Duo and Heero are in their bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, look at something. Duo looks at Heero and shakes his head.

"No, I think mine's bigger."

"Iie, mine is!"

"No way man, just look at it. See; put up side by side. Mine's bigger."

Heero hned and growled. "Baka, mine's bigger! See how the tip goes father out?"

"Yes Mr. Yuy, I see it. But mine's twisted and yours is straight."


"Meaning that if I untwisted mine, it would be longer than yours."

Heero shoved Duo off the bed and the braided baka gasped.

"Heero! You made me drop them! Now I can't till which one is mine!"

"Yours is twisted, remember?"

"Yeah, but they're all dirty now!"

"So brush them off."

"I tried but my fingers are all sticky."

Heero growled and snatched the objects out of Duo's hands.

"Then wash them off Baka."


"Omae o Korosu."

"Like I haven't heard that one before."

Heero rolled his eyes and washed off the objects.

"Here, this one's yours."

"AWW! Thank you Hee-chan! *glomp* I love you!" Duo stuck his in his mouth and smiled.

"You know what Heero? These ARE good suckers. I'm glad that Quatre gave them to us."

Heero just hned and sucked happily on his sucker.

Don't even ask me what I was on when I wrote this, I was just really bored. It's nice and short though, that should make you happy!