Okay! My very first fic!! Well, teaser, but...whatever. Yay! I LOVE this...uh…thing that this is based on. Guess what it is by the teaser!!

Okies, this was gonna be a songfic-teaser, but the song that ‘plays’ only has four words…so…yeah, if you have Liberi Fatali, play it while you are reading…or something. If not GET IT! IT IS SUCH A COOL SONG! So, I, uh, guess it is a vid-type-fic, but I really dunno.

Title: Liberi Fatali Prologue/Teaser

Author: Felix

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Pairings: None as of yet

Warnings: AU, blood (not a lot), fighting, and overall weirdness! I will post the warnings and pairings for each separate chapter.

NOTES: Just because the next paragraph/sentence is the next one, it doesn’t mean it is really the next one, it can continue from a previous paragraph, you get it? I hope so… *cries* I don’t want my first work out there to be too confusing…




Clear waves lapping against pure white sands, waves of a clear shining ocean, a divine shade of blue.


A lone figure…

‘I’ll be here…’


Lightning flashed, lighting the gray sky purple, highlighting the rain as it poured mercilessly on the land below.

*Crackle* *Rumble*

Thunder roared, adding to the gloomy and ferocious atmosphere.


Lightning struck just as gunblades are swung at each other. The blades slide, hilt to hilt from the great pressure each opponent is exerting.


Rushing past the ocean, fading into desert beaches, to a thirsty red and gold desert, devoid of any green life.


…black and violet…


*Twist* *WHOOSH*

With a twist of a gloved hand, the Guardian encrusted gunblade is twisted out of its owner’s hand, and flung high into the sky. The owner of the thrown blade, a brown-haired boy, was shoved roughly across the natural rock arena by his opponent, a girl with long blond hair.


Past the desert; mountains, high enough to kiss the fluffy clouds. Immortal, ageless dusky mountains covered in a powdery, pure white layer of snow.



‘I’ll be waiting...here…’


The boy’s gunblade falls back toward the land, sheathing its tip in the Earth’s surface, Guardian charm clinking against the hilt. The boy runs toward his blond opponent, in line with his fallen weapon, drawing from the Earth’s hold, and strikes his adversary head-on.


Beyond the mountains, infinite plains of stainless white snow. Snowflakes dancing down to the earth from the gray-clouded sky.



‘…For what?’


The boy is fighting ferociously, rapidly gaining ground on the opposing girl. While giving a few good hits of her own, she is loosing the battle.


Further, where pure snow melts to emerald fields of the greenest grass. Drops of dew on each viridian blade making the meadow seem to shine.


...in a field of multicolored flowers…

‘I’ll be waiting…for you…so…’

*Burst* *SLASH*

Forbidden, the girl uses her last resort, magic. She throws a Fira spell at the leading boy, throwing him back once again. Swinging back forth her gunblade, she charges.


Up to the wide expanse of space that is the deep sapphire sky. Where milky-colored petals look like tumbling stars in the untainted sky.


…standing in the heart of the open plain of flowers…

‘If you come here’


The blond brings down her blade, slicing open flesh from top brow to under the eye. Blood spatters on the gravel underfoot. The boy looks up to see the girl smiling with twisted pleasure at forever scarring her rival.


To where the sakura blossoms land gently on the flower-covered ground of a flower field that seems to stretch across eternity. One lands in the hand of a lone soul in the middle, where the creamy ivory hand closes on it, then opens once more, releasing a single feather in place of the blossom. You see the creature lift its head to watch the feather’s ascent to the sky.


…a being multiplying the beauty of the scene…

‘You will find me’

*Slide* *SLASH*

In vengeance, the boy slides his legs apart to a fighter’s stance, leaning his body somewhat upright, and dragging his blade from the ground. He brings the blade upward, on white-feathered wings, splitting flesh and raining blood, to mirror the scar his striver bore to him.


Alabaster hand gripping a silver cross on a silver chain. Two rings sit next to the cross on the chain.


...golden chestnut swaying from the wind’s caress, slowly turning…

‘You will never be lost’


The boy’s gunblade falls to the ground, as he too slips toward earth. Fainting from loss of blood to his brain, he slips toward unconsciousness.

The last thing he sees before leaving the conscious realm…

…indigo eyes glowing…


‘I promise.’



For those who don’t know!

Ai- Indigo

Kousa- golden sands

Unjou- above the clouds

Yamayama- many mountains (yeah, I think it sounds funny, too)

Hyouden- eternal fields of snow (or something of the like)

Nogusa- wild grasses

Shinkyou- faith

Sakura- cherry blossoms (come on! We all know this! It’s in all the romantic scenes!)

Hane- feather, wing, etc.

C&C MUCH appreciated, as this is my first. PLEASE tell me if you like it, and I’ll post chapter 1 soon!