire of the explosion engulfed all ten of them, as Kishina grinned to herself, satisfied with her work.

"I better get outta this place before someone important comes along," Kishina said to herself, as she broke into a run to where the back part of the complex had been.

"Ahhhh, Dragon Fang. Still fully intact, I see," Kishina said, looking over her Gundam.

Kishina climbed up her Gundam and into the cockpit, sealing off the entrance inside, and got into the Pilot's seat. She ran the mandatory checks of the inside of her Gundam, to make sure that no damage had been done to its interior.

Kishina gripped a joystick tightly in her right hand, loving the familiar feel of the control. "All right Dragon Fang, let's go," Kishina said to herself, as the Gundam's engines roared to life. Streams of fire exploded from the exhausts as Kishina and Dragon Fang flew out of colony L2.

But something in the back of Kishina's mind floated to the surface of her brain; it just seemed… too easy. There had to be something that would stop her from escaping the colony, but the OZ guards had just given up their chase on her. What were they planning to do to surprise her?

Suddenly, as soon as that thought had finished itself off from Kishina's mind, a Gundam stood in her path ahead of her.

"Ahah… I knew that there was something waiting!" Kishina exclaimed, adrenaline beginning to pump in her veins, preparing her for the oncoming battle. As soon as Dragon Fang came within 100 feet of the other Gundam, its hand was raised in a way of saying, "Stay where you are."

Kishina glared at the other Gundam, and abruptly stopped Dragon Fang's jets. She brought her Communications Screen on-line, and glared at the Gundam pilot through her space-helmet. She waited for the other pilot to relay her actions and to start talking to her.

An image of a young Chinese boy flickered onto her screen, as the pilot stared back at her.

"I am Chang Wufei. Justice will be served, Soldier of OZ," Wufei said, as static distorted his image and voice a little bit.

He thinks that I'm an OZ soldier? Kishina just shook her head and laughed to herself.

"Oh? You think that this is funny? You truly are a cold hearted man, whoever you are." WHAT? He thinks that I'm… a man?! Oh, this certainly is going to be an interesting battle! Kishina smirked to herself and drew her Scythe and positioned herself for battle.

Suddenly, Shenlong's arms extended like a huge monstrosity, and grabbed Dragon Fang's neck area. Shenlong's grip tightened around Dragon Fang's neck, as Kishina winced. This guy is good… but not good enough. As quick as lightening, Dragon Fang's Scythe swung counter- clockwise, and sliced Shenlong's left arm off.

Wufei stared wide-eyed at Kishina, then glared as he brought Shenlong's right arm around and began assaulting Dragon Fang's sides. Kishina fought back, madly swinging her Scythe and bunting Shenlong's head with the end of the weapon.

As the battle progressed, the two Gundams soon landed once again on L2 Colony. The people of the colony who were out of enough luck to be caught near the battle we're either panicking or running around like caged animals. Some were unfortunate enough to get stepped upon by the two Gundams, Kishina noted to her distaste.

Kishina really was a good person in her own mind; she didn't care how others perceived her, just how she saw herself. So, of course she was angry that Chang Wufei had brought her back onto the colony at the risk of hundreds of people's lives.

And to think, this quarrel had come about because she had killed a few OZ soldiers, and because he thought that she was one of them herself. Wufei was now endangering the lives of hundreds, even thousands of people. How could something like a little threat to OZ make someone want to hurt so many others? It just couldn't compare in Kishina's mind; so the threat had to be destroyed.

"It's your fault that all of these innocent people are dying, OZ scum!" Wufei exclaimed, trying to take another hit at Dragon Fang.

Enough is enough; it's time to end this battle! Kishina brought Dragon Fang's Scythe high into the air and swung hard, intending to decapitate Shenlong—and that is where she made a mistake. Shenlong was fast, but not fast enough to dodge the full blow of Dragon Fang's Scythe.

Shenlong had dodged the decapitation of the Scythe, but it ended up slicing off part of Shenlong's head. Wufei saw his last chance for a win, and charged Shenlong's last remaining arm through the shoulder of Dragon Fang. Kishina shut her eyes hard, and gripped one of Dragon Fang's controls hard. She didn't cry out, however—she had been trained never to scream—as Shenlong's arm withdrew itself from Dragon Fang's shoulder.

Dragon Fang stumbled back a few steps, as electrical surges flowed through the destroyed and mutilated shoulder of Dragon Fang. Kishina looked above her, and saw that the cockpit would collapse in a matter of seconds if the Gundam didn't allow itself enough time to recover from the electrical damage.

Kishina immediately unbuckled herself from the Pilot's seat and jumped out of the cockpit, rolling hard onto the pavement below. Kishina breathed hard as her vision blurred, as she saw Wufei slowly jumping out of his own Gundam and approaching Kishina.

Wufei stood over Kishina, with a look of disgust on his face.

"And you call yourself a mobile suit pilot," he said, a hint of amusement in his voice, as he roughly grabbed Kishina's head and pulled her pilot helmet off of her. Wufei gasped, and fell back abashed at his new discovery.

"A… a… woman?!" exclaimed Wufei in shock. He had fought… a woman?!

Kishina grinned upon seeing Wufei's reaction, predicting that he would be ashamed of almost losing a battle to a mere woman. Kishina got up quickly and lower-spin kicked Wufei's feet sending him landing on his back. Kishina quickly drew her Katana and pressed its edge against Wufei's throat.

Kishina smiled wickedly and said, "Poor Chang Wufei, almost losing a battle to a girl; pity." With this, Kishina pulled her Katana away from Wufei's neck and walked away. Kishina saw that Dragon Fang had had enough time to recover from the electrical damage, and was ready for take off once again.

But, before she left, Wufei could have sworn her had heard her say, "Never judge a book by it's cover"…


Winter climbed out of Aurora and sealed off the cockpit. Winter turned around and stared dead ahead at nothing, as she headed toward the base at which she had landed to get some rest. This body had it's mortal limitations; the computer in her head knew that.

The Winter that so many people had met wasn't the real Winter; the real Winter was screaming and trying to escape the captor that controlled her. A simple computer chip placed in her left temple; it was all that was needed for her to completely lose her freedom.

Winter's brain screamed day and night at the computer controlling her, begging it to let her go. But every time she pleaded, she was answered with a voice that scared and shook her very soul, "You're mine now. Get used to it."

Winter had listened to that voice for eight years, and still did not know who it belonged to. All she knew was that she hated that voice; and would one day destroy it. Unfortunately, it was that very pain that the computer caused her that was used against her and converted into raw aggression.

Winter walked up to a guard and introduced herself.

"Code name Aurora. Private soldier to OZ. I need to rest."

The guard nodded and let her into the facility. Another guard inside led her to a dormitory, with a room that was scant in furnishings. Winter nodded in thanks to the guard as he left her alone in the room. Winter's head immediately hit the pillow on the bed in her room; the only piece of furniture in the room.

And the screaming immediately began.


"Winter" grinned and replied in a strange voice… one that was deeper and more… male, "I've told you once before and I'll tell you again; this body is mine."


"She grew up in L1 colony with her Grandmother," Dr. J told Heero, as he sat in a chair. "OZ found out about her potential as a pilot because Teachers and parents had said that she had extremely good coordination. So, when Winter was seven years old, OZ infiltrated her home and took her from her Grandmother.

They trained her to be obedient to OZ and to be a perfect soldier, much like yourself, Heero. However, Winter's unruly attitude towards the people who had kidnapped her forced OZ to brainwash her using a computer."

With this, Dr. J pulled out a blueprint of what looked to be a computer chip. "They placed this computer chip in her left temple, enabling it to take control of Winter's body. This, in turn, helped the scientists working for OZ to put a test run on an experimental computer chip. As it turns out, OZ now has control of Winter completely.

The chances of Winter ever being in a free mind again is very unlikely. You must destroy Winter Snow, Heero."

Heero stared at Dr. J with those same dead eyes and said in a monotone, "Mission… Accepted."


Duo grumbled to himself as he bound layer over layer of bandages on his ankle.

"Stupid bitch… Why do *I* always have to be the one to get hurt?" Duo continued grumbling to himself, as he heard Heero enter his room. Duo lifted his gaze from his ankle to Heero and said, "Oi, What's up?"

"We have a new mission," Heero replied. "Get Trowa and Quatre. I'm not going to repeat this."


Wufei blasted on his flame thrower as he continued fixing up Shenlong's arm. As he finished up, he winced looking up at Shenlong's… newly scalped… head. And soon followed a long string of cursing.

As he was cursing, he didn't hear his Communications screen come on- line, with Quatre on it. Quatre blinked in astonishment, hearing so much cursing in just one sentence.

"Umm… Wufei? You there?" Quatre asked politely.

Wufei glared toward Shenlong's cockpit, as he scrambled his way to the screen.

"What?!" Wufei asked irritably.

"Uh… We need you to come to my place on L4, and quick. We've got a new enemy," Quatre replied, surprised at Wufei's angry tone.

Wufei sighed to himself and said, "All right, just let me get Shenlong fixed first, okay?" Quatre nodded in response and the Communications screen flickered off.

Wufei climbed out of Shenlong's cockpit and scrambled down to the warehouse floor. Wufei gave Shenlong's remaining damages one last look and shook his head, as he walked out of the warehouse to pack the things he would need for his trip.

However, as Wufei locked up the warehouse and left, a shadow appeared out of the darkness near Shenlong. Slowly, a tiny, sauntering figure came out of the darkness; Kishina.

Kishina looked Shenlong up and down, and whistled. "Wow… I didn't know it was this bad," Kishina commented, as she took the flame thrower Wufei had left behind into her hands.

"Since It was me to damage you, Shenlong, It will be me to fix you." So, Kishina flared the flame thrower to life and began working on Shenlong. "Don't worry; I'm sure Wufei won't mind."


Wufei trudged back into the warehouse, a bag of luggage in hand. Wufei slowly looked up to Shenlong and dropped his bag.

"N…N…NANI?!" exclaimed Wufei, as he looked on in shock at Shenlong; Shenlong was completely fixed! Wufei slowly walked up to his Gundam, and scrambled atop it to Shenlong's head, staring at the fully repaired head in disbelief. Who could have done this, in so little time…?

Wufei slowly climbed down his Gundam and into the cockpit, noticing a white piece of paper on the control panel. Wufei slowly picked it up. It read:

I wanted to apologize for ruining Shenlong. So, I was obliged to fix
up your Gundam. Take care; Hope to see you again!

"That woman"

Wufei racked his mind for who it might be; wait a minute… THAT WOMAN! The woman he had fought on L2 colony! …How the hell had she gotten here? Wufei shook his head in disbelief; how could she had done this so fast?

It was irrelevant to Wufei; all that mattered now was that Shenlong was fixed. Wufei sighed heavily; time to go to L4.


"All right, so we gotta kill a computer-driven girl, out to kill Relena Peacecraft, sent by OZ?" Duo asked, summing up the speech Heero had just given to the other four Gundam Pilots about Winter.

Heero nodded solemnly, turning back to his laptop. Suddenly, Wufei spoke calmly from a dark corner of Heero's room, "I need you to check something for me, Heero."

Heero didn't even bother to turn around, taking his face away from his laptop, as he asked, "What?"

"I met a new Gundam pilot. I don't know her name, but I do know her—"

"A GIRL EH? Are you sure all you did was meet her, Wufei?" Duo intervened, wiggling his pretty eyebrows and nudging his elbow into Wufei's side.

Wufei glared at Duo, and within two seconds flat Duo had a broken nose.

"ITTAAII!!! I was right!!" Duo yelled, running like hell away from Wufei.

Wufei cleared his throat and continued, "Before I was rudely interrupted—" shooting a glare in Duo's direction, "But I do know her Gundam type; I've seen in it a blueprint somewhere before. Look up who the pilot is for Dragon Fang."

Heero punched in a search for "Dragon Fang" and came up with one result. Heero pulled up a bio of the pilot, also with a picture.

"Name and Code Name: Kishina. Last name unknown. Sex: Female. Astrological Sign: Sagittarius. Age: 15. Weight: 110 pounds. Mobile Suit: Gundam 11, Dragon Fang. Freelance Soldier."

Heero pulled up a picture of Kishina, as he had done when he looked for information on Winter. Duo and Wufei peered over Heero's shoulders looking at the picture. Wufei nodded, "That's her."

Duo cat-whistled, "No wonder you were protective of her." Wufei glared at him, and was about to smack him, had it not been for another voice stopping them.

A small laugh emitted from Heero's window-sill, "I didn't
know that
they had that much information on me." All five Gundam pilot's heads moved in unison toward the window, as Heero pulled his gun (Force of habit).

Wufei approached the window slowly and said, "Kishina." The dark figure at the window sill nodded in response. "What are you doing here, woman?" Wufei questioned, only a few feet away from Kishina and the window.

Kishina slowly stepped from the window sill into the light of the room, as she brushed her hair aside from her face. "How offensive. Even after I fixed up your little Gundam, you don't even call me by name," Kishina said, shaking her head like a mother would when her child showed bad manners.

Quatre's brows furrowed together as he asked, "You let a stranger fix Shenlong?" Wufei shook his head and responded, "She felt obligated to do it after our battle."

"You fought a GIRL?" Duo asked, equally surprised as Quatre. Kishina laughed again and said, "I'm surprised you didn't tell them, Chang Wufei."

"I wonder what else he hasn't told us," Trowa said quietly. Wufei's eyes narrowed as he said, "She destroyed an OZ base in L2 that I was after."

"You were on L2?!" Duo asked; so many questions. Wufei ignored Duo and said, "I ask you once again, what are you doing here?"

Kishina shook her head, as she folded her arms across her chest. She looked straight into Wufei's eyes, as her stare slowly penetrated Wufei's, "That is something you needn't know. What I need to know, however, is who Winter Snow is. You are indebted to me for fixing Shenlong of my free will, Chang Wufei; not to mention that you also mistook me for a man."

Wufei ignored the laughter that came from Duo, as his narrowed even more on Kishina. "All right. But once You get what you came for, I am free of your debt," Wufei said in a dead voice, obviously not wanting to have to associate with the woman.

Kishina nodded, as she waited for Wufei to give her the information that he had on Winter Snow. As Wufei finished giving what he knew to Kishina, Heero opened a communications link between his laptop and Dr. J; Ah, the wonder of wireless net.

Quatre noticed what Heero was doing, as he slowly walked up to Kishina taking her by the hand. "Please, stay for a while. Maybe we can help each other…" Kishina let him take her by the hand as he led her over next to Heero and his laptop.

Is this guy really a Gundam pilot?! He's too nice! Kishina shook her head slightly at the thought in her head, as she watched from a short distance Heero talking with Dr. J.

"What do you know about a soldier named Kishina, Dr. J?" Heero questioned.

There was silence on the other end of the communications line. "Doctor?"

"There is no Kishina. Kishina is dead," Dr. J put flatly.

"That can't be right; we just met Kishina," Duo informed Dr. J.

"That's impossible; Kishina died in a fire with her family eleven years ago," Dr. J replied.

"No I didn't," said Kishina, waving to the Doctor through the laptop. Dr. J looked as if he were about to have multiple heart attacks.

"Oh my; What an interesting development," Dr. J said, recovering from the shock of seeing Kishina. "Perhaps you six should talk more; it isn't my place to explain Kishina's history." With that, Dr. J flickered off of the com-line.

Everyone turned their attention back to Kishina, as she looked back at them with a cold stare. "You're not going to let me go anywhere just yet, are you?" Kishina said in a dead tone.

Quatre sighed and said in a polite tone, "Come, let's all go into the living room. There's more space in their to breathe."


"What's there to say; my parents were killed by OZ. The end." Kishina said flatly, in that same dead tone she used before. You could tell that this was something that she didn't really want to remember.

Quatre shook his head softly as he spoke softly to Kishina, "Maybe you would be doing yourself a favor by talking about it." Kishina shot Quatre a cold glare, as she studied his face. Quatre looked back at Kishina, trying to make her see that he had only good intentions in mind.

She sighed heavily, and focused her sight out a window, on the nature outside. "I might as well. I can see I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." Kishina took a deep breath and closed her eyes, as she began her dreary tale.


My father was a scientist at OZ, and was one of the first makers of the Gundam designs. That's how Dragon Fang came along, but that's irrelevant. My Father was a good man, always taking care of his family before himself. Since he was always putting his family before himself, he quit OZ. He knew that OZ was beginning to have bad intentions in the core of the company, and he didn't want to have his family involved.

However, one day my father stumbled onto a secret that OZ would be able to use him for; the secret to total world domination. OZ knew that my father knew something, and if he wasn't going to tell them what it was, he would have to pay his life for it.

My mother was just like my father; a good person. Putting her children before her own safety, she found out about the growing danger my father was facing. That's why when I was two years old, we constantly relocated from Earth to the colonies in space.

I also had a big brother named Shoji who was eight years older than me. I miss him so much; and even to this day I do not know if he is even alive…

We continued to relocate, and for two years our family was safe.

Until they found us.

I can remember that day still so clearly… The soldiers were yelling, and pounding at our door, screaming, "Let us In, Lets us in"… I can still remember my father keeping hold of the door, the only thing keeping our freedom. My mother ran to me and put the dragon amulet I wear now around my neck.

She told me that If I took care of it, it would take care of me. She kissed and hugged me and said that no matter what, daddy and mommy would always be with me. My mother quickly put me into a closet near the back entrance to our home, as the Soldiers finally broke through into the house.

I could hear shouting, and there was a large boom… I started seeing smoke coming in through the bottom of the closet door, so I went outside to see what was happening…

My parents were shot in front of me.

I saw their bodies slowly fall to the ground… It's strange, you know? It was like the world slowed down for five seconds… But I didn't scream. Mommy had taught me to never scream.

The house was on fire.

I ran up to Mommy and Daddy and tried to shake them awake… I thought that they were sleeping. Then I saw shadows coming toward me… I got scared and ran out the back entrance to our house, where the fire had not yet reached.

I ran into the forest near by our house, and I watched my home burn to ashes. And through all of that, I never remembered crying.


Trowa shook his head in disbelief as Kishina finished her story, while Duo just stared at her, stunned. Quatre shook his head and looked as if he was about to cry. Heero, as always, had his same dead expression upon his face.

"What happened to Shoji?" Wufei asked quietly, in a corner of the room.

Kishina sighed heavily and replied looking out of a window in the living room, "He's dead. At least I want to believe he's dead…"

"What do you mean, `want to believe'? You don't know if he's dead or not?" questioned Duo.

Kishina shook her head and replied, "Shoji was at a friend's house that day; I don't know if OZ got to him or not. OZ thinks that I was killed in the fire with my parents, but I'm not sure if they killed my brother. I guess I just say he's dead, because It's easier for me to accept things that way…"

Quatre stood up abruptly and said, "Don't say that! You don't know if he's dead or not; he still might be alive!"

Kishina looked at Quatre alarmed, and responded in a dead tone, "The chances of that happening are unlikely. Even I don't know how I survived living eleven years by myself. All I can remember are soldiers fighting, and me mimicking their skills until I came up with my own style. I guess my mother was right; the dragon did take care of me…"

"But why are you after OZ now, and how did you get Dragon Fang?" Heero asked.

Kishina sighed again and replied as she was looking out the window again, "I found out that it was Dorothy of OZ's Grandfather who sent those soldiers to kill me and my family," Kishina narrowed her eyes as she continued, "And now that her Grandfather is dead, I will avenge my family by destroying her.

Dragon Fang is a whole another story. While I was training myself all those years, I was hired as a freelance mercenary for a rebel group. That was the first I time I had ever gotten into a Mobile Suit; and the first mistake I ever made.

I really did not know how to control the Mobile Suit, and ended getting it blown up. I was severely hurt from the explosion, and I was stranded on a colony. I wandered around for days, until I stumbled into a military OZ base. I was mostly left alone, until some dumb ass tried to rape me.

Dumb ass ended up having a knife in his skull.

I guess he shouldn't have underestimated a `girl'," she shot a look at Wufei, "I stole the Soldier's uniform, and continued looking around the base, until I came to a warehouse… And I discovered my first real friend; Dragon Fang.

I didn't know it at first, but Dragon Fang was the Gundam prototype that my father had intended for my brother, Shoji. All I knew was that it looked familiar to me, and that it was my only ticket off the colony. The next thing that that OZ base knew was that Dragon Fang was nowhere to be found, and a soldier's clothing had been stolen."


"Please Heero, look up more information on Winter. I need to know if she will be an enemy or a valuable ally," Kishina said to Heero. Heero nodded and turned again to his laptop.

He printed onto the search screen WINTER SNOW; AURORA. As the computer came up with results, an icon appeared on the center of the screen.

"Virus," growled Heero, as he began to find ways of de-bugging his CPU. Kishina leaned over Heero's shoulder for a closer view to see what the icon was; …A dragon… The… same dragon on her amulet!

"Heero, click on the icon." Kishina ordered. Heero ignored her, before she yelled at him, "DO IT!" Heero growled again and clicked on the dragon icon, which brought up a new window with the picture of Kishina's amulet as a background.

There was text on the window that looked familiar to Kishina. It read:

When in need dear child, look upon me.
I may seem ferocious, and you may want to flee.
But I am your salvation from the war;
And I shall protect you forever more.

After the text, there was an open space to type another passage. Kishina's memory slowly remembered the poem; it was a dragon poem her mother and father had taught her while they were relocating on the colonies.

"Heero, listen to what I say and type it word for word;

So care for me, dear child, and I will care for you.
As long as you keep me as a charm, I will protect you.

Heero typed the rest of the verses as Kishina was thinking to herself, How could someone know about the poem? The only other person who could possibly know is…

Suddenly, an image of a man appeared on Heero's computer screen; he looked to be 23, and had dark black hair, the same color of his eyes.

Kishina's eyes stared widely at the image, as tears began to form at the corners of her eyes. She quickly blinked them away, and shoved Heero away from the laptop, "SHOJI!!!"

Heero glared at Kishina, but let it go.

"SHOJI?! Can you hear me?! Please, talk to me!! It's your sister, Kishina!" Kishina exclaimed, screaming at the laptop.

The image blinked and quickly said, "Kishina?! You're alive?!"

Kishina nodded enthusiastically and said, "You're not dead! Thank God!" The image of Shoji flickered a little bit, as it moved it's head from side to side.

"Listen to me, Snap dragon. You're in danger. I'm in an OZ base, and they're trying to get Father's secret from me; they know you're alive. You have to resist them all you can, Kishi. I have only one choice left to escape the OZ forces from finding out about the secret; I have to commit Hara-kiri. Trust the Gundam pilots, Kishi. I've seen them in combat and yourself; you'd be able to help each other greatly in the war."

Kishina's eyes fell to the floor as her head drooped, "You're… going to kill yourself…?!" Shoji nodded solemnly as he laid his palm against his side of the com-screen. "I'm sorry, Snap dragon. But please believe me when I say this is for the best; you're future starts after the war, so you must survive."

Kishina's eyes met Shoji's on the computer screen as she said softly, "Snap dragon… You haven't called me that since the fire… I love you, Shoji. Let the Dragon protect you in death." Kishina softly pressed her hand against Shoji's on the screen, as his image continued to flicker.

"Take care, Snap dragon. Mother, Father, and I will be watching you." As Shoji finished his sentenced, she could see him drive a blade through his stomach, as his body slumped to the floor.

Kishina's lip quivered as tears began to stream freely from her eyes, "Now… Now I'm truly alone."


All five of the Gundam boys stared in shock at what Kishina's brother had just done. Quatre quietly walked up to Kishina and reached out for her arm. "Kishina… …" Quatre was speechless; he didn't know what to say to comfort Kishina.

Kishina softly pulled away from Quatre, and looked at him with tear- streaked eyes. "Nothing you can say can make me feel better, so don't even try," Kishina said, new tears beginning to stream down her face again. "I need to get out of here," Kishina said suddenly, as she ran towards the window and flew out of it.

Duo ran after Kishina screaming, "Wait!--" but Wufei grabbed his arm and said softly, "No. Let her go; she has to deal with this on her own terms." Duo glared at Wufei, and saw something in his eyes… What the… Was Wufei… crying?


It was a few hours later when they decided to go after Kishina. All four Gundam pilots elected Wufei to go after her since he had seemed to understand her more than any of them ever could. Wufei, of course, agreed with them; after all, he was the first one to meet her.

Knowing Kishina, she would probably want to get the hell away from L4… Wufei said to himself, as he headed off into the direction of the forest around the Winner Estate to look for Kishina.

Suddenly, Wufei's foot struck something extremely hard. He looked up from the floor he was staring at to be met by the face of Dragon Fang. I wonder how we missed that… (Ha-ha! Power of the Authoorrr!!) Wufei swore he could hear faint cackling from somewhere, but shrugged it off.

Wufei silently climbed up the Mobile Suit to the cockpit and was faced with a sealed entrance. Wufei sighed and knocked on the cockpit to see if Kishina would answer.

"Go away."

"Open the door, Kishina."

"I told you to GO AWAY!"

"Come on, Kishina. Open the door. I know what you are going through, and do not tell me that I don't. After all, OZ destroyed everything and everyone that I held dear in my heart."


The door slowly opened to the cockpit as Wufei climbed in and looked hard at Kishina. She was in the pilot's seat, her hands on the controls, and her body trembling.

Kishina turned to face Wufei; her eyes were red from crying, and her breathing was irregular. She made a fake laugh and said in a shaky voice, "What? Chang Wufei not going to tell a mere woman that she is weak?" Her gaze at Wufei was hard, but there was something else in her eyes, something that he had seen too much of this past year—hatred.

Wufei's stare at her never wavered as he said, "No. You are not weak. You are just human." Kishina's already angry eyes turned even angrier, "A human who didn't even try to stop her last family in the universe from committing Hara-kiri. A human that can't even cry when her parents die. A human that can't even keep herself together. A HUMAN THAT IS WEAK ENOUGH TO CRY!"

Kishina screamed and pounded her fists into the control panel of Dragon Fang. As she did, her knuckles began to bleed; Wufei couldn't stand to see her go hysterical, so he did the only thing he could think of.

*SLAP*Kishina stared in shock at Wufei, as her eyes burned from the sting of the slap. Kishina composed herself, and stared at Wufei with the same dead eyes that Heero possessed.

"Dorothy is as good as dead." With this, Kishina punched Wufei, and made him fly out of the cockpit and onto the hard forest ground. As Wufei fell on his back, the ground made a large *WHUMP* sound. Wufei winced and groaned as he slowly stood back on his feet, and glared back up at Kishina.

A wave of realization came over Kishina over what she had just done. "GOMEN NE CHANG WUFEI! I… I didn't think about what I was doing."

Wufei nodded in understanding, "Come down here. You need to get your head and emotions in order before you make any more decisions that will result in heavy consequences."

Kishina nodded and jumped out of Dragon Fang's cockpit, landing neatly on her feet. Wufei and Kishina walked backed to the Winner Mansion. If she had anymore outbursts like this, he'd be dead soon.


Winter's eyes remained locked onto the target screen. Nothing in sight. It was kind of lonely just heading for Earth all alone, but the computer chip didn't care.

Who the hell are you to take over my body?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!

Winter grinned and said in that same male voice from before, "Someone you will be meeting very soon my dear."


"You heard me right. You will be meeting your master in due time. In the meantime, enjoy the sightseeing while you can. Epyon shows me that you don't have much time left."


Wufei slowly walked into the mansion following Kishina. As he closed the door behind him, Duo came up to Wufei and said, "Hey man, saw ya' fly out there. Good job." With this, he slapped Wufei on the back. Wufei arched a little, eyes wide.


Kishina was already on her way up to a room that Quatre was providing her with, and obviously heard Duo because before she left the ground floor, Wufei could hear her say, "Gomen Neeeeeeee…"

Duo snickered and smiled jokingly at Wufei. Heero came into the room and made an announcement to all four Gundam pilots, "Get ready. We're moving out tomorrow to stop Winter's assassination attempt on Earth." All four nodded in unison, and went their separate ways to their rooms.

However, to no one's knowledge, Kishina was standing at the top of the stairway listening to Heero talk. On Earth… That's the same place where Dorothy is staying…

Kishina's eyes narrowed as she hurried off to her room. She now had a new goal in life that nobody could stand in her way for; She had to kill Dorothy of OZ.


Kishina heard a soft voice calling her.

Kishina, Kishina honey… Time to go out and play. Kishina laughed, as she ran through the fields of Earth. She bent down to pick a yellow flower from the soft grass. Her tiny hands encircled the flower as she turned around and smiled to her mother.

Suddenly, the flower turned into a wicked looking blade with blood
stains all over it. Kishina stared at the blade and screamed, as her
hands became covered in blood.

Why didn't you try to wake us up, honey? Kishina's mother asked. Kishina was speechless, as her father yelled from behind her, After all we did for you, just to get you away from OZ! You don't even bother to wake us up while the house was burning down!

Kishina dropped the blade as tears streamed down her face. "No…"

Why didn't you try to stop me from committing Hara-kiri, Snap dragon? TELL ME!! Roared Shoji, staring Kishina straight in the eye. "I…I'm sorry…"

The three figures of her family soon became covered in blood, coming with skewer marks all over their bodies. The bloody blade returned to Kishina's hands as the three figures encircled her. Why did you kill us, Kishina? Didn't you love us?

"Of course I did!! Please, I didn't mean to let you all
Kishina cried, trying to make them believe her. It's too late Kishina; You killed us. Now, look at what you've become… The three figures pulled away from Kishina and produced a full-length mirror in front of her. Kishina saw her own image; but the image turned into a wicked being holding a Katana, hands dripping with blood.

And then the image changed into Dorothy's grandfather.

"NO!" cried Kishina, as she slowly backed away from the mirror. Look at what you've become, Kishina; you're a murderer! Shoji laughed mockingly, as he brought her back to the mirror. The image of Dorothy's grandfather began to laugh as it walked out of the mirror, and began to strangle Kishina.

"No… no, let go…!" Kishina screamed, trying to loosen his grip.

"You've become me, my daughter," laughed Dorothy's grandfather.

"NOOO!!!!!!!" Kishina screamed, sitting straight up in her bed, breathing hard, sweat covering her body. Was that… a nightmare? Kishina roughly wiped her eyes free of the tears that streaked her face, as she noticed that her hands were trembling. In fact, her entire body was shaking.

She shook her head hard, as she tried to steady her hands. Suddenly, Wufei barged in through the double door entrance to Kishina's room. "What's wrong?!" Wufei exclaimed, seeing if Kishina was all right. Duo and Quatre soon followed Wufei.

Kishina shook her head violently, as she wrapped her arms around herself, her knees to her chest.

"What's going on…?" Trowa asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, as he and Heero walked in on the seen with the rest of the pilots. Duo flipped on the light switch in Kishina's room and saw that Kishina was trembling and was in the fetal position.

"What the hell…?" Duo said, as all four pilots stared at Kishina. Wufei nodded at them, in a way of saying `Let me handle it'.

All four pilots nodded in unison as they all left, leaving Wufei with the trembling girl. Wufei closed and locked the door behind them as they left. Wufei's expression softened as he stared at the trembling, sobbing figure of Kishina.

She looks so small… Nothing from what I would expect from the first time I met her…

Wufei slowly walked to Kishina, as he softly laid his hand on her shoulder. Kishina's tear-streaked face slowly looked up at Wufei with her deep, pitch black eyes.

"Wufei-san… I'm… I'm sorry… Gomen… It's all my fault…" As Kishina finished saying the last part of her sentence, a new sob shook her body, as she looked away from him, not wanting Wufei to see her cry.

Wufei's other hand cupped Kishina's chin, as he brought her eyes to his, forcing her to look at him.

"What is? What's `your fault', Kishina?" Wufei asked gently.

Kishina blinked as two tears streamed down from her eyes, as she said in a shaky voice, "It's my fault that they all died… I never even tried to stop Shoji from committing Hara-kiri… I…I should have tried harder trying to wake up my parents… What if the gunshot wounds weren't fatal?! What if … I… I could have saved them all…!!"

Kishina choked as the sobbing made her body shake all over again. Wufei sat next to Kishina on her bed, and pulled her into a tight hug as he let her cry on his shoulder.

Wufei suddenly felt Kishina's body go rigid, but immediately started trembling again, as she slipped her arms around his waist and began sobbing all over again.

Wufei gently stroked her head with his right hand, as he said a gentle voice, "You couldn't have prevented their deaths, Kishina. If your parents hadn't died in the fire, they would have died being hunted down like animals, and OZ might have gotten to you. Your brother had a noble cause in his death, so do not let his name go in vain. The only thing you can do now is be a good sister and daughter by honoring their memories."

Kishina coughed and hiccuped as she said in a still-shaky, soft voice, "They all died protecting me…" Wufei nodded and replied, "That's right; and they did a good job. None of this is or was your fault, Kishina."

Another sob shook Kishina's body as she nuzzled her face on Wufei's shoulder, "I'm so tired of it all… The war, the hate… I've become nothing but a murderer; just like Dorothy's grandfather…"

Wufei nodded in silent understanding; the war had taken it's toll on Kishina. Wufei gently began to rock Kishina back and forth, as he hummed a strange, soothing melody that slowly put Kishina to sleep.

Wufei gently laid Kishina down on her bed as lifted her quilts over her body. So small... She's just a child; but so am I in many ways... None of us deserve to be in this war.

Wufei quietly sat in the chair next to Kishina's bed and watched her sleep. Wufei himself slowly began to drift to sleep, as Kishina waited for sleep to claim him. When she was sure that Wufei was asleep, she silently crept out of bed and gathered her belongings into a bundle under her left arm.

Kishina slowly crept to her window, as she heard a soft rustling from Wufei. Kishina stopped in dead silence, not even daring to breathe. She slowly turned around and confirmed that Wufei was still asleep. Kishina looked down at her knuckles, and saw that the cuts had reopened when she had had the nightmare. Blood was seeping through the white bandages, as the air stung the cuts.

"You are wrong, Chang Wufei," Kishina whispered, "This is my fault. And now, I must pay my dues..." Kishina slowly turned around and opened her bedroom window with extreme caution, and jumped out. Kishina landed gracefully on her feet; she, apparently, could survive a four story jump. (Damn.)

Duo had been staring out of his window and looking at the moon, when he saw a small figure fall down before his window. Duo's eyes widened as he saw that it was Kishina. Fuck, how is it that everyone else can do that fucking jump but me?! Duo's head darted from side to side as he heard a faint cackling from somewhere (HAHAHA), but shrugged it off as he ran out of his room and down the stairs of the Winner mansion into the open lawn. No way was he going to risk injuring his right ankle.

Duo saw Kishina slowly walk back into the forest without ever looking back. Duo broke into a run to the pain of his ankle. Duo finally caught up to Kishina and yelled out, "Oi! Where do you think you're goin?!"

Kishina stopped dead in her tracks as she let out a small sigh and turned to face Duo. The moon's light lit up Kishina's pale face so that it almost made her look dead, and the same went for Duo.

"Please don't try to stop me, Duo. I have unfinished business to take care of." Kishina said in a flat monotone; It was almost frightening, because Kishina began to sound a lot like Heero.

"You know, it's almost ironic that Shinigami and a girl with a dead soul would meet in a forest," Duo commented. Kishina's eyes didn't shift, and she didn't even attempt at addressing Duo's comment.

"I no longer have a reason to stay here anymore. Once I am free of my family's debt, I will join them in the afterlife."

"And what about Wufei? You know, I've never seen him like this; act like this to a girl, I mean. He would usually have been rude and sardonic to a woman, but not you."


Duo shook his head and responded, "Maybe you should stop denying your feelings for Wufei, Kishina."

Kishina was silent for a long while, and finally said in a quiet voice, "And maybe it's time you took your own advice."

Duo stared wide-eyed at Kishina for a long while, stunned that she would have made a come back along those lines.

Kishina slowly turned away from Duo, and walked toward Dragon Fang. But, before she started climbing up her Gundam to the cockpit, she turned around and said to a still-stunned Duo, "It is pretty obvious, Duo. And besides, I'm sure he feels the same way for you."

Duo nodded, but before Kishina boarded the Gundam he yelled out, "But what about Wufei?"

Kishina stayed silent, and didn't turn her head around from facing her Gundam as she held out a small white piece of paper, and let go as the wind let it drift to Duo. With this, Kishina jumped into the cockpit of Dragon Fang, and shut the door behind her. Duo watched in silence as he saw Dragon Fang take off of L4, and fly into the sky.

Duo waved at Dragon Fang as it left the colony, until he could no longer see it over the horizon. Duo clutched the small white piece of paper in his hand, as he slowly lifted it to his face and read it.

The front piece of the paper read in bold italic letters, Wufei-san. Duo turned the paper over and began reading the letter, regardless that it was for Wufei.

Chang Wufei,

I thank you for caring for me in my time of need. You do not have to worry anymore, your debt to me has been repaid. But, you are wrong, Chang Wufei. This whole situation is my fault and my family's death must be avenged. Dorothy will die, and I will join my family in death. I bid you, farewell Chang Wufei. Take care, my Oniisan.



Wufei finished reading Kishina's letter and growled. He crumpled the letter in his hand and stood up from the grass from which he was sitting on. He silently looked up into the dome of the colony, and breathed a sigh.

"Not again. I'm not losing you too, Kishina. You're after Dorothy, and Dorothy's where Relena is. I'll see you soon, little one; count on it."

Wufei turned around and found Duo a few yards away, waiting for him. "Oi, Wu-man! Time to move!" Wufei growled and shouted back, "I told you not to call me THAT!" Wufei continued to grumble as he boarded Shenlong.

Duo sighed and walked toward Deathscythe.

Maybe it's time you took your own advice.

Duo scratched his head as he looked up at Deathscythe for a long while. "I dunno buddy. Maybe she's right; I should take my own advice… But what do you think he'll say? Really? Hm. All right then; I'll tell him!" Duo looked over to his right as he saw a silent Heero checking Wing Zero over.

Duo sweatdropped and said again to Deathscythe, "After the fight."


Relena Peacecraft screamed as Winter wrapped her right hand around her throat, pressing her against the wall of Relena's bed chambers.

"It's over Miss Relena," Winter said, her voice no longer that of a male's but that of a woman's… an evil woman.

"Who… are… you?!" Relena managed to gasp out, as she continually tried to loosen the grip Winter had around her neck. Winter cackled aloud and replied, "I'm surprised you don't recognize my voice, Miss Relena. This may not be my body, but it's certainly me."

Relena's eyes went wide as she finally managed to scramble free of Winter's hold on her, as she darted across the room. "D…Dorothy!" Relena exclaimed, as she played keep away from Winter. Winter grinned wickedly and nodded, as she pulled out a gun she had been hiding in her suit.

"You have gotten into Mister Miliardo's way too many times, Miss Relena. It's time to put an end to it! I will make my mark on this war, by being known as the killer of the greatest Pacifist of the decade!" Winter laughed, as she shot fire after fire of gunshots at Relena.

Relena screamed and hid behind her bed as she yelled to Winter, "You've gone mad! And having to bring this poor girl into our business is no honorable way of KILLING someone!" Relena of course had been referring to Winter.

"I don't care how you are killed Miss Relena, All I care about is that you DIE!" Winter sent another round of gunfire at Relena, as Relena screamed and ran out the window of her room.

"YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!" growled Winter/Dorothy, as she laughed maniacally, jumping from the window and following in close pursuit to Relena.

Relena breathed hard as she opened the doors to an underground storage shelter and jumped in, trying to get away as quickly as she could from that mad woman. Relena ran into a dead end of the shelter, as she looked around from side to side for somewhere to hide. She picked up an old metal rod from the floor as she hid in front of some shelves.

Relena quieted her breathing as she heard Winter come into the basement.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty… I promise I won't hurt you Miss Relena— yet." Winter laughed again, as she slowly approached the dead end that Relena was hiding in. Relena braced herself as she saw Winter's shadow approaching her, as she lunged and took a full swing at Winter's head with the rod.

"Aaah!" Winter cried, as she fell to her knees, clutching her head. Relena quickly ran out of the basement leaving Winter behind, as she closed the doors to the basement and sealed off the door by putting her metal rod through the handles.

Relena ran again aimlessly, just trying to get away from Winter. Right in front of her, five Gundams slowly descended to the Earth, each armed with their own weapons.

Relena smiled brightly at Wing Zero, as she shouted cupping her hands around her mouth, "Heero! I knew you'd come for me Heero!"

Heero's voice boomed over the speaker of Wing Zero, "Where is she?"

"I locked her into the basement over there!" Relena exclaimed, pointing to where she had just come from. Suddenly, the Gundam Aurora flew from out of nowhere, as it headed back into the sky, probably intending to leave back into space. Over a hundred Mobile Dolls suddenly filled the skies, protecting the way of Aurora.

Heero growled and shouted, "I'm going after Winter; you guys take out the Dolls!" The engines of Wing Zero roared to life as Heero jetted after Aurora, slicing any Dolls that got in his way into pieces with his thermal saber. The two Gundams reached incredible speeds as they both pierced through Earth's atmosphere and back into space.

"Let the girl go, Dorothy." Heero said over the com-line to Winter.

"What?! How did you find out it was me?!" Winter/Dorothy exclaimed over the other end of the com-line. "Because, nobody would be stupid enough to actually use a defective computer chip to control a soldier," Heero said, as he began trying to slice Aurora in half.

Winter/Dorothy dodged hastily. "Defective?! What are you talking about?!" Dorothy yelled, as she pulled out Aurora's two shorthand thermal swords, and immediately began trying to stab Wing Zero.

"Not even a computer can overcome human will, Dorothy. Winter's mind is about to liberate itself from the prison that you've put it in, and you'll be left without a pawn," Heero answered, as he took another swing with his blade, slicing off Aurora's left arm.

"No! This is the perfect Soldier! I won't let you win, Damn it!" Dorothy screamed, as she lunged at Wing Zero's head, but Dorothy made a mistake. Winter's face shakily looked down at her Gundam's status screen.

Heero slowly pulled out his thermal saber from Aurora's torso, as Wing Zero quickly pulled away from the other Gundam. Heero saw Winter's eyes blink and shut tight together, as a scream escaped her lips; the computer chip… It was dislodging itself!

The computer chip fell to the floor of Aurora's cockpit, as Winter gasped and breathed hard. Winter slowly looked at the com-screen and saw Heero's stern face.

"Where… Where am I…?" Winter asked softly. Heero didn't flinch as Aurora exploded into a mass of fire and smoke, and didn't flinch as he listened to the pained cries of Winter.


What had he done? He had killed an innocent girl; No, she wasn't innocent. She had killed hundreds, maybe even thousands of people… But it wasn't her fault… wasn't it? Heero clutched his head with his hands in confusion. There was only one thing that he could say; one thing that would make him know that he had done his job.

"Mission complete."


The four Gundam pilots stared into the sky as an explosion lit up the mid day sky.

Duo made a low whistle and said, "Damn." The other three pilots remained silent, and Wufei turned away from them as he looked back at the mansion. I wonder where Kishina is…

As if some divine deity had answered his question, Dragon Fang slowly descended from the sky, landing directly next to the mansion. Wufei watched in silence as he saw Kishina jump out of Dragon Fang's cockpit and gracefully to the ground, as she ran with a look of hate upon her face into the mansion. Wufei couldn't tell what it was, but Kishina held something in her hand… Something shiny…

Her Katana. Shit. "Fuck," Wufei cursed, as he unbuckled himself from Shenlong's pilot seat, and literally flew out of Shenlong's cockpit (again). This time, Wufei landed on his feet as he ran after Kishina.

"Dammit, How do they keep doing that?!" Duo was answered with a faint cackle from a distance. Duo was about to get out of Deathscythe and follow the two, but was stopped by Sandrock. Quatre appeared over Duo's com-line as he said, "No, Duo. Wufei can handle it; meanwhile, we'd better hitch it out of here."

Duo nodded in response as Deathscythe's engines roared to life and as Deathscythe flew into the sky above. Sandrock looked over to Heavyarms as they both followed Deathscythe. Hopefully, Wufei and Kishina would be able to get out of the mansion in time for the special forces of OZ not to get to them.


Kishina gripped her Katana in both her hands tightly as she ran through the mansion levels, trying to find her way to the basement stairs. "I know exactly where she is," she growled to herself, as she ran through a group of guards protecting the staircase.

"Hey! Stop her!" one of the guards yelled. "I don't have time for this," Kishina said aloud, as she pulled the pin off of a sleeping- gas grenade. Kishina threw the grenade to her back, as she heard the grenade go off she also heard the guards cough and fall to the ground.

Kishina ran down the staircase to the basement with determination in her eyes. "I can do this. I can do this," Kishina said to herself repeatedly, trying to convince herself that she had the strength and will to destroy the offspring of her long-hated enemy.

"I can do this. I will do this. For my family; for Shoji."


Wufei covered his hand over his mouth and nose as he coughed, running over a few guards that were snoozing on the floor. Sleeping gas… She's near by.

Wufei looked around to where Kishina might be, until he heard the echo of gunfire from below him. "The basement!" Wufei took the staircase that led to the basement, and broke into a run.

"I hope I can make it in time," Wufei said to himself.


Quatre cried out in pain as he grabbed his left shoulder with his hand. His Kokoro no Hadaka was telling him something.

"Oh no… Kishina's in trouble… I hope Wufei makes it to her in time," he said.


Kishina winced as she pressed her hand to her left shoulder. When she looked at her hand, blood dripped profusely from it. "Fuck you bitch," Kishina said, as she lunged at Dorothy with amazing speed and agility, as she sliced open Dorothy's arm.

Dorothy stared at her arm for a long while, and at the blood that poured from the cut. When she finally looked back up at Kishina, she was greeted by a fist to her face.

Dorothy's body flew with a force to the wall behind her with a large thud. Dorothy slumped to the ground lamely as blood dripped from her now broken nose. Dorothy breathed hard as she glared at Kishina, "You have no right to do this to me!"

Kishina stopped dead in her tracks as she glared at Dorothy. "No right? No Right?! NO RIGHT?! Your Fucking family destroyed my life; I have every damn right in the fucking known universe to destroy you, you fucking bitch! Don't you start telling me I have no fucking right to kill you! You're gonna go to hell just like your grandfather, bitch."

Dorothy continued to stare at Kishina as Kishina slowly approached her, "You… You're that Kishina girl, aren't you? Yes, Grandfather told me about you; and about your worthless family. Your family got what they deserved."

Kishina growled in rage as she gave Dorothy an uppercut. "That was for Mother," she punched her again in the eye, "That was for Father," and once again in the chin, "That for Shoji, my brother." Kishina glared at the now pitiful looking Dorothy; she was trembling, and had bruises over her face and blood all over her clothing.

"And this," she raised her Katana high above her head with both her hands, "This is for my crying and dead soul." Kishina lunged her Katana at Dorothy, intending to skewer the girl, but a small knife knocked her Katana out of her hands. Kishina growled and turned around to see who the offending thrower was.

Chang Wufei. Oniisan. Fuck. "Pick up the Katana and let's go, Kishina," he said in a quiet voice. "Hell no. I came to finish a job that that thing's grandfather," she pointed an accusing finger at Dorothy, "started long ago."

Dorothy saw the distraction in Kishina and chose this as her chance to fight back. She grabbed the knife that had knocked Kishina's Katana from her hands and lunged at Kishina with renewed anger in her eyes.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Wufei ran to Kishina and threw her out of the path of the knife, taking the blow himself in his right leg. Wufei winced as he glared at Dorothy. Dorothy inched back a little, intimidated by the glare. Wufei bent down on one knee and roughly pulled the bloody knife from his leg.

Kishina slowly brought herself back on her feet and walked over to Dorothy, picking up her fallen Katana. She looked at it as her reflection caught her eye. She saw an image of herself as a child and her brother, only covered in blood as was the blade. Kishina closed her eyes hard as a single tear fell from her eye.

When she opened her eyes, as she looked at Dorothy with an emotionless look. Dorothy gasped a little bit; now she was afraid. Kishina wiped the blood off of her Katana and put it in its sheath, as she walked past Dorothy and on to Wufei. Kishina bent down next to Wufei, and ripped a part of her shirt's sleeve off, using it as a bandage for Wufei's leg.

"And now she's hurt you, too, Oniisan." Kishina said quietly. "Hn. At least it wasn't you," he responded, standing up, blocking the way between Dorothy and Kishina. "You're not going to kill her, Kishina."

"Why do you continue to protect her?" Kishina asked softly, a hint of hurt in her voice as she slowly stood up.

"I'm not protecting her. I'm protecting you; do you really think that killing Dorothy will end what her family's done to you? Your hurt will still live inside of you, and you will have her death upon your shoulders," Wufei said.

"That's why I'm committing Hara-kiri afterwards," Kishina said, her voice beginning to show the ice of her heart. Wufei shook his head slightly and said, "Not while I'm alive. I've lost the people in my life too, Kishina. I'm not losing you too."

Wufei's leg trembled a little bit from the blood loss, as he stopped down weakly and applied pressure to the wound with his hands. Kishina quickly went to Wufei and put his right arm over her shoulders, supporting his weight so that he would be able to walk. "Even though I know how much you hate taking help from a woman."

Wufei side glanced at her, and saw for the first time a small smile upon Kishina's face; not a forced or fake one, but a true smile. Wufei laughed lightly as he accepted her help. Wufei looked back at Dorothy and said in a dead tone, "I suggest you never come within Kishina's sight for a while. You don't know how she'll react—or how I'll react."

As Wufei turned his head forward again and began walking limply with Kishina, Dorothy glared hard at them both and said in a quiet voice, "You wouldn't have killed me anyway, bitch."

Suddenly, Kishina pulled out a Ninja dart and threw it at Dorothy's head, deliberately missing her head only a few millimeters. Dorothy's eyes widen, looking like she was about to faint.

Kishina turned her head around with that emotionless look again and said, "I would have killed you anyway, bitch. And don't you forget it."


Weeks passed as the war waged on. Kishina was told by her Oniisan to stay on L4 where it would be safe for her; he didn't wish for her to get hurt or worse because of the war. Kishina, however, had the spirit of the dragons with her and disobeyed Wufei, and began fighting along his side.

Before she knew it, news had spread around that Wufei had killed Treize Kushrenada of OZ and White Fang Leader Miliardo Peacecraft had died. The five Gundam pilots had tried to stop Operation M, but it had been Heero who had finally stopped Libra in its path.

After Operation M had finally been stopped, Kishina "disappeared" for a while. Nobody knew where she had gone, and Wufei knew that she didn't want to be found. Celebration filled the Earth and the Colonies; the war was finally over.


Quatre had decided to do like what the Earth and other colonies were doing, and celebrate the end of the war. He had invited all of the Gundam pilots, the friends and allies that the had made along the way, and basically almost everyone in the L4 colony. The Winner Mansion was a bigggggg place.

That night, Duo had been wandering around aimlessly looking for something to do. He had enjoyed the first few hours of the party, but had gotten bored pretty quickly, which was pretty weird considering it was Duo.

Duo ended up walking out on a balcony of the mansion that was overlooking acres of lawn. In the center of it was a hedge maze, and a water fountain. As Duo squinted and looked closer at the fountain, he saw that Heero had been sitting on a bench near it and Relena, was of course, close by.

Duo watched them for a while, reading their lips. Relena was saying something about thanking him for saving her again, and Heero repeatedly gave her a "Hn."

Duo averted his eyes as he sighed to himself. It was weird; why was he so jealous of Relena being with Heero? He knew that even if Heero felt the same way he did, he'd never advance upon it.

"You haven't told him yet, have you Duo."

Duo turned around immediately, and almost had a heart attack; literally. All at the same time, Duo's jaw dropped, he sweatdropped, facevaulted, and clutched at his chest with his hand.

Kishina smiled lightly and said, "I don't look that bad, do I?" Duo looked Kishina over, and almost had another heart attack. Kishina was wearing a dress.

She was wearing a low-cut cobalt blue dress with small Chinese-style dragons as its design. She had matching blue gloves, her amulet and a crystal necklace around her neck, and Diamond earrings on. Her hair was tied up into a small bun, and she had light eye shadow on; she looked absolutely radiant.

"Not at all; you're gorgeous!" Duo exclaimed.

Kishina smiled brightly and said, "Better take a picture while you're at it; I'm never wearing heels again." Duo chuckled softly as Kishina slowly walked over to him, her left hand on the rail of the balcony. She stood next to him, as she looked across the land before her. She looked towards the fountain and found Heero still with Relena. "Ah, spying on the ones we love I see."

Duo blushed brightly and said, "Ano, I don't know what you're talking about, Kishina…"

Kishina grinned and replied, "Then why are you blushing, Duo?" She poked teasingly at Duo as he turned even brighter.

Duo coughed and turned his face away from Kishina. Kishina smiled and said, "Really Duo, you should tell him how you feel. I know it's hard, but I'm pretty sure he feels the same for you."

Duo grinned and turned facing her again, "And why are you all dressed up, Kishina? Trying to look nice for our Wufei-sannnnn?" Kishina laughed and blushed as she sweatdropped. "Off topic, Duo, but yes, you caught me. But now back to you… Are you going to tell him or am I gonna have to do it for you? I can't stand the suspense!"

Duo sighed and looked at nothing in particular out in the hedge maze. "I dunno. I guess I'm just afraid…"


"…Being rejected by him."

Kishina crossed her arms across her chest and nodded in understanding. "Because if I do get rejected by him, I don't think I'll be able to live with the embarrassment."

"Well, even if he does reject you—which I highly doubt he'll do—you can always come over to your gal pal to talk," Kishina said, referring to herself.

Duo laughed and said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, that's reassuring." Kishina smacked him playfully and smiled. "But damn, Kishina… You've changed. I mean, you're not all dark and gloomy anymore—You're not the female version of Heero anymore!" Duo said the last part a bit too dramatically.

Kishina laughed, "Ha, ha. I know; I don't know what really happened to me, but I just decided to get over it. Life sucked thinking about the past so I decided to live in the present." Duo nodded in smiled, "I'm glad you finally understand that."

Kishina smiled brightly and said, "Well, if you don't mind, I'll leave you with your little boyfriend and I'm off to see Oniisan."

"Uh huh. `Oniisan'. Sureeeee…" Kishina smacked him again and said, "Whatever. Find me later, All right? I wanna hear all the gory details! Ja Ne!"

Duo waved to Kishina as she ran off. It was amazing how someone who had been wearing heels for the first time in her life could run in them so well. Oh well.

Duo sighed to himself and looked out at the fountain again with Relena hounding a helpless Heero.

"Fuck it. It's better than watching that." So Duo set off to the backyard. It was due time for his long-awaited confession.


Heero walked around helplessly, trying to get away from that annoying, high pitched voice that nagged and wouldn't stop bothering him. Kill me. Just kill me now, please. What did I do to deserve this…?!

"Heero, you don't know how much I am indebted to you for saving me all those times…"

I didn't *want* to save you. I had to because you're the queen of the Earth—please, please, just stop TALKING…(I bet this is what truly happens in the mind of Heero.)

"Oi! Heero, I need to talk to you!" Duo. Thank god. THANK GOD.

Duo walked up to Heero as he slowly stood from the bench which he was sitting on, and nodded to Duo. Duo led Heero to the hedge maze where they could be alone, but Relena, the bloodhound she was, followed them.

"Um… Gomen, Relena-kun, but I need to talk to him *alone*," Duo said, emphasizing the alone part.

"Oh. All right." Relena replied, stopping in her tracks.

When they went into the maze, Relena closely followed behind, even though Duo had asked her not to. Duo led Heero deep into the maze so that no one could hear what they were talking about. Relena hid behind a wall of the maze that was only a few yards away from the one that Duo and Heero were in.

I'm sure they won't mind; after all, it *is* Heero…

"Heero, I've got a confession to make," Duo said, nervously playing with his braid. Heero raised an eyebrow and said, "What is it, Duo?"

Duo bit his lip and looked at Heero. Damn… Those eyes were so beautiful. Duo took a deep breath as he tried to get the words he wanted to say out in the open. Okay, talk slowly, clearly, take a deep breath and you'll be fffiinnnneeeee.

Duo tried to say the words, but he choked. D'oh. He could imagine Kishina watching them from the balcony and slapping her head saying, "Baaakkkaaaaaaa".

Heero frowned and inched closer to Duo, "What? Out with it already, Maxwell."

Duo took a deep breath again and summoned all the courage that he had in his body and said in a small, fast tone, "I'minlovewithyouHeeroYuyIdon'tknowwhyIdon'tknowhowIjustknowIdoandIfyou'redigsutedwiththatthat'sfinetoosoi'lljustbeleavingnowokay?bye"

Duo quickly turned around to walk away as the image of Kishina slapping her head again replayed in his mind, He felt a firm hand grab his elbow. Eep. Duo slowly turned around to face Heero.


Oh boy, here it comes; he's gonna smack me senseless and then leave me for the Buzzards to pick at. Kuuuuuusssssssooooooooooo…

An image of Kishina standing near a grave dressed like a widow played through Duo's mind, with her shaking her head saying, "So young".

"I don't know how to say this, Duo, but…" Heero took a deep breath and said, "I love you, too."

An image of Kishina cheering and winking saying "Yeah! Told ya' your gal pal would come through for ya'!", giving the peace sign played through Duo's mind as his face began to glow with the brightest smile Heero had ever seen on anyone before.

Duo pulled Heero close to him, unsure of what to do. Heero pulled Duo into a tight embrace as his lips softly met his. In that moment, Duo had been the happiest he had ever been in his life. No way… This has to be a dream… Until…



Kishina walked through the many halls and rooms of the Winner mansion, not in a big hurry to find Wufei or anyone else for that matter. She smiled and greeted people that she had met during the war, and chatted with them for a while.

Kishina continued with this routine and had a good time, until she ran into Wufei.

"Kishina?" Wufei called from a few feet away. Kishina froze, as she slowly turned around and was greeted by Wufei's face. "ONIISAAAANNN!!" she exclaimed, as she gave Wufei a Duo-style glomp as she jumped into his arms, hugging him tight.

Wufei, caught off guard, was almost knocked off of his feet. He smiled lightly and wrapped his arms around Kishina and said, "Good to see you too." Kishina smiled brightly at Wufei, as she slowly backed away from him to show off her dress.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked, twirling around so that he could get a full view of the dress. Wufei smiled and hugged her tightly and said, "It's beautiful, Kishina. Come, let's go talk outside where it's more quiet."

Kishina nodded as Wufei led her by her hand outside to the courtyard where there was less to no people. Wufei led Kishina to some chairs set up on the courtyard as they both sat down. Kishina smiled at Wufei as he gazed at her dress and her entire look.

"You look wonderful, Kishina," Wufei said, smiling at her.

"Arigato, Wufei. What have you been up to?" Kishina asked.

Wufei sighed and shrugged, "Nothing, really. Ever since the war ended, there hasn't been a need for me to pilot Shenlong any longer. I guess you could say that Nataku has been put to rest. What about you?"

Kishina laughed and answered, "Getting what was left of my life back together. I built a monument to my parents and brother, and I too had to put Dragon Fang to rest." Kishina gripped her dragon amulet tightly in her hand as she continued, "It was so hard to move on. It almost felt like I was betraying them."

Wufei nodded and gently entwined his hand with hers, "And?"

Kishina smiled a blushed lightly as she squeezed Wufei's hand in hers, as she responded, "And then I realized that they would have wanted me to move on, instead of me cutting my life short and joining them in death. Besides, I wanted to live another day to at least see you again!"

Wufei smiled and gently pressed his forehead up against hers and said, "Then I'm glad you chose to stick around." Kishina blushed a deeper red at such close contact to Wufei, as she said softly, "I am too, Wufei." Wufei laughed softly and said, "What? I'm not Oniisan anymore?"

Kishina gently shook her head as she said a very soft whisper, "You're more like Wu-chan, now…" Wufei gazed softly into Kishina's eyes, as he slowly began to lean forward, his lips inching closer and closer to Kishina's. Kishina's eyes slowly began to drop shut as she too began to lean forward. Their lips brushed only for a few mere seconds, when they heard a blood-curdling scream come from the hedge maze up ahead of them.

They both shifted their eyes and saw Trowa and Quatre already running toward the hedge maze as a result of the scream. Kishina and Wufei looked at each other for a long moment, until Wufei finally said, "We'll continue later, ne?" Kishina sighed and nodded in disappointment; there was just something about Wufei that she couldn't resist, so it made her frustrated they couldn't continue *now*.

"Come on, let's go see what's wrong," Wufei said, as he slowly rose from his chair. Kishina nodded as she stood up, and abruptly took her shoes off. Wufei raised his eyebrow in question as Kishina said, "If I have to run in these things again, I will commit Hara-kiri." Wufei laughed and took her hand into his as they both ran after Trowa and Quatre.


"Relena-kun, please came down!" Quatre exclaimed, trying to get the Queen of the Earth to stop being hysterical.

"It was wrong, so wrong! It wasn't supposed to be this way!! How could he?! HOW COULD HE?!" Relena yelled, as she continued yelling endless babble. Wufei and Kishina finally arrived at the scene as Wufei asked, "What happened?"

Trowa shrugged and said, "We don't know, she just came running out of the maze screaming. Oh, hey Kishina." Kishina sweatdropped and waved to Trowa. "Maybe I should go check on what she saw?" Kishina asked, as the other three boys nodded in approval.

Kishina ran into the maze, and followed the trail that Relena had left behind. She followed the trail until she came to a heap of clothing and limbs which was Duo and Heero (hint, hint).

Kishina laughed softly and turned her back to them as she said, "Oi, I'd hate to stop the two of you during your `exercise', but you just kind of freaked out Relena."

Duo laughed and looked up at Kishina dazed and said a happy-sleepy tone, "Oh, don't worry; we're finished here, aren't we, Hee-chan?"

"Hn." Soon followed the sounds of getting dressed, as Kishina turned her head to face the two and asked, "Ready now?" Duo and Heero both nodded in response, as Kishina smiled at the two and headed back out the maze without them. "By the way Kishina, You look Great!" Duo yelled.



As Kishina stepped out of the hedge maze, Wufei approached her and hooked his arm around hers. "Did you see what the problem was?" He asked gently. Kishina nodded and grinned, "She just got freaked out by a live taping of the Discovery Channel."

Wufei's brows furrowed in confusion, but shrugged it off as he saw a very-happy Duo, with an unusually good-spirited Heero. When Relena saw them come out, her eyes widened as she yelled at Duo, "YOU!! You're the one, who did this to my Heero, weren't you?! You… You… FAGGOT!" Relena suddenly ran to Duo and began pounding on him out of rage.

Heero automatically pulled Relena off of Duo, holding her back since he was much more stronger than she. Kishina gently pulled away from Wufei as she darted to Duo's side. Duo groaned and bent over and coughed up some blood. Kishina patted Duo gently on the back as she whispered into his ear, "You all right, Duo?"

Duo nodded slightly and said, "I hate that bitch." Kishina laughed relieved, as she looked up at Wufei. He slowly went to Duo and Kishina, and helped Duo stand. Relena, however, had been squirming in Heero's grasp and yelling bigotry at Duo. Kishina glared at Relena, and glared at her.

She slowly approached Relena, and did something no reasonable person would do to the Queen of the Earth.


Relena fell back dazed as Heero released his hold on her and rushed over to Duo's side. He gently whispered some like "Ai shiteru" and "gomen ne Duo-chan" to Duo. Relena glared with pure hatred in her eyes at Kishina and screamed, "How can you defend a fag like that?! Or are you a queer just like him?!"

Kishina slapped Relena again and said, "You know, It's people like you who make me sick. Not only should you be the most understanding on this situation since you have many subjects under you who are just like these two, but you choose to be a Bigot. You make them seem like they're not even human anymore. You don't want to understand why they've done what they've done, you just know that you don't understand it therefore it is a threat to you. Do yourself a favor and quit being an idiot." (This is how I really feel about Bigots. Since both my parents are Homo-phobic, you can guess that I disagree with them a lot, ne?)

Relena glared at Kishina for a long while, and finally turned away from all of them and proceeded to leave the Winner estate. "Bitch," Kishina muttered under her breath as she averted her gaze from Relena and back to the others.

"And by the way, Relena. I love Duo. He's mine and I'm his. I was never yours and I never will be. Gomen Nasai," Heero added, as he saw her pick up the speed and continued to leave to his pleasure.

Kishina sighed and walked back to where the others were as Wufei took into his arms tightly. Kishina looked up at him alarmed in a questioning way, but slipped her arms around him anyway. "I'm proud of you, koi," he said softly, as he cupped her chin in his hand like he had so long ago and brought his face to hers as he kissed Kishina softly.

Duo, finally back on his feet, cat-whistled and said, "Oi, told ya so, Wu-man!" Wufei glared at Duo through half-opened eyes, as he and Kishina slowly separated. "Okay, okay, Wufei."



Wufei smiled and nodded in approval. Kishina laughed and said as she began walking away from the hedge maze and back into the mansion, dragging Wufei with her, "If you don't mind, we've got some catching up to do, right Wu-chan?" Wufei nodded enthusiastically as he followed Kishina back to the party.

Quatre laughed and said quietly, "I better get back to the party as well; it's not polite for the host to not be at his own celebration." Trowa shook his head and followed Quatre back to the mansion.

Heero was about to follow them before Duo called him. "Oi, don't you want to have anymore fun, Hee-chan?" he asked, looking seductively at Heero. Heero gave a rare grin as he followed Duo back into the hedge maze.


Two years had passed. It had been a long time since Heero had been on L3 colony. He didn't exactly know why he had come back, just that he had gotten a feeling that there was some kind of unfinished business he had to take care of here.

Heero subconsciously look down at his left hand and gazed in wonder at the gold ring on his finger. It was amazing; he knew that a soldier like him didn't deserve all of this happiness, but he was glad to take it. And his beautiful Duo; he truly believed that he didn't deserve someone so caring and understanding, that is why he dedicated his life to protecting his beautiful Duo.

Heero walked down the streets of L3, trying to look for what had brought him to the colony, and finally came to the old circus. Heero continued walking towards the circus tent, when suddenly a few feet ahead of him, a girl was violently thrown from the tent. A man came out after her and yelled, "What did I tell you about training the animals?! You aren't to touch them, you stupid bitch!"

With this, the girl cried out in pain and screamed as the man cracked a whip and gave the girl ten lashes on the back. That girl… She looked so familiar… No… It couldn't be… Could it? The man was about to give her more lashes on her back, but Heero stepped in and caught the whip around his forearm and pulled it away from the man.

He gave the man his all-traditional death glare and said a dead tone, "Didn't your mother ever teach you how to treat a lady?" The man gulped and immediately backed away, running back into the tent. Heero dropped the whip, and turned back to the girl.

The girl inched away from Heero in fear, tears streaking her face and back bleeding. She had on tattered clothing, and her hair was a rich curly brown as were her eyes. No… It couldn't be…

"Winter?!" Heero exclaimed, crouching on his knees so that he was eye to eye with the girl. The girl looked at him in confusion and said, "Do you know me?"

"What? You don't remember me?" Heero asked in confusion. "No… I … can't really remember anything." The girl put flatly. "Well, what's your name?"

"I don't know, the people here just call me `Daughter of Nanashi'. Do you know me? Do you know… who I am?!" the girl asked.

Heero narrowed his eyes as he slowly crept toward her, as he gently pulled the curly hair covering her left temple away from her face. There were tiny hole markings in her temple… where… a computer chip had once been.

Heero stared at the girl in shock for a long time. How could she had survived that explosion, and ended up in L3 colony? Heero shook his head in disbelief as he slowly got up and began to walk away from Winter.

"Wait! Please, don't go! Please, do you know me?! Please, tell me who I am!" The girl began to sob hard as her tears fell to the ground. Heero looked back at Winter and bit his lip. She deserves a new start… But not like this.

"All I know is that your name is Winter Snow. You have a Grandmother waiting for you on L1 colony, who's been looking for you for ten years. I suggest you go see her."

Winter's face suddenly brightened as a smile spread across her face. "Thank you, whoever you are! I'll never forget this; you don't know how much you've done for me!!" Heero nodded and began walking away.

As he was walking away, Heero could hear the man who had beaten Winter come out of the tent again and yell at the girl, "Who the hell was that, Nanashi?" He also heard the last thing that he ever heard Winter say, the last thing about Winter that he would remember forever.

"Don't you dare call me that. I have a name; I am Winter Snow."



I wish I could say that everyone lived happily ever after, but that just wouldn't be true. Of course everyone ran into conflicts, and had their bad times, but their lives were relatively long and good.

Duo and Heero are still married. Wouldn't have believed that they grew old together, ne?

Quatre and Trowa too, eventually did get married. In't life sweet? ^.^

Wufei and Kishina… I don't know what to say. They never did grow apart, and were together for the rest of their lives. Of course, Wufei had to marry Kishina once he found out that she was due for a baby girl soon. Of course, when Kishina broke the news to poor Wufie, he appropriately fainted; but of course once he came to, he asked Kishina to be his wife. -.-;; sad, but true. So, it turns out that Kishina always did have a `Dragon' protecting her. Cute irony, ne?

Winter escaped the hell of the circus on L3, and scrounged up enough money to get herself over to L1 colony. When she made it to L1, she put out ads for her Grandmother to hopefully find. Her grandmother, now 78, was ecstatic to find out that her long lost granddaughter was still alive. They reunited, but a tragedy struck Winter, as her grandmother died from natural causes at the age of 79. Winter went into depression, and didn't know what to do with her life. She was only 18 years old, and wasn't going anywhere. The only knowledge she had was the stories her grandmother had told her before she died, so she decided to make her grandmother's memory known and published many of her grandmother's stories. After a while, she started writing and illustrating her own stories that were circulated throughout the colonies and Earth. She did become really rich, that much you have to believe. She eventually did find Heero again, and repaid him for his kindness; She bought him his own colony. *GASP!* Winter of course found good fortune in success, and found a nice man named Luke and befriended him. They grew to love each other, and so they got married. To Winter, the ten years she had lost didn't even matter anymore; she had a new life that she loved, and would never let go of.

So, all in all, everyone `went to the limit' of their being to be happy. Ano, Fine, I'll say it, ALL RIGHT?! They lived happily ever after. Bah. Now I can go and actually SLEEP for the first time in one month.


Author's Note: Yes, I know writing off Dorothy's grandfather as a bad dude was a… lame… attempt, but I had to use someone! Not like I was gonna put RASHID as the bad guy… Oh wait… D'oh.
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Oi... By the way, most of the construction of this FIC came from ideas from NiGhTdRgOn! Thankies cuzzy.