Wish on a star
1x2/Comedy/A little OOC

Duo's head was tilted skyward, stargazing happily. His hands where stretched out behind him, and he leaned heavily against them. The texture of the roof he sat on left tiny imprints on his palms, and they tingled.

"DUO! Come down!"

Duo blinked his eyes and looked over the edge of the roof.

"Hey Quatre man, wanna join me? It's beautiful up here!"

"No, please come down Duo, what if you fell?"

Duo smiled and wiggled one of his eyebrows.

"Maybe I'm trying to fall."

Quatre shivered and pleaded one last time before going inside. Duo shrugged a shoulder and tilted his head back sky ward.


Duo lay on his stomach and looked over the edge of the roof. He smiled when he was it was Heero.

"Hey Heero! You wanna star gaze with me man?"

Cobalt eyes glared at him and he smiled bigger. He could drown in those eyes.

"Iie. I'm busy."

"But you've been working on Zero all day. Come on, just for five minuets?"

Heero growled and threw a wrench at Duo's head.

"Go away! I'm busy. Baka ne."


Heero launched another wrench at Duo, but he swung back up on the roof, lying on his back.

Duo sighed, blinking his eyes, which where filled with sleepiness. A shooting star shoot across the sky, and he made a simple wish.

I wish I was Heero Yuy.

He yawned and curled into a ball. His eye drifted shut. Soon, the braided pilot was fast asleep.


Duo opened his eyes and peered around his surroundings. He was in his and Heero's room, but…not in his bed. Oh well, he thought, Quatre probably had Trowa bring his down off the roof and Trowa didn't know which bed was which. He shrugged and climbed out of bed, scratching his right side absently.

He walked into the bathroom, and bent to wash his face to wake himself up. He grabbed a towel and whipped off the water, before he looked in the mirror.


Another's voice beat him to his first comment of the day. He ran of the bathroom and saw Duo standing in front of him. He pointed at Duo and screamed. HOLY SHIT! I *AM* HEERO YUY!!!!!

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