Title: Of Men and Myth
Author: Ethereal
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x6, 6x5 (later on)
Warnings: AU, fantasy, slavery, mild language, lemon (later on), violence, I think that's it.
Dis: I don't own Gundam Wing, or any money so please don't sue
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Chapter 1

“You called for me my Lord?” Treize looked up from his work to find his son Heero kneeling before him. The boy was glaring at the king as if he wanted to rip his throat out right then and there. Trieze chuckled, he and the boy had never gotten along well. But he knew that the young prince would never question those stronger then himself. At least not to their face.

Still, Treize was concerned. Today was the boys fifteenth birthday. That meant that the young prince would set out to find a pet to bond with. It was tradition. When a person of royal blood reached fifteen years of age, they set out to find their first pet. They must capture a mythical creature and then bond it to them. If they are successful, the creature becomes their servant and guardian for life, unable to rebel against them in any way.

Twenty years ago Treize had set out to on his first hunt. He had captured Zechs, the first of the two pets he now held in his power. Zechs had been quite the challenge. His shape shifting abilities had had Treize searching the woods all night. The spirited shape shifter had fought Treize with all he had, and for years the two of them had struggled for dominance. It was uncommon for a mythical to continue to struggle after the bond was in place. Zechs would simply not be owned. In the end Treize had fallen in love with the mythical. It was that love that had at last won Treize Zechs’ loyalty. Zechs had become far more then a servant over the years. The two had formed an attachment stronger then the bond. Love was not too uncommon between two bonded people, and it was excepted just as long as it didn't hinder the producing of an heir.

Wufei, Treize’s second bonded was a little different. Wufei was the last surviving member of a dragon clan that Treize had taken out. The boy, for that’s all he truly was, had been trying to take on Treize’s entire army single handedly. Treize had been impressed by the youth and so he had chosen to take Wufei as a second bonded rather then have him share the fate of his people. It was the first time that anyone had attempted to take more then one bonded and it was the first time it had had been successful at any time but the night of a royal bloods sixteenth birthday. But now Treize was beginning to think that he had erred in his decision to take Wufei. The bonding had not been as strong as it was supposed to be. Wufei would have moments when Treize could not control him. The last time this had happened Wufei had destroyed half of an army base and would have killed Treize himself if not for Zechs. Treize sighed at the memory of the fire that he had once seen in Wufei’s eyes. A dragon truly did not do well in captivity. Wufei had only been with him for about six months so he still hated the king with a passion. Not only had Treize captured the young dragon but he had destroyed his people. Wufei had every reason to hate the Treize.

Now that his son was getting a pet of his own Treize would be counting on Wufei. Zechs was able turn into anything he desired but only if it was smaller then his true form, which was about the size of a human. This made him a wonderful ally in infiltration and sneak attacks but he was not very good in frontal assaults. That was where Treize had hoped Wufei would help him. If his son brought home a pet that could over power him he could take the throne. Wufei was strong, but that did not mean he would fight for Treize. He was unpredictable even under the power of the bond.

“I wish you luck on your hunt, my son. Go, and be curtain to have caught a pet by sun up tomorrow. If you fail, you forfeit the thrown and your chance at a pet forever.”

Heero nodded and left without saying a word. Treize knew the prince would be successful, he only feared that he would return the next day with a creature that would mean the king's undoing.


“Yes my Lord?”

The platinum haired shape shifter stepped forward. Treize leaned back smiling. He was always calmed by the presence of this tall and beautiful man. “I want you to follow my son. Make curtain that he does not succeed in his mission.”

Zechs eyes flashed, “my Lord?”

Treize growled, “Zechs don’t question me. Just do what I have commanded.”

Zechs stared into Treize’s eyes looking for an answer. He would not find it there for Treize did not know the answer himself. It was not like him to resort to this kind of trickery and dishonesty but he did not see he had a choice. It was either this or the fall of his country. “Please Zechs, I’m asking for your trust. I need that trust more then ever now.”

Zechs nodded, “you know you always have my support Treize. I will do it, for you.”

With that Zechs shifted into a red-tailed hawk and flew off. Treize slowly stood heading for his rooms. It was getting late and he would have a very busy day tomorrow. He should at least try to get some rest.

Wufei glared at him from where he was standing, “you dishonorable cur. I see the kind of tactics this empire was built on.”

“Leave me alone dragon. I am not happy about the decision I had to make either. I can’t afford a civil war right now. Do you think I want to have to have another child to take Heero’s place as my heir? Just how am I going to find a woman to mother the child when the whole world knows I’m a flaming gay, who’s already in a relationship.”

“A relationship with your slave that is.”

“Dragon I do not have the patience for this right now. Partially since you are to blame for all this.”

“Me? Why, because I will not lay over and be your little solder slash whore?”

“For the solder part yes that’s exactly it. As for the whore, why would I wish to bed such an insolent little brat?”

Wufei actually batted his long eyelashes at Treize. The little devil, he was doing it simply because he knew it got to Treize. But dam it was he cute when he did that. ‘What are you thinking Treize you’re a taken man! You know Zechs won’t approve of such things.’ Wufei knew he was safe from Treize in that aspect. The king had already pledged himself to Zechs. He would not touch Wufei, and the dragon took full advantage of it.

“Wufei, just go, I’m going to retire to my rooms for the night.”

“Fine,” Wufei turned and walked out. Treize sighed, it was going to be a long and sleepless night.


Duo was having the time of his life. The woods were completely empty of any mythical creature. Someone, a shape shifter he believed, had alerted the mythicals in the woods that a young prince was going to be hunting tonight. Needless to say they had all cleared out so fast that you would think the forest was on fire. Duo had remained behind. He was no mythical and so he had nothing to fear from the human prince. No human had ever managed to capture and bond a demon. They were to quite and silent for humans, and their senses were to keen. Why even now Duo could here the heavy footsteps of the boy making his trek through the forest. It was already nearing morning and he was curtain that the boy had been unsuccessful.

Duo almost wished he would have caught a mythical. One less of them in this forest would have been fine with the demon. The mythicals had always seen demons as lesser unholy creatures. Just because they had bat wings and used dark magic they where labeled as evil. They had even hunted Duo and his people on occasion. No, he would not mind seeing on of them hunted instead for a change.

‘I wonder what this human is like? I’ve never actually seen one up close. They never come to the forest unless they’re hunting.’ Duo smiled and took off in the direction he had heard the prince walking. It wouldn’t hurt to go and take a look. The human would not know he was there, not unless he wanted him to. It did not take Duo long to find his target and when he did he was quite amazed. ‘Wow, are all humans this good looking? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that even compares to him.’

The human seemed surprisingly strong and agile. He was young and a bit small but clearly well muscled. He moved with a grace that could almost match a demon and a confidence that could make a mythical feel humble. He had untidy brown hair with jagged bangs that hung over deep blue eyes. His mouth was set in a stern line and he didn’t show any of the announce he must have felt for such an unsuccessful hunt. Some how Duo knew that the prince would have been successful if he had been given the chance.

‘Man I almost wish I could help him. I bet I know where the mythicals are hiding. But to tell him I’d have to let myself be known.’

The idea of actually meeting and talking with this prince made the demons heart flutter. But no demon had ever met with a human. Duo wasn’t even sure that the humans knew his kind existed.

‘It’s not like he’s hunting me. And I can always escape if I have to. I do have wings, I can always fly away.’

Duo quickly scampered up a tree that had branches
hanging directly over the prince’s path. When the human was almost directly below Duo jumped glided down with an ear to ear grin on his face.

“Hey I bet you’re looking for a mythical aren’t you? I think I can help you if you-hey wait what are you doing?”

The human had charged suddenly and with surprising speed. He had drawn a sword that was now aimed at young demon. Duo shifted to the side only being lightly grazed by the blade. “Wow take it easy I don’t want to fight.”

“Hn,” the human came forward once again and Duo was barely able to move aside. He didn’t get it. How could this boy be human? Humans were not supposed to be this fast. Duo was unable to get enough distance to lift of and escape and he was barely able to keep from getting killed. He now knew why demons had never come face to face with a human. They wouldn’t have lived long enough to tell of it.

Duo had already taken a good number of cuts. He refused to use his powers of the young prince. He was not going to kill the human, so what could he do? He knew that at this rate he would not last much longer. “Hey can’t we talk about this? I don’t see any reason why you would want to kill me. I don’t mean you any harm.”

“I have no intention of killing you mythical. I plan to bond with you.”

This stopped Duo right in his tracks. “Wait what do you mean ‘mythical,’ but I’m not a…”

Duo didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence. The human took the moment of hesitation to slip into Duo’s defense. The last thing he remembered was a sharp pain as the hilt of the human’s sword connected with the back of his neck. Then darkness caved in and he collapsed, left completely at the mercy of the young human who had sparked his interest so completely.


Chapter 2:

Heero watched the creature fall to the ground now unconscious. It had been foolish for the creature to drop it’s guard. Heero certainly wasn’t going to let it get away with a mistake like that. The prince now sheathed his sword and went to kneel beside his catch. He had been beginning to think that he wouldn’t encounter a single mythical at all. He had been quite surprised when the creature had dropped down in front of him. He still didn’t know how a mythical could sneak up without him knowing. Not even Zechs, who was a master spy, could do that.

The mythical had seemed quite surprised when Heero had attacked him. Heero could understand why. Most humans tended to resort to trickery to catch a pet. Heero refused to do such a thing. He had always relied on his own strength first and foremost. He was not about to go back on that policy now. If he was going to have a pet than he would get it using skill, not trickery. The creature had proved to be incredibly swift and agile, more so than any human. Still, it did not attempt to attack him. Just evade as best as it could. Heero had found this odd as well. After all, many royals had been killed on the hunt by an attacking mythical. The thing that troubled Heero the most was the creatures words. It had said, quite clearly, that it was not a mythical. Heero guessed that the creature was lying to try to escape the bonding. They were in the forest of the mythicals and the creature’s stealth and speed clearly categorized it as non-human. It simply had to be a mythical. ‘It’s not like it matters, it is almost sun up. I have to take this one or go home empty handed.’

The bonding itself was a pretty simple task. It required two potions, the first was blue and the second was white. Heero did not know exactly how they worked, but he knew how to use them. He drank the blue potion himself and then opened the mythicals mouth. He poured the white potion down the creatures throat, careful of the fangs he found there. Heero closed the mythical’s mouth and rubbed it’s throat so that the liquid would go down. It was then that Heero got his first good look at his catch. The mythical was actually quite stunning. If not for the fangs and the bat like wings Heero would have taken it for an elf. ‘It’ was a he. Heero had not been curtain at first. The creature had a long chestnut braid with bangs that hung down to parsley cover his eyes. His features had a delicate and soft feel to them and his face was heart shaped. He could easily passed as female.

Heero sat back. Even now the potions would be moving through both of their blood streams. The white potion was designed to absorb the power of a mythical. It would than seek out the blue potion and transfer a little of the mythical’s power into Heero. Heero would be able to use that power to control the mythical. That was the limit of his knowledge on bonding, still, he knew it would not fail.

Time pasted and soon Heero found himself with a dilemma. He knew he should not move the boy until he awoke but it was about two and a half hours until sun up and if he was not back by dawn he would forfeit his chance at the crown. He didn’t really see that he had a chose. He would have to awaken the mythical.

Heero knelt down beside the boy and placed a hand of his shoulder. The moment he made contact with the creature he yelped pulling his hand back. The boy’s skin was so hot it burned and he was shivering uncontrollably. For a human these would be signs of a high fever. Heero just prayed that it was a normal part of bonding.

Heero placed his hand back on the creature’s shoulder. “Hey, wake up.” His voice was surprisingly gentle. Not at all like his typical monotone. The boy stirred and his eyes peeked open. He then moaned and closed them again. “What the hell did you do to me?”

“I bonded with you.”

The boy shook his head, “you couldn’t have. I’m not a mythical. You wouldn’t have been able.”

Heero was about to open his mouth to answer when he realized something, a bonded could not lie. The creature had certainly bonded with him. He could feel it’s presence tugging at the back of his mind. So that meant that this thing wasn’t a mythical. The prince had someone bonded with something else. He still had no idea what however.

“The fact is that we are bonded. I can feel the connection. You should be able to feel it too.”

“Oh, so that’s what this searing pain is!” The boy replied his voice dripping with sarcasm. “If this is what being bonded is like then I might actually start feeling sorry for the mythicals. I don’t know what you did but you’d better undo it now.”

“It hurts?” Heero knew he was showing an unusual amount of concern for the creature. It was strange, but he just couldn’t keep a stern face with him.

“Oh course it hurts. What the hell were you thinking trying to bond with me? I’m not a mythical, I’m a demon!”

Heero had heard of demons before. They were legends, creatures used in stories to frighten children. This creature couldn’t be one of those demons. For one, he was far from hideous like the demons in the stories. Secondly he didn’t seem evil, a bit high strung but not evil. But since the boy was now bonded to him he could not lie, which meant the creature was either pure evil or the stories were not true. Heero desperately hoped it was an error in human stories, and not the other.

Demons were supposed to have some kind of magic, so it was possible that the potions used in bounding could react on that magic. Heero just didn’t know what kind of side effects the potion would have on his new pet. His next move was clear though, he had to get the creature to the castle. The sun would be up soon. Also there where people at the castle who better understood how the potions worked. They would know more about what was wrong with the demon.

Heero stood up. His horse Wing was on the outskirts of the forest. He only had to get the demon there and then he could ride double back to the castle. He had not known the creature was a demon when he had first seen him. Perhaps his father would mistake him for a mythical as well.

“Follow me, we’re going home.”

Heero turned and started walking. The demon would have to obey the order, it was one of the effects on the bond. No footsteps came behind the prince and when he turned he saw that the demon was still on the ground though he was trying to stand.

“What the hells wrong with me? What did you do? Why is my body trying to get up when I don’t it want to?”

“It’s the bond your under. You will have to obey my orders from now on.”

“Like hell I will! You monster. Whatever your doing you had better stop it. I will defend myself if I have to.”

“I will not stop, and you can not harm me. Your spirit, your very core is now in my control.”

The demon gasped collapsing to the ground with a pained mew. His will was gone and his body was to warn out to pull itself up again. “I’ve heard some pretty horrible things about humans but I didn’t know they were in to torture.”

“I am not. It shouldn’t be hurting you. Rest, if you can’t even stand then there’s no way you’ll be able to reach my horse.”

The demon growled as he lay back. He clearly did not like the situation he was now in. Heero certainly couldn’t blame him. A life where your own body didn’t obey you had to be horrible.

Heero had never had anyone else that he could rely on but himself. He couldn’t imagine being controlled like that. ‘I can rely on him now. He can’t go against me even if he wanted to.’ Heero looked down at the creature lying on the ground shaking with pain and fatigue. The demon would be forced to spend the rest of his life serving Heero. The prince had taken away this creatures freedom, and robed him of whatever life he had.

‘Just why the hell would I care? I knew that the bonded where slaves. It never bothered me before.’

Heero couldn’t change his mind now. The bond was breakable only by death. He would have to make this experience as tolerable as possible. Heero knelt and took the demon in his arms picking him up.

“What are you doing?” The creature wiggled in Heero’s grasp trying to escape, his wings flapping slightly. His struggle was futile however and just that bit of exertion left him out of breath.

“You clearly can’t walk so I’m going to carry you.” Heero started back towards Wing, ignoring the wiggling boy in his arms. The demon growled but ceased his struggling, most likely due to exhaustion. He was amazingly weightless in Heero’s arms, unnaturally light.

“Why is it you weigh so little?”

The demon looked up at Heero with sleepy eyes. “Our bones are hollow like a birds. That’s how we’re able to fly. But our magic makes them much stronger then even human bones.”

It made sense, Heero had wondered how those flimsy looking wings could have possibly carried the creature.

“What’s your name?”

The prince looked down surprised by the question, “My name is prince Heero.”

“Heero? I guess that will do, it’s a bit strange though. My names Duo, Duo Maxwell. I really think you made a mistake here. I’m not a mythical and I sure can’t be your ‘pet’ or whatever it is you’re trying to make me.”

Heero couldn’t have agreed more. But he didn’t see any other option. “You will have to do. I have already bonded with you, it is to late to pick another. Now tell me about your abilities. I need to know what you are capable of.”

Heero waited for an answer but none came. He was about to repeat the question when he realized his burden was snoring softly. The prince gave a rare smile. The creature was strange and down right disobedient. It had no manners and seemed to be as rebellious as the prince himself. Heero prayed they would reach the castle soon. Not only because failure would mean his forfeiting of the throne, but also because he really did not want the demon, no Duo, to be in pain. Heero had never been close to anyone before. But he could see becoming close to Duo. He was not curtain that that mattered now. Duo would surly despise the prince for what he had done. Their relationship was bond to be one of master and slave, weather Heero wanted that or not. ‘No, that can not be true. I will find some way to befriend this creature. Duo deserves to be happy. I’ve already taken his freedom, I will not brake his spirit.’ But how was Heero, who had never known a touch of kindness going to accomplish this? ‘I have to try. I have never failed in anything I have set my mind to. This will be no different.’ Heero looked down at his new pet. “I will make this work for both of us. I promise.”