Title: "The After-Life and Misadventures of Duo Maxwell, First Class Corpse"

Part: 2/?

Author: Euce. [overhaulver3@aol.com, ceilingwaxx@aol.com]

Credits: Gundam Wing and all its creators for so graciously turning a blind eye as I bastardize their series like the many GW fanfic authors before me.

Rating: For all the chapters I have completed thus far [five total], it's pretty light. I wouldn't say it exceeds PG-13. Alternative Universe, modern setting- could be now, just then, or tomorrow.

Brief Contents/Warnings Listing: Death, Romance, Police Detectives, Angst, Ghosts, Wufei, Vague Comedy, Coroners, Homosexual Themes, and Bisections.

Summary: This is actually a relatively light AU romance / horror / drama / ghost fic that deals with the after-life, the fragility of human emotion and it's ability to break all known boundaries, and other such things. I want to try to use as much of the cast of GW in this fic as possible. Please review me, critique me heavily. Let me know where I've screwed up, or where I need improvement. I think that sums it up.


Pure Pandemonium. Duo Maxwell awoke in darkness, not knowing where he was, when it was, and he could barely recall who he was. It occurred to him to get up and try and guess where he was by feel, but found he couldn't get up, or feel anything at all, except for detachment and a vague cold. Though he had nothing to go by, it seemed to him that he was waiting an awfully long time in the nothingness. Nothing to hear, or feel, or see. Nothing to smell or taste. He couldn't speak or blink or.. Anything. Nothing.

It didn't take him very long to hate the nothingness. The longer he wondered about where he was, the more questions he mentally asked the nothing. "Is this a dream?" "Was I hurt?" "Am I in the hospital?" "Am I in a coma?" .... "Am I...dead?"

The moment Duo acknowledged his current state of being, it was as though someone had flipped a switch, and Duo found himself staring up at busy men in cheap suits and the sky. He called out to the man kneeling to his left.

"Hey, guy, what's going on?" The man reached out to him and Duo was confused when the guy just covered his eyes briefly. Duo tried to sit up again, and this time he found he could, although he still couldn't feel much of anything. He stood and turned, about to ask what was going down again, and found himself, instead, looking down at, well, himself. "Oh shit. I'm really dead... Damn." And then, "Hey! Why am I naked?"

Duo tried talking to some of the men, and quickly understood they couldn't hear him. Though, when he blew in one guy's ear, the man jumped slightly and shivered. Duo laughed at this until a passing corona of white-blonde caught his eye. A young cop was walking away rapidly, and Duo followed him, wondering where he was going. He found out soon enough when he heard the first retch. "Oh.. Poor guy. I feel terrible now." Duo rubbed the young man's back and talked softly to him as he was ill, and, amazingly, it seemed to help, because the blonde quickly recovered. Duo followed him back to where his "other self" was, and stood next to the blonde with a hand on his shoulder. The young cop adjusted his necklace for him as they were zipping up his body; an act at which Duo grinned, and said, "I think I kind of like you."

He'd decided he was going to stick by this one for a little while, and was surprised when the young detective followed the ambulance to the hospital. He was even more surprised when the blonde wheeled his body down to the morgue and opened the body bag, insisting to prepare his corpse for the autopsy. That was above and beyond the call of duty. Duo frowned both at his body's nakedness and his hair. Where was his braid? He sighed and projected his discomfiture aloud. "I wish I could braid my hair..." To his amazement the detective started to braid it! "Hmm... People don't seem to be able to hear me, but looks like I can still influence them. Well, good. I want this guy to figure out what happened to me. I can't remember a damn thing..."


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