Title: "An Emotion of Another Colour"

Part: 1/? Teaser

Author: Euce. [overhaulver3@aol.com, ceilingwaxx@aol.com]

Credits: Gundam Wing and all its creators for so graciously turning a blind eye as I bastardize their series like the many, and much better, GW fanfic authors before me.

Rating: PG, maybe. This is only about 2 paragraphs worth, though...

Brief Contents/Warnings Listing: Angst, maybe?

Summary: Erk. Post-war Alternative Reality. Re~eally brief. 'etcetcetc' = writing

'First off: If anyone ever tells you that loneliness makes your bones ache, I can tell you that they're either outright lying or not speaking from experience. It's just not true. I don't know about you, but if I felt loneliness in my bones, it wouldn't really bother me so much. Bones seem kind of inorganic, almost, or something. No; loneliness is something you feel in your flesh, in your organs. It takes over all the parts of you that feel and controls them. Loneliness is like a chilly hand in a latex glove, squeezing your insides; like an impersonal steel blade of sorrow, constantly cutting into you. If I felt loneliness in my bones, it wouldn't matter at all. It would only be my frame hurting, not my picture within.'

Duo sighed as he placed the last period on his essay, tilting his chair back on two legs as he propped socked feet up on his desk. Another school. Another dingy old used-up dorm room that had plain walls and a plain floor. Another room he shared with reknown conversationalist, Mr. Sensitive himself, Heero "The Spandex" Yuy. Duo snickered to himself; the pencil he had balanced carefully on his nose fell off and landed in his lap. The only thing that made attending school any different, this time, was that they hadn't had to infiltrate it and they wouldn't be blowing anything up in the future. The five pilots were genuinely enrolled into college - all five in the the same college, would you believe it - and the war was really, true bluely, over and done with. None of the five would have really even considered going to school; they had learned the ways of war - it was a common thread among them that after learning that, there wasn't any room to learn anything else. They felt they had seen enough. But Relena Peacecraft had suggested it to them, initially, and then proceeded to explain all the benefits they could ever possibly withdraw from attending school until, eventually, all the pilots had conceeded. She wasn't known as the most influential woman in the world, for nothing. So here they were. Relena had simply pulled the right strings and got them in for free, with choice of room and roommate. What, did you think it was coincidence that Duo was roomed with Heero yet again?