Title: Together Again
Author: Fallen Angel
Pairing: hints towards 1x2 and Kari x ?
Disclaimer: I do not own gundam wing or the boys. I just am very inspired by them and their lives and sometimes associate them into my own.
Notes: Kari Maxwell is not (by story line means) really Duo's Sister but I thought well what if he did but didn't really know he did? this poem is kinda dark but it's kinda sweet. It kinda goes with my life of loosing my brother when I was little.


Together Again by: fallen angel
Kari, the noble street rat, stands before her brother
And, though they each have thought the other dead for so long, they still share a sibling bond.
Romafeller had been their seporator; yet the two had turned out the same
Inside, they are tormented souls yet outside, they portray happy-go-lucky spirits

Might it be different haad they been able to protect each other from the scars formed by the war?
All that can be said is, the war is over the damage is done and now the healing can begin
X your heart and swear to protect, for a brother sister bond can never be broken
War may have brought them pain but with that pain it also brought love to both
Entranced by the site of thier long though dead sibling they jump into each other's arms and hugs the other tight
Love Between them has never been lossed but the ones they love are now lost to them
Losing thier lives for the ones they love, makes thier lives in death a bit easier.

~owari~ (or is it?)

I may end up finding some way to turn this into a story but I have to much on my plate considering at the end of next month my life belongs to the US government. (oh fun). hopefully I can get my pages up and complete before I go. Also if you didn't notice the first letter of each line (when put together) spell's kari's name.
when they are done I'll post a link to the GW part of my site for you all.