Title: "Smoke"
Author: Fallen Angel

Date: 5 Jan 2001

Pairing: 1x2/2x1

Disclaimer: The lyrics to "Smoke" belong to the great voice of Natalie Imbruglia and the good people of BMG Music. I don't own Gundam Wing no matter how much I wish I did.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, a bit of angst, (I think that's about it)

Author's Notes: I thought this song just sounded like it was meant for our Heero and Duo to act with. *scratches head and sweatdrops* I'm not to good at adding my little notes to these things sorry *laughs nervously* It's not the greatest song fic in the world but I think I did a pretty good job for a first timer

Quick things ya need to know: ok here's my (which just may differ from others) little thingy's (sorry I get a little carried away when classifying stuff huh?)

*..* = that little voice we have in our heads that makes for a bad conversationalist sometimes (i.e. <you know you really should try working on your other fics> *smacks forehead* oh behave would ya <*sticks out tongue*> )

//..// = inner thoughts (i.e. //*black space*// sorry I zoned out for a second)

".." = spoken (i.e. "blah blah blah yackity shmaky")

--.--= lyrics (i.e. --la lala la lala la lala la la lalalala-- the ccf song)

~.~= flash back or a memory (i.e. ~one time at band camp..~)

^.^= dream (i.e. ^turning to see what had made the noise.^ *sweatdrops* I couldn't really think of anything for an i.e. ok? *bows* please forgive me)


On with my first song fic, ko? ^_~


"Smoke" By: Fallen Angel



--My lullaby, hung out to dry--

~he was humming a little tune to himself to try and get himself to sleep. It usually worked when he got locked in here but this time Heero Yuy could not hum his way to sleep~

--What's up with that--

Duo sat anxiously awaiting Heero to get to the dorm where the two would be staying until their next mission. He looked like a little kid waiting for their dad to get home from work.

He was sitting on the bed watching the door with his legs swinging back and forth. //Arg I can't sit still. Must sit still// he tried to will him to stop messing with his braid and swinging his feet but the attempt was quickly forgotten when the door opened and Heero stepped in.

No more then had the Wing pilot stepped in the door was his arms full of the braided Deathscythe pilot.

Heero pushed Duo off of him as he quickly regained his balance.

"Well hello to you too." Duo said a little confused. That's when he caught the look that was in his koi's eyes. "What's wrong?" He asked a little worried.

--It's over--

"Nothing" Heero stated as he started to unpack and set up his laptop. "Just leave me alone."

"Heero?" Duo was really confused now. This wasn't like the Heero he knew. Sure in when they had first met, this wouldn't have bothered duo. He would have just crawled onto his bed mumbled about how weird this guy was and read some manga. But at this point this was worrying Duo because Heero hadn't been like that. Normally he had at least shown that he was happy to see the braided teen.

"I said leave me alone." Heero stated coldly as he glared at Duo.

"Something's not right Heero and I know it and you know it. You normally don't say hello to me like that." Duo was starting to get a bit peeved. //Why won't he just tell me what has got his spandex in a wad?//

"Do you really wanna know what's bothering me?" Heero's temper had just kicked in.

Duo just nodded as he stood with his arms crossed.

"Fine, I can't stand you, Duo. You are always getting in my way. Always non-stop jabbering . I can't handle it anymore. Ok? THAT'S what's bothering me"

Duo's arms dropped. And his eyes glassed over with unshed tears. "Fine then I'll just leave. If you can't stand me I'm out of here ok? You can handle the whole damn thing yourself." Duo quickly gathered all his things. Before he opened the door he turned to look at Heero. " you know what I can't stand you either. I don't know how I ever had myself convinced I loved you." With that he walked out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

--Where are you dad--

//Damn it, Yuy. How could you do that to me? I loved you and I thought you did too. But I guess I was only to be your stress reliever. Your own personal little slut. Well not anymore mister.// Duo was in tears while he sat in a dark ally way. //back to the good ole days of L2.Cept this time solo's not here to help me out.// with this thought he curled up and tried to think of better things.

--Mum's looking sad--

<damn it, Yuy go after him. You need him you asshole. Weather you are willing to admit it or not you need him.>

"shut up" hero told the little voice in his head. "he can't help me. And he can't love me cause no one could love me ever."

--What's up with that--

--It's dark in here--

//It's gonna be a long night// Duo knew he wasn't gonna be able to sleep tonight. There was no in the world he was ever going to be able to sleep. Not after what that baka had said that had shattered his entire world.

--Why, bleeding is breathing--

--You're hiding, under the smoke in the room--

//why are you hiding from me Heero? Do you really not care for me? All those times I thought you did but was it just a game? A figment of my imagination?// duo tucked his head into his knees and began to cry again.

--Try, bleeding is believing--

--I use to--

^the sound of the self-destruct alarm rang in his ears. Heero looked around at the control panels around him. //it's not mine. But who's..// his thoughts were answered when he looked up and saw Deathscythe glowing in front of him. //Duo!// "NOOO!!^

--My mouth is dry--

Heero awoke in a cold sweat. He rubbed his eyes as if it would rub away the dream but he couldn't shake the nightmare from his brain. //Damn it you, baka. When did you start needing that boy// he reprimanded himself

--Forgot how to cry--

<the moment you touched him and became one with him that's when> the voice in his head told him matter of factly.

--What's up with that--

--You're hurting me--

Duo started to shiver. But it didn't bother him not as much as his thoughts were. He wished his mind would stop replaying those hurtful words over and over.

~"I can't stand you"~

//Damn it, Yuy, why did you have to say that. Couldn't you see that I loved you? I still love you. But why did you have to hurt me like that? You could have been nicer and just put a bullet through my heart then to have said that//

--I'm running fast--

Heero got out of bed and got dressed quickly.

<you're going after him aren't you?> the voice sounded quite pleased.

"what do you think I'm doing? of course I'm going after him" He barked back quietly.

--Can't hide from the past--

//You can't let the past bother you. And you definitely can't let it ruin him.// Heero would have been crying if it hadn't been for his training. //How could I have let him go though. I need him. He's the only one who would understand. He's been there just as you have.//

--What's up with that--

"DUO!!" Heero called out his name but there was no answer. He walked up and down the alleys looking for any sign of the braided boy calling out his name every so often in hopes that he'd answer. //idiot. He's not gonna answer. We're in the middle of a damn war he's smarter then that.// with that thought he stopped calling his lover's name.

--You're pushing me--

"Now look. You've got me thinking I hear him." Duo said to himself thinking he was going crazy.

--Why, bleeding is breathing--

--You're hiding, under the smoke in the room--

--Try, bleeding is believing--

--I use to--

"Please stop hiding from me, Duo" Heero pleaded silently. And then he saw something move slightly in front of him "Duo?" his voice was hopeful.

"See, now you even have me believing I see him too." Duo turned his head back to his knees.

"Duo! It is you." Heero's legs gave out him right there and he literally crawled over to Duo and hugged the braided pilot who just pushed him away.

--Why, bleeding is breathing--

--You're hiding, under the smoke in the room--

--Try, bleeding is believing--

--I saw you crawling on floor--

"Go away I don't have any food." Duo just sat there.

"Duo, it's me. Heero."

"Heero would never crawl especially not to me." Duo stated flatly.

--Why, bleeding is believing--

--You're hiding, under the smoke in the room--

--Try, bleeding is believing--

--I saw you crawling to the door--

"Oh gods, Duo I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said at the dorm." Heero tried to pled. "I didn't realize it before but I need you duo and when what you said actually sunk in I realized something."

"What did you realize, Mr. Yuy?" Still not believing that Heero would care for a street rat such as himself.

"That I needed you and that.. well um." <just say it baka> "that I .. Ai shiteru." Not only did this amaze Duo but it amazed Heero as well.

Duo's eyes welled with tears. "Ai shiteru, Heero" he kissed Heero with all the love and passion had tried so hard to knock down.

--Why, bleeding is believing--

--You're hiding, under the smoke in the room--

--Try, bleeding is believing--

--I saw you falling on the floor--

Pulling back from the kiss and holding Duo in his arms. "Duo?"

"Yes Hee-chan?"

"I do crawl, but only to you."

"Oh koi." Duo kissed Heero again.




Well it turned out different then I had oginally planned but for a first song fic I think it's pretty good. I think I'll do them more often just to have something quick and easy to take a break from the other fics I've been writing. Oh quick updates on them I guess, "desert base" has been stalled indefinitely and I haven't been inspired yet on how to turn the poem "Together again" into a fic yet umm what else. I have another one in the process but It's kinda been stalled to it hasn't even been named yet but still. Oh and then there's the origianl plan for what this was going to be but it started heading away from the song so it's becoming it's own fic. ANYwayz! Umm I won't promise anthing before I leave for basic which means I'm gonna have fun reading after 6wks of being forced to trade the computer in for PT clothes. Hopefully I don't go into withdrawls like a sugar addict from being away from the computer to long and hopefully I can get to the computer before I'm shipped for tech (which won't be to far from home) so I'll be able to get home on weekends *crosses fingers and chants 'i hope'* and then won't be to long till I get a lap top (at last) and start a phoneline to my room.