OOOOOOOooooooookaaaaaaaay, I wrote this and thought...what the hell, I have the day off so I thought you guys might like to read it. It's not really finished, ok no where near finished...but...hope ya like!
Did I mention it was AU? Oi, hope so.

Two sides, One statement


"Get in there."

A dark haired boy was shoved ruffly into a jail cell, and he slammed into a wall. His limp body sank to the floor, and he pulled himself up onto the cot above him.

He felt…well, to put it bluntly, like shit.

"Stupid Japanese bastard. Think you can destroy the American army that easily?"

He growled at the guard that had thrown him in his jail cell, and rolled over on his cot.

I'll kill them; I'll kill them all.

"Don't have anything to say bastard?"

"He probably can't understand you Howard."

A new voice entered the small cell room and the dark haired boy rolled over to look at the new speaker.

He had, to his astonishment, long braided hair and big, bright violet eyes.

"Ah, shut up Duo."

The boy laughed and stalked forward, sitting down on his haunches to stare at the boy.

"Your name?" he asked in perfect Japanese.

The dark haired boy blinked, then scowled.

"Baka ne."

"Your name." Duo repeated, without blinking.


"Your name."


"Ah ha, so you can speak English!"

The dark haired boy blinked. Very few people could pull that off. Surprise him. His eye softened when saw a happy smile planted across the other boy's face.


"I'm Duo."

He stuck out his hand, but the other guard knocked it away.

"Are you crazy??!?! He's the enemy!"

Duo's eyes hardened. "Rule number one Howard, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." He walked away, hie braid swaying. He whispered something to a guard outside, before slipping off.


"What'd you call him?" asked the first guard, whom Duo had identified as Howard.

"Baka, Omae o Korosu." Heero said, before rolling over and falling into a listless slumber.



"Wha~t Wufei? I like him."

"I can see why." Replied Quatre, who giggled softly.

Duo rolled his eyes. At the age of 13 World War II had started. His father had been shipped off, and his mother later abandoned him to become a war nurse. The way she had explained it was one of the reasons he believed his mother could lie her way out of anything.

"Duo honey, I'll be back real soon. No don't cry, love. I'm gonna go and bring your Daddy back. Ok?"

She had pulled him into a lose embrace, and fled. Leaving him with his Aunt Sally. She was nice, and he had eventually met Quatre, who turned out to be a great friend. He smiled at his friends and pushed back his memories until he could be alone.