Title: UTA (Unknown To Author)
Author: Fallen Angel
Pairing: 2x1/1x2
Archive: No where yet (ask before taking this is dear to my heart)
Warnings: AU, romance, fantasy and whatever else can apply
Disclaimers: I don't own anything gundam wing cept maybe I have some things I bought that are gundams wing BUt I don't own the name or characters or anything thing else that the nice ppl at Bandai really do.
Notes: Sorry for any gramitical or spelling errors or loss of flow or any other errors in this.gomen nasai. arigato mina.
Dedications: To my beautiful koi who is always there to cheer me up and reminds me just how lucky I am to have her and is my motivation to run even when I think I can't go any farther during PC (aka physical conditioning). Love you with all of my heart, mind, body and soul. 36 more days til I grad out of here and 37 more days til I come to visit. ^_^


Students sat and conversated quietly in an auditorium stle classroom as they waited for their teacher to arrive.

Heero Yuy sat at the back of the room studying his notes from the day prior's lecture.

Sudenly the room fell silent as the doors to the classroom flew open and in ran a frightened braided boy.

"Has anyone seen my beautiful tenshi?" the boy said tears flowing down his face as he stood a top the platform.

Whispers filled the room as the students tried to figure out who this stranger was and just who he was talking about.

The room grew quiet again as Heero stood up and started to walk to the front. Before he made it to the third step he was in a full sprint.

As he reached his koibito, he enveloped Duo in a massive hug and showered his tear-striken face with a million kisses. They were so close that no air could pass between their bodies.

Before the braided pilot could say a word, his lips were captured by the lips of the silent angel he had been searching for.

The class gasped at the two boys in front of them who, it seemed, had forgotten there was anyone else in the room except for the one person they held in their arms.

Duo pulled back slightly from the kiss to look into his lover's eyes and smiled. "I missed you so much I had to find you they told me that you might be here I'm so glad you were cause I'd be so lost if you weren't I was so..." Duo's phrase was cut short as Heero placed a finger over his seishin's[1] lips.

"I missed you too. Ai Shiteru, Duo. Stay with me forever?"

"Ai Shiteru, Heero. Zutto soshite made eikyu[2]"




[1] seishin- mind, soul, spirit
[2] zutto soshite made eikyu- always and until eternity