"DUO!!!! OMAE O KOROSU!!!!! What did you DO!?!?!?!?!"



"HEERO'S ME!!!! I'm HEERO!!!!!!! Bad day, this is starting out as a VERY bad day!!!!"

There was loud pounding on the door before Wu Fei burst into the room. His sword was in his hand, and his eyes glinted with a worried look. When he saw nothing was wrong, his hand loosened his grip and he glared.

"What the hell is going on in here?"

Heero eeped and Duo glared at him. Heero eeped?

"Yuy, Maxwell are you both feeling alright?"

Heero nodded and Duo just glared.

"Ok, MAXWELL are you feeling alright."

"We're fine Wu Fei, now LEAVE."

"I know something's wrong, you didn't call me Wu-man or Wufie, or any of your other crazy names Maxwell. What's the matter?"

"Nothing Wu-man! I'm just not a morning person."

Was it just him, or did Heero's jaw drop automatically to the floor?

"Ok, if you're sure. Winner said breakfast was ready, I was on my way up here when I heard you yelling. Get downstairs." He turned on his heel and left, sheathing his sword at his side. When the door closed `Duo' had a handgun plastered to `Heero's' forehead.

"Hey, chill out Heero man, I didn't do anything. I swear."

Duo glared harder and Heero tried to shrink into a corner. Duo reached out and grabbed his shirt collar, pulling his face inches from his.

"What did you do?" he asked, totally deadpan.

"I um…wished to be you." Answered Heero, grinning cheekily.

"You wished to be me?"

"Eh hehe, yeah. And it came true. Who would of thunk?" Heero grinned and Duo shoved him on the bed.

"You are insane. What happened?"

"I told you! I wished to be you and it worked. It's kinda cool though, don't you think?"

Duo's blank stare made Heero flinch. Heero examined Duo more closely, and smiled widely. "You know, I've got cool eyes. How many people do you see with VIOLET eyes? And, not to mention the hair, and-"

"Duo, shut up."

"Umph, I'm HEERO now. You're Duo. Can't let the others figure this out now can we?"

Duo growled and walked toward a pile of change on the dresser, grabbed a handful of pennies and pulled Heero into the bathroom. Duo handed the pennies to Heero and pointed toward the toilet.

"Make a wish."

"Ewwwww, in there? We'll never get them clean!!!"

"Make a fucking wish so we can get back to normal."

"Sheesh, ok, don't get your spandex in a knot."

Heero smiled widely, closed his eyes and threw a penny into the toilet.

"It didn't work. Try harder."


Duo closed his eyes again and threw the entire handful of pennies into the toilet. They both closed their eyes, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did.

"Aw well, let's go eat breakfast. We can worry about it later." Duo growled and looked over at Heero.

"Tonight, we'll watch for a shooting star, or what ever the hell you wished on. You stay in my character and I'll stay in yours."

"But that's going to be SO boring! I can't talk, or yell, or sing, or anything! Not to mention the spandex. How the HELL can you wear this stuff?"

"It's suffices for missions and it takes minimum care time."

"Fine. I'll act in character, but you have to take care of my braid. That means brushing it at LEAST 5 times every three hours, washing it every night-"

"We won't be like this long enough to worry about that. Let's just get his day over with."

Heero nodded happily and bounded out of room and down the stairs. When he reached this kitchen, the others looked up, and he fought the urge to totally freak them out with a smile.

"Good morning Heero, did you sleep good?"

"Yes, thank you."

He sat down next to Trowa and heaped his plate with eggs, sausage, and pancakes. When Duo walked into the room, Heero looked up and winked. Something that Duo fought the urge to glare at.

"Good morning Duo, how are you?"


Quatre smiled, and Duo secretly marveled at how good it was to act out. He felt, alive, and he liked it.

"Um, Heero, are you hungry?"

Heero looked up from his plate.

"Huh? Oh, yes. Now leave me alone."

The cobalt eyes turned back toward his plate and he continued to shove food into his mouth. Quatre, Trowa, and Wu Fei just sweat dropped.

"Better slow down Hee-chan, you might choke!"

"Baka, Omae o Korosu."

Ooooooh, I like saying that!

The two, to the best of their abilities, kept up the front at breakfast. Of course Quatre asked Heero if he was feeling ok, but he just glared and nodded.