Title: "The After-Life and Misadventures of Duo Maxwell, First Class Corpse"

Part: 4/?

Author: Euce. [overhaulver3@aol.com, ceilingwaxx@aol.com]

Credits: Gundam Wing and all its creators for so graciously turning a blind eye as I bastardize [Bastardization is goooood] their series like the many GW fanfic authors before me.

Rating: For all the chapters I have completed thus far, it's pretty light. I wouldn't say it exceeds PG-13. Alternative Universe, modern setting- could be now, just then, or tomorrow.

Brief Contents/Warnings Listing: Death, Romance, Police Detectives, Angst, Ghosts, Wufei, Vague Comedy, Commissioner Treize, Coroners, Homosexual Themes, and Bisections.

Summary: This is actually a relatively light AU romance / horror / drama / ghost fic that deals with the after-life, the fragility of human emotion and it's ability to break all known boundaries, and other such things. I want to try to use as much of the cast of GW in this fic as possible. Please review me, critique me heavily. Let me know where I've screwed up, or where I need improvement. I think that sums it up.

Additional Author's Notes: I'm going to be frank and let my readers know ahead of time that all I've learned about the police process considering unidentified cadavers has been from The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channels, and The History Channel. I'm very appreciative of feedback and suggestions as to how I can improve my writing and this story. I hope anyone reading and sticking along with me is enjoying this so far. Thanks, and without further ado:


Duo was fascinated as the doctor and his assistant pried his body apart for examination. He'd never seen his own heart before. His fascination gradually wore off, though, as time progressed. He sighed watching Trowa Barton's expressions of puzzlement as the doctor picked at his insides. It didn't matter that the protective mask he wore covered most of his face - Duo could feel what he couldn't see. Without a physical body of his own with which to feel, it seemed he was hypersensitive to the feelings of others. It was a double-edged blade on Duo's behalf. He thrilled with the idea of being able to sense other people's needs and feelings. In his state of limbo, perhaps he could eventually figure out a way to communicate through the distance between the living and the dead and help people with his abilities. Maybe he could help figure out what had happened to him. On the other hand, he definitely missed having a body. He still felt a constant, chilly void, deep within himself, or whatever he was made of now. He supposed he was pure thought, soul and attitude, but what were those things made of? Duo wondered why he hadn't seen any other wandering souls like himself. He couldn't be the only one. Perhaps wandering souls were locked in their own world. Duo watched them slide his body into the freezer with a bland statement. A pity to lock a body like his up. He was still beautiful even when he was dead with a bisected torso. A little vanity? Nah.

Duo followed the detective and the coroner out, cheering up when he saw the unspoken intimacy that they thought they were so good at concealing. They were kind of cute, the pair of them. Duo followed them all the way out to the parking lot and sat on the hood of Detective Winner's car. Despite the many unanswered or unanswerable questions he had, Duo was struck by the simplicity of being dead. He genuinely had nothing to do. He really could just sit around waiting for an eternity and never have a single thing to do. He did want to find out what had happened, though. Though he wasn't really uncomfortable with prospect of being dead (It had to happen sometime, you know?), he hated the idea of a stupid, wasted death. He at least wanted some kind of flashy last bow. Some ultra rare disease, maybe, or something to the effect. He hated not knowing why or how he died. The car hood beneath him rumbled to life as the Detective started his car. Duo glanced behind him and saw Trowa riding shotgun. He grinned at the sight of them, again. They practically radiated happy. Duo didn't move from his seat. This was just one more thing he'd never seen: the view from the hood of a car.


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