Don't remember me like this
Don't remember me like death
A frail shell wasting away to dust
Remember happy
Remember me full of life
Full of love
Don't forget me, remember when I cried
And you held me close
And told me life was cruel,
But it would go on, and I could handle it
Because God only gave me what I could handle
My eyes are blurring
I feel sleepy
I'm sorry love, I don't mean to leave you like this
But a soul can only take so much
And mine soul carries so much pain
Please remember me love
Remember the good,
Not the bad
I'll always be with you, till we meet again
At the shining gates in Heaven
You may be the God of Death
But that doesn't mean God doesn't love you
Because…you're my angel…and I'll always remember
You…till death brings us together again…

Ohhhhhh, isn't that PURE crap? Sometimes I just get the sudden urge (sp?) to write crap like that. Ohsewells!